Deliberating Blue

May 06, 2015:

The Blues want to know more about what happened in Metropolis



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News of the Incident in Metropolis seems to have… rather radically galvanized the Blue. Magic of that scale is not to be treated lightly nor are those who cast it. The situation is most unclear which means more information is needed. To that end Ulani has been instructed that her orders have changed with regards to the 'surfacer Blue'. She is do what she can to arrange a meeting under the waves - with both of them - as soon as possible. They're going to need to know as much as they can about the surface world if they hope to understand what's happening there.

Fair enough too. An entire city transposed and then contested for days? Ulanin has sought out Rowan and insisted he accompany her to the DMD Facilities. Sending one of her water constructs to her superiors, the Blue Envoy is approaching DMD with the Blue Warrior in tow.

"Thank you, Rowan. This is important. My superiors don't understand what it all means." Neither does Ulani, but her exposure to Surfacers allows her to understand the randomness of their activities.

Rowan swims easily through the water but not at all like a regular Blue since he lacks the hydrokinetic abilities common to most of his people. "There's a lot of people who don't understand what it means. I'm not sure I do. I'm not sure Aspen will. Though she can certianly offer you a… mmm… a surfacer's perspective on it all. What the people of this nation are likely to think of it all."

Ulani doesn't offer perspective on Rowans answer and, as they reach DMD, knocks of the hatch way. She's done this one before and is ready for the transition. "Regardless, Rowan. Our people want to know and you are uniquely situated to provide insight."

"Somewhat." Rowan clarifies, waiting as the now familiar DMD Staff opens the airlock. Once they're inside he bows and offers the scientists a few samples. He works for oceanographers. He know what they like to look at.

"What do you want to know? There's a lot of context that only Aspen can provide but I can at least offer you the perspective of a Blue that's worked on the surface a lot. I'm not one of them. Not in the way she is. But I know them."

As they enter through the airlock, Ulani ignores the stares of the surfacers … she's dressed as a Blue and doesn't understand the level of interest this garners. "Rowan" Ulani sighs "I'm sure Aspen Matthews, could provide a different insight into the matter, but she is not available. We would, very much, appreciate hearing from her."

Ulani leads them to the conference room he, Ulani and Mera had used before, pausing at the door and looking to her superiors.

Rowan glances back too. The humans have for the most part receded to a polite but curious distance. Ulani's superior gives her a 'go ahead' signal as Rowan opens the door and lets them all file in. "I'll try to arrange that. Surfacers have a great deal of responsibility. And are generally busy. I'll bring her when I can. If she agrees. Until then?" He glances around but Ulani seems to be expected to take the lead.

"As I'm given to believe, Rowan" Aspen has been particularly hard to catch up with. "What do you know of these troubles in the surfacer city of Metropolis, Rowan? Some background before we start, please." Ulani takes an 'at ease' stance near one of the walls and gestures for Rowan to continue.

"The City of Metropolis has a long history, I'm told, of… conflict between individuals more powerful than the baseline surface population. There are a number of names for such people, but in general they're called 'metahumans'. One particularly powerful metahuman is known to protect the area. One called 'Superman'." The Blue warrior thinks for a few moments. "The surfacer news has been nonspecific about who or what caused the incident. However, from observation, I can tell you that it was magic. Incredibly powerful, well organized magic. Some sites on the surfacer psi-n… sorry. Internet. Some sites have posited that one of several secret societies was responsible. Whatever the case, there was a great deal of fighting after the magic had been undone."

Ulani listens, casting a glance to her superiors and then back to Rowan. "Which is more concerning to you, Rowan? The conflict between the base population and the 'metahumans', as you call them, or the powerful magic and secret society?" The Blue Envoy doesn't move, her military training very evident in her posture and bearing.

"I don't think it's a question of more…" Rowan muses. "From what I can tell many conflicts are bound up into the more basic one. One is an expression of the other. To wit: How do you deal with people who are different?"

Ulani starts pacing, that news doesn't bode well for the Blue revealing themselves to the surface "Continue, please." She turns to face Rowan "This recent conflict with magic, was based on that premise?"

"You would have to ask someone more versed in the secrets of the surface world than I." Rowan shrugs. "But my understanding is that HYDRA is an organization about control. Controlling powerful forces and people is simply part of that. Using them to affect change is the other part."

Blowing out a breath, Ulani nods. Frustration at not understanding these Surfacers different quirks is making her short. "Rowan, you've seen war in a way different to us. What do you make of this and make of it for the Blue?"

Rowan thinks on that for a long while. "I think the Blue must be involved on the surface. I think the time to hide is over. Eventually the sea will be no defense. The Atlanteans have… rather muddled it up. Surfacers don't think well of us. But on my world we had strong ties with some surfacers. And it saved us many times."

Ulani finally sits, indicating for Rowan to do so if he's not and wants to. "How did they save you, Rowan? With such division amongst them, I find it hard to believe."

"Our allies, the Homo Magi, fought against our mutual enemies and took the brunt of their attacks. Their magic also provided aid to many Blue cities under attack from the Overlords. Who were our enemies." It's a lot to explain, his world. "Without their magic, we would have lost more than we did. And they gave of it as selflessly as the Overlords were ruthless and hard."

"Homo Magi… " Ulani frowns "From what I understand, the Homo Magi are different to the Surfacers in this world. Do you see the Surfacers, as I've met them, providing the same assistance?"

Rowan had sent Mera notice that he would be meeting with Ulani at DMD and told the surfacer researchers to keep an eye out for her if she decided to come. Rowan, Ulani, and a pair of Blue notables from their military and diplomatic corps respectively are in oen of the main conference rooms of the research station discussing the recent events on the surface in Metropolis and what it means for the underwater world.

"Homo Magi still, for the most part, think of themselves as surfacers. It would be different in this world, since there isn't the threat of an evil empire to drive them and us together, and they do not band together in tribes here. However I think the effort must be made to make some surface friends, lest the sea end up hated and feared. For all our power…" Rowan pauses and shakes his head. "I do not believe the sea can ultimately win a war with the surface."

Mera arrives a good bit later than when Rowan had said there would be a meeting. She DOES have to help Arthur with running their realm, after all. She makes a point of swimming past as many of the DMD's viewing ports as possible, then stops by the airlock and… is she supposed to knock, or is there a button to press, or something?

The staff in DMD have seen Mera approach and know that she's expected. The airlock operates to let Mera in.

"I'm sure they do, Rowan. Why don't you think we can win a war?" Ulani wants a blunt answer, it's important that her superiors hear it.

Mera enters the room just in time to hear Ulani's words. "Because the Surfacers can poison all of us very easily and very quickly with all of the noxious wastes their societies create. You know they do similar on a smaller scale constantly as it stands." She moves to claim a seat alongside the others.

It's quite clear, when Mera is shown in, what Rowan is talking about. Potential conflict between the surface and the sea. "Because I saw that. I saw war between the surface and the waves. For sixty years, before i was born, it had gone on. It's…" Rowan shakes his head. "The surfacers are far more resourceful and far more vicious than we give them gredit for."

As Mera enters, Ulani stands and gives a nod of her head "Queen Mera, thank you for coming." As Mera sits, Ulani does too and she looks to her superiors. "Have you heard enough, or do you need to hear more?" Nodding at Rowans last words, the Blue Envoy grows grim "I have seen some of the conflicts. There are those who seek to protect and those who wish sow chaos. We should be friending those who can help us."

Mera nods. "I agree. Surfacers like SimonWilliams. Ones who wish to see peace both on the surface and under the waves." She looks from Rowan and Ulani to the other Blue here with them. "What are your plans currently?"

That's when one of the Blue, Jareth, speaks up, bowing slightly. "We plan to invite Rowan and Aspen Matthews to our capital here in the Carribean and, if we value what they have to say, to the Pacific, to our capital and center of poer there."

Rowan cants his head at this and nods slightly. He'd been hoping.

"It may, incidentally, be a good time for a… review of our relations with the Atlanteans. Your Majesty, I'm afraid I cannot authorize a full restoration, but I would like, if it is amenable to you, to authorize Ulani here as our envoy for the purposes of assessing the condition of Atlantis and her rulers and making a full report to our government. She'd have full authorization to… travel with you in our borders, of course."

Ulani stills and looks Jareth, her face rather impassive. Rowan and Aspen, that was nearly a given, the Atlantean role… not something she'd expected.

Looking to Mera, the Blue bows her head "It would be an honour and privelege, Your Majesty."

Mera nods to Jareth in return. "Such authorization is acceptable, on one condition." She looks at the Blue squarely, to see if she can make him squirm. Finally, "I would request that Ambassador Kraye be allowed to return to his previous duties in the city of Atlantis."

"As much as I would like that I don't have the authority to authorize a restoration and formal recognition of relations with Atlantis. Our government would have to do that." Jareth muses and looks to Ulani before nodding. "I can, however, appoint him to be Ulani's direct supervisor in this matter. Is that acceptable to you? My apologise that the situation cannot be… fully corrected at this time."

Rowan sighs. "Politics."

Jareth chuckles. He's right, of course.

Of course Rowans right, but that's how things work. Ulani looks to Jareth and then to Mera, her face as impassive as she can make it. Sitting quietly, she lets the Sea Queen and Jareth negotiate.

Mera looks at the Blue negotiator for a few agonizingly long moments, then finally nods. "That is acceptable." Then, before she can say anything else, her attention is clearly pulled away by someone addressing her telepathically. "My apologies, I must return to Atlantis." She nods politely to each of them in turn, then heads for the exit and the airlock.

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