Flash in the hallway

May 06, 2015:

Flash Thompson and Steve Rogers meet up in the hallway




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The last few weeks had been hectic for Corporal Thompson, newly transferred to the forces of SHIELD to carry out the last years of his service. He'd been put through his paces, had a myriad of tests conducted and even survived a few 'spontaneous exams' which tended to be someone jumping out and attacking him with no warning. All told, it's been great.
Today, wearing the dark black and grey fatigues of a SHIELD op, he's taking some of his downtime to try and familiarize himself with the building, since really it's pretty huge. He walks down one of the tall two story high hallways with the balconies on either side. He carries a pack over one shoulder and seems to be intent on his observations as he passes from one area to the next.

"No," Captain Rogers states as he shakes his head at one of the six SHIELD agents who stand near him in the hallway. "Odame is no longer an issue. I want you off that and helping out in Eastern Europe on the Skull issue. It's been too long and he's been too quiet." Steve looks around, "Everyone go their jobs?"

From afar there's no mistaking the man. Steve Rogers, The Captain. It's a curious thing for Flash to deal with. He went off to war inspired by people like Cap and Spider-Man, and now here's the man in the flesh. He's still new enough not to be sure of the protocol. But then again Midtown High didn't win State on the shoulders of a man who couldn't make a snap decision.
Stepping down the hall, around some of the agents that are moving off in the direction of their tasks, Cpl. Thompson stops somewhat to the side of the Captain and awaits being noticed. Once the hero looks at him he'll snap off a salute, traditional US Army, then says sharply, "Sir!"

Since Cap is pretty much done with the orders for the other agents, they all sort of mosey on away as Flash regards him. Steve gives the young man a smile and a nod, "At ease, soldier." Pause. "Hey, you're the new guy, right? Thompson? How are you liking things so far?"

He reaches out his hand for the younger man to shake, if so willing.

For a moment Flash is taken aback, surprised that Cap knows his name for some reason. Yet it makes sense since SHIELD was willing to go to bat for him. He leaves Steve hanging almost long enough that it might seem weird, but then recovers just in time to shake the man's hand. "Yes, sir!"
"Familiarizing myself with the assignment, sir." He shakes a few more times and fights off the urge to smile like a goofball. At a glance Flash is that All-American Boy in uniform, ordinary if tall, save for the pair of prosthetic legs. "I just… wanted to say it'll be an honor working with you, sir." At this point Cap must be used to this sort of thing.

Steve nods in response, "It'll be good to have you, Thompson. There are lot of big issues that need a lot of good people to work on them. We're glad to have you aboard."

He gives an upwards nod, "Who's your commanding officer?" After a bit, he adds, "What have they got you on to start?"

"Currently unassigned sir, think they wanted to do some more poking and prodding." Flash stands before Cap in an at ease posture but still seems rather tense as he focuses fully on Cap. "I've been jumping through a lot of hoops and I believe they intend to have Agent Romanov shake my combat capabilities down." There's a pause, then he adds. "Though been doing a few things about the city, sir."

"Agent Romanov?" Steve says with a knowing grin. "Take it from me, Thompson, you better eat your shredded wheat that morning. The Widow doesn't mess around."

To the other point, Steve raises an eyebrow of interest. "Oh yeah? Find anything interesting?"

Of all the interviews he had with various SHIELD agents, the one with the widow was perhaps the most intimidating, and she even seemed to _like_ him, but still. Scary woman. So he replies with a slight half-smile, "Sir," Agreeing. But then he looks towards Cap as the man inquires into his activities and he gives a nod. "Two incidents, sir."
There's a pause as Flash gathers his thoughts, not one to blurt things out, then he says. "Was travelling to my old residence, sir. Came upon the mercenary Wade Wilson who was providing support for a criminal element that seemed to be conducting an execution. I initiated contact, did not have the ordinance to handle him. Established a rapport instead, then liberated the captive."

Steve changes his position and folds his arm over his chest. He seems to peer towards Flash before shaking his head. "Wade Wilson? Never heard of him. What was his deal?"

"Good that you liberated the captive, of course."

"He goes by the codename Deadpool, heard about him from a crew that worked parallel to my unit in Afghanistan. Insane operative with the ability to regenerate from most any wound." Flash lifts his eyes a bit, gaze distancing. "The way some of them spoke of him, seemed he had narcissistic tendencies. Was able to open a dialogue before the rescue." Of course he doesn't mention that Wade seemed like a fairly nice guy, despite the crazy.
"Was able to create enough chaos that I helped the victim escape, then engaged the remaining elements. After a firefight they broke off with Deadpool in pursuit for a perceived slight by one of the criminal elements. I took that moment to disengage."

Steve resolves to read up on this Deadpool more, but seems impressed enough to give the young agent a smile, "Well good work then. I haven't heard of the man, but he doesn't sound like someone I'd want to run into in the middle of the night. Who was the vic, if you don't mind me asking?"

At that, Flash's brow furrows. "I'm afraid that I wasn't able to interrogate the victim, sir. I was able to get him to a point where he could safely retreat and then I had to turn to deal with the opposing force." He knows this is a failing on some level, but he made his call. "He seemed to be connected to the criminal element, was proclaiming his innocence about not having slept with a Mr. Pavarotsi's wife. But as to his details, I was unable to gain them."

Steve chuckles and waves a hand dismissively as he begins to shake his head, "I think I'm all good with the details. I think that's about all I want to know about Mr. Pavarotsi or his wife." He continues shaking his head before looking up at the clock. "Well, Thompson, I'm going to get going. It was good to meet you. I'm sure we'll be put on the same mission coming up here soon. Keep those eyes peeled for HYDRA, huh?" When he says this, he gives the kid a slap upon the side of the arm.

"Yes, sir." Flash says firmly and only then letting himself smile. There's a moment, then he adds quickly. "I know you probably get this constantly," And for a moment the soldier isn't there, it's just the guy that was fed up with the world and wanted a change. "But you… and what you do, Captain… it's the reason I joined up. It's what kept me going when I was injured. I mean it when I say it's an honor…" And then he seems to remember himself speaking to a superior officer and adds quickly, "Sir!" And at that he takes a step back to get out of Cap's hair.

Steve smiles, "I appreciate that, soldier. I look forward to working with you." Another nod and Steve begins to head down the hallway once more.

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