Cats Takes The Pendulum

May 05, 2015:

Zatanna requests an audience with Catwoman….

The Narrows - Gotham


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Fenris is missing. Zee knows that other members of Primal Force are out looking but her own investigations have led to believe that Catwoman, resident of the East End of Gotham, has had interactions with Master Darque. The one person that there is little information on in the Shadowcrest Library.

The problem? The East End of Gotham resembles something of a war zone, it's locked down pretty tight by Catwoman… and given Zee wants information, just teleoporting in, probably isn't such a wise idea. Instead, the young magi has taken a leaf out of Kanes book and conjured a mystical hawk to deliver a message to the woman.

~~ Catwoman, Greetings from Zatanna Zatara. I understand that you possess information on Master Darque and I would very much like to speak to you about that. Would you be inclined to meet me in the Narrows to discuss this? Respond to this hawk and your answer will reach me. ~~ The message included a date and time…

Waiting in the Narrows, leaning against a light pole, trying to stay in the lighted areas as much as possible, Zee's wearing black leather trousers, white leather corset laced at the front, fishnet sleeves with a black shrug top, biker boots (with melted soles), diamond encrusted collar and cracked emerald pedulum hanging on her left hip. She also looks a little worn, tired… and her arms are folded loosely across her chest.

The way the message was received was bold, in fact it took much debate and restraint to not clip the beasts wings and send it back rotisseried with a ressponse in a menu formation of just /how/ she prepared the feast. The name of the man that had approached her a little over a month ago brought teth to set and her jaw to flex in the slow grind of teeth upon one another.

The shadows of the Narrows are something that does no bother her, not right now it is evident as the ones between dilapidated buildings shift and then birth the figure of the woman, peeling from her as she emerges from the alleyway between, booted footfalls a soft cadence in comparison to the thick silence pregant with the desire to birth violence.

"If I had not heard your name upon the lips of charities and fund raisers in Gotham, I would have suspected you for worse. Don't mistake it for trust. How do you know him?" Those words are clipped, the keen eyes of emerald watching from their shroud of surrounded and masked darkness that has her bearing the silhouette of a feline, for what she is known for fluently here in Gotham. One of many.

Zee smirks from her position against the light pole. "My name is bandied around in many circles lately, I'm sure. Trust is something of a luxury these days." The teen magician looks watches the 'cat' approach, keeping her counsel until the woman draws nearer. "Thank you for meeting with me. If it hadn't been important, I wouldn't have bothered you." Zee is, generally, unfailingly polite.

Blowing out a breath, her face as impassive as she can arrange "I don't know him… I know of him. He seems to be involved with the disappearance of a friend of mine." No way, no how, is Zee letting on that Fenris, God-Wolf, is missing, potentially at the hand of this man.

"I know he's a necromancer of great power… so much so, he's avoided being documented to any great degree. The fact that there is little in my library on the man, speaks volumes on its own. How do you know him?" Zee gives Catwomans question, right back.

In the distance a roar sounds, the motorcycles of the Street Demonz biker gang making their rounds, Catwoman looking up and down the road where the chromed cycles glean against the flickering lamplight. Across their backs shotguns rest, openly bearing their threats even as sidearms holstered beneath extended limbs that reach for wide spaced handlebars.

Passing the two women eyes stare and their roaring pace is slowed to a demoic rumbling growl, one that tells of the hell that could break loose, but instead they nod and move along, Catwoman rising a hand with fingers splayed and then slowly folding into a fist and then flick outward. A silent exchange and pact with the devil's, but none the less they meet no further intrusion. Not long ao here they all had laid out a challenge with the Bats for medical supplies to serve their purpose to their troops, and ever since the battle has continued to reach the war further. Marshall laws wrought in anarchy.

"How is your friend at doing the dance of the dead then? Master Darque was not a being I cared to partake in dealings with. His tango warped his servants." Pausing catwoman watches Zatanna, a slowly scathing assessment from toe to head. "He came to me extending an offer in coin that cannot be spent."

Inwardly, Zee quakes but she steels herself…. she can more than look after herself. Watching the Street Demonz (with a z because everythings better with Zee, right?) as they blaze by, her gaze returns to the Cat as she leans as nonchantlantly as possible against that lamp.

"My friend…. may be better than most at weathering that dance." Zee hopes that whatever has gone down doesn't trigger the devourer of the sun complex, Fenris has… The scathing assessment isn't missed, the teen simply smirks a little more… the words about an offer though wipe that smirk from her face "Do you care to share the details of the offer and the coin that can't be spent?"

From one of the alleys there is a clatter, a metal garbage can, nearly rusted out at the bottom spills over as a reature descends upon it from above, heavy paws and a writhing smaller formation dangling from its jaws. The lid rolls out into the street and is followed up by a felines growl, a hallowed yowl prolonged at the end just before the luminescent green eyes appear staring out at both of them.

A small sound is kissed out from betwixt Catwoman's lips, something between a pet-sound of creature comfort and adoration and a call… The hairless feline comes from the alleys darkness, stretching, taking her sweet time with paws extending, pads stretched and hooked claws flashin. Amenti is a show off and proud of the mess she holds in her jaws.

The rat is maimed and looks like a kill the cat has been dragging along for days through mud, pollution, and disease. It's insides are on the outside and its head dangled back long the length of limp body as if broken.

finally the feline finds it within her wants to approach and leaps up to land upon Catwomans shoulder, growling at first as she reaches for the rat, a challenge for the meal before Catwoman's own claws flash and she tears the corpse free.

"If your friend could weather that dance he should not have been taken in the first place." Catwoman pointedly states that factor as she holds the rat out towards Zee a single claw diging in…

"He came for The Society. It is not just him, not in my case. It was a call to arms." But as that claw sinks into the dead rodent and she speaks what seemed dead squals an ungodly sound and that head flops as it tries to snap yellow tooth jaws at her offending finger. "This is what brought my message with him and I removed it from my streets. Amenti is a good little hunter."

To which the feline just rowls and slaps hairless tail along Catwoman's neck.

"We aren't sure they was taken." Zee looks at the cat, then the rat, and back up at Catwoman "My friend has disappeared and Darques finger prints are all over it… but that doesn't mean Darque has them…" the teen worries her bottom lip "The Society, call to arms…" Zee's storing that information for later use. She doesn't reach for the rat, a slight look of distaste on her face. "And was the message the Rat or something more?"

"The bearer of the insect that carries the plague. The bearer of the invitation, and just a very minute show of Darques power. But it is not just -him-. He said /they/ wanted me. I told him his display was distasteful and I owe no one." As Catwoman speaks and the rat writes in her grip she reaches out with her other hand and removes its lower jaw quickly and simply so it cannot bite her, or Amenti.

"This Society is more then just him and they're moving. I declined the invitation, but I have the coin for if I changed my mind." Smirkin now Catwoman looks at Zee and one brow rises. "And I do not think that I desire to join them even on a preliminary basis for a friend whom you wont even divulge the name of. It means little to me."

Stepping back Amenti leaps from Catwoman's shoulder and races ahead just enough to look back at Catwoman who tosses the undead rat her way for her to pick up and go back to 'playing' with, all the while Catwoman, too, is heading for that alley.

"Hopefully your friend is in better shape then the rat."

"I didn't ask you to join them. I sought knowledge of Darque, that is all." Zee does blanche this time as the jaw is removed. Poor, sweet, homo magi.

Pushing herself upright from the lamp, Zee watches Catwoman walk away "I'll think on your words and speak to… others… is there a better to get in touch with you? Or did you like my Hawk?"

Zee hopes that Fenris is in better shape than that rat.

Pausing Catwoman's goggles flash, the green film reflection much akin to her cat's very own look from the darkness, but hers so that she can see through these streets for her nightime prowling.

"You did not ask, and I did not say you did. But the thought is there, and so is yet another. Your friend must be worth it." One hand extends though and upon the tether much like a yo-yo that ley pendulum unravels and dangles from Catwoman's clawed grip.

"Although there is a lot I find that has worth many may find flawed." With a quick snap of her wrist the pendulum rolls back up into her rip, all the while her other hand rips the handle of her whip and unwinds it from her waist with a flick of her wrist. The loud crack resounds just before it loops around a metal banister and takes her into the night.

"Next time send something that cannot be clipped."

As the pendulum flashes in the light, Zee's hand falls to her left hip and this time, she lets out a cry of dismay. Watching Catwoman disappear, Zee murmurs to herself and disappears from sight herself.

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