Sticks and Stones

March 11, 2015:

After the Russian attack members of the JL:A regroup, recoup, and brief each other on current occurrences.

The Hall of Justice

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the
Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a
simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing
the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the
concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a
less-tha-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid
from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner
workings of the JL:A. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth
technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living


NPCs: None.


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Few are permitted beyond the doors of the JL:A Headquarters, and with the reformation of the team the numbers lowered to a select few as some left and others joined, the numbers to the new reformation on the rise again, especially after some recent incidents that required those with team ties to get immediate help within.

Diana had returned from Russia bearing a large winged woman in her grip, no one stopped her or questioned her, though Hal met momentary resistance until Diana cleared it and added others. Lowering the Thanagarian with ease into a medbay bed where the medical personnel began connecting her to the machinery and monitors as well as cleaning and bandaging wounds that did not already heal.

"Don't take her weapons, and I recommend when she wakes, step back. She is not used to our ways." A hand rests on the Doctors shoulder, the vembrace flashing in the bright halogen lighting that surrounds the bed. Stepping out of the room she pauses and looks for Hal, owing the man gratitude, but also wanting to check on another she got a report was signed in. Booster.

For a moment she draws in a deep breath, the image inducer removing the silver and red lined attire to reveal the star spangled beneath, no longer needing to sport the Russian-friendly hues.

Booster Gold is doing quite well, now that the huge claw wounds in his arm and shoulder have been cleaned out, sealed up and neatly bandaged. He does look a little scruffy, however, because he has been napping. His hair is tousled and he has some golden stubble showing over his jaw and chin. The upper part of his blue and gold suit is by his bed, some kind of power line attached to it, the tears nearly sealed up; apparently it 'heals' on its own. Stirring, he starts to stretch which wakes him up completely and he says, "Ow" and reflexively clutches at his injured arm, which elicits another, "Ow, freakin ugh."

Sitting up, Booster subsides a little and rubs one eye groggily. He looks down at himself, touches his bare chest, then peeks under his sheet and relaxes when he finds he's still wearing his power suit pants.

When Kara had returned to the Zoo and found the action mostly over but Booster in bad shape, she had flown him to the Hall of Justice; the first place she encountered the Justice League: Avengers when Falcon had mistakenly thought she was a member and brought her here.

She had not visited much since joining but coming back here brought back memories. While she was bringing Booster back, she had called Kate letting her know what was going on before heading off to do /something/.

It was often easily overlooked, but Kara's energy and enthusiasm often stemmed from her own creativity. When you had superpowers like she did, even fighting crime and threats to the world; you could get a lot done in a short period.

Having appropriated a nurses outfit from somewhere, god only knows where; Kara had taken the time (minutes) to create herself a new costume just for the intent of checking on Booster.

Kara steps into the med bay in her Supergirl Nurse outfit and pretends to check some medical equipment before saying to Booster with a smile, "Oh Colwyn! I'm so glad you're ok! I was by your bed the entire time…."

Booster would recognize it, she was recreating a scene from Secret Hospital.

Hal Jordan remains in his GL uniform, his mask obscuring his face as he leans against the wall in the medbay. Shayera's the only League member he knows well, outside of brief encounters with Kara and Diana in the past. He wasn't sure what he was doing here, in some ways. He'd always considered himself too independent for a team - he was willful, after all, by definition, and didn't take well to following orders. But he couldn't deny that the threats that had been rising lately - Thanagar, Atlantis and, from what the ring had told him of the parademons they'd encountered, something called Apokolips (boy, that was a reassuring name) - required help. And he couldn't just summon the Corps. The Sector was his responsibility, he couldn't suck Corps resources just because his sector was busier than others.

Kara's nurse costume gets a raised eyebrow as she arrives, "Well, I'm glad to see you're adapting to Earth culture," he says with a wry grin.

Kate was at the lake house, overseeing some reconstruction and some of the security consultants after the mess from a few days ago when Kara called, so it doesn't take her long to get to the Hall. When she steps into the infirmary to find SuperNurse, though, she pauses, quirking a brow as she tries to hold back a smirk. "Uh…guys, there's a reason we've got bedrooms back at the lake house, you know," she drawls. "I'm just saying."

A blink and a tilt of her head has cerulean gaze following Kara in passing towards Boosters room, a long slow blink and a shake of her head with the rise and fall of a shoulder says it all. She is not going to ask, but hey if it made people feel better, who was she to protest. That was the doctors job.

Though in spotting Hal, Diana lowers her head in a greeting nod and a light tilt of her head in the direction of Boosters room. "Walk with me?" Diana asks Hal in her path to check on the other. "I want to thank you for your assistance, but do want to ask how you managed to just, appear right on time." Suspicions? No, they were laid to rest in a negative light, but otherwise it was in her to ask. To be sure.

Pausing at Boosters door she waits on the response before slipping inside.

Still groggy from the bloodloss and some of the crazy feedback that flooded his mind during his last combat, Booster looks legitimately confused when Kara steps up in costume and addresses him by the name of the character he plays on that daytime drama. Is he on set? Or is this just a strange mash-up stress dream? It is just as well he is so baffled, because it allows Kate's innuendo to sail clear over his head. "Uh…" he says, and then winces again when he moves his injured shoulder. Not a dream, then. And this room has all four walls and a ceiling, so not a set, either. "Kara?" he still questions, and then his mind starts to clear. "Aw man, I hope I don't get big scars from this."

This was a rather curious situation. Jim Reha had gotten a phone call from the Ambassador of Themyscira, with something of an urgent tone to the words despite the careful measured pace at which Diana had offered them. A request had been made, not so much of himself… but of the partner and its skills and knowledge of what may or may not be happening with injuries to a member of the League. The portly fellow had bundled himself up with a baseball cap — Chicago White Sox, by the way — a hooded winter jacket, sunglasses, and a face-mask. It's probably over-kill for him, but he doesn't want to get shot again and bundling up like this is bound to conceal his identity at least for a while.

That holds true pretty well until he gets to the security desk. One of the guards gives him a bit of a glance and it takes him a moment to remember that he's 'incognito', and carefully starts removing the garments so as not to alarm the security team. One of them gives a glance to a photo on a Guest badge that was left hanging on the 'waiting for pickup' clipboard, then the salt and peppered fellow…

"Mr. Reha? Come this way please." Fortunately, he doesn't have any weapons on him at the moment, and his only electronic device is a cheap phone that is easily disabled by the local security systems.

He enters the Medlab area and his eyes widen a bit. This place has more tech and medicine in it than the Infirmary at Stark Industries!

He steps lively to the area indicated on his helpful map.

And then he sees the Lantern, stiffening a bit before seeing Diana and relaxing.

"Ambassador? I'm here."

Kara smiles at the others as they arrive, before telling Booster, "Stompy is fine by the way. I found him a nice retreat in Africa to live in and I also um" She laughs, "You're going to find this very funny. I promised them you would personally appear to volunteer with me once a month." She points at Kate, "I may have also volunteered you. They needed a lot of convincing, Stompy is special, like all of us."

"Hey Green Lantern! You could volunteer with us to if you like!" She had definitely adapted to Earth culture a lot since their first meeting.

Always the nosey Kryptonian, she was listening in on various conversations across the Hall of Justice; not hearing much of note for the moment but hey eavesdropping was fun.

Hal Jordan meets Diana's nod and moves to take stride with her, assuming that Shay will be in good, albeit strange, care. The Amazon has an intimidating presence, something even Hal, who's essentially never intimidated can sense. He's rarely encountered such a presence, outside of the Guardians. Admittedly, part of it made him bristle - his independent streak inquired him to push back at authority figures.

But, Diana didn't seem to be trying to ride herd on him, just asking sane questions. "Energy output. I had been flying in orbit and returning to Earth when I deducted the energy flux around..whatever that thing was. Do you have any idea what it was? What were you all doing out there in the first place?' he asks, having questions of his own.

"For Africa?" Kate arches a brow back at Kara. "Wait, they care who I am in Africa?" Apparently that's the bigger surprise. "I'm not so sure about regular trips to Africa. And, uh. What is Stompy, that it needs to live in Africa? Do I want to know the answer to any of these questions?"

A single dark brow rises, with one corner of her lips at Hal's statement. To most the concept of aliens or people just idly flying in orbit would seem as a surprise, but not with the JL:A, obviously. A slow and assessing nod is given with the casual once over that tells further questions will come later, but not here. Not now. "There on business, trying to find out some answers. I don't think we'll ever get them at this point, but most survived. For that I cannot thank you enough." Diana extends a hand to Hal. "What do I call you?"

When Jim makes is presence known in the escort of security, Diana gestures to the room Shayera is in, the door opening to allow him entry, though no warning is necessary. He knows how… Sensitive that is. Brutal boxer gloves!

"I will be right there." She states to them all, releasing the grip of clasped hands with Hal she steps into Booster's room where Kate and Kara already seem to be givin the man his extra pillows and sneaked desserts… On any level. Di isn't there to ask. "It is about time I get to formally meet you." She states, standing at the foot of Boosters bed.

"Wh-what?" Booster looks a little lost, but he is still able to manage some deductive reasoning and says, "The elephant?" That would make sense; elephants stomp around. Ergo, etc. "Yeah, that's fine, actually … I'm glad you took it somewhere safe. Not sure what SHIELD will do with the others, and…" he trails off when Wonder Woman walks in. If Booster were able to choose his moment, he would not have met Diana while he was shirtless and had ruffled hair, but tiny tragedies like this are what define life. "Oh. Hi… it's awesome to meet you," he leans forward and offers his good hand to the Amazon, for a handshake.

The portly fellow will move to Shayera's monitoring console and peer at it a few moments, squinting at a few of the readouts. Jim then moves to the chart and flips through a couple of pages, stopping on the second - to - last one and making a bit of a grunt. He glances up after digesting that for a moment.

"This… can't be right." There's some frantic flipping back and forth through the pages, his head tilting left and right and he even holds the clipboard upside-down to try and make the numbers make a less frightening sort of sense. "Dangit. I'm going to have to let Corv handle this one. It's feeding me whole strings of alphanumberics and my brain just isn't wrapping around them. But something about Shayera's chart… doesn't look right."

He sets down his name badge on a counter, and lets the 'other half' take charge, perhaps to make a better sense of the matter. As an afterthought it takes the badge and clips it to some feathers, then goes back to examining the numbers, charts, and other items. After a moment or two it stops and taps the side of its beak, waiting for Diana to enter. It has some more tests it wants to run, but it wants a witness before it does anything more along those lines…

Kara seems happy to explain, "Well, Stompy is a two headed elephant who likes to stomp. We got to know each other on the way to Africa though, he's nice now! Yep, they've heard of you in Africa! You're a hero, duh!"

She frowns, her nose wrinkling when Booster mentions SHIELD taking the others, "Uh, stupid Shield."

Kara moves closer to Kate and whispers in her ear, "I volunteered the whole team."

There was nothing going on that most didn't already know about. Shayera took a heavy blast to the chest in lieu of saving innocents. The rest of them that she could, anyways. Whether it be fate or a huge mess up on her part, the blast was taken like a champ, one who's eyes was closed and face down into Russian dirt. That is.

But all was well and good, for sea monsters upon the bridge, terrorist attacks, vampires in the night and demon birds.. not to mention being betrayed by your own people.. Shayera is one bomb that keeps on ticking..


What was not all well and good was the emergence of the demon bird. Perhaps it was sensed when it shifted from its meat suit to it's current apparatus; maybe it was the change in the air or the squelching sound of the change, or it could have been the voice of said meatsuit that finally registers with the brain. For the little beeps that signify that the Thangarian was still alive quickens for but half a second, and returns to normal.
Hal Jordan considers for a moment. At this point, only one person knows his true identity (well, two - but he hadn't really talked to Barry Allen/Flash since their brief encounter protecting Reese and there hadn't been much time for chit-chat afterwards). "Green Lantern," he says simply. "It's more a title than a name, though. Sort of like Princess or Governor. I'm…a protector for this world and the worlds around it," he says. "This is the only inhabited system, thankfully - it's more than enough."

"What is it that brought you there? Answers to what?" he asks, not quite letting Diana off the hook entirely. He had information of his own, thanks to the ring, but he wanted to know what they knew first. He was also assessing the facilities - they were impressive, especially for anything Earth-based.
Kate just sort of stares at Kara for a long moment. "Kara, I love you, but I think you've just shown me how most people feel when I'm talking to them," she grins at the other woman, shaking her head before she looks back to Booster and Diana. For that, she's a little more serious. The team has grown quickly, and it's clear there are people she's comfortable with…and people she's still taking the measure of. Which now includes Hal, too.

Booster does not need to lean forward, when he tries both brows come to furrow and Diana steps around the foot of the bed to come to the side, nodding a silent 'pardon' to Kate in doing so. Taking his hand her other clasps his as well at the forearm, pressing back lightly enough to give him the /hint/ to remain. "You do not need to move for me. It'd do none of us any good if you open a wound." Pausing she releases his hand then and smiles to him, nothing there but the truth in sincerity all while her eyes flick to and fro across him, assessing.

"I have monitored everyone, even while handling Ambassador matters and those of my home, Themyscira. I wanted to check on everyone, standing or.. Not. Given the time that has passed and what I have witnessed I think it is nearing time for some changes." Now her gaze goes from Booster to Kate and Kara, the smile fading only to emphasise the seriousness of her words. "Let Clint and I know if you are all in, because if so, I think it is beyond time to let the people know who is - Who will step forward for them."

Stepping back now. "You all have done exceptionally well, and are what it takes, what this world needs." Turning for the door, in the low ambiance the lasso eminates in placement against her thigh.

"I need to see if another will wake to hear the same tonight." Passing Hal. "You too Lantern." And with that she is heading to not leave poor Corvinus abandoned, stepping into Shayera's room and beside him. "What is it?" His demeanor and shift enough to let her know… It's not as it seems.

Booster lays back again at the unspoken insistence, when Diana takes his hand. He tends to be pretty glib and rakish, as if he were too shallow to have any real emotions. Right now, however, he is actually blushing and even looking slightly bashful in Diana's presence. "Thank you," he manages, and he doesn't speak again until she steps out to look in on Shayera. Then, he says, "Gosh."

The brief change in tempo would go ignored by most beings. Most beings aren't ancient intellects examining a patient of the client race it was charged to Enlighten. So it makes a mental log note of its presence, the timing of the momentary hitch, then rolls its head back and forth a couple of times as if trying to shake a concept loose in its skull.

It gives Diana a glance. Despite the lack of nearly any human features, the entity radiates concern and… worry. Is a warm spot in the afterlife freezing over? Perhaps.

"This one is not sure, but needs to make a test to determine if a possible outcome is likely. May this one utilize some of the testing equipment on an artifact for side - by - side comparison?"

Kara smiles at Kate, "Love you to sis." She seemed very happy to be compared to Kate in any way, even if it wasn't meant to be flattering perhaps! She pats Booster on the shoulder, telling him, "Good to see you're alright Jon."

When Diana speaks, she listens with utter and undivided attention, her expression growing serious. While Kara may often be a little over-enthusiastic she was just as capable of stepping up to the plate when needed; as her confronting the Atlantean Warlord Orm during the invasion had likely shown. She had almost paid for her bravery with her life.

"You can count on me Wonder Woman. The Justice League: Avengers if my family and Earth is my home."

Hal Jordan stands off to the side and mostly just listens. These people all seem to know each other well - and maybe, yes, maybe he'll become a part of them, but he isn't really, not yet, and, as a soldier, he knows the difference between a comrade in arms and a visitor, so he doesn't intrude into the discussion too much. He nods in response to Diana's statement, indicating that he'll stay to hear what is said, though, the chatter of the others mostly passing him by. THere are times when Hal is light and giddy and easy to socialize with - a king of small talk. On duty, however, he tends to be more serious and, at the moment, he's intensely on point.

Kate raises a hand at Wonder Woman's words. "I get that I'm not usually much of a team player and all, but I did sort of buy a multi-million dollar mansion for everyone to stay in," she points out. "Besides, someone has to keep Clint from getting himself killed, and his bevy of exes are busy with SHIELD, so. You get me." She crosses her arms over her chest, chin taking a stubborn, upward tilt. It's almost a challenge, but it's the sort of bravado that covers…Well. Something else.

"You have told me and shown me as much, Kara. All of you have. I believe it, it's the people now that I want to see. I intend to show them, soon." Wonder Woman had to have a sit down with Clint, and once all is confirmed it was time the stairs of the Hall of Justice bore a showing they have lacked for years. Induction: A promise fulfilled. She does not let those words go without a landing of storm riddled oceanic eyes upon each, even Hal - showing she considers him as much a comrade as any.

When Kate speaks up Wonder Woman looks at her, almost a perplexed look followed up by one of her own statuesque demeanors, her chin up-tilting as well. "I do not understand what you desire for purchasing a home unneeded when previous benefactors have provided the League with plenty." A hand gestures to where they stand here and now, the medical facilities nursing two back to health. "What Clint's dalliances have to do with it is his own business and not of ours. This," Diana points to Booster and then Shayera as well as the waiting Corvinus. "This planet, are more of my concern. I do not know what more you want of me then to thank you for risking your life for this team." A glance to Kara. "This family. Things that can be taken from us, destroyed. They do not matter in the end. We do. You do."

Now she diverts her attention to Corvinus and nods. "Take what you need to make her better. If you can." And now Wonder Woman sounds tired.

Booster rubs his hand over his forehead and through his hair, still trying to clear his head. "Yeah, I'm fine, Kara. I'm…" He is looking at the ceiling as he trails off, then glances around when he realizes his ring is not on his finger. The L*-marked ring levitates from the bedside table, and zips over to the bed, landing in Booster's palm. "I'm remembering now that there's a big temporal anomaly. That's where those creatures came from, someone did something to them, warped them and made them monsters. Speaking of world-saving, I mean. I'm worried it'll wipe things out."

The obsidian entity double - checks its numbers and assessments, just to be sure while it waits for Diana to give it a 'yes' or 'no' on testing an artifact. Its utilization of English may not be straight on, what it is trying to say is that it wants to test a feather from itself and then compare the numbers.

When it is given the 'go - ahead' it reaches into its right wing, feeling around a bit before tugging out a feather with a bit of a grunt. It will grow back eventually. The feather is then placed next to an unused diagnostic scanner nearby and tests start to run on it, data filling up a screen.

It tilts its head towards Diana. "This one's concern for this world is paramount, crucial, even. There is a Storm coming, and we need to be prepared for it. This one does not anticipate one's offer being directed to one's self, but this one is more than willing to assist in keeping as many of the people on this world safe from strife when possible.

The scanner *DINGS* far too quickly for it's tastes, and Corvinus quickly matches the results to the ones already emanating from Shayera. It gives a few shakes of its head, and it's tone is frowny.

"It is as this one feared… There's a biological reaction that occurs when organic material interacts with the proprietary materiall. Carefully managed over centuries, this is not a detrimental effect. With an entity that is less… constructed… the results may be problematic in the future."

"The proprietary material is… merging, for lack of a better term, with Shayera."

Kara just nodded to Wonder Woman and smiled a little before dashing out of the room quickly only to return moments later carrying a pitcher of iced tea, glasses and some sandwiches for everyone which she sets down on a near-by table.

With great power, came great responsibility. Which also included keeping your friends fed and hydrated!

Proprietary material.

It can sense when another one of its selections were in it's presence. It can sense the ire and irritation that builds and boils with each second and moment that the demon bird spoke. Surely, whatever issues that were once in between them have since died down to simple reluctant tolerance, and words spoken to Hal and The Corvinus before their time here in the Hall of justice stated that she needs no help from the one who caused her fall. She allowed it to walk this Terra untouched and unscathed, while keeping that inner beast locked up with the need to tear asunder due to pure rage..

..but it stirs once the feather is plucked from the appendage of the demon birds, the Nth.. previously dormant, taps in to those feelings of ire and rage. And while it's own particular host body remains awake and asleep, all senses of the proximity to the ill-fated legend draws a quickening pace of heartbeat to force the biologics into adrenaline overload.

A series of clicks and whirs draw itself from her emblem; her armor shifting and splitting loudly, one hand reaching out as the Nth coats from shoulder down, fingers splayed with razor sharp claws that eject itself with a sharp sing of metal. Perhaps that was the only movement that was slow; the hand reaching out for a friend, or possibly to collapse a foe in one fell swoop but that did not happen.

For the body began to move without the mind itself.

There was a sudden leap up upon the bed in which she slept, her entire body at a crouch, wings fanning out like sheared metals of which her armor was born. The Proprietary material moved on it's own and took the body with itself; one hand gripping the edge of the bed to crush the metal beneath it's grasp, wings stretching and arching straight into the air like pointed needles, body leaned forward as she seeks the point of exit, and with a blow of wings and a push of feet, all wires connected to the body were ejected as Shayera takes off like a bullet fired from a properly aimed gun.

Towards the door.

There was no stopping this speeding bullet, crashing through the metals hard enough to leave an entry where entry begets exit, further doors crashed, slammed, bent to the will of the Nth just after Kara returned. It would be a sad day for the culinary gods, for they've just witnessed the table that held the sweet sandwiches, glass and tea tip, tip, and topple straight to the ground by the flap of an armored wing.

As an afterthought, the staff, properly sectioned and leaned against the wall begins to buzz, rattling against the wall as the electricity that stems from the might of the staff coats the surface .. and promptly smacks against the ground and rolls out of the door after its owner.

Hal Jordan turns his head towards Reha and just stares at him for a moment, "Dude, I have met you, like, four times and I still barely understand anything you say. And I have a universal translator on me. So…wow. Before you let anything merge with Hawk, though, I'd make sure she's okay with it. She doesn't seem like she'd be fond of spontaneous, undesired merging." he says.

He looks back to Diana and says simply, "If you need my help, I'll help. Doesn't get much simpler than that. I'll protect this planet one way or the other, but I can't deny, having help would make my job easier."

"A little humanity wouldn't hurt." Kate shifts her weight to one hip, looking around with a slight shake of her head. "This is great and all. And the Watchtower is great. And hey, you guys are great, too. So is being willing to fight for Earth. But what you don't-" She pauses, grimacing, as she rethinks her words.

"It seems like you're so sold on the grand ideals that you're forgetting about the most important part: the people. Without the people who live here, Earth's just another rock. The only inhabited system," she points a thumb toward Hal, "In a backwoods corner of the galaxy. And I get that some of you might live forever," with a look to Wonder Woman, "Or come from places that make New York look like mud huts," to Booster and Shayera's quiet bed with Corvinus nearby. "But we don't. We bleed, and we break, and we fall apart."

Kate takes a deep breath, forcing it out slowly as she levels a steady look on Wonder Woman. "I bought the lake house because this isn't the old team. This is the new team. And we're never really going to be the new team if we're wearing someone else's boots. We need something ours. All of us." And then the hard part. The vulnerable part. "It'd be nice to see some of the old guard there sometime."

Which is just about when Shayera goes shooting through the doors, and Kate stares after her. "Or, you know. We could deal with that. That's also an option. Probably a priority."

Once she listened to Corvinus she lightly takes the clipboard of readings from him and looks them over, flipping through the paperwork and what he was talking about, but where Hal was lost in what he said, she was lost in what the papers told in numbers. A hand extends to Corvinus more in the significance of the gesture, unknowing if the creature would approve of touch, but know of the meaning, all while she speaks in response not only to Kate, but them both.

"That is what this is about and what I have been saying. It's about the people, about our home, about family. This team is still the old team with new forgings and new members and we -both- have to embrace and accept that. Now that I know about your Lakehouse made for the team I will stop by." A light smile is afforded, though the weariness is showing through in some parts, memories perhaps or the recent times weight. "Plenty have been in these halls that break and fall apart physically and otherwise. You're not the first and wont be the last. It's what we stand strong for that matters. Not in what building."

Let the moment be ruined though, and the timing be all wrong, because right as Diana is about to take some weight off her feet on the edge of Shayera's bed everything is ripped asunder, her arms flying up to protect her from the departure of wingspan slicing across metal on metal.

"We all lose sleep for the same things."

Though something new is felt… Seen on her friend she races after her.

"I always forget that you guys haven't done exoplanet colonies yet," Booster remarks a little distantly, after Kate makes her comment about Earth. He puts his ring back on his finger and is reaching out for one of the sandwiches that Kara brought, when Shayera tears through the room. He suddenly looks extremely interested, saying, "Wow, gosh! Was that a Thanagarian?" He cups his hands around his mouth and calls after the flying figure, in Interlac, "<Come back! Please don't leave the planet just yet!>"

"This one is the Corvinus. This one cannot control the merging action. It is a matter of… high energy metaphysics and spirit. This one could do what it could to mitigate the effects." That is directed towards Hal

It taps the side of the beak and then points at Kate. "That is the most important part of preparing for the Storm. It is not certain at this time what will be the partner-supplied term 'wild card' but every unique and individual capability is of the utmost importance to be preserved. It accepts the offered hand and shakes its head even as the readings spike oddly. "That is not… no…. no… that's…"

Shayera's liftoff has it shaking its head. "Too soon. That should not happen for ten orbits of the primary!" And it is trundling off after Shayera… in a rather bizarre juxtaposition of the roles the two normally engage in.

<Shayera! Stop!> is offered in Thanagarian.

Oh look, Kara had raced off after her, calling out to the others, "I'll go get her! Stay here!" She would find out why Shayera ran before trying to bring her back, otherwise she would have just stopped her before she ran in the first place.

Sometimes people just needed to be by themselves, other times they might be possessed by weird alien hawkfolk stuff.

Hal Jordan watches the Hawk tear out, his shield flickering for just a moment reflexively as she makes her way out with her usual aplomb and delicacy. He has a half-smirk as a result, shaking his head. He didn't worry about Shayera - the Hawkwoman was tough as beef jerky made out of Jack Palance.

He does tilt his head at Kate, "I know I'm knew around here, but your definition of 'ours' sounds an awful lot like the usual definition of 'mine'. I mean, unless you're expecting everyone to chip in on the mortgage, in which case, I gotta tell ya, I'm skint for this month," he says.

"Diana's right about buildings - location doesn't matter. And being here means being away from people and populations and, given the enemies we're likely to make, I'd rather they come at us where we don't have to worry about collateral damage if things get all vendetta-y. That is, if you'll have me, of course."

Kate looks to Booster as the super-speedy members of the team dash after Shayera. "I'm just saying, there's something to be said for good old-fashioned sticks and guts. Good enough for cavemen." She pauses, stepping to the door to peer down the hall. "This is one of those times when I really wish I could pull one of those take the short way around and clothesline 'em moves they always do on TV, you know?"

Stepping back in, she looks back to Hal. "Honestly? I don't like being treated like a visitor in the palace here. This is all…" She waves a hand around herself, grimacing. "I get wanting to cut down on collateral damage, but every time I walk into something that's been Justice League for years, it feels…sterile. Distant. Cold. I don't believe in helping people by keeping away from them. I don't believe in distant, untouchable saviors. I believe in one person making a difference in the life of one other person. One save at a time."

"I don't disagree with you," Booster tells Kate. "I'm just an Earth-born human with no powers." More or less, anyway. He settles back in his bed with a faint wince. "I think it's good to have more than one place, like… what if one blows up? You still have somewhere you can go to regroup." He looks over at Hal. "Green Lantern… just a random kind of question, a hypothetical… but your ring can shield you from chronal atrophy, right? I'm just asking out of curiosity."

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