Food For Thought

March 14, 2015:

Columbia and Wonder woman meet up and discuss future allinces.

The Jade Garden, Queensland Park, Metropolis

The Jade Garden is an Asian cuisine restaurant that's a bit worn around the edges, and clearly the money is put into the food. The afternoon buffet is also very good for those that are trying to pack a lot of calories on a very tight budget. The wait staff is an elderly couple who haggle over bills in a fashion familiar to some Asiatic cultures.


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The Jade Garden, Queensland Park, Metropolis

The Jade Garden is an Asian cuisine restaurant that's a bit worn around the edges, and clearly the money is put into the food. The afternoon buffet is also very good for those that are trying to pack a lot of calories on a very tight budget. The wait staff is an elderly couple who haggle over bills in a fashion familiar to some Asiatic cultures.

They weathered the power outage and the recent Atlantean attacks rather well, and they've actually seen a bit of an uptick in business of late.

It's been a busy few weeks for the orange - haired paramedic from Metropolis. Cameron Tenoaks has dealt with a Spirit of Vengeance — a real eye - opener — foreign invasions, eldritch horrors, space aliens committing heists, and that's BEFORE her 'day job' of being a paramedic with Metropolis Fire and Rescue is accounted for.

Since it's been a while since she's been able to drop in, she's stopped at one of her favorite haunts, a weathered Asian restaurant that has a 'working' relationship with her — namely, she helps them by clearing up the remaining parts of the lunch buffet and then they refuse to take her money. That's progressed from a running joke to an honest agreement, though it doesn't stop the paramedic from trying to tip well, sometimes going as far as to leave what the meal should cost in her estimation under her plate.

Today's culinary adventure is actually a bit different, as there are a couple of worn patrons in having their late afternoon egg drop soup — some of Metropolis' best! — and sipping at some tea.

This is about the closest thing to a 'safe spot' Cameron feels comfortable dining out at, and for the most part for whatever reason the media at least manages to keep away from it. When she was looking for a good spot to invite a noteworthy member of the Justice League out for a late lunch… well, this came immediately to mind…

The invitation came as a surprise, but the name upon it did not. Diana already had seen the footage of the woman, and read her article recently published in the Daily Planet. A cut out of it having been seated on her desk with a personal file and thumb drive that holds all the data.

There is no correspondence sent back to Cameron, because there is no need for such things when words cannot overshadow that of mere physical response.

The restaurant is not given a second glance, when she enters there is a lull of silence that precedes and emanates, followed by the eyes that trail only after she has passed and the low murmurs that ensue with lent bodies around tables. When Diana pauses it is to find the red head named Cameron, cerulean eyes sliding over each and every table with a calm candor, though a smile grows whe a small child runs to her and jumps at the feet of the Amazon, holding up her arms.

"I want to be a princess too!" She squeals. "Fly all over the world!"

Diana's vembraces flash as she scoops the child up, lifting her easily above her head to make the small child 'soar' right back into the arms of awed parents, a small kiss placed to the girls forehead. "You'll be whatever you really want to be. Look me up when it happens."

From the family to Cameron, Diana had seen her, found her prior apparently, and with eased strides she joins the woman. "This is where you get food for thought, I presume?"

The child shouting caused Cameron to raise her eyebrow, and she shrank down a bit as she watches the room, checking to see if any cameras that were brought out are aimed in her direction. After a moment or two, she relaxes, though she does have a bit of a slouch still. For someone of such stature it… it's a bit off - putting, to say the least.

She'll stand up and offer the chair across from her before sitting back down.

"Actually, no. This is where I get food to feed the appetite because otherwise I'd be broke in days. The people who own and run this place are very good people." Look, there's a very good older Asian woman now, with two menus and a smile on her face, adorned in practical yet weathered workplace clothing.

"What would you like to drink today? We have green tea hot, we can make other if you want?"

The taller woman glances to Diana as she considers what to say next.

Well, Wonder Woman is here. You asked for the meeting, make your case, try to stick to the points…

Cameron rubs her eyes for a moment. "I get my food for thought from what I've been seeing around in the world lately, and from the advice of a lot of folks, including someone recently returned from the dead." The smile on her face and the happy tone would definitely seem to indicate that the return of Arthur has at least one Metropolis citizen cheering for him, albeit in a guarded fashion.

She resists the urge to make a quip about 'going to the Winter Faire' to the child… that was Wonder Woman's moment, not hers, the more that the Amazon has the attention of others present… the less they'll pay attention to the off - duty paramedic, right?

The child is left with her family when Diana approaches the table to join Cameron, and despite prying eyes they are left in peace. Nodding her head, Diana pulls the seat back and takes it the menu delivered, not yet paying it much attention as the red-head still remains under a very placid gaze of oceanic sorms.

"The house tea, hot, please." Diana states to the waiter with that omnipresent pleasant flash of a smile, a setting that did not fade when she returns her attention back upon Cameron.

"Arthur. A friend of mine from old." Her interest shows more thoroughly upon the woman, sitting back in her chair but never losing that posture or 'air' that emanates warrior, princess; Proud.

"So how much of that article is you? All, part… What is it that has stricken you to call me to your table and inspired such heartened words?" Now it is obvious, there is a weight there in those eyes that never leave Cameron, the world around them could be exploding in paparazzi and outbursts, but right now, she wanted to /know/, while she had the woman in her sights and they sat in a welcoming manner of equals - of olde.

The child will be able to tell stories for years to come, and it may even be one of those formative life experiences for her. The woman nods happily and moves back to the kitchen with a surprisingly quick pace, and there's a brief discussion of some sort that can be heard before the door swings fully shut.

"I've only met him a couple of times, but… he hasn't been afraid to offer advice or insight, though he thought I should quit my job and just do the hero thing full - time. I… that…" That invokes a bit of a wince. She's resistant to that idea, obviously.

And if anything, the mention of the article causes the younger yet taller woman to sit up a bit straighter, green - grey eyes getting a bit more life to them. "You read it?" While not quite the same reaction as the child proclaiming they were going to be a princess some day, it's definitely a day - changer. "What did you think of it? Was it too much? Was it too soon? I… I wanted to give some time for people to recover but also it's something that can't be lost in the whole wash of things. If we'd been communicating and treating each other responsibly and in a civilized fashion to begin with the situation might never have come up. It could have been resolved decades ago, at least!"

Given a topic, given a matter of import that clearly was a focus it's easy for Cameron to return the gaze. Her stance is almost the one of someone who's been alternately bruised and praised, tested hard by someone who cares about the training — not to breed some subservient minion but to produce a *leader*. Yet… there's also that 'bruised' portion, the 'raised hard' and 'not quite reaching expectations but not quitting'. If the paparazzi did come in right now it'd probably be one of the few times she'd simply ignore them — the topic at hand, being recognized by a member of the Justice League — this was the stuff that she dreamt about growing up. Still.

Mother would want so much MORE from her. She is a Tenoaks, after all.

Seeing that spark in Cameron's eyes and the way everything changes around her. Palpable and it eminated, if anyone looked they may just see two women having a very in depth conversation that calls for great thought and poker faces, but when you are sitting across form them and getting a frontal view…

The way Cameron shifted, her tone had that lilt, the same leap her heartbeat took with the catching of breath, all catalysts to the soul that danced epically behind her eyes. Diana saw it then, that passion, that desire, the truth in words she wrote on paper when her heart ached for a voice to be heard but only through means of written word. The news lies, the trail of hidden cameras and articles Diana never buys into unless it is feed from the JL:A's Watchtower satellites. Untampered.

"Your timing was perfect. It may hurt but the people need the truth, and they need hope… They need to know their plight is not dismissed and it is felt even by the likes of those known to be more then just human. You wrote it well, and the actions I have caught of yours back it up."

One hand rests on the table, fingers drumming on the surface lightly, then gesturing to he as she speaks. "What I would offer you the possibility of will not take you from your job, but you may need extended vacations." That final sentence now keeping utter focus on Cameron. "The choice is /yours/."

There might have been a brave soul or two that were going to take pictures of this potentially historic moment. And then there's a glare from the older gentleman who also seems to have a share in the location, and the withering stare of an older gentleman with years of experience when normally there is nothing but smiles quickly forces the two brave souls to stow their cameras and continue eating. The Jade Garden is a neighborhood restaurant. And the only person who's been thrown out recently was someone trying to scam their way out of paying for a meal. They got their meal…. but their picture is above the register, so everyone can see the culprit. So no, there's no sudden photographic explosion, nor is there even tweeting or texting.

The comments from Diana are sobering, and Cameron is nodding quietly, looking down from that meeting of the minds to have some tea. "I couldn't save them all. I can't save them all. But it doesn't stop me from trying my damndest. But lately… it's become obvious that it's not a thing for the solo hero anymore. Not with everything that is going on in the world."

She considers, even as the server brings out Diana's house tea and a plate of egg rolls of varying types.

"I'll give you a tentative yes right now. I have to run it by my superiors on MetFireResc to get their sign - off on it. Legal stuff."

MetFireResc having someone in the Justice League? One of their very own? Oh, that sign - off probably won't take very long at all. But Cameron has been working with the Department for years, and she's not going to presume to speak for the brass.

That expression is a bit weird on her face… a combination of 'finally made it' along with 'do I measure up' mixed with 'going to do my darndest'.

Then there's a slight slump of the shoulders. Definitely need to work on that…

"I'm not very big on the public speech - making thing. I'm good at taking hits, saving lives, and helping out. Is that okay?"

At least she won't be a 'glory hound'.

Diana finishes her tea, and on the arrival of the food she takes it graciously, searching and finding the vegetable only roll and then dipping it into a bowl of the hot chili sauce before she eats. One small bite turns into that of finishing it in a heartbeat. Apparently in all that is going on she forgot to eat and the hunger wrenches at her stomach wen food finally hits it. This place is definitely noteworthy and a good choice. Wonder Woman herself not one for the upscale places, though the man she currently shares her side with prefers those on most nights.

We all have our masks to wear.

Pushing to a stand though, Diana smiles to Cameron, making her way around the table to stand at her side, a hand resting on her shoulder when her posture bows a bit. The grip is strong, hard, but assuring. "If you like I will stop by with you, but I think they know what is right for you - just as much as you do." Releasing her shoulder Diana stands there, smiling down at the red head. "You don't have to be anything but yourself. It is what got our attention in the first place." Pause. "The only concern I have is the expenditure for food."

Diana winks to Cameron and leaves money on the table for the business though no bill had yet to be delivered. "I hope to see you at the Hall of Justice tomorrow to see your fellow brothers and sisters take the further steps you'll take if you decide to."

With that Diana exits just as she came.

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