The Truth in Justice

March 18, 2015:

Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman have a follow up on his questions during the JL:A induction ceremony.


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It is a beautiful day in Metropolis. The sun is shining, and the coming Spring-time is clearly on everyone's mind. However, one among the people who called this planet home- J'onn J'onzz- was thinking to his promise to 'watch' this Justice League: Avengers. Their histories, at least that which was public, was easy to find through various sources. The people, from what he had seen in thoughts, thought of them as heroes. As protectors.

Still, there was more to discover. More to see. The Manhunter from Mars decided that the best course of action is that which is most direct: Speak to the Justice League on their own home turf. Where they felt most comfortable. Here, he hoped, their words would ring with truth, and with a lust for Justice.

To that end, J'onn J'onzz stepped into the Hall of Justice, tall and green and looking very much an intimidating figure, even if he did not have a particularly aggressive stance. He moved up to the front desk, looking down at whomever was manning it. "I am here to speak to the Justice League."

After the ceremony there was quite a bit going on at the Hall. Media still has not totally died down due to the two revelations. Aliens had once been suspect but not confirmed and now it was all opened up with the re-organization of the Justice League: Avengers. There have been burnings, displays, picketing, media slanders and backings and a Nick Fury screaming in her ear to the point her head rattled and Diana hung up on him. Yes, that took balls, but she's an Amazon. Enough said. he wants to yell at her he can do so to her face.

Cerulean eyes seem to darken as the days keep rolling on, research on top of watching, media meetings, and sit reps are wearing things thin, and it is only a matter of time before peace becomes shattered and a team currently on the cusp of severe criticism has to do what htye have done for years: Prove them wrong. But trust has to be earned and many do not settle well with new, so Diana will not question it, she will accept it. Years of it have hardened her to such weathering.

What makes her sit further upright and finally rise is when that familiar being steps to the desk, the Manhunter of Mars as revealed during the ceremony who questioned their name and melding. Leaving the security room all of the screens flick from a satellite scan of local to global, filtering the satellite feed.

It is only a few minutes he is held waiting at the desk before Diana approaches, the Wonder Woman regalia she wore during the ceremony in place currently that lasso hanging at her hip and resting over bare thigh. Approaching J'onn one hand extends to greet him without hesitation. "I was wondering when you would decide to return."

As Diana approaches on foot, J'onn's floating form matches that manner. He lands, and accepts her hand as it is lifted in greeting. He matches whatever strength Diana chooses to put into that handshake, keeping it wholly equal. "Greetings. We have not been formally introduced, I am J'onn J'onzz." he replies, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness." Polite, it seems, this particular Martian.

"Yes, I have returned. Currently, there are few dangers which would require the attention of this august body, and so, now is the appropriate time to come and visit as it were." he says simply, "It would be unacceptable to stand in the way of those who's ideals closely align with my-own. And it has become clear that my fighting from the shadows, invisibly, will no longer be enough."

There is no press of strength from Diana against J'onn, there is no need to express such things as she comes to him on equal ground, which he shows in kind and it only causes a small quirk to the corners of lips heading for a smile. Yet, the reminders linger and keep things strictly diplomatic at the moment - a manner she knows well. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, J'onn J'onzz. Come, let us speak in more private quarters."

A gesture towards one of the more open conference rooms, nothing is truly private but those who work security and man the stations here do just that. They know their duties, but with thing so sensitive at the moment, some things are best handled with discretion. "You're fighting from the shadows is no longer necessary and will be just as scrutinized now. You revealed yourself, suspicions are high. No one is safe no matter what body."

Opening the door to the conference room if he opts to enter she will close it after them and gesture for him to take a seat where he choose and she will claim on beside him.

J'onn doesn't seem to smile- but he's not frowning either. Perhaps its a Martian thing. He follows Diana, nodding in agreement for a more private meeting. "Fighting from the shadows will always be needed." he says simply, "For threats to this planet and her people arise both well lit, and shadowed. I have seen a great many powerful beings as of late, and so, it was necessary to reveal myself. As those of us with abilities beyond the common man come forward in the name of Justice, so will those who would abuse and misuse those people. I will need allies." J'onn says, as he takes a seat.

"As for hiding myself, I could disappear tomorrow and no one on this planet, not even you or Superman, would be able to find me." Batman though, well, maybe Batman. Best to leave that bit unsaid, though. "Thank you for inviting me into your hall for this opportunity. I am sure you have as many questions about me, as I do about your Justice League. Perhaps, since I am the guest, you would like to start?" he wonders, offering Diana the floor in his own diplomatic manner.

Wonder Woman takes her seat. Since this is a meeting of the minds, a meeting of possible allegiances. A meeting that right now hangs a balance it is best to approach in nearness and not gap the distance with cold reserve of a metal and mahogany conference table. The Hall can be cold and stoic, vast and empty seeming if allowed, but if not, it can give quite the opposite presence. Welcome and companionship. A Hall of history and soldiers of their own right and means.

Though J'onn's mention of allies is heard it is not quite yet addressed. Diana sits straight backed in the chair, one arm resting upon the table while she faces him and considers. But there is an age old wisdom ingrained there in those eyes, and lines unmarking that have weathered far more then outwardly show, and for a moment shadows flicker over her features, revealing it. "O would. But we can have turns so neither of us is left in wait, or has time if needed." Her hand lifts and gestures to him in signal of a giving palm before it settles back upon the table.

"What is it you truly seek here, on Earth?"

"Many decades ago I found myself stranded on this planet, plucked away through time and space by a curious scientist." J'onn replies, "My own planet is dead for many centuries now. There is no home there to go back to. Here, I have found myself among a most curious, and beautiful people: Human beings. They stand at the edge of a great evolutionary shift. Among them titans will rise, and have begun to do so already. What I seek is what many humans seek. I seek a place to call home." J'onn takes a moment, a slow breath, looking into Diana's eyes across that short distance between them. "I could show you, if you'd like. But, it may be rather intense- I could show you all of who I was, and who I wish to be. But, I will not do so without your permission."

The moment, and the truth is crucial at this point, and it is something they both seek. When his eyes lift to meet hers she is watching him, a calm in the gaze of the Amazon and there in the depth of that oceanic gaze is the sturdiness and surety. No doubt lies there is what he says, offers, and what she needs to do. His offer can go horribly wrong, but his offer also gives her what she will need without smoke and mirrors - though there can be none between them there have been times…

Without wavering her eyes from his own, Diana leans forward and offers her hands out palm up to him, whether he needs to take them or not it signify's enough. "There is no room for falsities between us, nor time for it. You have my permission J'onn J'onnz of Mars."

J'onn reaches out to take Diana's hands, holding them gently within his own. "I am going to show you the details of my life, Diana of Themyscira. You will see all of it at the speed of thought. You will experience it through my eyes, and know my emotions and thoughts as your own." he explains, "You seem to be a woman I can trust, and so I hope you will not prove me incorrect in that assumption when I show you who I am."

Those words are not spoken outloud- but rather, originate within Diana's mind telepathically. What follows then in J'onn J'onzz life. His earliest memories of playing with his twin, growing up on Mars- a planet and civilization that some might call a true utopia- where people shared thoughts and feelings between themselves- and the rest instantly through telepathic means.

Diana sees J'onn as he grows to be a Manhunter- the pride of his serving his people as a peacekeeper, and patron of Justice. His love for his wife, and his daughter. Even the love for his troubled twin. She can feel his sense of betrayal as that same twin does truly awful things to J'onn's own wife. And the further sense of betrayal that it was his duty to bring his brother to justice. A duty he did not falter in, despite his misgivings and his love for his brother.

She sees yet more, as years later a horrific plague overtakes the Martian people- one where they burn to death just trying to connect telepathically. She watches, and feels, through J'onn's eyes as his own family burns before him. His wife. His daughter. Dead. She can feel his anger, his rage, his horror- for this there was no protection from. It spread through telepathy. Through communication. She could see as his own Twin was revealed to be the progenitor of this horrible plague- one that would go on to destroy *all* Martian people, except for two. She watches as J'onn battles his brother. Entombs him in a volcano.. And then spends decades burying the dead of Mars. Barely able to keep himself sane- working like a madman just to see if someone, anyone survived. They did not. He is the last.

And then she can feel as if her body was stretching, shifting, moving- and they are both on earth. Diana behind J'onn's eyes looking at some human who's thoughts they both hear. Kind thoughts. Gentle thoughts. The man is a Scientist, and he kindly brings J'onn back to health. Nurses him him back to sanity. Those kind, gentle thoughts of a
Human being. It was, in the end, just a man who saved J'onn from Madness.'

Diana's pupils dilate and then hone down when he is permitted through the blockade she keeps tightly in place by sheer will and years of training. And like that, J'onn can show her everything, and have access in return. No hold barred, but there is a deeper meaning and reason for this. Witness to it all, down to the bare emotions the only reaction that can be seen or perhaps even felt is the sing of muscles tensing, sinewed and strung, shaking beneath it with slow and deliberate breaths.

When J'onn's memories, feelings and emotions cease in finality of his story her hands do not leave his, she does not shy away or withdraw, nor does she close her mind to him in case there was more even though that is enough for her. It can be told only by the thickening of dark lashes that rise and bring focus back upon him, there is a wavering in that sturdiness but it is blinked back when she nods, her grip only tightening upon his for a heartbeat. No words for moment, just that shared silence and knowledge. "..and so your new family and your pledge renews itself to those who showed you a kindness and heart when none was left for you."

One hand slides from J'onn's and reaches up to rest upon his face, almost like a mothers comforting touch but more a friendly gesture, assuring. "What would you ask of me then?"

J'onn nods quietly in response to Diana's words. "There is a great good in Humanity. I would not see such kindness, and goodness lost to this unkind universe. I have dedicated myself to protecting them until they no longer require such protectors. Once, the Manhunters protected this whole solar system from such threats. I will continue that protection no matter the cost to myself." He intones in those deep words.

J'onn does not shy away from the kindness of contact. "I would ask why you have come, like a light from a distant dim past, to a world largely unknown to your own people? To what purpose does this league exist? And, still, I must question this inclusion of the concept of Avenging and what it means to a human being as my understanding of this concept may not be complete."

Diana nods and finally sits back as she had started, relaxed and yet the omni-presence of ingrained regality there. A presence.

When J'onn inquires now Diana takes in all he asks and lips part slightly, as she considers where to begin and when she finds the best opening she states it as it comes into her mind. "My people are borne of a different plane then this one. Where Gods play court and fight for matters of the throne. Humans have only gained focus when it has come of love, use, folly, and fodder." It is apparent in speaking of the truth in the beginning… the bery beginning she already does not agree, her brows furrowing. "They were once like chess pieces to Gods, but from them love was displayed despite being seen as less, being known and accepting it themselves and rising above. Despite it all they rose and gained the attentions of affection. My mother fought for them, beginning what this is with her comrades that shared the beliefs that everyone deserved notice, no one deserved to be beneath when they gave so much and got so little in return. Snubbed, seemingly forgotten until the bigger and badder opted to use them as playthings. Nothing should be treated like that."

When Diana closes that beginning the hand that was rested upon the table is formed into a fist, the tension obvious, the passion there. "This League exists and began as a formation of like minded individuals from varying backgrounds and places," She gestures to J'onn then. "That desired to take a stand when those sought to eradicate, play with, or otherwise make light of a race. Alien, Human, Amazon, Atlantean… What we were did not matter, what we were was only a question, but what was known is that we protected them. /Someone/ was on their side, looking out for them without looking down upon them. We may be more powerful but we do not lack the same compassion and we will back them."

Pausing now upon the Avenging part she does not need to think on it, but it wa sa subject she knew he wanted an answer to and the word alone was one he did not like, so would the answer ever be? She speaks anyway.

"The Avengers Initiative was a team with the same beliefs but a different backing. They are known soldiers of the past and present but they are no different from what my mothers friends and mine have done to make the people of this planet safe. We combined and spread our stance as well as our team, making it move from the Justice League of old to the Justice League: Avengers. why do something apart when we can be stronger together? We will strike out when stricken, we will protect, we will not lay in wait for the second blow and we will stand our ground. We are who we are and we all have the same ideals. The people believe in us, believe in our strength and we wont let them down, not at least while we live and breathe."

was there any other way to word that? There could be thousands, but that was it.

"We will see then." J'onn says, with a nod. "If there is more to this than the name would suggest." Justice is something J'onn understands. Avenging, it seems, is somewhat more foreign to him. In all his days- even those shown to Diana- the desire for revenge never entered his heart. Not even against his brother, the man who mind-raped his wife and committed genocide against his people. It was justice, alone, that he desired. True justice, tempered as he had said before. Perhaps it was easier for him, being able to so effortlessly read the minds of those he encountered- even Diana's protections were lackluster compared to the sheer telepathic power this being possessed. And that was saying quite a bit.

"I will have to think on that answer, Diana." he says simply. "However, I will be there should your league have need of me. I am not yet certain it is the place that I belong. Time alone will tell that story." he says, with a bow of his head. "I must take my leave now. I am needed in Brazil. An ocean of fear has risen among its people and they are in need of a hero." How, exactly, J'onn knew of trouble so far away- well.. Diana had just experienced over two hundred years of life in a split second. Perhaps there were other minds he kept watch on. "I will know if you need me, and I will arrive with all do haste." he says once more, before he launches into the air towards the roof of the building. He does not break through, but rather, phases through its structure as it if was nothing at all.

It seems his using the front door before was simply a formality.

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