The Empty Headed

April 11, 2015:

After the attack and swift kidnapping of Lunair, the hunt for oy gives them known results..

Hospital in Metropolis

Its a sterile hospital


NPCs: Checkmate Agents, Lian Harper


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Starfire ports down, gifted with Max from Reese to hunt down Ry. Luna came back from the attack from a lady Luna sad Roy had called 'Baroness', and that Roy had been knocked out. Once they land in the park though, in one hand Starfire had her image inducer, in the other one of Roy's shirts, having left Lian in the care of the crew, promising to return with her daddy… Starfire keeps her promises.


Feet armored in that purple metal start the melding process, cork looking platform wedge sandals, straps aplenty lashing over skin that is shifting from tawny orange to that of an olive tone where modified 'gladatorial' sandals strap and lace, held to the toned calves. Bare skinned to high on thighs where cut off shorts bear threads of the latest tattered fashion across skin and sway in the breeze. The melding continues, abdomen bare, navel pierced now where it was once that toned and vacant burnt hue. The tunic shirt picking up to cover her chest save the crossing of white over her chest and the descent of sheer down her back.

Long flame hair that hung down her back disappears in replacement of red hair held up in a bun, spirals hanging down to frame her face in curled piecees, sunglasses perched upon her nose to cover those emerald eyes, now bearing pupils.

Normal, an alien in alien skin to avoid the issues of upheaval uprising across the globe due to recent revelations and fear.

Dropping her hand Max's nose shoves into the shirt and the hunt begins.

Reese, left aboard the ship was tired. She was hungry. But if one of her own..

One of her own.. it felt funny to think about. Gave her the warm and tinglies.

If one of her own were out there, missing.. hurt, she owed it to the people that she quietly and secretly calls family to help. They would need her there, immediately at his side to help and heal. It would make it easier upon Reese herself.

With her fingers clutching the pendant, she gives it a whirl, a succoring pop snaps herself right at Starfire's side, her body at a slight hunch as she bends and catches herself at the knees, hand drawing back to draw the cane outright to snap it into extension.

"I'm going with you." No matter what. "I think this would be better if I do." There was no telling the stubborn girl to stay back. She wouldn't listen, not at all.

The scent led to a locale, where Roy had gone down. And there, it seemed, the scent disappeared, as Max twirls around. It wouldn't take much to decipher that it led to an ambulance, which meant a quick check of -each- hospital that might have been within the vicinity for pick-up.

That Max was able to steer in at the first hospital was a fortuous incident- it didn't take long to discover that a red haired man whose ID registered as Roy Harper, Checkmate, was present. It also meant, however, that the feds were involved, as guards were up and present.

And one of the guards wasn't terribly -accommodating-.

"You ain't got clearance."

Reese gets a sidelong look from Star. In times like this it must be good to be blind. It doesn't matter what color you are, who you are visually to a blind woman. An asshole is an asshole. Easy peasy. "I would not think to send you away." Star responds.

Reese can be stubborn, Star will only meet her bull headedly in return if she felt it best, but she is a grown woman and her own person. Max is watched, then followed as they begin their rat race, thankfully cut shorter then Star was assuming when they found the hospital, first try! Walking in some looks are passed their way, if for any reason the simple one: They're openly Outsiders, a motley crew of 'supermodel' looking woman, a blind girl and her large abnormally recruited seeing eye dog.

No matter, they are directed to the room where official men stop them and Star's eyes narrow, one finger hooking up to tug the sunglasses down her nose bridge and lower just a tad to meet the officer eye to eye.

"We may not have clearance sir, but I do have his daughter. We're family." As nice as those words seem, the man is standing between her and Roy, and even on smiling lips they're blunt."

"Good. Because the conversation wouldn't have been pleasant." There was a hint of a tease in Reese's voice. She wasn't going to threaten Starfire. Cry at her. Yes. Make her uncomfortable. More than likely. It was always a good thing to bully someone into being uncomfortable enough to let you do what you please.

Finding Roy was easy enough, getting through the men, not so much.

She tilts her head just a little, her nose wrinkling as she focuses on her sense of smell, taking in all that she could with one inhale, allowing her brain to sort out the rest. She even allows her gift of 'seeing' to draw upon her, her eyes soon scanning the room, counting bodies and their imperfections.. then shutting it down with a slight snap.

"Listen." She finally pipes up, allowing her cane to sway so that she could take a careful step forward. "I know you're about to send us away. But, before you do, I think I should make it .. well, known to you that the anti-biotics that you're taking for that itch you have isn't going to work." Her hand lifts, uneasy, rubbing at her neck. It was all a show. "I mean the itch will go away, but it's just a cover for your other symptoms. But I can tell just by the way that you sound that you drink a lot. Not liquor or anything, but water. Anything to stay hydrated. And you're always running to the bathroom.." Yes. Reese can smell that too. "I think you need to go see a doctor because the levels of insulin that your pancreas creates is a bit low. You just may be type two."

That one, was free of charge.

"I know one of the medical personnel inside who could check you out, off the books. No favors. Just me being nice." Okay, it means she wanted a favor, and it better be done.

Apparently, Roy -really- needed to update his personnel file; the 'next of kin' was listed as 'Brave Bow', although his will left everything to Lian Harper, a detail that was explained to Starfire. Still, the security guard's eye shifts towards Kori's eyes, as he considers. "His daughter, Lian, right… Cute as a button?"

He pauses, as Reese starts to fill him in on the great details of his anatomy, before wrinkling his nose. "Harper knows the most interesting people," he grumbles, self-consciously reaching up to scratch his neck. "Fine, fine, he's out of surgery, and he -could- receive visitors shortly… do you want to call his daughter down? The door stays open so we can see what you're doing. And uh… which doctor are you referring to?"

"Lian Harper, this tall, adorable and innocent." Star says, gesturing to Lian's height level, but stops when the man says surgery, a curious glance to Reese in her spill of medical and anatomical knowledge. This is all her and Depalo's thing. Star knows enough to survive on the field, long enough to keep someone alive until they got home.

"No, I'll just go now." Star says in response to the -could-. You don't want Starfire scrating your itch officer, beneath the summer breezy looking homemaker facade she has claws, especially when it comes to her family. Slipping in sideways the distance is sought to be closed between the door and the unseen bed, Max having already just padded on by and sitting there with a shit eating grin on his big maw.

Yeah yeah, you won.

"Doctor Takeda.." Reese says after a few moments, offering up a smile towards the man as she allows Starfire to press on first. As she passes the man, she offers a light pat to his shoulder, a small hint of healing passed his way to erase any trace of said itch and diabetes, which was turned slightly worse due to none treatment of the disease.

First ones free, amirite?!

Allowing the distance that she did, her stick reaches out and begins to sway, loudly knocking and clattering against the edges of the door, her nose still alight of the scents and knowing that Max.. that dear pup, was already there inside.

"Whozzagood boy?! Whoozagoodun!?" Reese cooes out, which causes Max to let out a low 'harump' in annoyance.

First one free, like drugs, really, once you feel good, you go back for more. Although how Reese knows Dr. Takeda is a question best left for another day.

That Kori has described, at least, Lian Harper correctly, makes the man shake his head. "Right, right, go ahead, leave the door open where the other guards can see you. Hey Foster, let 'em in."

Foster salutes, motioning to follow.

At the door of a room, Foster stops, and knocks. "Hey Harper, got a couple ladies here to see you. You decent?"

"Yeah, I got my robe on, just don't ask me to turn around."

"Guess he's feeling better," Foster mutters, opening the door.

Inside, Roy sits up in the hospital bed, bandage around his head, hooked up to an IV. "Hoi," he greets. "Good news. Doctor took x-rays of my skull and found it was empty."

The interaction between the dog and Reese gets a short bit of laughter from Starfire, a small graze of fingers along Reese's shoulder with a murmured 'thank you' as they pass the second guard. Roy's words change her attention though, her hand reaching up and tugging the glasses down and away. Though once that happens the image inducer is shut off, those eyes going pupilless and the tawny skinned armored woman is closing the gap between them to pick wrap her arms around Roy, pick him up and kiss him. A fond gesture and an endearing embrace, lingering until she slowly set him back upin his feet and straightened the IV tubing, touching fingetips along the band.

"At least the blow didn't hurt anything, then." The thing with Star is it is hard to tell if she is serious, joking, or…clueless. Either way she is smiling and regaining her happiness, but not negating to radio to the team.

"Found him, Roy is okay. Doc says the blow hurt…nothing."

Reese smiles completely as she feels the touch upon her shoulder, allowing that little motion as permission to stalk forward, not heading towards Roy, but to Max to give a big hug around the neck. "I'm just kidding, ol' boy. You are a good one though." The dog remains still, tail whipping back and forth, then pulls away to allow Roy and Starfire that moment of tenderness. As they both mention his noggin being empty, Reese draws her hand upright to smack her mouth with a hand, trying her best to not drop into gigglefits.

"Roy." Reese finally calls out after a moment, drawing herself to a stand, her own hand holding tight to Max's collar, the cane shifted beneath her arm. "Come here.." She holds out her hand, which slowly begins to glow.

Foster's reaction as Kori disarms has him scrambling for a gun, especially as the alien kisses him, but Roy's motion tells him to calm down. "Relax, man." Roy laughs, pulling Kori down to sit down next to him. "You know better. Listen, don't tell Iron Butt out there about this, okay? We don't -need- conniptions about this."

"But sir, she could be a soul-sucking vampire…"

"Solar-sucking, but who's worried about that…? Kori, Foster, Foster, Kori. Be nice to her or she'll burn you so hard."

Reese gets a grin and a wave. "Hey. C'mon… how ya doing…? Come visiting? Gang's here?"

Blinking at the proffered hand, Roy stares befuddled at it until being told to grab it. Oh. RIGHT.

Well, they -did- say there was nothing in his head… but at least -now- he takes Reese's hand.

The reaction from the officer would have brought that perse glow to her hand had she not learned, /known/ better. They were here to protect Roy, they knew him, and though they were not family, they meant no harm. Instead, Foster gets a glare from beneath the red manicured brow, one that could almost wrinkle her face into a felinistic sneering growl. Beastial. It's only a moment and then it fades into a smile and a finger wiggling wave while she is pulled into a seat beside Roy.

"What would I want with his soul without his empty head?" A blink and the slight tic at one cirner ofher lips says that is a simple attempt to joke, leaning out of the way when Reese comes forward to take Roys hand, watching between them but even with the moment, and the joy she is concerned for Reese as well. The use of any powers that she has ever known, comes with a price and in moments she has done so twice.

As Roy takes her hand, the healing light passes through that brief connection; the edges of her hair nearly burning a faint white, leaving that same color just at the ends. That power radiates and fluctuates through towards him, her own body seeming to take on a withering stance, her breath held through it all as she allows the power to cleanse.

It would feel like one of those natural highs, one that brings energy, a true hoo-rah added with a tingle to the muscles. Old injuries? Healed. Scars? Possibly gone. All just by that simple touch.

Reese let's go of him then, ambling forward with a slight hunched-hop, resting herself upon the bed before she topples over, the cane removed from underneath her arm as she folds it just enough for her to lean forward against it. She was tired, but she wouldn't tell them that, even though it was written upon her person.

"You could do a lot with a soul. The soul is the empty head. With an empty head you could see the true him." Stupid Japanese mythics.

Lunair is probably relaxing somewhere nearby. She'd let them know as best as she could what she could remember. But for now, Lunair is hanging out with Lian and kind of playing an MLP game with her or a DVD maybe. It's cute and Lunair is pretty sure Roy is okay with it. When the others return, the two will emerge, Lian with a Twilight Sparkle doll in her arms. Lunair waves. "Are you okay?" She notices Reese's exhaustion and furrows her brows.

"I can get you something to drink…?" While Lunair is worried and a bit dazed, seeing people in this state is alarming.

Taking a glance about, Roy tilts his head. "By the way, Foster, what's the word out there about those protests?"

"Still going, sir. We're trying to find out who's behind it. Keeping an eye on different hate groups. Begging your pardon, ma'am…" Foster says, before glancing down the hallway. "Sir, I think your daughter's just arrived."

"Bring her in, then…" Roy says, before his attention turns back to Reese, as he flexes his hand, then gingerly touches his head. "Damn, that -does- feel great! You've got a great touch there." Pause. "Er, no offense, Kori."

Looking out to the hallway, the guard motions to Lunair. "Hey, you… bring Lian here."

Kori shrugs at Foster, a motion that spills flame effigy hair down her sides and back. "Beg for nothing, Foster. Any being has hate, its a hobby most love to waste their time on." Tamaraneans are a warborne race, Spartan in extreme regards. They know hate, personally. Kori knows hate due to it.

Reese's tired waver has Kori reachin out to try and catch her before she does so on her own, instead her finger sweep trough the whitened ends of her hair. "I see more truth then you give me credit for." She says to Reese, reaching to tug her up on the bed if allowed as well, to rest - even if Roy did just compliment her touch.

Mock Glare at Roy.

Though the arrival of Lunair and Lian brings a broader smile to those deep purple lips. "Just come stay with us." Scooching over she makes room for Luna on the bed as well, though she bends and grabby hands for a Lina who is bee-lining it into the room with happy squeals. "Daddy!" Flinging herself at him and ignoring Kori. Daddy's girl, nevermind the bandages.

Reese was shaking, but she keeps herself tight enough so that the movements could only be seen by a keen eye. Lunair's entrance gets a warm smile, obviously fond of her, but never speaking that much aloud. "Oh no no. No water. I'm okay." Even Starfire's assistance helps much. The bed was soon going to be full. But Reese was small enough to find her niche, crawling back towards the pillows, keeping herself pressed towards one side as she bundles and bunches what she could underneath her head.

Her plan? Listen to the small reunion, and think nothing but pure and happy thoughts. "Part of my bag of tricks, Roy.." She belatedly offers. "Where's the television? I want to hear some sounds."

Blink. Lunair nods at the guard and moves over. "I think he's in here," She offers to Lian. Lunair smiles to Starfire, and nods. "Sure, thank you." She will carefully sit near Starfire, mindful not to squish anyone. She looks concerned about Reese, although she smiles back. "Are you sure? Okay." Lunair won't push help on Reese, and she seems fond in turn in her own sort of way. Lunair does seem to have problems with expressing emotion and talking to people.

Lunair is glad, then a pause. "I think the remote's-" She'll look for the remote (without frisking anyone). "I imagine with the internet, it's not hard for entirely new hate groups to sprout up," She frowns. Google would tell her that and Lunair learns an awful lot from google. Either way, gotta find that remote so Reese can have some sounds.

"Princess, come h—- oof!" Roy holds her up. Pausing, Roy rubs at his ribs, before making a 'woot' sound. "Hey, nothing hurts…! Thanks, Reese…!"

Bringing Lian up to sit on the other side of him, Roy gives Lian a -scruffy- kiss. Sure, it gives her itchies, which she hates, but teasing her about it was a good thing.

Wrinkling a nose at Reese, Roy starts to point out the remote, but Lunair's already got it on hand. "Don't worry about it, we'll find out what's going on. I mean, we've got a few leads. People like 'Hate-Monger'… or General Chen… who knows…? So, uh… what happened after I…" He covers Lian's ears. "Got shot?"

Lian shows off her new doll, courtesy of Lunair and begins to prattle on about her night and day, what all she and Luna had done as well as… "Baking with Orn, K'ttn playing hide…because K'tten hid and I did not find her until K'ttn was passed out under her desk. Seek was pointless. They're all /old/. Kori promised she'd find you! Nooo daddddeeee." Flailing and fits of giggles as the scruffy kiss is laid on her, almost smacking Roy with the doll but instead flinging her arms around his neck smiling like she won a Roy sized trophy at the rest of them.

Starfire is tucking Reese in, folding a blanket over her and feeling that light shudder, resting her hand on her and radiating warmth through.

When Roy asks about the aftermath of his ko'd-ness Star goes silent. She was not there, but that does not mean she does not want to know. Reese healed Luna of the inoculation she was still hazy from on her return, but the rest is a mystery.

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