Meet The Family

May 04, 2015:

Family reunions are always surprising, especially when you think they're all dead.

HMSS Starfire

A floating alien ship, undetected patrolling above the atmosphere.


NPCs: Komand'r - Blackfire


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Fade In…

Spring. The National Cherry Blossom Festival was in full bloom down at the Tidal Basin. While Lian had school, Roy was taking advantage of the time to introduce Kori to one of the numerous stalls. She might well find it -different- to have a Japanese festival in the middle of the capital of the United States, but as Roy pointed out, it was part of a cultural exchange of one kind, and so, maybe, just this time, security would be high enough to just let people -enjoy- the spirit of cultural exchange here.

As it stood, though, Roy was trying to -not- consider what Kori was wearing, simply because from what he knew of customs, the one prevailing question on his mind: Is she wearing -anything- underneath that?

Despite all of the alien hatred brewing, and coming to a larger then life scale Kori is becoming resentful of the image inducer. It was meant for disguise and subterfuge, not abuse. So she does not use it for this occasion. It is hard not to look at the tall tawny skinned woman dressed in a kimono, or perhaps it is the kimono. Colors of purple, blue, and gold etch across the silk fabric in elegant patterns of feathers, set on a white/silver backdrop of a sky, cranes in the distance taking flight or landing within the waters edge of the pond that depthens the blue to that near midnight purple. One hand covered in th billowing sleeve holds the hem of the skirt that nears a train of feather and silk from being drug too far, her other plucking at the obi bound tightly like corsetry around her waist.

Those emerald eyes lined in kohl now are largely offset by the makeup, a strip of puple down her lips instead - a smile quirking there. Kori knows that look, leaning in to Roy her lips rest just beside his cheek, almost an endearing looking gesture of a cheek kiss, if it was not for the whispered word. "No."

Roy hadn't quite managed to do the red hakama thing on his own, but he'd done a passable enough imitation of it. After all, if Kori was going to adopt the spirit of the festival, so was he. And while he had a black kimono underneath it, it wasn't quite like Kori's.

Meeting Kori's whisper with a wolfish grin, Roy reaches out to take Kori's hand in hers, letting her guide as she would to whatever caught her interest. The mochi stall, where someone was pounding rice into sticky powder? The hibachi demonstration? The calligraphy painting…?

"Have I mentioned, by the way, how much I love you in that kimono?" It -was- true, at least… the carriage was regal, and while she didn't precisely have a demure attitude, there was something about the innocent joy in it that seemed to make the kimono seem somehow -right- for her. Shimmering silk to go with the hair.

The wolfish grin is met with a demure bat of lashes and smile from Kori to Roy, a fan suddenly flicked from up her sleeve, sliding adeptly between their countenances when she draws back, fanning it lightly and concealing her from the tip of nose down. But her eyes narrowed into the smile that only wrought trouble… Later.

From one booth to the next Starfire watches, some stalls made her more wide-eyed then others, even so much as reaching into one and partaking of a sample, the man slapping at her hand with seaweed he had been rolling out, much too late the sample was already in her lips with a smile befitting a delighted child. When she finished cleaning a bit of the food from the pad of her thumb she hooked a finger into a fold of the hakama and playfully tug him, but not to loose it all. "Really? I practiced. I was hoping you would…" Kori was mid spin in display for him, the dress flowing around her feet that took abnormally small steps due to the tabi and zori upon her feet.

But by the time she was full circle she was able to see Roy taking that familiar fade, like K'tten was transporting him up, but there is no warning and the suddenness has Kori's smile dropping as she lunges forward to reach for hi and gets….Nothing.

When Roy materializes on the HMSS, the ship has been breached, it is obvious now as K'tten is not in her usual seat, in fact she is knelt on the floor beside a tall woman, a darker version of Kori, black armor and darker green eyes, black to red hair glowing down her back. K'tten releases a grimace and a pained hiss at the grip in her mohawked hair, though when she spots Roy she goes rigidly still.

The ability for Kori to see these exhibits with fresh eyes was contagious; Roy watched these exhibits open a window into another one of Earth's cultures anew. And while the wolfish grin faded into a much more relaxed appreciation, Roy begins to nod before his head starts fade out, taking the rest of him and watching Kori fade from view…

… to watch K'tten, and then…

"… this is the Mirror Universe version of Kori, is it…?"

Kori was not beamed up for a reason, Komand'r wanted a moment, and through the rounded window of the front chamber of the HMSS the Blackfire ship can be seen, having latched onto the Starfire with a pulleyed grip and an anchored bar. The smile that splits black lips is malevolent in all appearances when Roy materializes and speaks, the laughter forced and slightly shaking razor armored shoulders while her head shakes.

K'tten tries to wrench free and reach for the control board only to be jerked back. "Where's your loyalty??" Komand'r hisses in her ear as she lifts K'tten from her kneel with ease to speak in her ear while those pupilless mirrored eyes stared at Roy. K'tten in turn tries to loose a punch to Komand'r's face, twisting much like a scruffed feline in her grip.

"To my captain. Traitor!" The final word from K'tten spit at the dark version of her leader, making Komand'r close one eye and wipe at it slowly…

The HMSS rattles and then rocks, one alarm sounding, the lights flickering before settling to normal, and from the back over the hull path Kori's armored footfalls resound, having ost those small japanese zori in flight, shedding the tabi, as the armor melded up her thighs beneath the dress, heralding metal on metal over the walkway. "What on earth..?!?" Though when she reaches the control room she freezes.

"Why don't you tell your plush little playmate who I am, Koriand'r."

"… K'tten?" Roy asks, as his lips set into a thin flat line, feet shuffling along the ground in a preparation to dash. If there were an opening, Roy would be on the dark version of Kori. Just a look there, c'mon, K'tten, distract her long enough…

But Koriand'r's arrival slows down the plans, as the darker version shifts her gaze towards Roy and the newly arrived captain of the HMS Starfire.

"Who's this, Kori…?" Roy asks, still in a tense stance, waiting for that opening, eyes not moving away from the dark 'traitor', as K'tten had called her.

Kori's look is akin to a deer in headlights, wide, unwavering, and the reflection is that of the dark mirror of herself holding one of her best friends like a rag doll, and between her and someone she.. adores? Does she even know the extent yet? Apparently because in the matter of seconds Kori blasts from the walkway and is upon Komand'r. No starbolts, too risky, but she does not hesitate to launch in a flurry of that wide silk brocaded kimono, loosing the grip from K'tten to slam Komad'r's form across the control panel and into th opposing wall of the ship.

Blows are exchanged, the sound of silk ripping taking sharp crescendos with heavy blows that hold no bars, but the artform of such a fight is that of one Kori had never fully displayed.

K'tten pushes to a stand, staying away from the console, and the two literally denting alien metal with their bodies and blows. "That's her sister. She sold her to the citadel…"

"I did it for OUR PEOPLE!" Komand'r is yelling now as her own dark glow starts to resonate from her hands, met with a slamming clasp of Kori's own, the two lights mingling and omitting a heady heat.

"Look where that got THEM." Kori responds.

This might be a minute.

"Her -sister-…? But I thought you and Kori were the only people left from… Tamaranean?" Roy asks, attention shifting to K'tten, his stance lost with the revelation.

Swinging his head back quickly, the archer moves in to close in, before coming to a stop as the glowing hands come in play, swinging about wildly. There was no way he was going to try and dive into -that-.

Pulling back, Roy risks a look at K'tten. "Where are the others…? Is there something we can get to slow them down?"

"Tamaran." K'tten states lowly, almost mournfully and it reflects in her eyes as she watches the ensuing battle between the sisters. For once there's a touch of K'tten's palm on Roy's shoulder, trying to be calming, though it is foreign to her in some ways. "We did not know."

That is evident, the shock of it, the realization, then the blinding rage has Komand'r getting the upper hand, the glowing only comes to a stop when one single blast lightens and yet darkens the space of the room in the ship, leaving Kori crumpled on the ground before those jaggedly armored feet, hands curling and flexing in their gauntlets before her own armor peels away. "When will you ever learn, Koriand'r…" Lowering, Komand'r picks her sister up and cradles her, that red hair spilling over her arm. "I'd do anything for the people I love, even if it is futile."

Looking at Roy and K'tten her eyes are bereft of that anger, though suddenly a pained expression strikes them as an unseen glow suddenly builds and explodes between them. Where she held Kori nestled her hand exploded that starbolt to take her off her feet and leave them both laying on the ground in shaken heaps.

"In Tamaran, we let them duke it out to the end." K'tten's gesture towards them signify's the end to Roy. both breathing but both battered to hell and back.

"So will I." Koriand'r states, rising her hand still covered in kimono silk, trying to free it to dab blood away from her lips but not ruin the already tattered dress with the stain.

Surely Orn could do -something-… Roy makes a move towards the intercom, ready to hit it and summon people up, but that K'tten's insistence that this be battled to the end…

"This isn't to the death, is it?" Roy asks, clenching his fist. There had to be -something- he could do…! "Don't you people, like, have a pause to allow her to fight -properly-?"

One step towards Koriand'r, as a gesture to try and call a time-out so that she could remove the kimono and fight properly with the -armor-. Not the way he wanted to remove that kimono, but it would give her -more- room.

Komand'r is still for a moment, but when Roy begins to approach and help Kori she moves and reaches out for him in a lightning fast motion that would gather claw gauntleted grip into his hakama, attempting to drag him over and closer if it was not for the sudden grip that bolted up of Kori's, the clutch deft, but lacking the perse glow, what did not show openly, but if Roy looked down between them he would see it, is that Starfire held a rather alien looking pistol in her hand and had it pressed to Komand'r's bare abdomen.

"He is so much softer then us and yet you have eyes for him like I have never seen before, and even now he knows, and he tries to help you." Komand'r laughs then but does not release Roy, even as that pistol is pressed into the burnt and singed flesh of her abdomen - already healing. "Does he know who he approaches so brazenly?"

"The usurped leader of a dead planet and exterminated people." Koriand'r states between ground out teeth. "You're no sister of mine." Pause. "Release him."

"Yeah, you heard her," Roy responds, a quick glance at the pistol. "Look, whatever is going on, there's a story here. Kori…? What did she mean, she did it for your people…?" There were no people, were there…? And yet, somehow, the words implied that there -were- people still out there.

Roy reaches up for where Komand'r has grasped, moving to free himself. Let go. "Let go, and tell your story, at least."

Komand'r's smile is still as malevolent as the beginning, but in the disturbance of those waters there is an odd calm. One that starts to bleed out 'this is done…for now'. "You look at him the way you do but you did not tell him?" Kom tsks and looks at Roy with a narrowed gaze, sizing him up with that tell tale flick from head to toe before she lets him go and snaps her hand free of Kori's grip.

K'tten remains back, but is slowly looking over her console, pretending to fix damage while listening. She knew parts, but not all. Orn and Depalo know the ways of the Tamaranean jungle, now their shadows emerge, having not known or heard until the fight began.

"Tell him what? He knows I was a princess of a dead planet. A planet I was supposed to protect, one you took to rule.." The final word though Kori jerks back and away from Komand'r, looking at Roy, reaching as if she would straighten his hakama, but didn't. Instead she looked at him with apologetic eyes.

"One I tried to protect by selling you to the Citadel, into slavery. Even in chains you did not stay down. I knew…"

"I'd be out of the way long enough." Kori states dryly.

"It was the only way, Kori, if I saw another way, I would have never.."

In a language unspoken before Kori snaps at Komand'r, obviously not happy, obviously cursing.

Komand'r then looks at Roy again, a twisted grin returning from him, then to the crew and the ship. "You have done well despite it."

More cursing as Kori gets to her feet, bothering over torn stitches now.

"Look, it's not really any business of yours how she looks at me," Roy chimes in, nettled. "But if you're saying you did what you for a reason, then -explain-. What did you -do-?"

Adjusting his hakama so that it was more secure, Roy points towards a seat. "You've got a story in how you ended up here, from where it was, so… tell me, at least, if you can't tell your sister."

Komand'r is very much the shadow to Kori's light, and when Roy seems to get very pointed and direct to her tose eyes narrow, lined already in a very tribal black it only does justice in darkening those jade eyes.

"It -is- my business. She is a princess, and my sister —"

"You lost rights when you traded me in, so get off the whole 'I did it for the greater good' thing. I don't buy it." Kori cuts Komm off and rolls her eyes, moving more towards Roy as she finalizes her dismissal. "Get off my ship."

Komand'r just stands there, letting the reflective gaze slide from Roy to Kori, and at first it was a predatorial leer, assessment, and then she just laughs, a sound that makes Kori's back go ramrod straight and hands curl into fists.

"When there are so precious few ofus left after the war, you cannot deny your heritage, let alone lineage. I did what I had to for our people. It was you or us all in chains." Her hands go from clasped before her t spread lightly, open palmed in front of her. The tension in Kori has her eyes looking upon Roy. "Or have you not told them?"

K'tten on the other hand is still working at wires, muttering under her breath but staying the hell out of it, at least until the burning on her scalp ceases and she tries again to gouge the other Tamaranean's eyes out with her thumbs.

Glancing back at Kori, studying her expression, Roy grunts, throwing his hands up. "Fine. I don't know what's going on here." The history of everything was something Kori never did get deeply into, preferring to focus on the now. Which was understandable enough - Roy wasn't all that thrilled about -his- history either.

There -was- one thing for the here and now - the archer might well flout certain procedures and rules, but even he had to know that chain of command mattered here, and undermining Kori would pretty much be the ultimate in stupidity.

Hands up, Roy rolls his eyes. "Hey, I'll play peacemaker, but if you're going to make this a command decision, I'm out of that. Speak to the -captain-."

Kori looks at Roy and her gaze goes from a keen hardened edge to that of a near defeated one. He doesn't have to argue for her to know. Even Komm's words drive it home. So very few of them, and it showed here and now she would not even make the killing blow despite the wrongs. It won't make it /right/. Kori at least wanted a damn courtesy call ahead, a warning, something! It'd have been smarter.

'What do you want Komm?" Kori asks, now turning to face her darker reflection, though staying there beside Roy.

"I want to move forward. I saw an unmistakable ship and stayed out of radar and watched. I knew when you returned and fought that you had an attachment to the humans, so I figured to look. The first time I found nothing. This time… It seems you have fixed things and it set a signal on my ships radar. I watched you with these new beings and figured to let myself be known as family, and I wont let that go."

Those final words were pointed and it left her stare to be deadpan upon Kori who in turn glares back and Komm, biting back the cyclical words of how she lost the privilege of being family. "So you attack my First and interrupt my very nice date? Tell me where I should be open arms in this?"

Komm gives one shoulder a shrug as if she lacked a care. "Your first went for my eyes first, and I wanted to meet the human that has managed affection from you." Komm looks to Roy "She has a habit of running from the rite."

Meant to be a joke but steam could almost fire out of Kori's ears. "When I am being told to do it…"

Komm waves Kori off and still tries to keep the smile on her lips with the dismissive jest. A motion that has K'tten growling lowly and Kori back to leering. "My parents tried to have me oath to rite to bind tribes. I refused." Time to stop hiding and air it.

"I'll admit, I'm with Kori on this…" Roy responds, canting his head, as he reaches to squeeze Kori's hand briefly. "Wait, what's the rite…? No, wait. If you've got a ship, -where- is it…? How'd you get on board? And who else is with you…?"

Frowning slightly, Roy looks back at Kori, then Komm. "Your parents're still around?"

Komm watches the slight exchange between Roy and Kori and simply sniffs, though it is one of amused disgruntledness none the less. "What you humans call marriage," Though to respond to the ship inquiry Komm gestures out the port side. "Currently the Blackfire is anchored to the Starfire, as I boarded the ship like any visitor would…"

"Like any pirate would." K'tten snaps and then redirects her gaze after eyeing Komand'r for a long minute.

"I never expected a warm welcome anyway, so no matter." Pause. "I have a small crew of survivors. Just like Kori, though hers are from another place."

"The citadel." Kori finally breathes out the name which has K'tten slowly setting down controls and walking away, the lurking shadows of Orn and Depalo remaining. "Unless Komand'r has them on her ship, then no as far as I knew /everyone/ died. Until now."

Finding a seat on the Starfire's command center, Roy sits down heavily, frowning as he looks over at K'tten. "So what's going on with the Blackfire's crew? Are they just sitting there doing -nothing-, or are they holding anyone hostage…?" His attention shifts to Kori, then, trying to get a read on how she was reacting to the re-emergence of her sister. "Are you all escapees from the Citadel too, whatever those are? I think I've heard a bit about them… didn't they train Kori?"

Komm just stands there, the more Roy inquires the more smug her smile gets painted onto dark lips. One brow ticking upward as she slides that mirrired emerald gaze between them. K'ttn's departure only making that look even more set in stone.

"So you have told them nothing?" Komm snorts and crosses her arms across her chest waiting.

Kori is just staring ahead, there is a focus somewhere on he wall, that is she had laser eyes, it would have a hole remaining. Emptiness to add to the void. Tawny throat works as she swallows over whatever had been building there.

"She sent me to the Citadel while she stayed on Tamaran. It was all a trick, a game. One she played with me, our home and our people."

Komm cuts Kori off and steps forward then. "It was a political maneuver that ended badly. Perhaps just like this." Pause. "No, our parents did not survive, but others did and there is no hostage situation going on. This was meant to be amicable."

"I don't want a happy reunion. I want you off my ship." Kori reminds, her hands balling to fists in a state of flux.

"You heard Kori, then, Kommie. Get her off her ship. If you're going to look for something amicable, you'll probably have to do it in a different way. Like, not being attached to the ship looking like you're ready to do a hostile takeover," Roy replies, leaning back in a manner that looks like he might be taking this entirely too carefree, were it not for the look in his eyes.

After a moment, Roy rubs the corners of his eyes. "God, this is like me and Ollie," he says, sighing. "A little distance, occasional exchanges of angry calls, and maybe things will cool off or maybe they won't. Till then, though…? Just… yeah, don't call us, we'll call you."

Komand'r looks between the both of them and her chin rises, a definat look in those eyes as if she would deny them their request and make it hostile. That darkness around her eyes had a life as they narrowed… And then she exhaled. The look went to one of defeat for a moment and she glances from Roy to Kori. "You have changed…"

"Thank /you/." Bitter words from thinly drawn deep violet lips of Kori's.

".. I had to pretend. I had to pretend to hate you and maybe in part I did when you came out better for it. But that never changed my intentions Koriand'r. They wanted our home and were going to take it and I had to be sure that would not happen tactically." Pausing her eyes reflect Roy and the backdrop of Orn, Depalo, and K'ttn that had revealed themselves to back Roy's words and the man himself as well as their captain. "I am truly sorry for you and for our loss. I hope eventually you will understand." Leaning forward she rests a comm piece upon a console and steps back. "If you were faced with what I knew, if you ever are… You will." With that Komand'r turns and exits the ship.

Kori just stands there and watches, saying nothing but the roll of muscles in her jaw shows all the emotion waiting to boil forth.

"Hnh…" Roy rubs the corners of his eyes, before looking up at the others. "Is there -any- chance her story's true?" he asks. "Call me nuts, but she didn't seem like she was making it up." He looks back at K'tten. "Don't suppose you took the chance to raid their computer banks while they were hooked up?"

He stands up, then, approaching Kori with a bit of tediousness. "Hey, princess, you okay?" he asks, reaching to encircle her in his arms, lending a comforting presence.

"I was a Dominator taken captive when a mission failed and they occupied a place we took. War. I know nothing of the rest save where her planet no longer lies." with that Depalo resigns himself to his labs again, leaving Orn and K'ttn to remain, watching. Orn silent while K'ttn speaks. "He and I grew there like Kori, and left there with her. I was too young to rememebr anything but the Citadel and glimpse before it was gone. This ship has been our safety."

Kori is the only one remaining to answer Roy's question and his touch and words make her tension and demeanor shift in such a rapidity her body shudders with the release of a breath she had been holding for far too long. "My imprisonment only bought them time in Tamaran. I know how they work. They don't stop, they never will. But I did not know that until I was there." A pause and she leans back into Roy, her arms over his to keep him in place against her. "It is possible. But I could never give over anyone here for just a chance… Not you, Lunair, Skaar…I'd never forgive myself."

"If she's smart," Roy begins, tightening his grip as he leans against Kori. "She'll understand and find some other way to prove her story. That is, if her loyalty to her people is anything like yours. Until then… I'd say, put it out of your mind. She hasn't hurt anyone here, has she…?" he asks, looking back towards K''ten and Orn. Or had they discretely excused themselves…?

Grimacing, Roy considers the possibilities. He'd never really poked at Kori's past with the Citadel or how the crew had come together, but he does make a mental note to ask K'tten, or Orn.

"Maybe," Kori states lowly. "Maybe I would have if I was ignorant of what they do to people to save my family. But never, not after…" A small hiccup and tremor of /something/, but with her back turned to Roy, it is hard to tell which emotion was winning the fight for a moment.

K'tten and Orn were there, but as Roy looks back the door to the kichen whisks closed behind them, leaving the two of them alone for now. "I'd kill them all. Over and over before I ever gave anyone over." Considering age Kori was barely older then Lian when it began. "It shaped who I am in more ways then one. It made my home here." The tight squeeze returned to Roy's own then. "That's how I -have- to look at it to not let it win."

The HMSS trembles as the Darkfire detaches, Kori's gaze looking to the bay window and then away, along the bare slope of shoulder and back to Roy.

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