Friendship is Magic

May 05, 2015:

Following the events of Breaking Point, Booster Gold pushes his powers in an attempt to locate the fragmented essence of Kara Zor-El in the timestream. Taking Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) along with him, the pair travel through a variety of timelines and dimensions before restoring their friend Kara Zor-El to life.

Time & Space

A variety of timelines and dimensions.


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Throughout the multiverse, there were potentially infinite Kara Zor-El's in the universe all of them going about their lives; some of them not too different from the Kara you had known and recently lost after Hydra's attack.

Stars and universes blend together as Booster tries to find the young woman's chronal signature amidst the sands of time; a small speck amidst an entire desert that was the multiverse.

So far, the attempts had been met with limited success.

The first Kara to be found, had been from a world not unlike our own, the heroes of the world in the midst of a crisis as Earth was on the verge of destruction. Kate and Booster would watch as this Supergirl sacrificed herself to stop a terrible enemy, their last sight as they left Superman holding her body amidst a group of heroes known as the Justice League of America.

Following the chronal signature further, Kate and Booster had arrived in a dark mirror version of their own Earth-626 where the defenders of the world had turned to evil many years later.

The Injustice League ruled over the world after the atrocities committed against metahumans by the American Government and as thunder cracked in the skies above; it became clear that the Kara you were looking for would not be found here. The news reports Booster and Kate had seen from this world had something about President Bishop declaring war on the rest of the world, with her metahuman army poised to dominate.

It was clear, you would find nothing in this place either.

When Booster first appeared in the lake house by Kate, he had not been around for a day or two, although for him it was seconds after the battle wherein Kara had vanished. He is still crackling with a surfeit of chronal energy, his eyes glowing with blue-white light, so much so that his irises cannot be seen at all. Perhaps he could have done this alone, but Booster knows he is not the best person for the job when it comes to talking down an upset teenage girl. He learned that the hard way, growing up with a twin sister.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but even with extra temporal energy on their side, time is still running out. Booster cannot keep this up for too long or it'll kill him, and he might accidentally take a few timelines down with him. After another failed attempt to find Kara, Booster says, "I think whatever that magic doohickey is, you know, that thing she has, it's messing with her signature."

"I really hate the time stream," Kate notes academically as she watches the worlds go past, shifting uncomfortably. She took enough time to get patched up while the others had been working on cleaning the streets after the attack, but she hasn't imposed on anyone to actually heal the burns left by the energy weapon. "It's got something to do with magic and ley lines," she summarizes awkwardly. "I didn't ask, I just…Fenris was supposed to know all about them, you know?" She rubs a hand at her brow, grimacing as she tries to piece it together. "Can you check your records from when she disappeared and…you know, like on the crime shows, when they remove background noise from a voice recording. Can you cancel out what happened during the magic and see if it leaves her clean signature behind?"

"I'm…" Booster pauses. Then, he tries again, "I'm not really using equipment to track her, right now. I'm … geez, there's no way to say this without it sounding wrong. I'm feeling her out. I can sense her signature, and I'm not good enough yet to ignore all that magic noise. It looked as if she disintigrated, but I don't know if that really happened." Even with his eyes glowing, he manages to look reflective as he muses, "I mean, she may have, and bounced through several dimensions at once. Uh, if that happened I really hope she rematerialized."

Booster Gold may have been right in his assumption; Hydra had been attempting to use the Leylines to create their own perfect world and had nearly succeeded. The magical and chronal energies still at play, may have been immense.

As the last timeline was left, a handful more streamed by; some of them more mundane than others including one where humanity was in a golden age of technology and progression as metahumans and humans worked side by side.

As the Time Lord continued to trace the chronal particles he began to sense them in three distinct places; outside of time and space and yet still connected to the time stream.

They must have been other dimensions connected to the magical energies of the leyline.

There were three distinct locations that Booster was sensing 'Kara' at this point, all of them seemingly containing a part of her essence.

"You're just feeling it out?" For some reason, that seems to concern Kate more than anything else, but at least she doesn't actually say it out loud. That would be rude. And probably counterproductive. "Okay. Well. So. I mean. They say everything is made out of energy. So it's a matter of locating the Kara energy and making it all come back together, right? Or something like that?"

"Right. And I think I've been finding it, that isn't really the issue," Booster agrees to Kate's questions. He turns in place for a moment, as if listening for something. "Putting her back together again is our problem." He frowns a little, rubbing his chin. "Don't Kryptonians have issues with magic? Regardless, I don't know how to handle magical stuff." He looks over at Kate. "I don't suppose you've got some kind of magic energy collecting arrow."

The first of the 'portals' to the dimensions was a barren landscape where a battle armored Kara Zor-El was fighting an endless battle against a many headed-serpent; a Hydra from mythology.

Within the second dimension was a vision of Supergirl working tirelessly to rebuild the destroyed remnants of two worlds; Earth and Krypton. No matter how hard she seemed to try, everything continued to collapse after she finished.

The third dimension contained a vision of Kara with what seemed to be her family on Krypton sitting down to dinner along with members of the Justice League: Avengers.

"Uh. No." Kate's lips twist as she watches the worlds go by, features softening at what she sees. "But, uh. You know. I've heard friendship is magic?" She winces as she pulls her bow free, checking her quiver. "Let's start with Hydra-fighting Kara. Maybe if we can pick up each of them, they'll…merge."

Booster privately reflects on his personal experiences with magic. They have uniformly been terrible. Looking at Kate, he gives her a slight but disapproving frown and says, "That's a really unkind thing to say about friendship." Lightly, he touches her elbow, because contact helps ensure they do not get separated when pushing through a timeline envelope.

"Once we're closer I hope I'll be able to tell if its our Kara. Kind of looks like her nightmares made little time shards or something." Booster nods his head towards the vision of Kara fighting the serpent before moving them that way.

As Booster guided you towards the timestream/dimension of Kara the Warrior, you found that the battlefield was not so barren. There were hundreds, if not thousands of heads of the Hydra that had already been severed; they had become the landscape.

There is no joy or cheer in the face of this Kara as she fights, calling at the monster in a challenge, "I will fight you until my last breath. For the next million years if I have to!"

How long had this 'aspect' of Kara been fighting in this nightmare?

Kate takes a firm grip on Booster's shoulder when they get ready to move through. She does not want to get stuck in the time stream. Or some random world. Or any other place that is not home. Much as she wants to call out to Kara, she waits for the moment, giving Booster a chance to determine if they're in the right place.

"Okay, this is gross," opines Booster. He cautions Kate, "Don't slip on monster heads. Imagine the kind of avalanche situation." He narrows his glowing eyes as he watches Kara. "I think this is her… part of her. I need to touch her to be sure. Before you comment, just her hand will be fine." Booster is already extending his arm as he moves forward, calling out, "Kara!"

The hydra shrieks out in rage as several of its heads are sliced off by red eye lasers from Kara before she turns to look at Booster and Kate with a look of surprise, "I thought it had consumed all of you."

A hand is pointed out towards the Hydra which is reeling in pain even as it regrows it heads, "It consumed everything until there was nothing left."

When Booster touches her hand, he feels a spark almost like lightning.

The eyes of Kara the Warrior brighten and she smiles just a little bit, the stern warriors visage cracking a moment, "Help me defeat it, please."

"We gave it some indigestion," Kate replies to Kara with a reassuring smile, pulling out an arrow and checking the tip on it. "The way the stories go, you finish this one by cauterizing the stumps," she muses. "So I'm surprised the lasers aren't doing it. Guess we'll have to move on to old-fashioned fire."

Booster looks over to Kate and gives her a nod, then back to Kara. "You can't kill something like this just by targeting the extremities." He questions Hawkweye then, "I don't suppose you have some kind of serpent-confusing arrow?" Flying upwards, he exclaims, "Let's rattle its teeth and burn it down!" Booster grabs for one of the serpentine necks, twisting in the air as he attempts to whip it around like a club, aiming at one of the other heads. "Stop hitting yourself," he murmurs, under his breath.

Unfortunately the Hydra doesn't respond to Boosters witty comment, but as Kate and Booster join the fight; the beast seems to be losing strength.

As Kara the Warrior sears off another set of the heads of the Hydra, they do not regrow this time and the beasts shrieks of pain are also intertwined with terror as it senses its demise nearing.

Punching her way towards the body of the beast she uses Booster's advice and rips open the chest of the beast, exposing the heart; a perfect target for an arrow.

"How do you think arrows work?" Kate asks Booster with an amused expression, stepping forward toward the Hydra. She's still injured, not at full strength, but there's a reason she practices and trains the way she does. So that when it matters, she can make it work.

As Kara opens up the Hydra's chest, she draws back that arrow she plucked out before, wincing only slightly when she reaches the far point of her fullest draw. "Nap time," she says, releasing the explosive arrow right at the pulsing heart.

"I don't know. They're a remote stab delivery device," Booster says, wrangling serpent heads. He was trying to get two of them tied in a knot, which works in cartoons, but it is a lot harder than it looks. Booster does back up when he sees the arrow sailing for the monster's heart, slapping at a biting muzzle that is trying to eat his leg.

The arrow pierces the heart of the Hydra true and the beast screams one last time before collapsing on the ground; the lifeless heads thrashing once more in spasms before remaining still like the rest of the beast.

Kara the Warrior smiles at the pair of friends and begins to disappear in a glimmering light before the entire realm slowly begins to correct itself into what it should have been.

The corpse of the hydra becomes a wellspring of life and within moments, the entire landscape has been transformed from a barren wasteland filled with death into a verdant forest filled with life.

A waterfall cascading over a large outcropping of rocks with a large S emblazoned upon it remained where the Hydra once stood.

"So how does a remote stab delivery device confuse serpents?" Kate can't help it. She just has to ask. But she's grinning when she does, especially as the hydra disappears. "That seems like it was…cathartic," she murmurs to Booster, looking around. "You see anything that might be holding our Kara, that we can take with us?"

"Kate, how should I know, I'm not the arrow expert. It's why I was asking you," Booster points out, turning in the air as he watches the landscape transform. "We'd better not linger here, I honestly don't know if it's going to keep existing now that Kara is…" He pauses and lands, crouching down as he picks something up from the ground. "This is part of that pendant she was using, isn't it? Did you ever get a close look at it?" Booster offers the shard to Kate.

The dimension, whatever it was does not destabilize. It may have even been an extension of the leyline or hellgate dimension that Kara had been trying to cleanse in the final battle when she went missing.

The shard in Kate's hands fills her with warmth like a thousand suns without burning her; it was a surreal sensation.

Booster and Kate, when they choose to find themselves in the next dimension where this manifestation of Kara is presently trying to rebuild a massive monument to Superman that had been constructed by someone or something at some point.

No matter what Kara does, she seems unable to get the statue to remain whole and eventually as you approach you see her sobbing as she tries to rebuild it.

A crucial piece seems to be missing, a small piece of the S symbol that keeps cracking outwards.

"Not too close, but…it seems right. Besides, if we're going to start questioning the reality of what we've got here, then we might as well go home now," Kate points out to Booster, tightening her grip around the shard. Once they're in the new dimension, she moves toward Kara, holding out the hand with the shard in it. "Kara?" she calls over gently. "Kara, it's all right. You've got this."

"Eh…" Booster slows down once they are in the next dimensional spur, quietly saying, "This is more your territory, Kate. I'm not good at … interpersonal feeling-type stuff." His hands spread in a little shrug, but he cannot help adding, "That said… Kara, you need to come home. Whatever this is," he gestures at the rubble, "This isn't your job. You have stuff you need to do."

Kara looks between Booster and Kate, wiping away her tears as she looks to Kate's hand with the Shard in it, "Kate, Jon.." She blinks at the pair as if she hadn't seen them in ages, "Home. I want to go home so bad Jon, but if I don't fix things who will?"

It was clear the young woman's guilt was weighing heavily upon her.

Reaching out she takes the shard from Kate's hand and looks towards the statue, hesitantly holding it before the crack it would fit in, "Kal-El."

A sigh escaped her lips, "I don't know if he will ever forgive me for what I have done." She tries to push the shard inside the crack but she doesn't seem to have the strength to, she turns her head back and looked towards Jon and Kate for help.

"We're all going to fix it, Kara," Kate says quietly, reaching out to lay her hand over Kara's. "Together. And if he doesn't forgive you, then I'll just punch him until he gets the point. It may take a while, but hey, it'll be cheaper than replacing the punching bags at the house, right?" she says with a small smile.

"Well…" Booster looks uneasy, and tilts his head to one side. "Kara, the truth is… sometimes people may not forgive you. I know that's harsh but you don't get to control how other people feel. I mean…" He lifts and drops one hand, clearly not comfortable in discussing this subject. "Remember the stuff I told you, about what happened with me… not gonna go into the details here and now but sometimes you have to pick yourself up, move on, and hope for the best."

Kara smiled a little as Kate placed her hand over her own and at the advice of her two friends she laughed a little, the first sign of joy that this aspect of her had felt in so long, "You're both right. We'll fix things together and I can't change how anyone feels."

Feeling strengthened by the aid of Kate and wisdom of Booster she manages to push the shard of the Pendulum into the crack on the statue.

The statue seems to become whole as the shard is pushed in and the entire landscape seems to shift and change just as the prior dimension did.

Beautiful cities form around the statue and within seconds there are strange people, elves of some kind walking through the streets. Whoever they were, they were clearly the inhabitants of this realm and whatever had been done to them had been reversed.

You soon realized as the people walked passed you without any pause or concern, that you were little more than ghosts to them.

Kara is gone and in Kate's hand is a larger restored shard of the Ley Pendulum, glowing brightly with magical energy.

Once the shard is in her hand, Kate holds it up in display to Booster, smirking faintly. "You're right, Booster," she chuckles, reaching out to give his shoulder a shove. "This whole feeling thing is maybe not your forte. Little bit more here, though. If we keep moving we might be able to get her back."

"I've dealt with some stuff," is all Booster will say on the matter. He regularly mentions aspects of his native era, but little to nothing about his personal life, there. Touching Kate's arm, he pulls them from this spur and then into the third one they had seen. It may be precisely due to Booster's avoidance of personal issues that he left that one for last. For him, at least, it looks like the worst one to tangle with.

When Booster and Kate leave the newly restored dimension they arrive at the strange facsimile of dinner as members of the Justice League: Avengers sit down to dinner with the House of El on Krypton.

There is a man who looks like an older version of Superman wearing crest of the House of El conversing with him and dozens of different meals laid out on a massive banquet table. Clint and Kate along with Booster and the rest of the JLA could be seen, wearing Kryptonian clothing instead of their uniforms.

You soon realize that the conversations taking place are hollow, the words are nothing but sounds filling the air even if the apparitions seemed happy by what they were doing.

In the chair where Kara would have been sitting was a silver chain with a small shard of a ley pendulum resting on the chair.

Kate eyes the table for a long moment, then looks back to Booster. "See, it's the seeing yourself part that's just wrong," she explains as she moves toward Kara's seat and the piece of the pendulum, walking carefully around the people at the table. "And creepy. It's a whole lot of creepy, Booster."

"I like seeing myself," admits Booster. "It's not like we have to talk to ourselves, here. I've done that before, it gets a little weird." After scrutinizing the Kryptonian-dressed variant of himself, he gestures at his chest and remarks, "I'm the better looking version here, though."

The shard of the pendant and the chain it is around begin to vibrate as Kate gets closer starting to hover up off of the chair before zipping towards her hand and impacting with the rest of the Sapphire Ley Pendulm.

Kate feels a sharp jolt like electricity even if it does not hurt and in her hands she was holding the necklace that Kara always wore with the sapphire ley pendulum attached.

A beautiful woman who resembled Kara enough to be her mother got up from her seat and walked towards a door and opened it, calling, "Kara! It's time for dinner, all your friends are here." After the woman called out to Kara the apparitions slowly dissapeared along with her, leaving Booster and Kate in a cavern filled with sapphire crystals.

The door became a portal and nothing could be seen beyond the portal except a glowing white light.

Kate holds back a yelp at the jolt of energy, eyeing the pendant in her hand when the woman stands up. "I feel like I'm going to need to apologize to Kara when this is over," she admits quietly to Booster. "This stuff is…this is personal stuff, you know? It's like being inside her head." And if nothing else, despite everything else, Kate respects boundaries. Especially those sorts.

"Yeah." Booster looks around as the scene fades, and reaches up to lightly touch one of the crystals embedded in the cavern wall. "I think she'll understand. It's not like we did this to invade her thoughts. I'm not even sure it's enough, but…" He gestures towards the portal. At this point the glow in his eyes has dimmed somewhat, and his irises can be seen once more.

As you pass through the portal, you feel a slight tingling sensation and you find yourself in a field of white flowers that grow as far as the eye can see. In the sky, a bright yellow sun shines down upon the land endlessly radiating warmth.

Not far from you, a young woman with golden blonde hair wearing a white dress is sitting amidst the flowers bathing in the sun.

She looks up and smiles as she sees Booster Gold and Kate.

Kate eyes the portal with some trepidation, but goes through all the same. "Kara," she calls as she sees the other girl, raising a hand and wincing when it pulls at her side. "I keep forgetting that's there," she mutters. "Kara, it's time to get back to work. You did it. You saving things back in Metropolis. But it's not over. We still need you."

"Please come back, Kara. I know you're sad and frustrated. But you need to come home." Booster holds his hand out to the young woman. "It's your choice, ultimately, but I hope you choose to come back with us." He smiles at her, and after walking a few steps forward, he stays where he is.

Kara stands up from where she was sitting and approaches Booster and Kate as they approach her. When Jon stops she continues reaching out to take the offered hand from Jon, "I'm not sad anymore. I just want to go home so badly." Whether she meant Earth or Krypton was a mystery.

She smiles at Kate reaching out to take her hand and clasp it along with the Ley Pendulum, "Thank you both for coming to find me. The truth is.. I need all of you far more than you need me."

Pulling the pair into a hug with her super strength she smiled brightly for the first time in what seemed like forever. A small flare of light surged forth from the Ley Pendulum and once again Kara Zor-El was whole.

"Home is with the people who care about you, Kara," Kate says, returning the hug. "And that's us. Let's go home, okay?" she asks, leaning back to offer out the pendulum. "Before Booster here gets too low on battery to get us home."

Booster grunts a little; he does not object to hugs at all, but when Supergirl wants to hug you, you are hugged and you stay hugged for a good, long time. "Kara, we'll always want you around. Kate's right, though. I can't sustain this surge of chronal energy for too much longer. Well…" He tilts his head as he acknowledges, "I could, but I think I'd die. So yes, we should get back."

Once Kara has reabsorbed her self-energy, Booster puts a hand on her shoulder, and one on Kate's. His eyes start to glow again, and the chronal energy surges around him, and over the two young women. Fortunately, the journey back into the lake house is smooth; it consists of a lot of very bright lights, but no thunder or destruction. As an added bonus, they arrive four seconds after Booster first took Kate away.

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