Water Bats

April 22, 2015:

Robin visits Supergirl in the Sanctuary of Solitude and talks to her about recent events.

Sanctuary of Solitude

Kara Zor-El's Sanctuary of Solitude.


NPCs: Sanctuary


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Kara knew Robin was resourceful, he had said as much himself; so she decided the safest place for him to meet her would be her Sanctuary of Solitude; a very aptly named building on the floor of the ocean itself.

She had texted him the details hours ago and was presently waiting inside the main foyer of the advanced building, asking Sanctuary, "Can you please display the latest news about the France incident?"

Sanctuary replies annoyed, "You are capable of doing that yourself Kara but as I am programmed to give in to your constant /demands/." A holographic display shows the news stories for Kara.

The Bat-Sub is probably too much to ask tonight, but Robin is able to borrow a Bat-Boat and take it out to the part of the ocean that Kara has indicated. Once in place, he sets up the armor systems and cloaking, then puts a wet-suit on over his costume, puts on his scuba gear, and dives. He has to take this slowly, since the pressure is something he must adjust to, given that he's only human and Kara's Sanctuary is a good distance below the surface, but he's there as soon as he can be, coming through the portal into the Sanctuary and testing the pressure before he removes his gear and takes a breath.

Kara turned from the news reports she was watching, most of them debates between different and opposing sides of the argument; of course being Kryptonian she was watching more than one at once.

Swiping at the holographic display she lowered the volume just low enough that she would hear it but Robin wouldn't be bothered by it. Biting her lower lip, she asks the young man, "What have you heard so far?"

"The president is dead," says Robin. "The Justice League's been subpoenaed. And you are in bad shape." He pauses. "That one's not so much something I heard as something I figured out." He takes a few moments to strip off the wet suit, leaving him in his Robin gear beneath - and then removes his mask. Hey, if he and Kara are dating (for all that they have not yet found time for the date), she should be allowed to see his face, shouldn't she? This is different from dating Spoiler. Kara could see beneath the mask any time — and it's at least as much giving permission for her to look as respecting her for not doing so thus far.

He assumes.

"I've heard a lot of things," he says as he comes closer. "That thing last week was a total mess. Are you okay?"

The young woman tries to force a smile when Robin removes his mask and sighs, "I'm not okay but it's not me you should be worried about.." Kara looks down at her hands, very much wanting to hug him but she just didn't feel like anyone should be near her, "I killed thousands of people Tim. /Thousands/ I'm a murderer. I thought that they were monsters and I didn't think for a second they were just people." Her blue eyes are wide as she stares at Tim, like she might crush him as insignificantly as any of those Hydra soldiers, "They were just people like you or anyone else, maybe not good people but they didn't deserve to die. Nobody does."

"I'm not going to say I'm happy about that," Tim admits, but he's still right there, close to her, not afraid of her. "They were people. There's a reason we generally try not to kill. And you are probably going to have to deal with a lot of questions about that from the Senate committee." He pauses a moment. "Though a lot of them will approve whole-heartedly. Whatever the case.

"The thing is, Kara… I'm asking how you're doing because I knew that after that happened, you would be devastated. And because I care about you. And because I suspect you're going to be harder on yourself than anybody else."

Kara sighed deeply again her hands balling into fists, "I feel like a monster Tim. I'm not above the law, that's not justice, it's injustice. I had a duty and a responsibility, instead I lost control of my power, I abused it because I wanted to see those men defeated before they could hurt anyone else. I didn't just want to see them stopped, I wanted them stopped forever." She was clearly not in a good state of mind, "Nobody is safe around me."

Clearly not a good state of mind, no. "You aren't above the law. And you need to answer for what you did, somehow. I don't know how. That's not my decision to make." Tim puts his hand over one of her fists. Squeezes lightly. Not that squeezing hard would make much difference, given her invulnerability. "But you aren't a monster, and people are safe around you. Probably safer now than before. You aren't going to do that again."

Kara loosened her hand to take Tim's into her own and squeeze back gently, "No, I won't. I would never make that mistake again but it's not just that, it's that I'm a target now." She sighed, "That image of Captain America with a noose, we all know it was meant for me. Anyone close to me is going to be in danger until this is all sorted out and I don't want to see anyone else hurt. For all I know, the JLA will probably kick me out, Superman is mad at me and if Batman knew you were sneaking around with a murderess he probably wouldn't be too pleased with you Tim."

"Batman knows," says Tim with a shrug. "He always knows. You think he isn't fully aware of where the Bat-Boat is currently located? You think he doesn't know where your Sanctuary is?" He glances around, pulls Kara toward the nearest place to sit. "Look, if the JLA kicks you out, it happens. Superman may be mad at you, but he hasn't told you to stop being Supergirl or anything like taht. And Batman…" Here Tim pauses. "Batman does not like what you did, I'm sure, and will probably be the first to say you need to be punished somehow. He's all about justice. It's his thing. But he also knows that people make mistakes. He isn't infallible. Don't tell him I said that."

Kara allows herself to be lead to the couch, but it's clear she's not as open or happy as she normally is. In fact, the whole thing with the hearing she would have to attend had her scared and along with the guilt eating her up, she just wasn't sure how to act, "Maybe you're right but, no amount of kind words or comforting will make up for what I've done or will help me atone. I can only do that on my own. I'm not sure how yet, but I'll figure it out."

Tim puts his arm around her all the same. "Kara… I'm here for you," he says after a moment. "I know you're hurting, and I understand why you're hurting and I know you're angry at yourself to boot. And I don't blame you for that. But I'm here for you. So whatever you want me to do, I'll do it. Whether that's just sitting here or telling you it's going to be okay." For all that the latter could be a lie. He doesn't know.

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