Taking Lunair

April 30, 2015:

Lunair is taken by Zyklon…. finally


NPCs: Zyklon (emitted by Aspect)


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Lunair has been… stalked. Several times over the past months. She's gone into hiding. Gotten used to it even. BUt her pursuers are… very very persistent. And they've located her again tonight. "Zis time." A German voice hisses to several masked, armed men. "Try not to SPOOK her before ve get close. If she tries to run, I vill handle her. Zere will be no chance for her to call help tonight."

Lunair doesn't mind being in hiding too much. She appreciates people looking after her, but it also bugs her in a way. Being watched. She also feels a little bit guilty about it. So maybe she's out doing some shopping, studying outside, enjoying some books and doing Lunair stuff. Being thoughtful. And totally unwise not hanging out in a safe house.

The shadows behind Lunair move. But this time Hydra's being cagy. They'll wait. THey'll wait until she's alone… There's a sniper on her. But he's not aiming at Lunair herself. No. He's aiming for her phone. No calling for help. Those were Zyklon's orders.

The magical cyborg himself? Well, he's watching from the roofs. "Come on, little frauline… give me an opening…"

Lunair pauses. Was that a shadow? "… kitty?" Maybe a stray animal? She furrows her eyebrows. She looks at her phone. "I have to buy that for Starfire tomorrow…" She mumbles to herself. Lunair looks around her, not entirely bad at this. She is stil a moment, hazel eyes peering here and there. A shrug and she heads to her car. Time to pull out her keys and open that door.

The shadow knows! Well, Zyklon does. Finally Lunair is… isolated. Alone. There's no one else on the street. The shops are close. "Now."

A shot rings out targetting Lunair's phone and moments later men are approaching from all quarters. In black. With guns. "Put your hands on your head!"

Lunair was throwing her stuff in, and shrieks as her phone is shot. She's going to do her best to secret the Outsiders and X-men communicators into the cargo tossed into the car. She closes the car door and armors up. "Like heck! Leave me ALONE!" She doesn't have time to do much else since she squirreled away the things she worried about.

Before she can get going there's a blur in front of her. Zyklon appears (almost like magic) and slams his fist down into the hood of Lunair's car. THere's a thud as the engine brackets tear and the block goes straight down onto the concrete. "Going somevhere Frauline?"

Lunair pulls a portal gun, then hesitates as Zyklon appears and just - SLAMS his fist down into the hood of her car. Her poor car! A vision of poor Mike floods through her mind a moment. If she weren't armored, they might see her jaw drop. "Yeeeeeeeees…? Sorry, grandpa!" Portal gun, ho! … but he's a freaking speedster, so he can probably make it to the end of the block in the time it takes to drop a portal there and under her.

Well yes, but he's on the hood now and ripping the roof off her car. "You ARE comink vith me this time, Muriel. And you VILL help us rule the world. You might also shoot a few of your friends while ve are at it. But you won't really mind."

Wait. What the heck? Why is he ripping the roof off her car? Lunair looks over to her car. "I am NOT! No! No! NO!" Bad Nazigrandpa! Lunair is going to wind up a second round of portal gunning.

Zyklon rushes to catch her again but Lunair's gone. Fortunately Lunair's not gone far. (Or rather, unfortunately, if you want to think of that that way) and before long she can hear him rushing about in a search pattern to narrrow her location. He's getting closer…

Speedsters. Lunair HATES fighting speedsters. They're so dang fast. Like, seriously. This is getting difficult, to evade. Her stomach sinks to her ankles or so it feels like. She finds herself holding her breath unconsciously, freezing in the presence of a predator. Maybe there's a glue mine…

There's a worrying feeling. They'd never shot her phone before. They were prepared this time. He's closing in, like a lion to a downed zebra. Horror is flooding through. Surely, she can make it right? There's a distinctive loathing of fighting speedsters, even as her breath catches. Just in case, y'know, he can hear breathing or something.

He might have heard her. Or maybe he just narrowed her location down. Either way Zyklon appears before her again and makes a grab for Lunair's arm. As he does, power goes out from him. It feels… warm and rather inviting, actually. "Calm now, Frauline. No one vill hurt you. Now, be cooperative and come with us."

Lunair is up against someone who probably has a truck load more combat experience than her, too. She started to move between things to try to hide, but that makes portaling slower. She is going to do her best to pull away and - finds herself arm grabbed. Her other arm flails a bit as she tries to pull away. But why is he radiating a warm, inviting aura? Part of her wants to run off like a spooked deer. Just run and run and run and run until she falls over. And on some level, that seems like the best idea. But bewitching is bewitching and he's got her arm. Unlike a certain Soviet, Lunair does NOT lose arms like a champ. She just stares at him.


"Of course, Muriel. Now…" His other arm is a blur but the sensation is not unlike being, oh, stuck with a needle. Of course, she didn't see a needle. Though there is a prick on her arm now. "You'll come vith us, yes? No more trouble?"

"… wait, what." Now what? Lunair tries to squirm at feeling - wait, did he just stick her with a needle? She looks to her arm. She struggles feebly for a moment. There's a growing worry, her heart pounding like thunder in her chest. What was with the needle? "What's with the- my arm?" What did he do? For someone claiming to be trustworthy, there's a lot of conflicting feedback. She's scared, worried and tired of it all. "Just - tell me what…"

"We'll take you back with us and explain it all. You're perfectly safe. We're friends after all." Zyklon seems quite sure of this. "And we'll help you get away from those others who were using you as a weapon."

Confusion reigns. She's not sure what to think. Lunair loves her friends, dearly. The internet wolf guy, Skaar, everyone. Her head spins and her feet betray her. Tag teaming with gravity, Lunair is feeling dizzy and stumbling a bit. Using her as a weapon? That makes no sense at all. She fought because she cares, she fought because… The magic and the drugs make her feel woozy and force her to blink a lot. "Oh."

"Excellent…" Zyklon picks up Luniar without any effort and all and comes down to his team. "Dumkopts…" He murmurs as he heads out toward a safe Zone. Muriel will be… of great service to the serpent. And to him. "Heil HYDRA."

By now, she's likely konked out. Lunair's trying to reconcile it all before falling asleep, dizzy and confused. Dang tricksy HYDRAs.

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