Cuttlefish and Orca

March 27, 2015:

The Cuttlefish and Orca do battle… heroes save the day

New York


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Stark Tech really is something. Sure you can hover over the water with a helicopter while two metas humans - the Orca and the Cuttlefish, if anyone cares - duked it out under the water, over the water and occasionally on the shore, but in the new Stark Ambulances there was a lot less fiddlyness to the controls. Which is one less problem for Nick and his pilots to worry about. Which is good because there are plenty of other problems afoot as the two derranged powers clash. The fighting has overturned two small Coast Guard mike boats and a ferry, filling the water with people who need fished out, the water itself is full of robot killer whales and genetically enhanced cuttlefish not all of whom are horribly descriminating about their targets, the air is filled with sonic blasts from the Orca and corrisive ink from the Cuttlefish's ink gun and, oh yes, Nick smells like wet dog.

The werewolf rips a robotic whale a new air hole as it snaps at his patient while he gets them both back onto the ambalance. "That's six Roger! Get us to the shore so we can offload to the fire department and go back for more. Hurry!"

Eliza heard all the communication chatter at her base in the unfashionable part of Brooklyn. People in the water… sounds like a job for her prototype submarine drone! Sadly it's not ready to be used and she's still perfecting the propulsion systems and the commo systems are… let's just say it's not ready for action. Beetle-drone tho is a different matter and one fo those is activated and sent off to the scene. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… She can at best aid the rescuers by providing directions… sonar pings to locate people in the water, holograph targeting to guide the people. possibly interfering with the robo-shark sensors or the squids… she's good at distraction but crap at combat.

Well. Life has been interesting for Lunair. And by interesting, in the comic book sense. Sort of like how 'may you have an interesting life' is one of the greatest curses one can lay upon a foe. Even nuclear Ghandi would be like, hey. Hey now. Let's not say things we can't take back. But it's too late. Fate has it in for her. Fate has an entire ice cream truck of deliciously interesting fate.

And here she is. She's not really sure why she's helping with this sort of thing. Being a hero in the classic sense isn't really her /thing/. But Lunair can at least /try/ since she's voluntarily holding a tracer from a friend. Hoo boy. That is a huge cuttlefish. "… I thought they liked hugs. But no. They're trying to melt my face off." That's less than awesome. At least she's learning to fly with rocket boots and some silent, invisible system in her armor so she can fend off - "NO! BAD CEPHALOPOD!" BAD! That's right, it's time for the 1Direction Gun. It drives anything with auditory or vibration senses in the opposite direction of its wielder. Some say it makes a sound only teenagers can hear…

Nighteyes has been spending time exploring her new city by night. The screams, clashes, crashes and flashes could be heard from several blocks away. At least she could hear them. Curious about what could producing such a strange assortment of sounds she's made her way towards the disturbance. The tall, dangerous looking woman with the glowing red eyes flits from shadow to shadow with ease as she approaches. She's dressed casually but seems to be armed. Or at least wearing several knives and a metal stick fastened to belt. When she arrives the vampire is so distracted by the tableau she forgets to mask herself and just stands and stares.

Atlantean Queen Mera had been at the borders of her realm's underwater territories talking once again with Ulani, mostly because the Blue is as different and interesting to her as the Surfacers. But, when an alert came in about Surfacer-mutated sea creatures near the surface, she looked at the woman and reaches to snag her by an arm. "Take us there, now." She telepathically relays the location to Ulani, and (hopefully) they are there faster than a drop of water hitting a puddle.

Ulani just nods at Mera's request. Too much of the soldier remains, she obeys. Before she moves them, she activates the pendant at her neck, her body becoming covered with lightweight, low friction armour.

Taking the coordinates from the Atlantean Monarch, the Blue Envoy creates a hydraport and holding the monarch by the arm, guides them through it, stopping just outside the battle ground.

The flying ambulances are fast. Very fast. And very agile. Nicholas as six patients offloaded to the NYFD in no time and then they're back out over the water… where things are starting to get a little strange. Well, stranger.

Nighteyes can see perfectly from her vantage point that Lunair and some… odd… holographic thing are distracting and hearding the chaotic brawl between gene-spliced cuttlefish and robot orcas further away from the people waiting to be picked up, letting Nicholas fish them out with less issues. Not no issues sadly. He ends up having to rip the tentacle off one that decides that a young man in a business suit might make a good snack.

Ulani and Mera arrive in time to see the Cuttlefish, himself a genetically modified… well, he's got tentacle face. Let's put it that way. And the Orca who seems to have some kind of amphibeous powered armor. They take it to the shore. Dangerously close to where the NYFD has their triage area set up.

Eliza decides to manifest herself… she climbs out of the pavement, or so it appears, a young woman made of shimmering blue. She does this opposite the ambulences and fires bolts of blue light from her fingers that (intentionally) miss the primary combattants. "Oh crap…" she says and runs, trying to lead them away from the emergency responders.

Lunair is using a sonic annoyance weapon. The 1Direction Gun. Because it pushes her foes in one direction. AWAY. She seems to have gotten flight down pretty well too (Hey, it pays to watch TV and play video games. She does regret smashing into a New York City Portapotty immensely). She's going to try to keep herding them away from the people and Nicholas (who is not from London, but he could be pretty dapper if he wants to be). A rogue tentacle gets a painful wave of sonic vibration. BABY. BABY BABY. It's painful, alright.

"This is like some sort of bad anime. What the hell?" Nighteyes asks. She eyes the water and then glances down at herself and sighs. She's more than a little fond of these leathers. Maybe these mortals and…that woman just appeared out of the ground. The vampire stares in bemusement. Those whales look…like machines. The world seems to have gotten a lot stranger since the last time she ventured out of the wilds. "Okay then." She runs forward in a barely visible blur of motion, at least until she hits the water. She wades and then swims in and grabs the back of some drowning human's shirt and then makes her way back to shore.

Gold and emerald tiara first, the queen of Atlantis breaks the surface of the water to see what's going on, and sees the two modified Surfacers fighting along the shoreline and getting way too close to where other Surfacers are … it looks like they're tending to wounded individuals. She looks toward the Blue emissary, then asks curtly, "Can you help remove the Surfacers from the water? They do not swim well enough to remove themselves to safety."

Mera doesn't say as much aloud, but she shares a brief telepathic moment of gratitude with Ulani for accepting her instructions so immediately and without question. It is a rare and very reassuring show of trust from one who hoenstly has no reason at all to trust any Atlantean, especially not one of the royalty.

Nodding again the Monarch and moves very quickly towards Nicholas, shaping water around each Surfacer to lift them up and out. That should make it easier for the furry Surfacer to deal with.

The telepathic communication from Mera will receive 'warmth' in return.

Aquaman is quite literally the fastest thing alive in the water… well, that doesn't teleport anyway. It's what makes his entrances so memorable. There's a glint of light on gold and a pluming jet of water that shoots fifty feet into the air as Aquaman hurtles from the oceans surface like a mortar. He reaches the crest of his arc, eyes narrowed and lips pulling back from his teeth in a snarl and then begins to plummet back down to earth. Or back down to robo-orca. You know, whatever comes first.

Robo Orca have no sense of self preservation. So this one opens its jaws wide to recieve it's Aqua-Meal. Well Ahoy My Friend! It also has, for reasons unknown to logic and science, missiles near it's fin. Take a moment to think about that. Not torpedos, which might be useful underwater. Missiles. These fire moments before a monstrous cuttlefish grabs the robot. Arthur should have an interesting time of it in a moment. Nighteyes, well the werewolf can barely see her. She's fast.

Ulani's sudden aid gets a yelp from the werewolf PA. "I, um, oh! Thanks!" That makes things easier and soon Rescue One is winging it's way back to the triage area… which is now uncomfortably close to a battleground.

"Hey!" The Orca shouts, turning on Eliza!

"AVAST!" Says the cuttlefish. Both sonic blasts and corrosive ink shoot toward the hologram.

Poor Lunair. Other than the two 'master' villains, the only other thing happening near the shore is one apparently deaf cuttlefish who is more upset by the One Direction Gun than anything else. Time for a Lunair Snack, it thinks as tenetacles snake out twoard her.

Well, Lunair's not too keen on riling up orcas. She's slowly learning to like and respect the waters. She did try to stop a zombie from dumping bodies into the water. It's progress! And now her gun isn't very effective against this cuttlefish. A tentacle wraps around one of her legs and it's time to panic. She thinks she knows where this is going and she doesn't like it. She's made of meat and cephalopods were apex predators once upon a time.

Now it's time for straight up lasers. "NO! BAD CUTTLE FISH! Think about what you've done! Go home!" She's trying to drive it away more than kill it.

And yes, she sets lasers to stun, not kill.

Nighteyes ignores everything that isn't in her way as she turns the half drown human upside down, and grabs him around the middle, shaking and squeezing until he starts coughing up all of the water and breathing again. She drops him back onto the sand and turns to check the water. This isn't the best battleground for her and she isn't sure she can fight whatever the hell the things in the water. What kind of morons created these…missiles? Seriously? "…" Nighteyes just stares at it.

Eliza runs… she's not worried but is trying to draw attention off targets that might actully be hurt…

Mera arrives on shore almost literally riding a wave of water over the orca-cuttlefish-puddle-paddle-battle, her expression mildly described as 'stormy'. She makes a grabbing motion toward the two wannabe supervillains, and water tentacles snatch them both up and off of the sand none too gently while an honest-to-god wall of water like something out of a Charleton Heston movie grows from the nearby waves between the triage area and any other nearby fighting. The water tentacles shake both men once a bit harshly and then she barks at them in a voice that is clearly unaccustomed to being ignored, "You will STOP this. Now. Before I lose my temper."

The furry Surfacers yelp has a Ulani canting her head, an interested and bemused look on her face. The people removed from the water the Blue Envoy makes her way back to Mera, taking up position slightly behind her to the left. She means to defend the woman, if she at all needs it (probably not though).

A small amount of concentration and a Gladus made of water appears in Ulani's right hand.

Aquaman leads his fall with the trident and a snarl. The resulting sound of him hitting metal is not unlike that of a twenty car pile up at rush hour. Screams of twisting steel and tearing titanium echo in the air and then he's gone, disappeared into a robot fish.

The Robot Fish would burp if it could. Unfortunately an Aquaman just wrecked it's insides so it's not feeling so well at the moment. Eliza's flight is suddenly rendered unnecessary as Mera quite literally 'arrests' the two battling F-list villains. Nicholas had been running over with what looks like a huge riot shield when that happens. "Oh. Ho-ly crap…" He says, muzzle dropping open wide. That expression is repeated in the NYFD area, firefighters who aren't working triage staring at the sea queen. Two of them, more alert, run up to take the patient off Nighteyes (less than gentle) hands. Her glowing eyes go unremarked. It's been an odd kind of night. No one has any reason to think she's a vampire after all.

Lunair dazzles and burns the cuttlefish away. Just in time to be able to witness the fighting abruptly stop. She is, coincidentally, ,very near Ulani now. The other woman… isn't evidently Altantean. Clearly not human though. Not at all.

Eliza has 'she is a vampire' as a working hypothesis as she shimmer and tries simply re-appearing near the wreckage… this stuff should get a good scanning as it might really help her submarine exploration project… underwater robotics are hard! Aquaman and Mara get smiles and excited waves. "Hey there! Good to see you again… that was an /awesome/ trick!"

Phew. "Bye, cuttlefish!" Wavewave. And then she looks around. An owlish blink. "Oh, cool!" Aquaman and Mera! And Lunair is - right by Ulani. There's a puzzled look beneath her visor. "Umm. Hi!" She came out of the water, sooo… hmmm. "Thank you." She's pretty well mannered.

Nighteyes looks around in bemusement. One of the robotic whales has beaches its self on the shore nearby and is flipping about. She stalks over and kicks at its head several times causing loud crashing crunching sounds and sending sparks and bits of metal flying. Eventually it goes still and she looks around for something else to do. Oop another mortal. She scoops the woman up and carries her to the not quite. Mutant? "Here." She holds her out towards him. "I found this over there."

Mera waits for the fighting to stop completely, then gently lowers the wall of water again and setting the two 'villains' back on their feet on the sand, but keeping the water tentacles around them. "The Surfacer authorities need to take these two into custody." She glances out toward the water then. ~ Arthur? ~

// ~ I believe the Fish injested him, Majesty ~ // Ulani is getting the hang of this telepathic communication // ~ Would you like me to locate him for you ~ // She's still watching the monarchs back… these surfacers are strange.

The furry ones approach has Ulani 'stepping' to block his approach "Halt, Surfacer… "

Here. he responds to his wife's commands. One of the robofishies is flopping about oddly on the beach until what looks like fingers push through next to it's dorsal fin. There's the sounds of more ripping metal and Aquaman is pulling the robotic orca open like a curtain, one hand on each side of the tear. Once it's wide enough he kicks his way free, bits of wire and tubing wrapped about his ankle that he doesn't even notice. He looks around, "So… someone care to explain?" he asks, assuming full well that no one will. Aquaman is still pretty persona non grata on the surface.

"Um…" Nicholas is still holding an alloy shield, but thankfully he doesnt appear to need it. The Werewolf first glances to Nighteyes and Eliza as 'fellow' surfacers. "You two okay? Thanks for the…" He's getting handed a person. "Um, right." And then he's headed back to take this one to triage. Rescue one circles back to hover near that area, most of the folks out of the water now.

"We FIGHT for domination of these waves! They belong to the glorious Cuttlefish!" The cuttlefish headed villain shouts, squirming.

"FOOL! KNAVE! They belong to the all powerful ORCA!"

Clearly neither of these people have the faintest idea who they're talking to.

Eliza glances at the two. "Oh I'm fine. I really dont; know what's up… I picked up the radio traffic and thought I'd come check it out. Not much use, really but I try to help how I can."

Nighteyes watches the healerwolf walk off before turning back to look at the others. Eliza gets a very puzzled glance. What is she? The Atlanteans and the Blue, its not clear if she recognizes what they are or not but she dismisses them after a moment and studies the oblivious shouting inhumans. "Are they mad? Or just stupid? How could they create those things if they are that dumb?" She could be talking to those nearby or to herself. It's hard to tell.

Mera merely looks at the two villains with her lip curled in disgust, as if she smelled something particularly vile. She's tempted to just squish them and spare the rest of the Surface world their idiocy, but she opts to let Arthur explain the extent of how badly they just messed up instead.

As the furry surfacer leaves, Ulani turns her attention to the fools

// ~ How may I help, your Majesty. ~ // the Blue Envoy has been told don't engage diplomatically and she's really trying not to… but this is ridiculously stupid.

Mera shakes her head no at Ulani. ~ Just watch. ~

Aquaman blinks at the twin morons barking at one another. His happy go lucky expression falters slightly, but then returns slightly more mischevious then before. He walks over to the pair, trident glinting in the light, "I am Aquaman, King of Atlantis and Sovereign of the Seven Seas." he eyes the man with the mangled DNA, "Here, let me prove it." his eyes go out of focus slightly, ~Punch yourself in the face.~ he says aloud, his words carrying command to them that fishy things find… well… he's Aquaman. Do the math.

The Cuttlefish does indeed punch himself in the face. Orca smirks. "HAH! See! Even telepaths don't like your ugly m- wiat. Aquaman! The fish guy? You're a king? No way!" No, Orca's not that bright either.

Nicholas returns, standing next to Eliza and Nighteyes now. He's noticed that both of them smell off. Specifically, Eliza doesn't seem to have a scent at all and Nighteyes smells… off. "Oh boy. Surface isn't giving a great impression today is it?"

Eliza has finished scanning the robo-orcas and turned her attention to the anomaly that is Nighteyes… "Why can't I see you?" she asks the vampiress.

Glowing red eyes blink at her. "I'm right here." She replies with a mild voice. Glancing aside at the wolf fellow she raises a brow. "Perhaps not but neither is he." She gestures toward Aquaman. "Even I don't play with my food. Either end him or jail him but that is petty cruelty."

Aquaman points at Nighteyes without looking away from the two villains, "Watch that one." he says flatly, his attention turning to Orca. He reaches out and without visible effort lifts the badguy clear of the ground by a couple of inches, "You must be a simpleton. But fine," he says, his smile not reaching his eyes, "if you wish to claim dominion over the oceans, you may have them. Provided you can survive beneath their surface." he cocks his arm back like he's going to throw the man, then pauses, "You like orcas, right?" he asks as a trio of large black fins crest the waves a couple dozen meters off the shore.

Eliza hmmmmms. She shrugs. "Nobody looks likely to get hurt at this point…"

With Mera's sudden disappearance, Ulani looks to the Atlantean king. He says "Watch Nighteyes" and that's what she'll do. Turning her gaze to the Vampiress, the Blue Envoy smiles politely and fixes her with a gaze, not quite meeting her eyes, but very, very close.

"I do not like Orcas. I AM Orcas! I am the platonic ideal! The very embodiment of all that is Orca-y." Pause. "Orca-ish." Another pause. "Orca-istic?"

Nicholas sighs. This guy. "Please just put us out of his misery." He mumbles. Then Eliza speaks. "Can't see her?" There's another pause when Ulani speaks. "Wait. Vampire?"

Nighteyes doesn't seem anymore impressed by the ocean king's orders. Then she hears "Vampire" and sighs. Dammit. And this had been going alright. She hadn't even hit anyone. That machine doesn't count. "So what if I am?" She asks. "You're a mutant. He's a…person that lives in the ocean. She's.." Nighteyes points at Eliza. "Something."

Eliza hmmmms. "I thought that was mirrors but I suppose cameras are kind of mirror like. This whole magic thing complicates everything… I have really no idea what to do about it." She looks thoughtful.

Aquaman eyes the man in his hand and shakes his head, "Wow. Just… wow…" he says, blinking again. He tosses the man down to the beach, "I don't even… wow…" he turns to eye the others, "No one is to tell Flash of this or he'll add these to my," he air quotes here, "'rogues gallery' and I'll never hear the end of it."

"I… er… your secret is safe with me." Nicholas says. He glances back. Rescue 1 is waiting so as much as he'd like to stay and chat with all the lovely and unusual people, he has to get going. "Thanks for your help, everyone! I'm sure the Fire Department appreciates it as well." Then he's jogging over to the flying ambulance, and climbing in and with a buzz of repulsor engines, he's gone.

The vampire stares after him. A flying ambulance. "I think I've been in the wilds for too long." She shakes her head, glances around and then takes off at into the shadows with vampiric speed.

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