Breaking Point: Running Interference

May 03, 2015:

Jericho, May, Zatana, Lunair and Nyx confront the a mage intent on preventing the attacking hero teams from returning home.

The Abyss

A castle conjured by magic out of the abyss.


NPCs: Sargon the Sorceress, HYDRA Forces


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Fade In…

Two Hours Earlier

"Alright people, this is it. When we took back the city one of the damn dimensional rifts didn't close. The one over Hell's Gate. So long as it's still open the city can't be considered secure and I'll be honest, our best have no idea where it goes. SciTech theorizes that it has to be closed from the inside. We know from earlier intel that HYDRA was supposedly using some kind of extra dimensional space as a staging area and possibly had a deal with one or more of the beings that lives there so it seems reasonable that wherever this portal leads, you'll run into an extremely hostile space on the other end. We also can't gaurentee your safe return. We have no idea if shutting whatever's keeping it open off will leave you stranded there. We've… made some arrangements in that department, but they're uncertain. Which is why we're asking for volunteers." Hill looks about the room. "I won't lie, this could be one of the most dangerous things any of you have ever done. But if you do it, SHIELD and the American people will be eternally grateful."


The entry was rough. It's hard to describe, going through the portal and being consumed by onrushing darkness. The 'turbulance' or whatever you want to call it scattered the team. Different areas, different versions of the place. Hard to say since the blackness is so featureless. And then a voice. "Stare into the abyss and it stares back…"

Lights appear ahead and the shadows give way to shapes. A voice sounds out, feminine and silky though no obvious source can be seen. "Oh here you are then. Such a motley crew. Well, your princess is definitely in this castle." And the shapes resolve into battlements. A modern castle, searchlights and guards and all all sleek and very high tech. "If you have the guts to come get me that is."

Illyana's voice breaks in a moment later. "There's some kind of a power spike in the center of the castle. Whomever that is was the one responsible for scattering the teams to kingdom come. You'll have to take her out so I can pull you all back. I have the other groups working on closing the portal. Careful. She's got some kind of extra dimensional thing going. Wouldn't be surprised if she had… other surprises."


Well. Things have been rough this weekend. Lunair's had to curl up to regain her marbles (so many bull puns, SO MANY), but she'll turn up as a volunteer. She did find time somehow to purchase a new phone after her old one was shot. "God, I have no idea how to use this one." Angry Birds, cute shoujo game, phone, phone - DAMMIT! she shakes it grumpily. Learning curves, dawg! Things have been a bit foggy, but Lunair is lucky to have good friends.

And a lot of ammunition. You wouldn't even believe how much ammo. And she's now more than a little irritable about what was done to her. The years of random dartings, the damn drone, the Sigma Six team turned burlesque. All of it. And she shakes her phone gain. "Hnngh." Time to get TEEN ANGRY on some of the HYDRA. Or at least find who she goes with to team up because this is not a video game and while she would do an awful lot of damage solo, she'd just get smothered eventually.


"Inside of a big bloody portal." Fitz is murmuring nervously to himself while tinkering with the fringe technology on his shoulders. "With a thing that breaks portals. This is so, so, so stupid. Einstein would think I'm a bleeding, amateur tosser. Maybe if I can…" He's got an idea, of course. The device was made to stop portals, but a few field modifications might turn it into a deadly weapon.


Zee has 'borrowed' more SHIELD body armour…. May may have insisted on it. Zee might be able to toss spells like there's no tomorrow, but she's still just a squishy person.

Rubbing her arms, there's a tight look to her face, whatever she's sensing it's not good.

Fitz's words have her looking at him and raising an eyebrow "Whatever it is you're thinking, now may not be the time to do it." she murmurs. "Princess?" Zee looks to May with a shrug "Shall we head in then?"


Nyx has been very busy since the incursion began, the Angel of Metropolis winging herself down on wings of light from New York City to deal with it. Of course, Jericho warned her that was going to happen and lo and behold happen it idd. Off course Nyx got even busier when the incursion was reversed but all of those Hydra units and soldiers remained in a restored Metropolis things got even busier. At that point it was easier to pick out targets and then take them out. Her efforts observed by any witnesses or analysis later will be easy to determine. She ripped through the extensive tech troopers and arcane-cyborgs almost exlusively. Particle beams slicing them apart from her arms and eyes. Not much of the magi-tech was left though each time she moved on. Nyx's stow away purposefully assimiliated them both repairing the damage incurred as well as breaking down the magi-tech and high-tech for upgrades.

Now Nyx finds herself portalling with a slew of other heroes and … they become seperated. She checks out those she is stuck with and recognizes Lunair, Jericho, and Agent May. She finally looks Zee and nods "I imagine we should." she flares her wings to life, brilliant white energy wings and her arms both charge up with rippling white particle beam energy. OF course Simmons and May know about Nyx but Fitz doesn't. That energy looks like bloody contained particle beam weaponry. "Should I kick open the front door… I really want whatever this princess has." odd phrasing.


Melinda May can only scoff faintly at that voice. The abyss. Been there, done that, got stuck with that detested moniker. She touches her earpiece while looking at everyone else to make sure they've arrived more or less intact. "Team Sigma in position." She has no idea if SHIELD will hear that or not, but still. She watches Fitz for a moment, then removes her clearly non-SHIELD issue 1991 holster and all and offers it to Fitz. "I want this back." If he accepts it, she'll give him the clips to match. "Not yet, Nyx. We go on my word, not a moment sooner."


Jericho glances around, nodding at Illyana's commentary on the matter. His blade is unfolded but has his armor isn't… subtle, he hasn't broken that out yet. "Front doors are good… postern gates might be fun…" Jericho glances to May and Fitz and Zee… hrmm… "Okay. May I have a suggestion, Nyx, Lunair and I can light up the front gate. If you can use that to slip in another way…" It's an offer. Whatever it is it's going to have to be…
Oh wait. There's going to be sortie. "Main gate's opening… and here come the troops. What's the plan May? We're going to be engaged in a moment either way."


Lunair is - bravely amongst the gorup. Kinda. She's given up on her phone to genuinely pay attention. There's a polite smile at Nyx. She doesn't know what it is Nyx do, but hey, the universe is full of mysterious denizens that do their do and that's okay, right?

"Let me know if you need any weapons or ammo," The mutant helpfully offers. Armor might be a bit much to offer. But she's soon armored up in dark blue and black armor, a stark contrast to well, the other day. Pause. "I think she's a Mario fan," Lunair explains the Princess thing. Hey, she likes some video games. Her entertainment options in labs and/or hospitals were limited. She'll ready herself, at any rate.


"I'll be the judge of -" Fitz starts at Zee, before cutting himself off. He was being rude, because he's frightened. "Sorry. It's just… there's this thing I might -"

When he catches sight of Nyx, the scientist's eyes go wide. "Are those -" Again, he cuts himself off. Zee's right, this really isn't the time or place to go studying some metahuman's contained particle beam wings!

Instead, he hooks the emitter wand to the Portal Buster's power pack and accepts May's weapon and clips. With a frown, he clears the chamber, checks the first clip, and slaps it into place, giving the weapon a customary cock. He'll default to May's instructions.


Zee looks at Fitz as he snaps at her and raises an eyebrow before sighing…. she's plenty scared too, she gets it. Giving Fitz a quick hug round the shoulder and a peck on the cheek, the young magi shrugs "It's alright… no need to be sorry."

Nyx and Lunair get quick nods as Zee's head rises to look at the gates opening. A light begins to flicker in the depth of her eyes, the only sign that the young woman is beginning to draw on her magic.

Like Fitz, Zee will wait for Mays instruction…


Melinda May says, "Always carry a backup weapon, Fitz." And that's the extent of May's advice to the engineer for now. She looks at Trent. "Front entrance it is. Take everything down. I am not feeling merciful. Lunair, do you think you can replicate a Chitauri weapon for me?" She's basically wanting something that can be used for either ranged or melee attacks, or both simultaneously. A Jaffa staff weapon from that Stargate TV show would work quite well.


Nyx can actually feel the draw of magic, it is still a new thing but she squints at Zee and then nods to May "Your call Agent May." she seems confident in the Agent's ability to direct the fight. Fitz get's a look "Wings?" she asks curious. Probably worth a Fitz's follow-up at another time. Right now though Nyx hovers a bit taking off about a foot off the ground. When May gives the all clear to take everything down the young woman grins. "Roger roger." and brings her arms up even as she starts to drift forward. The wings tilt more like manifest constructs just representing the hover and thrust but no flapping. From the young woman's arms twin beams of brilliant white energy lance out at the main gates. Maybe she figures she can just pop holes in them as they open and hit whatever is on the otherside. Those white beams are definitely fully weaponized particle beam cannons and look no sci-fi capital ship required.


Jericho grins grimly and his traces flare blue. In an instant where there was a man there's now a projection of a blue demonic werewolf. With a huuuuuge sword. As Nyx lays into the approaching soldiery Jericho crashes into them, cutting through the ones in his way and ignoring the others. He leaps as he reaches the gate and, with a flashing spark, disables the mechanism to look it open. "Come on!" He shouts before taking cover. Lots of people are shooting at him now and Nyx is getting her fair share of dedicated anti-vehicle ordinance. Which is kind of a compliment. In an explosive kind of way.


Ehm. Well then. Lunair looks thoughtful beneath her visor. And lo, May receives Jinx's Shark cannon and a zappy Jaffa staff (more zaps than the leading competition). And strangely, pair of plush sheep with a little clip that might go on a bag. Lunair pauses. "Throw the sheep like a grenade. It's blessed. And full of shrapnel and plasma." THE ANGRIEST SHEEP FIGURINE PLUSH KEYCHAIN TOY. Lunair doesn't have cool wings, but she did just create her own armor and give May some weapons. Why not? Lunair thinks of May as a friend in her own way. But it's time for her to take her revenge.

Lunair nods to Zee. Rocket boots up and time to - wait, what the hell is that? Why, only her railgun. And sometimes a few rockets. She is mindful of splash damage, though. No one likes the teamkilling jerkface. And her armor is sleek, high tech beyond what normally gets issued. She probably has a HUD and everythng.


Fitz smiles nervously at the hug. "Thanks, Zee." The other two, Lunair and Nyx, get a blank faced stare that is uniquely Leo Fitz. Behind that stare? He's thinking.

"Right," he says to May while strapping the holster to his waist, then retrieves the Portal Buster's emitter wand. "Now, if I just…" A little compartment is opened, and he reaches inside the glowing compartment to fiddle with something as they take their positions. "… and then…"

The wand suddenly begins to flow red and grumble like an ion drive. "Oh. Oh, I think that did it." He points the device toward the people now converging on Jericho, and pulls the trigger. An explosion of red magical destructive energy, harvested from the ambient forces in the area, lash out and tear through the enemies with surprising ferocity.


Lots of things for Zee to work with, and potentially not tire herself too much… that's good. As Fitz modifies the Portal Buster and the energy is released, Zee looks at him "Come on, don't just stand there, through the gate." She'll grab his arm and pull him with her if she must, eyes glowing bright blue as she moves.

~~ esU ehT ygrenE oT yortseD esohT gnitoohS tA sU ~~

She'll harness Nyx's particle beam energy, whatever Lunair and May toss at them and that lovely red energy from Fitz's device and magnify to get the group through.


Nyx looks sidelong at Fitz's very interesting modified technology. Thankfully she is distracted as her next energy beams get bent out of shape and lance outwards lightning up a whole lot of soldiers she wasn't even directly aiming at thanks to Zee's spell. "Woah… well uh… okay." the teenager says an then shakes her head and zips forward with an extreme burst of speed. Her wings flash this way and that as she intercepts explosive shells. That isn't to say she doesn't take some hits. Nope she totally does and gets staggered….. missing a chunk of her shoulder and losing one cannon. Until she grabs one of the mobile gun emplacements and seems to absorb the materials and then she is moving forward once more. Into the breach!


Melinda May accepts the staff weapon and… shark gun? Oookay. The latter gets shouldered — she'll figure out what it does in a bit — and she gives the staff a few experimental swings to get a feel for its weight and balance, then smiles in a way that would likely make Fitz wish for brown trousers if it were aimed at him. One end of the staff pops open with an electric crackle and she starts adding pale blue blasts of energy to the white of Nyx's attack and the red of Fitz's modified portal buster. Wow. How … cliche-patriotic. She rushes toward the gate with the others, using the staff to swat and slam and knock people aside once they're within melee range. She doesn't get through completely unscathed, but she's focused enough that the stripe along one arm and the scattering of tiny burn marks on her hands and face don't slow her down.

"Everyone clear?" May takes a quick tally of her team while pulling one of the little plush toy sheep that Lunair gave her. She's not going to question WHY it resembles a sheep. She knows no matter how silly it might seem, it WILL do the job it was intended to do. And that's kill their opponents.


The attack into the now jammed open gate forces the defenders back into the courtyard, which is when Jericho takes to the walls. Courtyards are good ambush points. The guards on the walls quickly discover that he's angry. And you wouldn't like him when he's angry.
As Fitz literally sweeps them before him with an ion-explosion-rift-gun (remind Jer never to piss Fitz off) and Lunair and May and Nyx send the remaining ones packing. And then a woman, dark haired and looking a bit… manic, teleports in. Arcane sigils float around her and she glances around at the destruction. "Who dares defy Sargon the Sorceress?!"
She raises her hands her fallen soldiers seems to just… break apart into bones and metal and what have you, reassembling into a trio of towering golems made of tech-magic and hate. They glare down at the intruders.

"Ooooh. You're cute." The woman suddenly says to Fitz. "Why don't you come over here…" Her hands lash out, trying to portal Fitz over to where she is as the golems charge in.


Lunair is so, so glad to be on THIS side of Agent May. "Aw, snap, golems." And someone gave Luna D&D. Hey, knowledge is power. And in Lunair's case, that's pretty literal. Lunair is also glad not to be on Internet Wolf Sir Jeri's bad side, either. He's a friend and also he has internet wolf powers and that blade thing. Lunair blinks at Fitz's gun. "Cool!" Beam. She'll have to try that one later.

"Sargon? Is your power sarcasm?" Headtilt. Nevermind. There's golems. And she's going after Fitz. "Oh dang." Now that Lunair thinks about it, the last time this lady had a date it probably involved a calendar or fruit. Well, whatever. Time to get DANGEROUS.
And also do a pretty good Iron Man impersonation with her souped up armor and - yeah, it's time for rail gunnin'.


Fitz recharges the Portal Buster with a cocking motion to the emitter wand. The device emits another ion-fused psyber-whine, but it's too late. The portal works, but it causes absolute mayhem with the fringe technology inside.

Red arcs of energy shoot out from the power pack and the wand, splattering all over the Golems, the walls, the floor. With a yelp, he drops the wand and looks over at Sargon the Sorceress, eyes wide, hands trembling.

"Don't have time to give you our bloody names," he spits out fast, before pulling the sidearm May had given him. It's a good thing he chambered that round; the gun comes up toward the Sorceress's face and he pulls the trigger.


Well one of those red arcs of energy splashing around totally hits Nyx in the back and gets absorbed making the particle energy of her wings take on a red tinge for a moment "mother f…" it is totally censored what pops out of the girl's mouth there. She looks around for a moment confused then dives for one of the golems… hey it is pretty much made of MagiTech and bones. All things she can really use today and well she is quite disappointed that the Sorceress isn't some big cyborg. Then again there may be a portal generator still in the castle or something experimental.


Seeing the golems take shape, May drops the staff weapon and throws the little plush sheep at the farthest of the three before brandishing the pink (PINK!?) shark gun. It seems best suited to being held at hip level, and it turns out to be a grenade launcher. Huh. Handy, that. She only manages to launch one grenade after the little sheep when Sargon the Verbose yanks Fitz over to her. May turns to glare at the woman with enough heat that she'd have turned the sorceress to ash if she had Summers' abilities, but then Fitz further proves his awesomeness by pulling the 1911 she gave him. And May smiles THAT smile at Sargon. Thought you were picking on the most helpless of the team, did you?


The bullet should kill Sargon. It doesn't, of course. But Fitz did aim true. The blast pings off her left orbit and rips away a chunk of skin and bone as if there were some kind of armor but it didn't fully protect her. She glares at Zee and summons up her magic. "TO HELL WITH YOU ALL!" And she seems to mean it. A portal opens and yawns wide. But she has no control. It's all fury and emotion. And there's Zee's opening right there.


"I don't think so…" Zee looks at Sargon and draws on her own power, eyes blazing bright blue as she does. "Get out of the way, Fitz." He did a good job, got the crazy bitch mad…. Now… it's Zee's turn.

~~ nruT snogaS rewoP tsniagA reH, eblasiD reH dnA seolC tahT latroP ~~

Zee's spell lashes out from her, she's going to give the Sorceress a taste of her own medicine….


The portal begins to close but not before Zee's counterspell reverses it's intent. Rather than swallowing everyone… it swallows her. And then it closes, and she's gone.

Nyx and May and Lunair blast two of the golems apart and with a snarl and a leap Jericho literally splits the third right in two. Lengthwise. He lands next to a startled Fitz and chuckles, the sound kind of odd from a demonwolf. "Nice one." Is all he says.

And then the magical interference seems lifted. Golden light washes over the whole team taking them briefly through Limbo and depositing them right on the deck of the Insight. The other two teams seem to have arrived back at roughly the same time and she's talking to them, but she does nod in their direction. Job well done. And if they look out over the deck toward Hell's Gate…

The rift is gone.


Nyx emerges from the inside of the horrible Golem and shakes off parts and a bit of gore. She looks around and seems disappointed really that there isn't more to acquire here… right as the golden light washes and pulls them back to the Insight.


With shaking hands, Fitz reaches down to lift the Portal Buster's emitter wand. He opens the compartment silently, reverses the modifications, and powers it down very carefully. Only then does he look to the others, blinking owlishly. Jericho gets a sheepish smile, before he turns to May.

The 1911 is removed and offered to her, before he quietly asks, "Do you think, just this once, we can… you know… have scotch at the debriefing?"


Maybe Yuma crater really was formed that way. Lunair blinks as Jericho does his thing. He really is an internet wolf. Boggle. It's hard not to cheer for Fitz. There's a sympathetic look for the guy, though. "… that was intense." SHe'll follow the others back as she is wont to do. Although, she probably has something she really should mention at some point.

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