Intrusion: Tentacles Everywhere

May 02, 2015:

The Titans, Midnighter and Skaar attack a critical bunker in HYDRA Metropolis containing a number of magi. Lunair, brianwashed by Zyklon, tries to stop them. (Emits by Rowan)

Bakerline, HYDRA Metropolis.

A bunker sunk into a residential neighborhood that's critical to maintaining the energy field that keeps SHIELD out and HYDRA in control.


NPCs: HYDRA Forces, Maria Hill


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Fade In…

At 9:47 AM Metropolis just… vanished. Briefly. The skyline shimmered and a dome of couruscating energy appeared over at and the entire place just… vanished. And then it was back about ten seconds later, though something was off…

The obvious first, the dome of energy remained in place and something was drawing like hell from the Gotham and New York grids. Or at least it was until the Gotham operators shut their grid down. Which did, yes, take out power for the entire city, but also prevented the power grid from burning out. That'll cause problems to be sure…

At 10:02 AM something happened on the road between Metropolis and Gotham but by that point SHIELD was already responding to a the situation, even if it was most unclear what the situation was. Matters became a lot clearer when the Helicarrier Insight - freshly refitted after it's disasterous capture a couple months back - came under attack by flying creatures that could only be described as armored, bioengineered dragons… with missile racks. And riders in powered armor. The troublesome thing was the symbol painted on the armor, the same symbol that could be seen painted on buildings across the city. The Skull-and-Serpents of HYDRA. The city had been completely taken over. Somehow.

It's now nearing noon and SHIELD forces have engaged in pitched battles outside Metro Airspace but there seem to be a lot of HYDRA forces in the city. Something has to be done. And it may take heroes to do it. To that end, they've put out a call.

"This is Maria Hill, on the Insight. Thank you for answering our call, heroes. From what we've been able to tell, there's some kind of arcane disturbance happening in Bakerline and our best tell us that it's responsible for maintaining the dome of energy around the city. We can't penetrate it in force. But with your skills I'm betting you'll be able to. We need you to get in there, find the source of the disturbance and take it down. The JLA has volunteered to clear the way and disable the power grid feeding the disturbance. Between the two of those things, our final team should be able to reverse what HYDRA's done. Then we can go after them where it'll hurt them. We're counting on you. Good luck. Hill out."


It's been a rough couple of days for her, but among the green armored figures is one with a suit of armor and green rockets for propulsion. That's right, she's got power armor. Amidst a gaggle of mechanical suits that might be more at home on Wal-Mert's shelves next to Irony Man, the internet's greatest hero. Armored gauntlets seal and click, ribbons trailing from them. She's been given her orders. There's no cheerful, playful spirit in this girl. There is only purposeful preparation. Armor checked, others before her inspected. Lunair would normally be trailing the SHIELD agents, but since her car was discovered with the engine block out and roof ripped out, the young mutant has been AWOL. Those worried about her might follow up on rumors of sightings in the area.

Maybe? But today, her armor is green with yellow highlights. A black visor seals over a face with a thousand yard stare and a cold distance. The gathered troops salute, and perform their traditional hail before filing in to provide cover. For whom? Well.


A dome appearing over Metropolis is an oddity. Of interest but there's work to do. A HYDRA invasion of Metropolis is irresistable. It's like someone knew that it's Midnighter's birthday (it's not), designed the most awesome amusement park on the planet just for him, and gave him an unlimited pass to the Kill Bad Guys ride. Within minutes he was suited up and on his Stormwatch designed motorcycle speeding toward Metropolis from Gotham. He arrives in the city in time to hear the broadcast from SHIELD and changes his destination to Bakerline. He'll not just get to kill HYDRA agents, he'll be able to let others kill them too. Bonus.


Of course, the day people decide to take over Metropolis is the day Keith is on Monitor Duty. When the alert is sounded, the redhead is scrambling across the console to contact all currently active Titans. Half an hour later, the team had been dispatched to several areas to provide coverage and backup. There were, after all, flying dragons attacking things. Of the team, the one most likely to be able to penetrate Metropolis' barrier was, of course, Vorpal.

And Zatanna. But Zatanna had much bigger fish to fry at the moment- namely a portal of arcane proportions needed to be sealed, and she was going to tackle that with the team of Spooky Magic People. So it fell to Vorpal to do the penetrating.

"Alright… I can't guarentee it will work," Vorpal says to Changeling as they stand in the castle lobby. "But here goes nothing, one rabbit ho-"

It was then that his boyfriend mentioned something that had completely evaded Vorpal's mind. Probably because cats do not have linear thought patterns, something closer to spirals and curlicues is closer to reality. The doors.

"To the basement!"

And the 'basement' for the Titans was, of course, the enormous underground silo that made up their actual secret headquarters. And inside those headquarters, of course, was the Conference Room that sported the magical doors that Zachary Zatanna made for the team right before taking a leave of absence to work on his professional career.

"Right, then… Metropolis Park, next stop!" the cheshire says as he reaches for the handle of the door, inserts the magical key, twists, and opens the door which leads into…


Skaar heard SHIELD's call from Kori's spaceship, but that is not what brings him to Metropolis. The problem is Lunair has gotten kidnapped (again) and although her comm unit was in New York, there are good reasons to suspect she is in Metropolis.

It is a big city, but since Hydra is up to something there, Skaar has some reasons to believe it is related. His plan is pretty simply: start smashing, find out who is in charge and threaten this person with extreme body trauma.

Besides, he has been itching for a fight with Hydra since they… well, a long time. Sometimes it seems half the things that go wrong with his friend in the Outsiders are their fault.


Metropolis, under some sort of dome… right. Except the Titans have a short-cut to the heart of Metropolis… they have a Magic Door that leads to New York, or Gotham, or (of course) Metropolis. Although they don't have a Moving Castle, it was an inspiration to Zachary Zatara when he researched it in the magical library of Shadowcrest. And so far, it's been perfect … but the tentacles that reach out and grab Gar and Vorpal are NOT the usual thing one encounters when going into Metropolis.

The door slams behind them. They feel a disturbing sense of motion, and (fortunately) the Tentacles seem to be made in someplace other than Japan as they're not groping them in the process.

An eyeball opens, glowing from inside, about the size of a Chevy Truck closing in traffic.

You don't belong here. Get out, a voice says like ants in the ears, and there's a resounding ptui and the air spits Vorpal and Gar out, three feet in the air over a pond in Metropolis Park.


"Muriel, zis is Zyklon." A communicator sounds at her side. "Ve have a security breacah near the Mage Bunker. These are ze people who used you as a weapon, made you fight and kill for zem. Do not let yourself be taken by them. Terminate zem. With extreme prejudice. I am sending a squad of walkers to support."

A mile away the walkers begin clanking and all around Lunair the more conventional soldiers take up positions. They have incoming it seems. The door to the bunker closes. And then a second one closes in front of it and locks down. There. That oughta keep anything short of a Hulk out.

That's gonna be good enough. Right?


The armored figure tilts her head, nodding. "Affirmative." She is much quieter, and more serious. The playful style is gone. Once, Muriel hated Zyklon, the freaky deaky German grandpa with an alarming number of syringes. Now, she's just another, especially powerful minion. Without her friendliness and heroism to hold her back, the leash is off and it's time. She's going to watch and prepare herself. Come what may. They can keep a Hulk out, right?


Midnighter doesn't slow as he makes his way toward the target. Randomly encountered HYDRA agents on the way are cut down almost as an afterthought. Insulting really, to be killed as if it didn't matter. Once in sight of it, he steers toward a park and ditches the bike to go the rest of the way on foot. Cannon fodder and power armor. Not a problem.


Sputtering and coughing, Vorpal emerges from the pond.

"Oh, *cough* goodie, just what I've always wanted: to be swallowed up by an eldritch monstrosity with tentacles. I'm going to be the envy of everybody at the Lovecraft Wine and Cheese club…"

Well, at least they arrived at the park. More or less. Pulling himself up to the shore, he curses. His fur's all wet. So are his clothes. Annoying.

"Alright, we need to hightail to Bakerline. Wanna take point?" Vorpal asks, starting to shake himself off to at least minimize the drip. He hated going crimefighting with wet fur.

"I'd offer to open a Rabbit Hole there… but seeing how the magic door behaved, I get the impression that opening a portal anywhere under this dome might lead to… unpleasant things."

Not to say that he won't try it in the middle of combat, because unpleasant things happening to enemies was something entirely different. "So we might have to hoof it. Flying might be too risky- they probably have snipers…"


Skaar arrives by teleport, landing in the rooftop of one of the city buildings. It would be presumptuous of him to assume he is not detected, but he actually does try to avoid pointless fights with random patrols. He jumps quickly to avoid them, looking for a command center of some kind. Or a large gathering of troops. Any of those would give him a start.

Like for instance, this bunker that suspiciously closed the doors when he came closer. That will do.

His next jump lands him a few yards before the assembled Hydra troops at the door. "So," he addresses them. "Who of you, worms, is in command here? I would have words with your leader."


"Hop on," Gar says, hopping out of the pond as a frog (and becoming dry as he turns into a human)… "Which way and how far… right. OK, I'm gonna chimera."

He turns into a centaur. Only, it's apparently more of a cheetah. His uniform is now a modified saddle and a cross-chest harness thing.

"Don't ask how I do that," he advises, while Vorpal climbs on. And then, there is the running, with occasional jumping. So far he's avoided Hydra agents, somehow. Instinct, luck, or omitted combat scenes, the two of them arrive at the meet point as Skaar is approaching the Hydra agents with SMASH in his heart.


Indeed. There's something of a convergance now. Midnighter also manages to arrive just as big, green and angry demands to know who is in charge here. Dozens of weapons snap up at him and the modified, possessed hardsuits begin to glow as Cent-Gar and Vorpal arrive.

"Do not engage him in conversation, Muriel. He is the one who convinced you to kill." It's a lie, but poor Lunair's been subjected to some pretty intense conditioning in the last couple of days. "Kill Zem. All of zem. Heil HYDRA."


"Heil HYDRA," Is repeated from the green armored figure. Now, she's taking a bit of flight as rocket boots kick on. Lunair isn't herself. Not by a longshot. Once friendly, and more than a little adoring of Skaar (the heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes the heart wants a 7'6" green cuddle). Actually, she's joining the others in combat. Deciding not to bother with choosing a particular target, she creates a bunch of explosives in front of the HYDRA soldiers and rocket launchers at them. "Just die."

That's not very Lunatastic. Not at ALL.


In the first couple milliseconds, Midnighter's come up with a battle plan to defeat all the soldiers and the power armor as well. Actually, he's come up with a few dozen but picked the best one. It gets revised when Baby Hulk shows up. Thing is though, in order to know how to defeat someone, he has to know what they're capable of and that's what his implants do. The strange part is that the one wearing the power armor can do the same exact thing as someone he knows who, theoretically at least, does not work for Hydra. He's a better judge of character than that. Or so he thought. Could there be two people with the same exact power? He needs to get a look under the hood and starts quietly moving forward in order to get behind the power armor operator.


"That was… special," Vorpal says as he jumps off the saddle. He's never met the green person before, but the fact that Midnighter is not immediately eviscerating him might be a sign that he's on their side. "Hey there. I'm Vorpal, this is Changeling… " he says to Skarr. No need to introduce himself to Midnighter, he knows who they are. "I'm not sure who that person is, but they certainly seem to want to be the Oprah of rocket launchers- so how about I return the favor and you guys get to the punchy bit?"

That being said, the cheshire crouches and immediately opens two Rabbit Holes, facing two parts of the group of HYDRA soldiers.

Predictably, the Rabbit Holes do not work exactly the way they were supposed to- instead of perfectly harmless holes into the fabric of reality, now there are…

Well, holes into the fabric of reality, but these ones have grabby tentacles streaming out of them ready to snatch HYDRA Soldiers.

"You get a tentacle and you get a tentacle… everybody gets tentacles!"

Because, as they say, when life gives you lemons, cut them open and squish them into someone else's eyes. Right?


Of course he was going to get shot. Skaar was fully aware. The barraged of rockets was maybe a little more than expected. But they don't hurt much. Just enough to get his blood pumping and therefore giving him even more power. There is an annoying amount of smoke, debris and dust, though, so he loses track of the armored figure that fired first.

Not a big deal, there are plenty of targets. Some he can still see, so he roars and jumps forward, drawing the giant stone sword along the way and hitting the first power armor soldier with enough force to cut through a building.


And there's serious (ugh) splash damage from that… and the tentacles coming out of Vorpal's rabbit-holes don't look like the shiny black metallic ones that grabbed him. These are striped AND polka-dotted and green and another color green that clashes, and they have hooks and serrations. Gar decides to stay clear of those. He was panting for breath while Vorpal did introductions and let the hentai out of its box. Now he's joining the battle… as a giant, sorta-gross spider… he's firing a steady stream of something sticky and green over a number of those Hydrants.

As it comes down, it seems to be sticking to everything Hydra out there. They move, it tightens, they move again, it tightens more… trying to burn it, not effective at first, while it's wet.


The first guy Skaar hits just kind of… crumples. And he's getting a lot more fire. From an unexpected direction. With a clank, a trio of walkers emerge from around the corner and just… lay into him. They don't seem particularly concerned with collateral damage, as a lot of the HYDRA troops are currently being Tentacled by Vorpal (tm). The ones that aren't are getting… well it's not your friendly neighborhood webslinger. Let's put it that way. Despite the reinforcements the good news is that most of Lunair's ground support is either busy or gone by this point and Midnighter has managed to get behind Lunair completely unnoticed.

Well, he did get noticed, but the guy who noticed him isn't going to be telling anyone anymore.


"…" Pause. Well, thank goodness they didn't send the HYDRA School Girl Brigade. "That's just fucked up," The voice is familiar to Midnighter, but it lacks the one he knows' personality. Her spirit has been burned away, washed away and replaced with something more useful to HYDRA. A quiet report to Zyklon, "We have a breach and attacks. Tentacles /everywhere/." As for her minions, Lunair calls, "Use fire! Burn them!" If there's flamethrowers to be had, they will be turned - great gouts of flame and felfire. Whomever this armored figure is, she's no slouch in combat. Although, tentacles are proving terribly distracting.

Lunair doesn't seem to notice Midnighter just yet. He's sneaky that way. Lunair is annoyed, and is now throwing more rockets into the tentacle holes. Soon enough, she pulls a flamethrower and goes after a few. Seriously?


The voice is another data point. Midnighter recognizes it though it sounds… off. Thing is, he kind of liked Armory. He certainly found her useful which is almost the same thing. He'd prefer not to kill her before finding out why she's fighting for Hydra. Not to mention fighting so poorly. Which in itself means something isn't right. Once he's close enough, he moves in and kicks the back of a knee while grabbing a shoulder and pulling. As the armor falls back, he grabs the helmet, twists and yanks till it comes off and reveals… So it is her. Without a pause, he uses the helmet to try to hit her over the head and knock her out.


There are wet webs all over the place, mostly in the Hydra ranks. The big spider … disappears. And in its place, an eel. An electric eel. An electric eel about 50 feet long. It's green. It says, "Part two: bringing the ouch."

Everywhere those wet webs are stretched, they start to glow and spark. Changeling is experimentally demonstrating the effects of extremely high voltage, extremely high cycle electrical current on Hydra power armor. Incidentally, the webs also tighten up as this happens. The worst that should happen to anyone inside is unconsciousness, the least is paralysis because of locked-down armor. Gar's spider-web is hellaciously strong, even if it does weaken after six or eight hours.


Tentacles, tentacles everywhere. Somehow, it does not surprise Vorpal one bit that that phrase was said in connection with him. All sorts of strange things come about when a cheshire is about town. The tentacle-holes are providing such good distraction that he can't really afford to close them right now, even as the Walkers make their entrance. This means he is exposed to enemy fire, although poor Skaar is taking the brunt of the punishment.

As Changeling changes tactics, so does Vorpal, "I'm going to try to take out the Walkers!" he calls out, and takes a deep breath as he releases the Chaos Wave-

Under the dome, and under the current interference… well. The Wave reacts differently, too. Something strange happens to the Walkers, as they become-

"Snakes. Snakes on… a plane?"

+Of course this had to happen. How droll+
~Nothing surprises me anymore~

Some of the HYDRA agents who have not been captured, a few of them are caught within the wake of the wave, and become snakes themselves.

"Snakes… why did it have to be snakes?" Vorpal laments. As he ducks behind something that might afford him cover (he is too scared about what might happen if he were to attempt to create a construct), "No offense meant, honey bunches of green!"


And suddenly there are tentacles everywhere. Skaar curses. He needed no help, and this is going to make getting the head honcho Hydra alive harder. The green giant kicks another armored soldier away and then he gets blasted by the mechanical walkers.

That makes him angry. Angrier. He jumps forward to the middle hardsuit, grabbing it with a hand and using it to smash the one to its right. With his other hand he swipes with his blade, aiming to cut it in two.


The walkers lurch to a halt as their crews suddenly have a lot of diffent things to worrry about. Skaar himself just… obliterates the first hardsuit. And the two that come after it. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. It's a thing, definitely.

Gar and Vorp have put paid to the remaining HYDRA forces. It now simply remains to deal with the Bunker and… Lunair?!

Midnighter rips her helmet off and then brings it back around to clock her with it. Whether or not it knocks her out, a Tentacle does grab her by the ankle and yanks



Lunair is definitely startled by having her helmet yanked off. A hand reaches up to check. Something - why - wha- Confusion reigns. Conditioning demands a certain response, but something feels muddled. Normally, Skaar is Luna's favorite guy. Today, she is blank, unknowing and dazed. Lunair is confused by Midnighter. Where did HE come from? It's almost comical as she gets clocked over the head by her own helmet, and her ankle is yanked down. Her armor blinks away, as by tentacle or by helmet clock, she's knocked out. Trouble with being a glass cannon and the conditioning - it stripped away the creativity that makes her a formidable foe.


Midnighter isn't going to let a tentacle monster take her away. Not till he's sure she's the enemy. Darting over to grab a fallen weapon, he unloads it into the tentacle to try to sever it. "Vorpal, get over here." he calls. "I need you to stash this one somewhere till later."


"I don't know if you've noticed, Midnighter, but whatever this Mojo is, it's playing havok with my powers here… I don't think I can stash anything anywhere reliably-" Vorpal answers, ducking out of cover. A rare HYDRA non-snake, non-captured member decides it's a good idea to attack him. The Cheshire manages to duck behind the wall again as a weapon discharges.

"Oh that's IT!" He snarls and peeks out, pointing a finger at the operative, "ANVIL YOU!"

It's a curse in Vorpal's vocabulary. And, normally, the mental effort would have produced a glowing, purple anvil, a small-ish one that would not kill anyone but, probably, cause some serious wounds. In this instance? With all the magical interference?

A purple, glowing orb is what appears- but it only stays there for half a second before-


The shockwave of the explosion sends Vorpal flying back, which breaks his concentration enough to close the Tentacle Holes- thus leaving bits of severed tentacle still attached to Lunair, but at least she is no longer in danger of falling into the dark side of anime.

Fortunately for Vorpal, there is a friendly tree to stop his flight. Unfortunately trees are quite hard.


It takes him about ten seconds to shake the stars from his eyes, "… ow…. see what I mean?" he points, vaguely, in an unspecified direction.

Of the HYDRA operative? Well, he didn't exactly die. There is a purple frog wearing a tiny helmet, looking incredibly puzzled.

"I think I'm going to stick to martial arts until the interference is gone," Vorpal says, slowly getting up.


Changeling raises his head up and peers around, reverting to a human form, and then disappears again. A kangaroo rat (green) begins leaping rapidly towards the bunker, coming up behind Skaar and jumping up to one of the giant's shoulders.

"Hey, other green guy. You got a plan for taking out this bunker?"

He's all for letting the giant, super-strong guy dictate the approach. Also, he's an inoffensive little critter, so he should be safe from being swatted by the giant. But he can also dodge REALLY WELL in case he's wrong.

Thus, he completely misses his boyfriend explosively turning a Hydra agent into a purple frog. Which is too bad.


Skaar looks around for more enemies to smash, but it is mostly just a mess of tentacles and snakes and some Hydra soldiers struggling with them and webs. "The bunker?" He growls to the talking rat. Wait… why is he talking to a rat? He ignores Gar.

But he begins advancing the general direction of the bunker, and then all the tentacles fall down and he sees Lunair. "Luna!" He shouts, racing to her side. And who did hurt her? The guy in black leather?


The outer bunker door clanks as the JL:A takes the power grid offline and… Skaar can hear through the earth the sound of chanting in arcane languages. Provided he doesn't go on a rampage that should provide a target quite nicely. No doubt reinforcements are coming but… there's nothing here that can stop them at the moment. And SHIELD will be on in if they can bring the barrier down. "Titans. Do you read. The power grid's offline. Take down the focus and we'll be right there." It's Hill's voice.


Well, Lunair is unconscious. She looks sort of peaceful and unaware that she just totally tried to murder everyone.

But seriously, she's down.


Why is Maria Hill telling him to take Bunker down? Bunker is, like, the sweetest guy in the Titans. Getting angry with Bunker is like getting angry with a pu-

He shakes his head, to get rid of the dizziness. Oh, that bunker. The one with enormous doors…

"Save your strength, boys," Vorpal says, bringing his will to bear once more. "This is for the President, you assholes!"

Because this was adding insult to injury- killing the President, and then taking over Metropolis? Hell no.

There's a purple sphere, once more, which should be warning enough for people to step away from the doors-


The doors are… well. It didn't exactly break the doors as much as… change them. Instead of enormous metal doors, they are now… well. Enormous beaded curtains, the kind you would expect to see walking into a fortune teller's shop.

Admittedly, though, much larger. But not exactly the most effective as protection under the current circumstances.

Operating chaos magic with such interference, though, is quite strenuous. The cheshire leans heavily on a nearby wall, trying to see straight.

"Right… um… beat the shit out of them. I need to catch my breath…" he mutters. He was about to have the octomom of all headaches.


Gar leaps for safety as the Giant Green … Boyfriend of Hydra Agent? Quux arointeth? He's going to check on the Hydra girl. FINE.

Gar draws on the power of the Red to get access to one of his more difficult shifts … and in this place, with its dimensional bent that means … he's now a swarm of Africanized honey bees. But weird ones, with an exotic venom and non-lodging stingers so he can sting over and over. And he's a rather numerous swarm. With the bunker door now no longer a good barrier, he boils through it to the inside, seeking out the chanting magi. His stings will each cause a nasty and unpleasant case of an incredibly ITCHY rash… not fatal in most cases, but definitely against the Geneva Convention if they knew it existed. They're lucky, because they don't know it exists.

If he's lucky he'll even get to sting Zyklon. A lot.


Midnighter recognizes Skaar from the time he ran across a bunch of Outsiders in an ice cream parlor so he's aware he and Armory are friends. "Good, keep an eye on her." he tells the green guy. "Figure out why she's fighting for Hydra and be ready in case she wakes up." He starts for the bunker, picking up Hydra machine guns on the way as he hears the chanting. And while he doesn't prefer guns over more personal methods, no matter how powerful the wizard, fully automatic gunfire seriously cramps their style.


Skaar has little idea of what really happened, but he came to Metropolis coming for Lunair and he found her. Injured, which makes him murderously angry just when he can't be angry. So he glares at the bunker, clenching his jaw, and the earth trembles. "Don't bother," he warns the others.

The gamma-powered alien reaches for a small hi-tech device from his belt and attached it to Lunair's wrist. "K'tten." He vocalizes carefully. "Found her. Take us out of here."

Glass shatters in nearby buildings as the earthquake intensifies. Then the area of the bunker sinks several yards with a resounding grinding crack. They are going to need a lot of digging gear to get out the survivors, if any.

Lunair and Skaar vanish in a flash of light.


The building begins to crack and crumble about them as Gar and Midnighter head inside. There's panicked cries from the main chamber down below and a group of six mage begin running out. One, two of them get crushed by debris. The other two meet Gar-Swarm and Midnighter on the way up.

They're going to have a very bad day now.

Also possibly a very short one. The exit is the last thing to go, which gives the heroes enough time to… deal with the magi and exit. With or without them. As Skaar and Lunair vanish nothing is left but rising dust.

As the barrier fades and flickers away a wave sweeps the city it converts back from HYDRA infested hellhole to the Metro we know and love.

Kind of. SHIELD moves in and it's a good thing too because switching the city back does not send back the warded HYDRA forces with it and Metro's citizens are forced to take cover as new battles errupt across the city. It takes a few hours but it will be solidly in US Hands once more at the end of the day.

Ominously, a huge rift remains over Hellsgate, and that part of the city remains shifted out of place, though pacified quickly by SHIELD.

"Good work people." Hill's voice comes over the comm. "Now regroup. We're gonna take the fight to them…"

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