Misfit goes Missing

May 03, 2015:

Misfit goes looking for Fenris (emits by Fenris)


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Fade In…

Fenris is gone. Though Charlie has a fairly good idea about where he might be now. The answer is 'Not Quite Germany'. That's the general location she got after she rebounded a number of times off some kind of ward. Teleportation is good but she'll need expert magic or something else to pierce that ward. Which isn't… quite in Germany. It's just anchored there.

The trick will be getting out of where she is? And where is that? Goooood question. The last bounce rebounded her at an 'angle' and left her in someplace that's definitely not Earth. Everything's too vibrant. Too colorful. Too Bright. Nothing quite looks like this. Nothing real anyway. Feels like a dream of some kind.

She's managed to appear alone at least. At the edge of a field near a river full of brilliant grasses and glass-clear water.

Charlie is left quietly wondering if she may have put a little too much juice on that last attempt. She sits there on her butt in the brilliant grassy bank to that glass-clear river and looks around slowly. "Crap." she mutters and tries her comm and then fishes out her phone to double check, no towers. "Great." she struggles up to her feet feeling a bit tired at this point and tries to get a better look at this colorful place. "Okay Misfit… I don't think we are in Kansas anymore."

She's not. It doesn't sound like Kansas. Doesn't smell like Kansas either. No background noise, no smoke, no smog, no car exhaust, no… nothing. She can't see much from her vantage. But that'd be because she's in a little valley. There does seem to be a road or track at the top of the ridge to her left. No sound but the wind th- wait… was that 'thud'?

Charlie grew up, well as far as she remembers, in a Metropolis slum. So sure some of her recent trips with the Old Wolf to neverwhere and around earth has been pristine but she still isn't use to this, and this seems to double down on all those previous experiences. "Okay.." she snaps a couple photos with her goggles, documenting for the moment and taking the excuse to catch her breath from that last bounce, well her metaphysical breath. Then that THUD happens and her head whips back around towards the ridge and perhaps the road.

For a couple of seconds Charlie thinks about bouncing up, then decides that she should probably conserve her strength and instead she dashes up the ridge to see what is going on, and perhaps get a better view.

Someone's fighting. Two someone's in fact. One of them is a woman dressed in purple robes and slinging around, if Charlie's senses are to be trusted, a lot of magic. The other? The other is brick. Well, not quite. He appears to be gemstone. A multifaceted, silvery rock. A big one. And he's not impressed by purple lady's magic. In fact just as Charlie crests the rise he lands a solid hit and sends the woman sprawling. Thud.

Charlie fishes in her utility belt and draws an unluck stone out as she whistles "Hey big guy. Not sure who or what you two are or what the fight is about but just in case she is the good guy and you are the bad guy how about you both totes chill it out and explain yourself before I make you guys take a time out in the corner hey?" she tries her best to sound like a reasonable adult. She has totes been practicing on Gotham villains, because Bats are as a rule terrorifying and well she still needs much practice.

The huge 'brick' turns to look at Misfit and, from behind it, she can see a blonde kid maybe 15 or 16 peek out. "Totes?" He says. "Flaw, do you know what that means?"

The big gem like thing shrugs. "Right. Who are you? We're just finishing up with Amy. Don't worry. We'll be right over to brighten your day." That grin is not comforting and the 'brick' moves toward the fallen purple clad woman.

Charlie may be damn tired but that grin isn't comforting and well seemed pretty threatening. "Riiight." she kicks into gear and bounces >pinkurple> slaps the unluck stone on the back of the 'brick' and then bounces again appearing in front of the brick and blonde kid now so they have to go through her to get to the Amy girl. The slash of pink and purple oddly doesn't detect as magic, thanks to her necklace. The unluck stone though blazes with chaos magic as it discharges into the Brick. The two enchanted coral batarangs in her hands. "Totes means Totally. Also my name is Misfit. Where I come from you don't finish people off and then 'brighten' people's days like that. So again. What's going on here."

The woman behind her groans in pain and seems to come out from a daze. "Whoever you are, watch out! Flaw is incredibly dangerous…" As she's saying that Flaw rushes her… and trips. He ends up right on his face, skidding to a halt about a foot from Misfit's boot. "… he's a chaos lord…" The woman finishes, incredulous.

Misfit winces a little bit, one of her headaches really coming on and she mutters something umentionable under her breath then louder "What the drek is a chaos lord?" she flings one of the batarangs right at Child and at the same time bounces vanishing with a another slash of >pinkurple> and no she doesn't appear behind Child. No she appears above him and flicks the next unluck stone down on his head before vanishing and appearing by Amy to offer her a hand up. It has been about three heartbeats there. One batarang still in her free hand.

"They're-" The woman in purple doesn't get to finish. Misfit bounces again and as Child starts to move he steps into a gopher hole and winds stuck up to his thigh. 'Amy' takes the hand and shouts 'Look out!'. Flaw has gotten back up on a knee and simply pried a great section of earth up which he hurls right at Misfit's head!

Misfit goes low very fast in a move that would make an Olympic gymnast jealous there. The earth makes one of her floppy misfit-batears on her cowl bend the otherway there. "Well they seem like jerk faces to me…" she bounces out >pinkurple> and … doesn't seem to reappear right away. Really she doesn't reappear for a long enough moment that people probably wonder if she is coming back.

Of course Misfit is coming back, she had to bounce back down to the stream. wrap her arms as best she could around a boulder by the creek, and bounce up about fifty feet above Flaw and let go of the boulder before bouncing in behind Child. "God.. that was heavy." she announces loudly. Really with the goal to spin the bads around and make them wonder what was heavy, and if she comically timed it out.

It's really hard not to spin to face a sudden voice. Soldiers manage reactions like that, but these aren't soldiers clearly. Both Flaw and Child turn to look at her… which is exactly when the boulder cracks down on Flaw's head. The huge thing is poleaxed. It's chin meets the earth and down it goes. Child's eyes narrow as he tries to free himself from the Gopher hole. "That teleportation… wait… that's familiar… bah, who cares!" His hands come up and charge with pure Chaos Magic.

Charlie's eyes widen and she dive rolls to the side making sure she pops up off to his left and flings her batarang at him. The atlantean coral swishing through the air. "That is totes chaos magic… ooo lord of chaos.. chaos magic… probably connected Misfit… shesh…" hmm low on unluck stones better not waste more. So she follows the batarang with a batsmokepellet flinging it at the other teenager's face. "So is he hard to knock out.. I mean if I punch him repeatively does he have some kind of chaos armor or anything?" she calls to Amy. Really she is doing a great job distracting as well.

'Amy' is dragged down and then Misfit's gone again. There's an audible 'shlink' followed by a cry of pain and the Batarang flies back to the chaos muppet. "I usually use magic. ACK!" Amy calls out. Flaw is up again. Someone's hard to knock out. He's a bit wooozy but Amy's dodging back and charging her own magic… which feels all kinds of prickyl and burny to Misfit even from here.

Child can't see her. But that's not stopping him from blasting away with multicolored bursts of energy.

Charlie makes a mental note to not be hit by that magic anytime soon, tastes like burning. She bounces away from where she was before she gets hit with a multicolored burst of energy, and grabs Child by the shoulders and twists hard to his next megablast surges out at Flaw instead. "Why can't everyone get along… I swear."

The chaos magic hits Flaw almost the exact same time as the order magic does. And it goes… badly. There's a terrific flash of light and a boom that flattens everything for yards around. Including Flaw and Child. Both of whom stay down this time. And Amy. Who looks not quite out but very dazed.

Charlie makes a squeek of a noise there and she teleports out at the beginning of the flash back to the stream. When her eyes clear from the brightness of that flash she teleports back up to the top of the ridge, a bit wet since her aim was off and she ended up in the stream. "Woah… okay that was amazing!" she enthuses now lookng around. "I don't know if that rock guy acted like an amplifier or the REV of the one spell and the BURNY of the other one did that.. but wow!" she pauses and kicks the blond teenager right in the side of the head hard. Not to kill but to kick him while he is down "That is totes for trying to hit me with that spell that hit your friend.. that was lethal!" pause "hss".

Her little display done she walkso ver and crouches down by Amy, pushing her goggles up onto her forehead. "Hey there…" she fishes in her belt and then waves some smelling salts right in front of Amy's nose. "Come on focus."

Amy's eyes - purple ones much like much of the rest of her - come into focus and she shakes her head. "Ooooooh… my head. Last time I take on a chaos lord alone…" She offers up her hand to Misfit. A hand that's still charged with Order Magic. She's not real with it just at the moment or she might have realized Misfit seems to be full of the opposite.

Well Amy's eyes and outfit sure, but not like her skin or anything are purple. She is a cute blondish redhead after all. When Charlie's grips Amy's hand though the girl's infused with Order and Chaos, especially with all the bouncing Charlie was doing, have an interaction. Charlie makes a squeek of a noise and her hand clenches around Amy's like she is touching an electrical circuit and the muscle clenching prevents her from letting go. Also worth noting is the fact her pretty blue iris'd eyes suddenly have perfect ruby gem red iris's there as the girl spasms "aa a that tastes like.. burning…. just like it felt…." she finally wrenches away and ends up on her ass twitching a little. I mean sure Amy probably didn't do all that much better. "w why would you d do that…"

She didn't. The fact that Charlie's eyes went red was about the only thing that registered before she was back on the ground spasming like she's stuck her hand in an outlet. "Aaaaaaaah!" She screams as the feedback gets her too. "Ow…"

"I… didn't do anything. You're full of chaos magic. Ow…" Again. She manages to sit up. "Who are you?"

Charlie articulates "Guh." and sits up. "I go by Misfit…" she complains and gets up. I mean she is in very strange armor. Of course Amy is from earth (briefly) so she should recognize Batgear from the news stories. "I'm not from around here.. but yeah I'm told I use a lot of chaos magic to bounce." she pauses "Teleport… and well all my magic I guess… why did it do that touching you though?" she stretches and winces "We… may want to get away from these two… don't know when they might get up… so you'r name is Amy.. also where are we?" yup even the magical feedback is not enough to disuade her from talking, or walking back up to Amy and offering her a tree branch to help her up this time. The young woman's eyes are still … kind of ruby red but the blue is infusing them as if they are being washed back out again.

"Amathyst actually. Amy's… for short." She gets up, on her own, watching Misfit carefully. "Do your eyes always do that?" At her observation that they shouldn't stay, she nods. "This way, quickly. With any luck they won't try to follow us when they come to." Which they will. Ugh. Those two.

Misfit whistles and her batarangs animate and come flying back into her hands like coral bats, she tuck them away into her utility belt now. "Eyes always do what?" she asks quite confused. "Lead on Amy…" she can't bring herself to say Amethyst really "I have… a severe headache and need to figure out where we are and how to get home… my boyfriend got himself kidnapped I think…"

Amy does lead. Back to the road and quickly down it. "Turn red. Do your eyes often turn red. And then blue, and then red." She glances back shrugging. "You're in Faerie. Well, you're in a contested part of it. I was just passing through but it's not safe here. For several reasons. What brought you here? And where are you from originally? Earth, I'm going to guess, by your speech."

Charlie ohs "Faerie… I wonder if this is because I met Robin the other day…" she muses through that following Amy quickly down the road. "Also good yes… you know earth.. I was afraid no one would because it felt like the teleport went very very.. very wrong. I am from Gotham yeah…" indicates her outfit. Then realizes it might now matter "I'm a hero there…" she offers helpfully "Also.. no I don't think so.. my eyes have always been blue.. I mean my magic is reddish though?"

"What I wouldn't give for a mirror." Amy mutters. "They're red now. But they're turning back. Flicking from one to the other." Something about that… Amathyst isn't sure what though. "Well if you're trying to get back to earth we'll have to walk a little. I wouldn't try making any kind of a jump from here. Odds are good it'd scramble and you'd end up who knows where. This part of Faerie always is a bit temperamental."

Charlie makes a worried sound, wouldn't take a genius to jump to the conclusion she is worried about the BF she mentioned. "Okay.. well at least I am in good shape… and I don't think they have ever done that before… maybe your magic messed with them?" she offers helpfully "Why did your magic do that to me anyhow… its totes weird… also those guys were jerkfaces.. who were they and why did you call them Lords of Chaos like it is some title?"

"Because they are. Powerful chaotic beings who used to rule parts of Faerie. They moved on for the most part but they do return from time to time to cause trouble." Amy says wryly. "I thought I could handle those two. Lucky you came along really." She peers over at Charlie. "Speaking of, you're charged with Chaos yourself. I'm surprised you didn't side with them. Not complaining mind, but surprised."

Of course where Charlie comes from, she and chaoskat fight for the side of good not evil. She frowns at Amy. "Why would I side with them.. they were pretty clearly the jerkfaces and needed some dark vengeancing…. you on the other hand seemed pretty nice. I mean.. I hope I didn't get that all mixed up but I don't see why I would side with them just because they use chaos magic too?"

"Lines are often drawn that way here. Just my good luck that you're not from here." Amy smiles. "There's something familair about you. Have you ever come to Faerie before, perhaps?

"Lines are often drawn that way here. Just my good luck that you're not from here." Amy smiles. "There's something familair about you. Have you ever come to Faerie before, perhaps?" Misfit's just… tickling a spot in the back of her mind.

It is probably the same spot that is giving Charlie a massive headache. I mean yes she is the heir to the Ruby Wastes, stupid Black Opal making them wastelands. But she has zero clues and the spells are actively making her get a migraine right now. Also her eyes are back to blue once more. "I've met faeries on earth several times traveling with Fenris… Puck most recently." using his real name. "But no… I've never been here… I think I would remember this place it is so… bright .. especially compared to Gotham…" she trails off "You are the good guy right.. Amy?"

"I like to think so." Amy says quietly. "I help keep order here, but really, where I'm from a bunch of kingdoms fight over… well the things kingdoms fight over. I'm with one of them. It's hard to tell who's the good guy sometimes."

Charlie keeps walking with Amy "That seems pretty complicated… like kingdom stuff and wars and all. I mean right now we have a lot of problems back home with Hydra and all trying to conquer the world… stupid Nazis" she sighs and shakes her head. "You seen all right to me.. those guys didn't. I fight supervillains a lot and they seemed like villains .. despite the one looking like a teenager… was he a teenager?"

"Much older. He's called Child. That's just how he looks. He's quite powerful and quite dangerous. Even if he does have the mind of a fifteen year old for some reason." Amy shrugs a bit. "It is complicated yes. It's a mess really. But we do what we can. Sometimes it's not enough, but still."

Charlie chuckles "sounds like home.. it's like that video game.. war… never changes… cue dramatic music…" she trails off "But yeah seems like a never ending tide of evil and while it means good job security… not that I get paid… it is tiring some days. So where are we going?"

Amy points to a mountain that looks like it's a good hour's walk at least. "Up there. If you want to go home that's the closest place to do it from. We have to get out of this valley. Without getting attacked again. Keep those… whatever they are handy. Your flying blades."

Charlie reaches up and pulls her Goggles down and then uses the rangefinder to try to figure out the distance. "Huh.. okay maybe an hour…" she keeps her goggles on at the statement of being attacked "Are there lots of jerks around here or something…. what kind of attacks should we be expecting?"

"The usual for around here. Goblins. Skeletons. Barbarians. Dark Ones. And that's assuming Flaw and Child don't decide to come back for round two." Amy sighs. "It's a rather trying life sometimes." She says wryly.

Charlie huhs softly "That is… very fantasy d&d really.. I mean… like video game. I usually deal with muggers.. drug dealers.. and supervillains… it is an odd mix really but I get to help a lot of people… fighting goblins and skeeltons sound fun…. what are dark ones?"

"Sorcerors. Agents of Dark Opal." Amy looks over and shakes her head. "Not nice people. At all." She shrugs a bit as the move down the road. It is a nice day and despite the talk nothing's jumping out to try to rob them or hurt them.

That name causes a tick in Charlie's left eye. It is a quite noticable nuerological tick as her whole cheek and eye flinch and then she rubs her temple like she has a really bad headache "Well okay… let's hope we don't run into any of them .. if we do though I will kick their ass. Also I think I may be having an adverse reaction to this place like I did to Limbo."

Not just a tick or a twitch but her left eye went ruby crystal pupil'd again for a moment.

Amy looks over at her. "Limbo? Like, the game? You know, how low can you go?" There it is again! What is it about the red eyes? She wishes she could remember but… it's like something she was once told and she can't quite wrap her mind around it.

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