Breaking Point: JL:A

May 03, 2015:

There's a rift over Hellsgate… JL:A help to close it.

Hellsgate - Metropolis


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Two Hours Earlier

"Alright people, this is it. When we took back the city one of the damn dimensional rifts didn't close. The one over Hell's Gate. So long as it's still open the city can't be considered secure and I'll be honest, our best have no idea where it goes. SciTech theorizes that it has to be closed from the inside. We know from earlier intel that HYDRA was supposedly using some kind of extra dimensional space as a staging area and possibly had a deal with one or more of the beings that lives there so it seems reasonable that wherever this portal leads, you'll run into an extremely hostile space on the other end. We also can't gaurentee your safe return. We have no idea if shutting whatever's keeping it open off will leave you stranded there. We've… made some arrangements in that department, but they're uncertain. Which is why we're asking for volunteers." Hill looks about the room. "I won't lie, this could be one of the most dangerous things any of you have ever done. But if you do it, SHIELD and the American people will be eternally grateful."


The entry was rough. It's hard to describe, going through the portal and being consumed by onrushing darkness. The 'turbulance' or whatever you want to call it scattered the team. Different areas, different versions of the place. Hard to say since the blackness is so featureless. And then a voice. "Stare into the abyss and it stares back…"

Lights appear ahead and the shadows give way to shapes. A sense of dread and unease fills the area - unnatural and cloying and a rumbling deep voice echoes as the darkness resolves into dimly lit caverns. "So you have come for… Justice. Come deeper then, champions of the realm of light. I shall give you all the justice you can handle."

Another voice breaks in, mentally. Cal will be quite familiar with who it is. A certain blonde sorceress. "That thing is channeling power to the portal via a physical form. Working on sending people to deal with that, but someone needs to shut it down, hard. Careful it's got some serious power. I think it's in charge here."

"I'm sure this is how all of you wanted to spend your weekend," Captain America utters as he looks out over the caverns. At the voice that calls out to them, Steve shrugs his shoulders. "Guess you heard the man. If it's justice he wants; it's justice he'll get."

"Thor," Steve says, looking over. "Little light?"

"This is my job, I mean… what else would I be doing?" Booster Gold remarks. He can 'see' in the dark thanks to his visor, and is turning his head to survey the area. For the moment he refrains from any 'x-ray' vision lest he see through his teammates, because that tends to be gross. A faint golden glow grows around him, like someone turning a dimmer switch.

As he walks with group, Thor is dressed in his Asgardian battle armor. His hair down and cape flowing behind him. He pauses to listen to the voice boslter about justice. Thor takes a step forward as he holds legendary hammer over his head and says with confidence, "I am Thor. The Thunder and Protector of Midgard. I will accept your surrender on behalf of the Justice League: Avengers." He grins almost playfully, "But…please. Say no."

When Steve asks for a little light, Thor nods slowly as the clouds begin to form high over head. The breeze beginning to stir when *CRASH* *BOOM* *BAMP* the clouds begin to dance with flashes of lightning in an attempt to light up the area and bring a little illumination.

Mimic went through the portal already armored up. But at the sounds of the voice, the claws some out with a *SNIKT*. Extradimensional demons don't count when it comes to the no kill rule right? Cause just standing there makes him want to snarl. "Something's close." he warns, scanning the shadows.

"Well, I came for the avenging, but if you are only offering Justice, then I guess I will have to wet my appetite on that." Ozymandias switches on his infrared lenses and frown immediately forms on his face as he realizes the darkness around him is not natural.

Ozymandias smirks behind his masks, "I thought there was just a no murder rule?"

Deep down, Kara Zor-El was terrified of what lay beyond the abyss they were about to enter; the very same rift at Hells Gate that she had spoken with Zatanna and Fenris about the same day the old wolf had gone missing.

The turbulence tossed her around and left her twisting like a rag-doll before her Sapphire Ley Pendulum flared brightly, little wisps of light escaping from the crack in the pendant.

Supergirl became a leaf in the wind, moving effortlessly through the turbulence as the pendulum enhanced her powers. A hand was reached up to clasp the pendant and focus upon it for a moment, before she managed to find her way to the others.

She's presently wearing her full battle armor costume and her expression is wholly serious as the light of the pendant seems to bathe her in an ethereal radiance. Grasping the pendant in her hand again and showing it to the others she explains, "I can lead us to the source of power in this place. The pendulum will guide us true, follow me."

The caverns are maze-like but they do go in one consistent direction: Down. Kara can direct them. There's a dampness in the air but no water to be seen. At times the caves narrow to have to go almost single file and at times they open up so wide that it becomes quite plain that in this place, shadows eat light. Which gives Thor's lightning flashes and Booster's glow a sort of wan, muted quality. As if there was something hanging over them.

How long it takes is hard to say but 'not long' would be about right. After a short time of headed down through the twisty maze there's an unearthly shriek and things just materialize in the shadows around them. Large, impossibly tall, thin, glangly things that look like perverted scarecrows or, if one is up on urban myth, Slender Men. They lunge, impossibly long, needly sharp fingers outstreched, appearing and disappering enough to make it hard to make out their numbers. Twenty at least.

"Well, you heard the lady. Phalanx formation everyone. Heavies at the front and at the rear." Despite being one of the least powered people here, Captain America takes a position towards the front as he makes his way downward.

As the slendermen attack, Cap puts his back towards the others and brings up his shield to block at some of the strikes. "Back to back everyone. We need to guard our backsides. If you've got a big ranged attack, now might be the time."

"Well, we're probably invading their homes," Booster Gold remarks, floating up from the ground just a little bit. He is already tall, but so are some of his teammates; he wants to minimize the danger of having someone accidentally lunge into his blasts. Golden kirby crackle swirls around his fists as he raises them. The creatures slip around unpredictably, so he does not bother to aim. He just sends broad beams of golden, stunning energy firing in a swathe as one might water the hedges with a fire hose.

As he moves to the back as ordered by Captain America, Thor drops down into a defensive mode when the Slender Men start to attack. However, he does not go back to back formation. He lifts his hammer in the air and roars, "HAVE AT THEE!" Thor leaps into the air towards the closest group of attackers. As he lands, his hammer slams down onto the ground in an attempt to create a destructive shockwave.

Mimic tries to meet needle sharp fingers with claws but the teleporting makes it difficult. It's why he does it, after all and it's not fun having the tactic used on him. As he sees Thor raise his hammer that way, he levitates off the ground a bit just as Booster is doing and prepares to lift anyone else as well who's losing their balance.

Phalanx, an oldie but always one of my favorites." Ozymandias thinks to himself as he lifts up his shield and stands behind Captain. Two separate ideas quickly form in his mind. One is that he should show Steve some of his baseball memorabilia and the second is that it time to make like Satchel Paige, and hurl some concussive bombs at the Slender Men.

Ozymandias launches some bombs at some of the Slender Men that are near the rest of the team.

Kara was momentarily stunned as the Slendermen appeared, she snapped out of it and looked at Booster, yelling, "I told you so Jon! I told you Slenderman was real, I was not imagining things!"

Closing her eyes a moment and drawing upon the powers of the pendant, she ignored Captain America's orders to form a phalanx and began to move around the group of her companions in a circle as quickly as possible.

As she moved around them she directed hurricane strengths of freezing wind from her super breath towards her enemies hoping to create a freezing cyclone in the room with the JLA at the center; in the hopes of stopping most of the slendermen in their tracks to be easilly dispatched in conjunction with the Hammer-Slam shockwave of Thor.

Claws glance off Cap's shield. Whatever they're made of, it won't go through Vibranium (few things will, really). As Cal has discovered though, and Ozy will too, actually landing hits on these damn things is something of a challenge. The moment something strikes them or they meet any kind of resistance, they teleport to attack from a new angle. The good news is when someone does land a solid hit on them, one seems to be all it takes. Mimic takes out one, Ozy another two… Booster has an entire sector locked down. He might have gotten half a dozen before they decided to just not be in front of him anymore. And then Kara starts… and Thor puts down the hammer.

The blast of icy wind born on Asgardian shockwave goes in all directions and in an instant there are no more attackers. The ones not caught have faded back into the shadows. But as the movie says 'They'll be back, and in greater numbers.' Already Cal can hear them skittering in the distance.

"I can do this all day, heroes." The voice taunts. Might be time to get a move on.

Unrelated, something seems to be clinging to Cal's back. Small, demonic creature that doesn't seem to belong here. It also doesn't seem to be hurting him. Just hanging on for dear life.

After the initial barrage is over, Cap gives an icy blue glare up towards Supergirl. His teeth grind and it's clear he's seething, but coming down too hard upon the girl won't do much good.

The look, as it comes downward, however, means he sees the creature who clings to Mimic. "Anyone know what that is?" he asks, before raising a pair of eyebrows at Mimic, "Don't move."

Once he realizes that his targets are gone, Booster stops firing. Curls of energy rise from his fists and the glow dims down, primed but no longer about to fire. He turns and looks over at Mimic. "Did… I mean, you didn't bring that in with you, did you? It doesn't look like it's attacking, it just looks like it's cringing."

When Thor stands to his full height once again, he reaffirms his grip on Mjolnir. When he hears the voice taunt him, he yells, "Is that the best you can do?!" Thor growls softly as he turns to begin walking back to the group, his eyes falling on Mimic. He cocks his head to the side yet remains silently.

When Captain America tells you not to move, it's probably safest to freeze. Though when Booster mentions cringing, Mimic cranes his neck to try to look over his shoulder. "What?" Bring with him? "I asked Magik to send one of her demons through with us though I didn't anticipate it coming into battle with me. This way if the portal closes with us here, she can find us more easily. I suspect it's that. Come up here and let me see you."

Ozymandias does a quick check of the status of his weapons and gear, while there is a break in the action. Ozymandias peers over at the Calvin and shakes his head. "Things are getting a tad bit weirder by the moment here." Ozymandias prepares to press forward with the rest of the group.

Kara recognizes the little demonic creature as the same kind Jericho has as a pet and Calvin's explanation makes her smile a little, "Oh, he's probably K'Nert's friend. I bet if we had ice cream he would be happy." She waves to the little demon, "Hi little guy! If you do good, I'll get you lots of ice cream ok?" A hand is reached out to pat the little demon on the head.

Whatever the demons response is, she looks at Cap and says, "Sorry." She holds up the pendant for him and explains, "It's enhancing my powers and we didn't have time for a good old fashioned brawl."

Gesturing for the others to follow she continues to lead the way towards the source of power, explaining, "We're not far now."

The demon gets pat on the head and crawls up onto Cal's shoulder. It does, kind of sort of look like K'nert the Imp. In that it's about the size of a large housecat and scaley and has a beak-like mouth. It certainly doesn't appear to be of any mind to try to hurt Cal. Which, at its size, might be fairly futile anyway.

There's not a whole lot of time to dwell on it. The darkness is starting to close in and with it, another attack.

The walls are also starting to warp a bit. "Not got the stomach for a fight in the dark? I know your kind, Aesir. I know what you are. You've left the realm of the World Tree. This is the underdark bneath the roots. Come, Justice. There's someone who wants to say hello to you."

The path leads down and more and more creatures gather behind them. After an interminable descent the heroes wind up in a wide cavern. Slendermen appear in the distance all around them. Innumerable. But they don't attack.

From out of the darkenss a large form looms. Two, three, four stories perhaps? It's massive. And it's eyes glow malevolently. "You made it. Congratulations… Pity you came only to die in the darkness."

"Been apologizing a lot lately, Supergirl. Let's remember that we're part of a team, huh?"

Steve's response if thin and lacking emotion towards Kara; just a statement of fact. Last time she made decisions when he was around, that decision killed a thousand people. That's still pretty fresh in Captain America's mind.

Cap seems to sigh a bit, a sign of relief as it looks like the imp does not seem to be harmful. As they trudge along, Steve considers battle plans and strategies. What is this foe? What are his powers? What is his purpose? Going to have to plan this one on the fly.

In the darkness, he can just make out the gigantic being. Captain America's head leans back, back, back, as he tries to take it all in. "Well, looks like he's a tall drink of water." He looks to the others. "Cautious. Draw him out. Let's see what H.G. Wells can do." He pauses, realizing his comment might not be understood. "Wells was a guy." Stare. "Who talked a lot."

"I thought he was a writer?" Somehow, Captain America's comment actually manages to distract Booster from the sight of the enormous, draconian thing before them. He draws his gaze away from it and over to Steve. "I had to read 'The Time Machine' once." Back to the matter at hand, though. Booster looks upwards again, floating a couple of meters above the ground. He is glowing much more, perhaps in answer to the light-devouring darkness. "No offense, dude," he says to it, "But we're actually not here to die. We're here to do other stuff, though. Not that one."

As his eyes fall on the dark dragon, Thor moves to stand next to Captain America. "Then you know of me. And I will not let thee harm Midgard any longer." Thor looks at Captain America and says while keeping his eyes on the beast, "What is thy plan, Captain America?"

"Oh, right. It was the other Welles. We weren't really what you call a reading family." Cap stops and looks at Booster. "You know, most people my age really only went to school till 8th grade."

Mimic lets the imp ride his shoulder ont he way down but as soon as he sees what awaits them, he tells it quietly "Go hide." If Cap means get the dragon talking, he's all for that despite not getting the reference. "We're not here for you to die either." he tells it. "We just want the portal closed. And then we leave, no muss, no fuss." But really, even he doesn't believe that's going to happen. "Guys, remember the story about Jonah? Thor, Supergirl, both?"

Kara nods to Calvin and steps forward towards the massive dragon, seemingly unafraid of it. She floats up into the air so she can look it in its massive eyes and holds up the Ley Pendulum which continues to bathe her in radiant light for the creature to see, "You probably recognize this and if you do, you know I didn't just choose to defend Earth, I was chosen to as well."

"As my friends have said, this doesn't have to end badly for you. Close the portal, return things to normal and never open it again." There was an icy edge to Supergirl's voice as she addressed the massive being.

"If you refuse, you should know we didn't come to die in darkness. We came to bring light and that is exactly what we will do." The young woman took a deep breath and waited to see what the creature would do next.

"You didn't come to die in the darkness… but you will." The creature smirks and a wave of power goes out from it and…

Death, pain, fire. It's magic, of course but not a conventional attack. Rather, each hero is suddenly confronted with a vision of the worst possible moment of their lives, real or imagined. For the Kryptonian, having once been forced to watch Krypton destroy itself, now Earth rips itself apart from unrestrained magic, the ley lines bursting after she failed.

Captain America sees the United States in ruins. DC is burning. New York is Burning. The President is dead. The Statue of Liberty has crumbled. A banner goes up atop the Washington monument and a hundred thousand voices SHOUT HAIL HYDRA!

Thor watches an earth covered in ice, as the frost giants rampage in the wake of Ragnarok. The gods are dead. His family is fallen and now Midgard slips into eternal winter. Fimbulwinter.

Ozymandias sees a desert strewn about with the wreckage of a thousand empires, finally confronted with a world with no more wars to fight. Because no one is left. And yet still he must go on. An inscription on a fallen statue next to him proclaims 'Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.'

The Mansion is on Fire. Scott is dead. Charles is dead. Jean is dead. The few who are left won't be for long. Robots eliminate mutants across the world with ruthless efficiency. And it was because Cal failed to stop them.

Booster sees it. The Cataclysm. Not in just this timeline but in all of them. How could he have been so blind? To think he could fix it all? He's doomed everyone. Everywhere. Everywhen.

As the magic takes hold the slendermen close in. "Feed on their pain." The dragon rumbles.

Captain America stands there for a moment, helmet in his hand as he watches his nation ablaze. As if too heavy to carry the helmet plops from his hand. Then the shield as he stands there, looking as if he's about to weep.

But as the flickering flames turn into the shadows of the slendermen and approach him, Cap knows he must fight back.

Crouching low, the shield goes in one hand, the helm in the other as he leaps upward and spins, bringing a devastating double smash down upon one of the slendermen. The helm is up over the head again, just as he parries a strike from some claws. "Fliers head towards the big one, but stay in close and look out for his arms. Keep moving. The rest of us will hold off these stilt-men."

Ever since he stepped into the role of a Time Master, Booster has had some misgivings. He has seen what some of the others are able to do, and has yet to work out how to do those tricks, himself. He likes to tell himself that this is due to an innate inability on his part, but secretly he is worried about taking on more and more responsibility to safeguard reality.

This vision of the web of timelines collapsing, the multiverse falling apart all around him, triggers something in Booster. Part of it is fear, although despair is not involved. If you're a Time Master then you generally always have a 'last minute' to try to turn things down. His hands clutch at his temples as his eyes glow with a vivid blue light, and chronal energy thrums around him. Fortunately, he does not actually release it, because Captain America's voice cuts through this response. Trying to shake his head, Booster takes off upwards, aiming himself like a golden meteorite at the serpentine creature's face.

As the vision hits him, a wave of panic fills Thor for the first time in nearly a 1000 years. However, he gets his emotions under control thanks to Mjolnir and it's energy absorbing material. As the effect begins to fade, Thor shakes his head and his eyes narrow. He throws his hammer over his head, "You will feel the strength of the Aesir fiend!"

With a flick of his wrist, Mjolnir becomes a whirl of colors. He says, "Be safe, friend." As he gives Captain America a side glace before he throws his hand forward and begins to fly towards the dragon with an ungodly force!

The dragon's emotional attack hits Mimic hard and it literally staggers him. But the thing is, it's old news. He's been to realities where the X-Men are all dead. He's been to ones where Sentinels hunted anyone with power, not just mutants. He himself has killed the Professor, was part of the team that killed Jean and a passenger in his own body when it killed Mariko. And those are just the ones he cared most about. He knows all about guilt and has been to enough realities to be certain that in at least one of them, what he just saw is nothing but the truth. But it's not this one. "Let's hope there's an element of truth to that story." he says quietly and BLINKS out in a flash of purple-pink energy. Inside the dragon's mouth, arms and claws outstretched, he flies straight up towards the palate where he thinks the creature's brain should be. A damn big brain but it should get its attention, not to mention anchor himself.

"The feverish nightmare overwhelms Ozymandias and he uses his spear to stab at the ground like a junkie searching for loss pills. His voice, a mumbling collection of multiple centuries of anger, lost, and pain, "Just one more battle. Just one more battle. Someone must be alive to stand and fall before me…

The vision might have overcome him had it not been for hearing the voices of Captain America and Thor, two other soldiers that had an unique relationship with time. Ozymandias's mystically enhanced intuition uses his knowledge of occult to get him to quickly rise to his feet to thrusts his assegai into the first slendermen he sees. He pulls down at his shield, "You Dare! Face Everlasting Vengeance and Vengeance Everlasting!"

Kara Zor-El was no stranger to loss and pain. Arriving on Earth had been confusing and disorienting for her, she still felt the pangs of loss for her home but she had grown to consider Earth her new home since then.

Hydra had tried to do things to her. They had tried to make her into something they wanted her to be. They had even tried to break her by showing her the destruction of her homeworld and the death of her family.

Seeing Earth destroyed in what she knew must be a vision served to strengthen her resolve. Whatever this being was, it was pure evil.

Shaking her head, her golden blonde hair whips from side to side and the young woman calls out to the beast, "As my good friend Thor would say, 'Is that the best you can do?'. It's our turn now."

Brilliant beams of light shoot forth from Supergirls eyes into the maw of the beast as she flies directly towards the dragon, the sapphire pendulum glows brightly as she approaches; one hand reaching up to clutch it tightly as the small crack upon the sapphire began to grow.

That… should have worked. The dragon-thing doesn't have time to be more than confused before it's struck by first Booster, then Thor, then Kara, then Cal's in it's mouth and as the spike goes up through and into the brain it roars in pain. It's definitely on the back foot now. Though they may want to hurry and finish it off.

Slendermen just swarm in. It's a testament to Captain America's skill and Morien's experience that they're not simply buried and killed but keeping the field clear for the flyers is going to be a herculean task. Claws bounce off Cap's shield. Off Ozymandias' shield. They scrape across armor and flesh, trying to find purchase. Their shrieks are deafening. They sense blood in the water… although whose…

As the dargon in the darkness begins now at last to understand its peril and feel fear… some of the slendermen are starting to attack it.

Herculean efforts are what Captain America was created for.

Steve leaps in the air, and sends the shieldhis one defenseout into the sky. It soars true, bouncing upon the heads of slendermen, knocking them over with their awkward centers of gravity.

Cap doesn't stay still though. He leads a throng of them towards the wall, surely sealing his own fate. Inexplicably, however, he charges up the side of the wall, up into an epic back flip and lands behind them just as his shield fastens itself back upon his arm.

From there, like a bulldozer, Cap burrows through the group he just tricked, taking them out by their legs as he drives straight through!

Fortunately for Booster, once he collides with the draconic being, he sort of bounces off of it and ends up over its head before the others smash at it. This saves him the pain of friendly clobber. With his initial panic subsiding, he is having to deal with this miasma of chronal energy swarming around him. Drawing it back in seems like a bad idea, and just letting it explode outwards would not be wise. Those near to him might feel the effects, as if the world were slowing down, while they speed up. It's all relative. He gets ahold of himself long enough to give the dragon a kick to the back of its head, anyway.

As Thor flies towards the Dragon, his hammer extended in front of him just as the Dragon rears upwards in pain from the attack. Thor explodes into it's chest in a spray of black blood like a bullet. He suddenly explodes out of the beast's back in a spray of ribcage and blood! Thor flies upward over the waves of Slender-men. He roars, "You will not harm Midgard again!"

As he continues to swirl his hammer over his head as clouds begind to swirl over Thor. The winds beginning to build up, and the roof of the cavern begin to explode in a disco of light! The static continues to build an the air almost seems to come alive, when Thor roars and points Mjolnir in front of him. The sky begins to unload numerous bolts of lightning on the army of shadow men with an unnatural targetting talent for avoiding the heroes!

"Surrender and this can end with you alive." Mimic tells it but he doesn't know if the dragon can even hear him. The claws of one hand anchored into flesh, he uses the other to cut and tear deeper. And while he doesn't wear a visor where he can narrow his eyebeams down to practically a pinpoint, he can make their width as tight as possible to cut even deeper than his claws can reach. The dragon showed him what the price of failure can be, albeit under different circumstances. He's not going to fail here under this one.

His costumes is being ripped to shreds, but his wounds are still healing, but he can feel that some of the wounds are not fully healed, but he still presses the attack as he gets inside the reach of another Slendermen to bury his attack into its' head. Captain's actions gives Ozymandias an idea. He lowers his shield and uses his superspeed to bulldozer through the crowd as well, but as he bulldozers through the crowd he throws off some more concussive bombs and grenades.

This time the bombs and grenades do go off immediately, when the Slendermen regroup from his initial attack, Ozymandias sets off the concussive bombs and grenades with a loud war cry. "Fire in the hole!" Ozymandias keeps his shield in front of him, but decides it is time to start using his plasma pistol and begins to let loose.

His costumes is being ripped to shreds, but his wounds are still healing, but he can feel that some of the wounds are not fully healed, but he still presses the attack as he gets inside the reach of another Slendermen to bury his attack into its' head. Captain's actions gives Ozymandias an idea. He lowers his shield and uses his superspeed to bulldozer through the crowd as well, but as he bulldozers through the crowd he throws off some more concussive bombs and grenades.

This time the bombs and grenades do not go off immediately, when the Slendermen regroup from his initial attack, Ozymandias sets off the concussive bombs and grenades with a loud war cry. "Fire in the hole!" Ozymandias keeps his shield in front of him, but decides it is time to start using his plasma pistol and begins to let loose.

Kara Zor-El did not want this realm to be a place of fear any longer. When Zatanna, Fenris and her had discussed why this particular location in the real world was called 'Hellsgate' it had disturbed her and made her very sad. Even though it wasn't apparent, she had felt like she had seen the corruption all around her; the question had been posed to her friends if it could be stopped.

She seemed to have her answer now.

No longer was the young Kryptonian drawing from the Ley Pendulum to enhance her own powers. She thought of the things Zatanna and the others had done, how they had closed the hellgates using the power of the Ley Pendulums.

During those fights, she had been nothing more than muscle; but she had learned something about the pendulums during that time.

For a moment, the air around Supergirl became a brilliant flash of vibrant energy as she began to pour her own power and essence into the cracked sapphire pendulum.

"I told you, we were here to bring light." Kara taunts the dragon as the light begins to envelope her and spread outwards.

She had no intention to kill anything here, using the power of the Pendulum she sought to cleanse the place and reverse the darkness that had tainted it, no matter the cost to herself.

An intense flash of light builds from the Sapphire Ley Pendulum before the entire cavern is awash in a glowing light, spreading out from Supergirl and the Pendant in her hand; the young woman rapidly evaporating in the midst of it.

The blast of light from the Pendulum iluminates the whole cavern, throwing the struggle with the sendermen and the dragon into stark relief… And then Thor flies right through it and boster stomps down. The final gasp seems to come from Cal's twist. It refuses to give up. Which leaves it only one option.

With a growl it collapses forward and gives up the ghost.

And then fear seems to reign. Not among the JL:A but among the slendermen. They flee in terror of Captain America and Ozymandias. In the distance there's the thunderous sound of the portal snapping shut…

And for a moment ,it seems like they might be stuck.

And then golden light washes over them. Stepping disks taking them (briefly) through Limbo and then spitting them out again on the main deck of the Insight. Right in front of Maria Hill.

"Well… I take it the job's done then?" She glances over the deck toward Hell's Gate. The Rift is Gone.

"Hope you got a snapshot for Representative Traverstein," Cap says as he walks past Hill and towards the changing rooms.

Booster staggers slightly once they have been extracted, his eyes still glowing behind his visor. He puts his hands up in a warding gesture, just a warning for anyone to stay away from him and he says, "I just… I have to go." Despite the lack of 'teleportation' in whatever powers dossier the agency may keep on him, Booster Gold vanishes in a flash of arctic blue light.

Thor lands with ease, and frowns slightly. He sees a piece of the amulet glowing on the ground. Thor bends down to pick it up and holds it in his large hand. He closes it over his hand and then looks over as Captain exits. He hmmm and says, "I think it is time to break out the ale and celebrate out victory."

Mimic is, quite literally, covered from head to toe in dragon's blood that's steaming as it drips off of him. He looks around him a moment then levitates a few inches. "Thanks Magik." Starting from the top, the blood is telekinetically pushed off till the last few drops drip from his toes into the rather large puddle. He floats beyond it and lands. "Careful, that's near boiling." he warns the nearest crewman as he transform back to flesh. "All present and accounted for?" he asks, doing a head count.

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