Metropolis Gathering

May 03, 2015:

Short break time in trying to secure Metropolis. A group of heroes congregate



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It's odd to see metropolis full of soldiers. And also full of bullet holes and craters and other detritus of a short lived but rather ferocious battle. The City is under Martial Law while the Mayor's office gets its feet back under it and that's expected to last for a few days. The troops themselves will probably be assisting law enforcement for a month or so. They're not going anywhere, at any rate. Nickolas Gleason been involved in rescue operations for civilians and operatives alike. The armored, flying, Stark ambulances are frankly unmatched for that kind of work and even wounded the werewolf PA wasn't going to stay out of things. He is, however, finally relaxing near a marshalling area belonging to the 153rd MP company. At present he's enjoying some hot chow, which is something he's not had a chance to enjoy for a little bit. He gets looks from the soldiers but he's saved enough of their asses that no one is going to say anything at the moment. The marshalling area is, coincidentally, just outside city hall. Which is full of holes.

Nyx is nearby just looking silent as she sits on the steps to city hall. Her passenger is digesting a whole lot of magi-tech so she finds herself feeling very vague and disjointed right now. So sitting is probably good and from here she can react quickly if any emergancy calls go up of someone in need.

She filters in, and well gets sort've a mixed response. The fellows not wearing any unit patches, throw waves and thumbs up which she returns. The rest seem, decidedly more wary and you can't blame them. Her neat urban splinter camo is a mess, as is the woman wearing it. She's caked in grime, blood, her gear has a lovely collection of slashes, bullet holes, burn marks and well lord only knows. Her helmet's been shot nearly to shreds, the mess of wires and titanium which used to be her only pair of thermal goggles are still attached though. Her shield's been missing for, well forever. Her carbine carries actual bullet holes as well as obvious fragmentation damage and her kevlar looks like it's been fed through the shredder before she put it back on. Raw off white fibers of kevlar, a shattered section of ceramic plate both protruding through whats left of her chest rig. Nobody stops her though, as she trudges slowly towards the mess tent.
Nobody stops her, because she's the mother fucking Partisan and she just schooled Hydra non stop from beginning to end. Though flame blackened, theres still a neat red and black cat skull above two crossed rifles on her left shoulder flash. The CCU's chain and bolt cutter emblem, well partly it's been shot away but the remains are largely recognizable at least. She pauses to key up her throat mic «Overlord, this is Snake bite one. I'm out of se-..»Pausing as she runs a gloved hand along the cord, only to find the wire broken. Theres a moment spent digging her radio out've her backpack, only to pull free a hulk of steel and electronics that used to be a radio. So she just, dumps that pack near one of the seats and snags herself some actual hot food and thank fucking god coffee. "Hey, anyone got a smoke?"

A brunette with a pair of green and yellow wings, lightly touches down on the ground outside City Hall. The wings, if anyone looks closely enough aren't made of anything solid, they seem to shimmer and flicker and as the brunette concentrates, flicker out of existence.

Looking around, Brinley Meyers spots Nick and makes her way over to him. "Heya Nick, I got told to come down this way and see where I can lend hand. You alright?"

The Question walks in shadows, alleys, where the forgotten and the broken dwell. He's not interested in the petty conflicts of groups of militant psychopaths - whether one works for the government and the other seeks to overthrow it, they're just a pair of symbiotes fighting over the host body. It's the collateral damage to which the Question must attend - the mothers left with dead children, the homeless wounded in the crossfire, the predators that rise up and seek prey when the vulnerable are left exposed.

The would-be mugger slumps to the ground, the faceless vigilante releasing the nerve hold he had at the side of his neck, leaving the boy, barely more than a teenager, slumped and senseless on the pavement. He quietly hands the purse back to an elderly woman, who asks the same thing they always do. "Who are you?"

He adjusts his hat, head cocked as he sees the winged woman settling down near the armed man, straightening the lapels of his trenchcoat in gloved hands.

"Good question," he replies.

Lunair has had a rough weekend. And seeing what she does feels odd. Not rough, but odd. Lunair is armored up and has a couple of bags of take out with her. A few metal thermoses contain something nice, too. She is looking for the Mother Fucking Partisan(TM). Her armor is a dark black with blue trim. She'll help people as she sees them, but for her part - Lunair is more a weapon and fire support than comforting people. There's a blink, seeing the winged lady land. "Man. That is so neat."

And it's time to look for Partisan! Tally ho!

Civilian transportation in or out of Metropolis is currently just not happening and because of this Pepper is still here, in the military camp that has become Rescue Inc's base of operations. It also doesn't help that she pretty decisively sprained an ankle in the escape to the 153rd's marshalling area. The only real consolation: Her insistence on bringing an overnight bag has finally proven worthwhile, and she's not stuck wearing yesterday's business suit and broken heels. Instead, she's currently sporting the ever so fashionable ensemble of an overlarge t-shirt and a pair of baggy plaid flannel pajama pants with the legs rolled up so she doesn't trip over them. Oh, and the ace bandage around that ankle.

Sitting in one of the most out-of-the-way corners of the mess tent with her feet propped up on her driver Dmitri's legs (at HIS insistence, mind you), Pepper is quietly arguing with someone on her phone.

"No, I can't get back right now….no, Tony, please. Don't send the…No. I mean it. No. I'm fine, I'm… oh for god's sake, Tony. I'm surrounded by soldiers. No one is going to try anything, I promise. Yes, this is exactly how it feels every time you put on your suit and go rocketing off to… right, yes. I promise. Yes. Okay, if you insist. Yes, JARVIS, that's fine, though my phone's already down to forty percent and I don't have any way to charge it here."

Partisan perks a brow, peering after Pepper wordlessly for a moment before giving a grunt. She slips her pack or whats left of it over a shoulder, and makes her way slowly to where she can sit down and keep an eye on Pepper. Pepper looks hurt, but well she's also on the phone and it'd be rude to interrupt so instead she just eats. Well eats and drinks coffee, and look like she just went through the wood chipper. One hand lifting to jerk the QD on her plate carrier, so she can drop it off to one side. Yeah that camo'd jacket has enough holes, yeah armor ain't such hot shit against laser weaponry and so fourth right? She does have a spare BDU jacket, but well that was used a pressure bandage hours ago. Anywho, she swivels her gaze over towards Pepper's driver before making the universal sign for "You got a smoke?" because well. It's the Mother Fucking Partisan, aight?

Nyx lifts her head there and then looks around very slowly. Lunair she recognizes. She is pretty sure she heard pepper. The wings thoug hcatch her attention and she slips up to her feet to approach Brinley. "Nice wings. What are they made out of?" she asks with genuine curiousity.

Nick looks up and smiles and Brin's entrence. "Hey there Brinley. I'm fine. Just tired." He's gotten shot a couple times yes, but he's tougher than he looks. So hurting a bit, and tired. But mmmmmm. Hot food. "I'm sure we could use some he-" He breaks off as Nyx comes over and waves to the girl. He's seen her before. On youtube. Angel of Metropolis they call her. He'll let Brin explain that. "'Scuse me a sec." He murmurs and gets up when he sees Lunair. Partisan he… may have seen before but not in this skin, so he doesn't recognize her. She looks shreded up though so he'll check on her in a second. By coincidence, they both seem to be headed the same direction. "Hey Ma'am, do you need help?" He means Part. "Look a bit beat up. I'm a medic."

Pepper's still here. He's wanted to give her a ride back but… hasn't had the time to fly back to New York. The Question, as he emerges, finds an Ashcan sized machine just… fitzing. As if on the fritz. Odd. Was that there a moment ago?

Lunair is sort of not really a civilian. But she is pretty loaded down. Most of her fighting has been ambush baced. Nevertheless, she can camo. She's just opting not to. She's hoofing it, now that she spots Partisan. She waves to the group. "Hi!" She didn't even get kidnapped again. "I brought- oh wow." Oops. "… I should have brought more." Sadface. But it is at least a good sized meal for a group.

Brinley seems familiar. Pepper, and Nicholas, too. She's not quite yet aware of the Question (42), but she likely will be shortly. "Um. Well, hi. I - brought - food - and - there's dudes - EVERYWHERE."

"Good to hear Nick…" Brin turns to look at Nyx, frowning a little. She's been away, on R & R for while, Nyx is a new face to the mutant but still… she looks vaguely familiar… Brin hasn't connected all the Youtube footage she's been watching, trying to catch up the state of things in the Tri Cities.

"Hello. I'm Brinley." she smiles at Nyx, she might answer the question once the pleasantries are exchanged.

Pepper Potts looks up when she sees Partisan slink up and claim a spot at her table, then says into her phone, "Tony, I've got to go. I'll call you again soon, okay? Yes. All right. Bye." She ends the call and looks at the shredded-seeming woman. "You look like you had a lot of fun." THere she goes, quoting movies again.

Dmitri shakes his head no at Partisan apologetically.

The teenager part of Nyx catches up with the whole situation finally and has the decency to blush there. "Oh u.. sorry… " she is in a new pair of cargo pants and one of those heavy duty sports tops that doesn't fry off with her wings that Pepper introduced her too. She looks pretty scuffed up, clothing at least. "Nyx. People around here tend to call me the Angel of Metropolis .. which is wierd but it is because of my wings…" which aren't visible right now. She nods to Nick "Hey hi.. sorry for interrupting.."

Partisan peers after Nick for a moment, before it clicks that she -has- infact changed faces. So she explains herself, simply. "I'm the mother fucking Partisan, so yeah I'm swell. What about you rin-tin-tin, you look about like how I feel."Yeah, ok. It's her right? Then Lunair arrives with treats, and Part offers Lunair a particularly genuine smile."Yeah I know sweetheart, it's alright you're just one girl. It was very kind of you to bring anything at all, thanks Looney Tunes. Now please please tell me you brought me smokes?" Pepper gets a tired smile and a lofted chin for invitation to join her and Lunair. "Yeah Kevlar and trauma plates can only do so fucking much, right? I'll be fine with some chow, some nicotine. Hard out there for a solo act, been lugging around more'n my bodyweight and kit since this kicked off."

Lunair has been fighting things. So many things. ALL the bad things! She smiles at Partisan. "Thanks. I've been fighting my arms off. Um, yeah. I was suggested to bring these. There is some chinese, some kobe beef and - mostly a lot of carbs and meat." Some veggies, but hey. "And a tiny bit of sushi. I didn't know what to bring, but there's tea and water again." Hey, why not? "I guess that means there's extras. I left all the non-perishables with people." She genuinely beams at Partisan and hands the bags over. "I think the smokes are in with the squishy stuff on top so they wouldn't smash," She contemplates this. There's a wave to Pepper and Nyx.

And yup, there's Nicholas and Brinley. Thankfully, Lunair pulls her helmet off. Massive helmet hair, some of the back of her head's hair standing nearly straight up. Phew. "I imagine it is," She agrees, seeming sympathetic to Partisan's plight. While Luna can save some weight being able to pull things on the fly…

Brinley smiles warmly at Nyx, she's wearing jeans and t-shirt, nothing particularly special… she's not back in X-Red uniform yet, that might just take a little more time. "Angel of Metropolis, ah… I've seen you on Youtube and no wonder you're interested in my wings." Brin winks at the young woman "Psychic energy… I form them just by thinking about them." Don't ask her how… she doesn't know… she just does.

Watching Nick, Brins attention falls on Lunair and she indicates for Nyx to join her. "Hey Lunair, who are your friends?"

"Uh, not sure who this is but she's apparently okay… despite having her kit torn up." Nick chuckles. "I got hit a few times. I'll be okay I- oh… Partisan." Now he knows the name. He turns to look at Lunair for a long moment just to make sure she is before headed back in the vague direction of Pepper. "Miss Potts do you need anything? They're serving food." He turns to look at Nyx and frowns. "In fact I don't think I've seen you eat either. Maybe you can get some. It's… hot." WHich is about all that can be said for it. Army cooking, right? "Brin are you here for a bit?"

Dmitri nods to Nick on Pepper's behalf at the exact same time that she shakes her head no. Typical. Amused but still shaking her head no, Pepper lets her phone rest on the table in front of her, knowing that JARVIS is now actively monitoring everything in the area through the device. "I just ate an hour or so ago, Mr. Gleason, but thank you. Dmitri, you should eat. I promise, I'm staying right here." She sits up a bit straighter as her feet touch the floor and the driver/guard goes to get something after all, and she smiles a hello to Lunair who has brought offerings of good food. (You know, unlike army food.) "Partisan, do you need a change of clothes? I can't promise they'll fit well, but I have another outfit or two."

Nyx pauses and looks to Nick and then ums "I… actually I ate a lot .. sort of… I mean… I think I absorbed too much of their technology really and its been a wierd day…" she sighs and shakes her head "But.. right eat food.. yeah I could do with some hot food…that Lunair brought or something if.. that is okay…" yeah she has run into Lunair before but she follows Brinley over to Ms Potts Partisian and Lunair.

Partisan pauses a moment to peel off her glove, before reaching over to smooth Lunair's hair down with a gentle touch and a soft smile. "Looney Toons, you are a saint of a girl."and then well theres one hand fetching chow as the other digs out…a pack of smokes which part sets to one side where she can keep an eye on them. "No thankyou, Pepper but I appreciate the thought. After I get some chow I'm heading back out there, theres still a fight on and I'm not built to sit on the sidelines just because I'm tired."Going after rice and chinese, and well no joke she's tearing through food at an impressive rate. "After awhile, you just stop caring about feeling like shit. Keep at it, and your switch gets flipped. Like a runner's high, only it's a combat high. They're delicate, precious things not to be cast aside or forgotten. At the same time, you let it rule you and you fight until you collapse and die. It was hard enough to come in here and eat, I couldn't just stop now."Pausing to finally get her first cigarette lit up with a soft sigh. "I was starting to forget how much I love a good war, better than sex."

Lunair pauses. She smiles, and shares her part with Dmitri, Pepper and Nyx. "Sure. Help yourselves. I don't have time to eat all I grabbed for me. I think - I have to go back out soon anyway. I'm not hurt, so…" Headtilt, handwobble. But what she has, she shares. Lunair blinks, and smiles back to Partisan. Awe, hair smoothed down. She looks touched. "Thanks. That's really kind of you to say," A smile and one eye closes at that. There's also water and tea (of warm and cold varieties) in the metal thermoses. "There's some fresh water and tea, too." She will let the trio dig in if they wish.

"I hope you guys like fried rice, anyway." Nicholas is welcomed, too. Lunair just looks a bit overwhelmed when a communicator buzzes. "Ooh. Nuts. Well, you guys enjoy. I have to go help with some stuff." Wavewave. "It was good to see you." Smile. She puts her helmet back on, the black visor folding and sealing. She isn't using her rocket boots here - that's just a good way to end up a skeet shot target. She's probably providing explosives and drawing fire, because Lunair's armor does handle energy weapons pretty well. Whoosh!

Nick chuckles as Dmitri is sent off, with the Pepper glare, to go get food. He lets the others divy the chinese up amongst themselves. "Brin you might as well eat too if you're gonna be with us for a bit. Dunno when you're going to have another chance. City's still in pretty bad shape and there's lots of folks that need help." He glances over to Pepper. "Was that who I think that was on the phone? Did he say if outside news says we're getting more help? For that matter, Miss Partisan, have you head? How close are we to contained?"

"As long as you, or anyone, needs, Nick. My assignment was here, and here I am" Brinley offers a shy smile to the rest of the group. She'll take a plate of food, Army food… yeah, it's hot.

Nyx is totally smart enough to grab a container of fried rice and starts to eat. She has been out here as fast as mach1 would bring her from New York when it went down. Ripping apart Hydra magi-tech cyborgs and then going into the Abyss. "Who do you work for?" she asks Brinley curious now.

"I'm not Miss Partisan, I'm the Mother Fucking Partisan Nick."Part corrects, yeah that crazy bitch who mentored Nancy back in the day. The one who got Cyclops all wound up, Brin may remember the name or maybe not. "I haven't had coms in awhile, but contained is a bad word for it man. Reduced, would be the precise military term for it. Which is to say they need to kill enough of those mother fuckers, that their basic unit cohesion dissolves and they stop acting like a unit. Then they'll strip off their uniforms, and try to blend in with the refugees or straight up flee the conflict zone. The Natty Light will have formed a perimeter to fence off reinforcements, and will be stopping anyone trying to exit the zone. Folks without ID will be detained without any thought given to like, basic constitutional rights because we're in martial law here. If they can't figure out who they are, well then they'll hang onto them. Once the combat phase ends, that perimeter will move inward and they'll try to positively identify everyone left inside the city."Part pauses, snuffing out her cigarette and digging back into her chow. "Most of these HYDRA fucks are likely US citizens, and well that means charges of sedition and treason if not summary field executions."

"Just Partisan, Nick" Brin murmurs, a slight smile tugging at the corner of her lips. She doesn't really remember the woman from before, but she was the topic of discussion the other day.

"I work for X-Red. Day job, I'm an Account Manager, liaise between the business and those that use our services." Other times…. well you know how that goes.

"Oh. Sorry." Nick corrects himself. He is not himself an X-Man. And he works for himself. Witness the somewhat battlescarred but still flying 'Rescue One' not too far off. He's going to need to order a few more of those from Pepper. He might have had some prospects for expanding. Crewing has always been a significant issue. That might be… somewhat solved now. "Sounds like quite an operation. Folks might be a bit surprised how it goes… can't remember the last time the Army had to deal with something like this on our own ground. Never, I guess."

He glances over to Nyx. "Solders have been telling me you did well today by the way. So thanks, if no one's mentioned it."

Pepper Potts accepts a thermos of hot tea from Lunair — that she'll take happily — and fills a paper cup that is sitting empty near her phone. "He said that there are relief teams on their way, but getting through Gotham is slowing everything down. They killed their power grid, and getting it all running again isn't as easy as just flipping a switch. Not to mention the chaos overnight."

And then a cultured British voice emanating from Pepper's phone offers more information. "Mr. Gleason, Sir has bid me to inform you that he is having supplies compiled from municipalities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia to be sent to Metropolis as quickly as the current condition of the roadways allow. Miss Potts, Sir also insisted that I impress upon you once again his frustration at your not letting him send a jet for you." At that, Pepper can only sigh. She figures that Tony's actual phrasing was far more colorful. "Remind him again of the state of the roads here, and how the closest airport is, well, likely closed to all civilian traffic."

Nyx does blink and she rubs the back of her head and offers Nick a smile "Hey… um.. yeah no one had mentioned it. I mean sure the people I saved but no one usually tells me I am doing a good job.. most just worry." she eye rolls and shrugs. "I'm so sick of Hydra…" to Brin though she grins "oh hey.. surrpised we hadn't met.. Bobby is like my best friend back in the city. X-Red is awesome…." to Pepper she offers "I can fly in .. well like small shipping containers if it helps.."

"Bobby, is good people. Very nice young man."Which is funny, considering Part looks like she's what 19 at most? "Flying is hazardous to your health right now, too many stupid fucks out there on both sides. You're better walking out, but the only safe play is to shelter in place. Pepper likely rates as a High Value Target due to her association with Stark, so yeah Pepper I'd stay put. Speaking of Stark though, you think I could talk him into helping me fab some armor up for myself? I know he isn't eager to delve back into the arms trade or anything, but we're talking armor not like a mechanized suit."

"Stark made this for me. Well, Pepper made this for me really…" He calls the oversized riot shield not too far from him 'Virgina'. It's painted on the back. Pepper may not have noticed. Which may be for the best. "Brin, City Hall is a mess right now and the 153rd's supply lines are pretty jacked up too. Making it hard to get medical supplies. With Stark sending supplies we'll want to get that straightened out. Think you might apply some of those management skills to the situation and see if you can get it cleared up? Soon as Roger and I replace one of the armor plates on Rescue One there, we'll go out again and you can come with." For that matter, Pepper might be able to organize things here, so long as she's going to be stuck.

"Partisan, Nyx, I run a… Medical Extraction busniess. Normally it's a business but things are all very 'emergency' right now so if I give you our frequency, just remember to call if you get in too hot. We'll come get you."

"Bobby seems to be everyones friend" Brin smiles warmly at Nyx "I've only just returned to New York. I've…. been away …. for a while. It was time to come home though. It's nice to meet you Nyx."

Nicks suggestion has her smiling "Sure… I can do that. And I'll come back out with you too… " At least she might be able to offer some coverage, even if she doesn't know much about nursing…

"Partisan, I'll bet if you promised him to get me back to New York as soon as possible, he'd have the armor ready and waiting for you when we got there." Of course, Pepper can't actually promise that. Unless… "JARVIS, do you think you could start an armor mock-up for Partisan? That way if Tony says yes there will already be something for him to start with?"

"Certainly, Miss Potts."

The teenager nods to Brin "Nice to meet you too Brin." then Nyx looks to Pepper "man I'd fly you home for some of that armor… not that I need it.. really I need someone to design me clothes that don't get trashed when mechas throw me through buildings…" she just sighs and nods to Nick "Sure.. i mean.. usually people send me distress calls.. which you can do if you need help."

"I already have sketches, and yeah I can absolutely get you to New York in about two hours. You'd be safe as houses, but its your call Pepper. I ain't gonna go all Merc for new toys."Part shrugs, lighting up another cigarette and slumping into her chair. "Nick, I dont get into trouble. though I appreciate the concern it's duly noted. I'm callsign snake bite one, if any of your birds hit the dirt out there. Just keep in mind I'm on foot, and well generally speaking I'll be in combat most of the day. So it'll take me a spell to get to you."See, paragon of soldierly virtue right here. MFP in the flesh ladies and gents.

Nick doesn't know who Bobby is so he doesn't comment. "Well I'll let you get to it. I need to get that armor plate changed out. Pep if you're still here when I get back we'll see about, uh, something that might be a bit warmer. Gonna get a bit chilly tonight if you're not indoors." Nick's been sleeping in the ambulance. Roger too. Crew rest.

"Brin I'll be back in a bit. Nyx… nice to meet you. See you all soon. Under better circumstances I hope."

Pepper smiles at Brin. "I'll be happy to help with coordinating. It's way better than sitting here feeling like I'm a burden." She shakes her head no at Partisan again. "I have you doubt you could, but that would take you away from being able to help here. Maybe once everything's been settled. And Nick, Dmitri and I can stay in the car again." That's what they did last night. As beat up as the sedan is from their escape from Queensland Park, the vehicle can still act as overnight shelter well enough. Especially as the 153rd made sure to camoflauge it amongst everything else in this cordoned off area. "We'll be fine."

Nyx totally leans and murmurs to Pepper "Call me if you need me." not like Pepper isn't paying her rent and for her to be a hero really. She leans back and looks around. "I should probably go see if there are any remnant mech units out there needing flattening…"

Partisan ponders quietly, before nodding. "Pepper, tomarrow at oh lets say sundown you should be here and be ready to move. My truck is intact, or at least it was when I parked it and me and Jerry built it for exactly this sort've thing."A pause as she takes a drag of that cigarette "You're going to need to learn how to fire a minigun, theres an M-134 in the passenger seat. The big guys can sit in the back, theres a rear firing MK.19 and a radio back there to fuck around with. I will require however, you do as I say when you're in my truck whilst we are driving around in an active conflict zone. Also, you get my truck banged up and I'm gonna shoot you a repair bill you're not going to like. You're an HVT though, we can't leave you here and I'll need the time to clear a route for us on foot."

"I'd like that, Miss…." Brin furrows her brow a little "Potts, wasn't it? I'm Brinley and another sharp mind is appreciated." Nodding to Nick as he leaves, she'll work out somewhere to stay for the night, it's not like she's going to leave people behind.

"Catch you later, Nyx. It was nice meeting you." Partisan gets a nod "If you need a hand at all, I'm not bad in a fight… I have some unique skills that might be of use."

Nick nods and starts to head out. "Brin come talk to me later. We'll get you a bedroll and a space to sleep. Might be in the ambulance but there's plenty of room." And then he's gone, off to get one of the replacement armor plates he needs.

With a smile, Pepper nods to Nyx, then shares her phone number with Brin and really, really hoping her phone's battery holds out. Even with the not-released-to-retail model she uses, the battery will only last for so long. With normal for her use, she's probably got at most 36 hours of life left in it. With JARVIS full-time monitoring the phone, that's probably shorter by at least a third. (Oh, such first world problems.) "A … minigun? I suppose I can try." She looks at Partisan a bit uncertainly. Maybe Dmitri knows how to use one of those? Or possibly she can get someone else to hitch a ride back with them as well? Those are all worries she can procrastinate about for now, though. Hopefully.

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