Deep Sea Diplomacy

March 28, 2015:

Seeking out Rowan to organise a meet with Blue representative, Ulani catches up with Mera.

New York Harbor


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After his last meeting with the Blue Envoy and the Queen Rowan was starting to get the notion that this was going to be a bit of a process, getting permission and locations to visit his people. But at least it was a process he was making progress on. He's a bit out of the Harbor as he muses on this, watching shipping go back and forth and getting ready to take one of his trips out to DMD again. He looks in on the place a lot. He doesn't always visit the people there, but he likes to make sure that nothing untoward has happened to them. Hopefully the locals (that Atlanteans that is) have gotten the message that the dragon will be most displeased if that occurs.

Things are strange sometimes. Ulani was told to see how things were in Atlantis and this is the second time that Queen Mera and her have met concindently under the sea. Ulani had been on the way to find Rowan, but when stopped by the Sea Queen and has taken a few minutes to chat.

"I'm going to find Rowan" the Blue Envoy tilts her head slightly "to deliver an update from my superiors." She can't actually invite the Queen to accompany her, but she can't stop her from joining her. "I'll start at that place "Where the Dragon Suns Itself" and work back from there." Maybe today, she'll also find another way of contacting him.

Mera quirks her eyebrows at Ulani. "Perhaps I can speed up locating him, Emissary Ulani?" She then reaches out to Rowan telepathically, doing so without hesitation now that Atlantis at least is back under some sort of equilibrium. In the palace, at least. ~ Rowan? Do you perhaps have a bit of time?~ And then while waiting for the dimensionally displaced Blue to reply, she brandishes one of those expandable mesh sacks and start collecting sea urchins from the ocean floor. The black ones are her personal favorites.

~Of course, your Majesty. I'm outside the harbor swimming toward the surfacer labs where you first met me.~ The Blue replies with, literally, a thought. It says something about how comfortable Mera has made him that he doesn't hesitate to give her his location. Of course, he still thinks she's one of the most frightening people he knows.

Ulani turns to look at Mera and nods her head "That would be most helpful." telepathy wasn't that common amongst the Blue. Seeing Mera collecting urchins, she bends to assist her, noting that this is the second time Mera has done this. She must really like urchins.

When Mera relays Rowans' position, the Blue Envoy will take the two of them, directly to his location.

Mera makes sure they have a decent sackful before relaying the other Blue's current location. ~ We shall meet you en route then, Rowan. ~ She'd pick up a few anemones as well, but they're not exactly common in this area. She does make a lightning-quick grab at a passing jellyfish-like thing before they translocate.

Rowan is in Blue form, not dragon form, today. He's not in a hurry. He is water aspected though and that makes him a bit more… piscine. Either way they find him swimming easily down, enjoying the view even as the light fades beyond the ability of regular surfacers to see anything. He knows they'll be finding him soon.

Queen Mera seems to like her delicasies, Ulani notes the last grab as she hydraports the monarch and herself near Rowan. Not too close of course, they don't want to land on top of him. "Greetings Rowan." She stops just near him. "Are we interrupting anything?"

Mera waves… with the hand holding the jellyfish-thing. Since Ulani already called out greetings she doesn't speak up as well and takes the moment to use a little bit of cohesive water to 'slice' the trailing tentacles off of her jellysnack.

Rowan pauses in his descent to wave back. He's seen the queen eat though seeing her nosh is a new experience entirely. Huh. "No not in particular. I was just looking in on the surfacer labs. Making sure no one had bothered them. What may I do for you today?"

Ulani is beginning to find Queen Mera rather engaging as she waves with the food. "I've spoken with my superior. I can't invite you to the city yet, but I've arranged for some of my people to meet with you on neutral territory. If you agree, we just have to decide the time and place."

Mera looks from one Blue to the other in fascination. Of coruse she knows she wouldn't be able to accompany Rowan to this meeting. That would be bad on so many levels. "If you wish, I can ensure the neutral territory that you select remains neutral during that time."

"Perhaps the labs then…" Rowan muses. That's about as neutral as it gets. "It's a surfacer research installation. Minimal weaponry, no military presence. Just guards and scientists. I believe they'd welcome more Blue, provided they go to ask a few questions." He looks over to Mera. Clearly thinking the same thing she is

And Ulani had already suggested such to her superiors. She can't invite the Queen and King herself, but she couldn't stop them being there like say for instance on a tour of the facility. "That sounds ideal." Even though she has a distrust of science, she barely lets it show "Queen Mera, your offer is most kind. Please understand that I'm not empowered to address the offer. If Rowan would like to though…"

Mera nods, the de-tentacled jellyfish-thing still in her hand and the sack of urchins slung over one shoulder. "I think the Surfacer outpost is an ideal neutral meetingplace. And it is already protected territory, so that should be no extra effort at all." She pauses for a moment, then turns her head to one side as if listening to something. ~ Arthur? ~

Aquaman never got much time to himself a problem that's only grown since the invasion. Now… well… «Yes dear?» he responds as he stares out through the dark water as he returns from far southern waters. He reaches up to run a finger along the scars on his chest, already fading and hard, there's no longer any real residual tension in them, but he swears he can occasionally feel something twinge there. He's been assured that soon enough they'll vanish completely, he's not so sure.

~ Do you anticipate any problems with the Surfacer research facility being used as a meeting place for Rowan and some Blue representatives from the outpost in the Carribean? ~ Okay, Mera doesn't actually use the name Carribean, she uses the Atlantean equivalent.

Rowan isn't aware that Aquaman is near though so long as one is within a couple thousand miles of him, he's never exactly far. He can, after all, move very fast when he has a mind. "How quickly can our people organize the meeting?" He asks Ulani while Mera… he thinks she's thinking at her husband.

"I can have it organised quickly. Tomorrow if you like. I've already done the ground work and" she glances at Mera, noting the turn of her head "they are ready to meet you." Looking back at the Blue Warrior, Ulani frowns slightly "Will Aspen Matthews be joining you? If so, I would like to meet with her first. In the water."

Aquaman chuckles, «Well, I'm almost certain the surface worlders will take the opportunity to use every ounce of technology available to scan every single person that steps into the facility so that they can begin building profiles on my people. I also assume they'll be collecting every DNA sample left on every glass, bit of food, or surface that is touched for later analasys and potential weapons manufacture.» he says simply. He gets kidnapped by one super scientist when he was younger and nwo he's a cynic. «But other then that, no, I do not suspect it will be an issue. I would imagine that safe guards should be put in place.»

Mera looks back at Rowan and Ulani. "I have just consulted with my husband to ensure that this will not be an inconvenience for anyone. I am waiting for his reply." She adjusts the sack of urchins as Arthur replies. "He does not anticipate any problems, though thinks safeguards should be put into place. And that is simple enough." ~ I hope to be there myself to ensure all proper precautions are taken. Also, I have some urchins, would you care to join us? ~

"Perhaps, Mera, you should arrange to tour the facility just to be sure. Say in… two days?" Rowan knows how this game is played. He doesn't like it, but he can do it. With some skill. Ulani gets a curious look. Two days?

"We can meet in two days." Ulani's watching Mera carefully, very interested in how she's communicating. "Thank you for doing so, Your Majesty. It is a kindness." Politeness can never go far enough, really.

Aquaman pauses in his swim to think it through, «Usually this si the sort of thing I'd have Orm take care of…» he mentions off handedly, «I never knew how much he did for us until he was gone. Namor is a great figure head but his skills in matters such as this are lacking. I need to look in expanding my inner circle…»

Mera smiles a bit to herself. ~ I know, Arthur. And we'll get there. For now, though, I think this has the potential to be a good thing. The beginning of new and positive relations with the Blue. The emissary here, Ulani, is a very reasonable individual. ~

Rowan nods at Ulani's assent, though he's not privy ot Mera's conversation with Aquaman. Politics like this is a dangerous game and playing matchmaker is not something he's keen to do much. But if it helps it helps. "Lovely. Are we expecting more guests or shall I start swimming again."

Aquaman's chuckle echos in his mind, «I am not conserned with the politics of the Blue. They've never opposed me and have always been friendly. Their worried stem from Orm and my apparent assassination. If they think we can promise them it will never happen again then they are fools. The meeting as a whole is nessicary but only because fragile egos require propping up.» he pauses, «It is good that I havn't time to attend, I feel that Namor's rather to-honest nature has rubbed off and my nerves are frayed enough that I would be of little diplomatic help.» he begins to move again, quickly this time.

"I would like to meet Aspen Matthews again, Rowan." Ulani glances at Mera, the Sea Queen has gone very quiet. "Preferably in the water. Are you able to arrange this?" Pausing and considering "It would be good for her to be at the meeting too, I believe. Expose her to our people a little."

Mera returns her attention to the two there next to her. "I would also like to meet AspenMatthews again. I did not get a chance to really speak with her last time." And she also replies to Arthur. ~ This meeting that has been requested seems to me to be more a chance for the Blue to become acquainted with Rowan than any sort of political machinations toward Atlantis. ~

Rowan settles in he water and nods thoughtfully. 'You doubt she is Blue." It's alright. He would have too had it not been for the circumstances of their meeting. "I can arrange it. I'll need some time to locate her again but it won't be hard."

Aquaman snorts at that, «Come now Mera, you know better then that.» everything under the water is politics with Atlantis in one form or another. «But, for the sake of arguement let's say that is true, then I suggest we make certain that the meeting place is devoid of useable sample materials. I do not mind their being there, but if I find they are collecting any information on my people, /any/ of my people, I will be… displeased.» part of Atlantis' success in remaining the power it is is located in it's mystery. And it's not a small part. Arthur is intent on keeping it that way.

Ulani offers a small smile to Rowan "It is a possibility Rowan. Yes. And thank you." Sighing a little, she continues "I'm sure our medics will also want to see her. If she is Blue, then it's possible they could work out her family." Nodding to Mera, Ulani agrees "Our time with her was too short."

Mera nods to Ulani, but again her attentin is more on her conversation with Arthur. ~ If you prefer, my King, I will see about arranging for this meeting to occur outside of the Surfacer facility, or perhaps I should suggest that the meeting take place elsewhere. ~ Yeah, a little bit snarly. there.

It may be good that Rowan is not privy to the Royal Domestic Row. Which is like a regular domestic row except that both sides can use the 'We' pronoun without being crazy. "I'm sure that can be arranged though she will have to consent to being tested. Her ability to meet with us in the water should be more than enough evidence that the sea is her native environment."

Aquaman considers that but decides against it, «No. Having the meeting in the facility shows trust of a sort, but see to it that no scans can be managed while the meeting is in progress and the rooms, all the rooms, that they use are mysteriously scowered clean afterward. Salt water isn't kind to DNA samples.» He sounds patient and in no way snarly with Mera. He sounds instead very much like a King. «The surface fears us now more then they ever have, it would do us well to remember they are not fools nor adverse to deceit. More then ever before we /must/ be on our guard. Peace with them, yes, friendship even, but not trust. Not yet.»

"Understood Rowan, it's why I bought it up." The Blue Envoy shrugs "Let's take it one thing at a time." Mera's distraction with the Royal Domestic Row has her interested… not that she knows Mera is snarly at all.

Okay. Full disclosure time to go with Mera's suddenly sour expression. "Arthur is concerned that the Surfacers in the research facility will take advantage of the opportunity presented by this meeting to obtain samples of skin or similar from any ocean-dweller who attends. I will need to speak with the facility personnel to ensure that they do not attempt to do so. Or, we hold the meeting outside of the facility itself." Grump. Hmph.

"I can understand Arthur not wanting surfacers to acquire samples of you or any Atlanteans." Rowan nods. That seems a sensible thing for the King to do. "I would, however, strongly advise that he take such premptive measures up with the Blue prior to enacting them on their behalf. I'm not diplomat but that seems… like something they might object to not knowing about and approving." He glances over to Ulani for clarification on the matter.

The Blue Envoy looks between Mera and Rowan "I'm sure my superior will appreciate your concern, Queen Mera." she speaks slowly, measuring her words. Jerosh has said ''Don't engage them diplomatically'' "It is not my place to speak for the Blue on this matter but perhaps… " she looks to Rowan "You and I could visit the facility and raise the same concerns as her majesty?" They are valid…

Mera relays Rowan's assessment of her words to Arthur as well as Ulani's take on the matter. And she ends it with, ~ This would be easier if you were here to speak with them directly. ~

Aquaman's smile can be felt through the link he shares with his wife, «Easier yes, but this is needed. You need to be seen as handling things like this on your own, as much as possible. Your rule in my absence was tenuous at best, we need you to be stronger in the eyes of hte people. The less time you are seen as standing behind me and the more you are seen as standing with me the better for all.» he points out gently. «And I would not trust the surfacers no matter what they say. We all lie, even Atlanteans,» the recent betrayals among his people is enough to make the thought carry with it a fair amoutn of bitterness, «but they're better at it then most. Talk certainly, make all the overatures you must, but in the end, no matter what they say, see to the arraingments yourself. Politely. And smile. You have a pretty one and it is a dangerous weapon in your aresenal and used to infrequently. Your frown on the other hand, the one I can feel you giveing me from a thousand leagues away, that you use. A lot. Well oiled and maintained that one.»

"Well I'm going to go check on the place." Rowan says as he begins his descent again. "And make sure nothing unfortunate has happened. I'll leave the diplomats to work out diplomatic arrangements." And then he's gone.

"May we accompany you, Rowan?" Ulani projects that loudly at the departing Blue, as she looks back to Mera. "I'll need the location for our people, at the least." Judging by the look on Mera's face, the discussion with Arthur is interesting.

Mera turns to follow Rowan, easily keeping pace with him even if he is kinda .. fishy at the moment. And no, she does NOT smile.

"Of course Ulani. I'm sure the scientists would be happy to see you anyway. They're rather… fascinated by the idea of sea people." And not used to it yet though who can blame them.

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