Shifting Momentum

May 03, 2015:

Steve and Peggy discuss Shift


I can't make sense of the name either. Probably some Marvel writer thought it sounded super advanced.


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Fade In…

Steve is leaning back in a black chair with his legs on the floor, looking up towards the ceiling a twelve pack of Agents are seated around a black conference table.


Things are all over the place right now, coming in like airplanes on the tarmac. Maybe from a distance it looks clear, but on the ground level they're really just trying to hold on to some sort of semblance of sanity.

"Smythe, I want you and yours to focus on the Middle East and look for any evidence of Skull. Taggart, you take Western Europe. Biondi, you have Eastern. As far as Qurac, there's not anything we can do until the United Nations gets off its duff, or unless Upton asks for us personally. Which, given the Ballard investigation is highly unlikely. I have to find out more about what Odame has said in the past few days since the mess has hit the fan. Does anyone have anything on Barnes?"

Almost in unison, the men shake their head. "Rumlow, you take Barnes and see if you can piece anything together from the evidence. I've been over it a hundred times and I've got nothing."

"Sure thing boss," Rumlow says and as if on queue, the men begin to leave the conference room, leaving Cap to look at the ceiling and think.

As the Agents start to filter out of the conference room, one woman moves effortlessly past them in the room. Peggy may not be officially be a part of modern day SHIELD, but she is also strangely comfortable here. She's dressed in something akin to more modern attire today, though she has yet to give up the curls or the red lipstick. She may never do so.

Though she was not present during the questions or the assignments, it seems that she is here to help with at least one of the things on his agenda. She rests a hand on the conference table, coming to a stop nearby Steve. "I believe I have some insight on Mr. Odame," she tells him.

"Glorious," Steve says wearily as he shifts the weight in the chair and pops up to attention. He rests his hands upon the table and the overhead light makes his face look a bit odd.

"Maybe one of these days we can sit down and do something other than work." He's not sure he really believes that before he reaches to give her hand a quick, stealthy squeeze. "What have we got, Agent Carter?"

Peggy studies Steve for a moment, not answering him immediately. "We did have that lovely dinner," she tells him with a soft smile, squeezing his hand back for the moment. But, with everything that is happening with the world, it seems as if she focuses most immediately on the problems in front of them and then they can relax. Though, relaxing is not something she is really all that good at.

"I spoke with Mr. Odame the other day by myself, thinking it might be easier to get information from him if there without a crowd of people." There's barely a pause after that before she's moving on. Perhaps she shouldn't have spoken to Shift alone, but she's not exactly someone who asks permission to do things once she has her mind set on it. "Do you remember when that otherworldly voice told us that Mr. Odame was susceptible to whatever happened because he touched an ancient evil?"

"Well, I guess I'm hard to please in that respect," Steve says with a chuckle.

Steve doesn't chide Carter for meeting with Shift alone, in fact he doesn't even seem to register it. She's a grown woman; he wouldn't dream of telling her to go against what she thought was the right play. He trusted her judgement.

"To be honest, I don't really recall. He said all sorts of things that day."

"Yes, he did." Peggy nods just once at the assessment. A few of the things he said stand out particularly in her mind, but as always, she'll keep it to the mission. "He said at one point, though, that Mr. Odame encountered an ancient evil. As it seemed significant as to how he was put in that predicament, I asked him about it. He mentioned Smooth being tied to an organization called Stormwatch and a man named Richard Dackleman. His attempts to find Dackleman led him to someone called Estacado, who apparently knew a manufacturer was in some sort of other world?" She's seen strange things and known that strange things can happen, but the idea of other worlds is still growing on her.

"Mr. Odame went to that place and was apparently tortured there. It seems as if his experiences there are what made him susceptible to…whatever it is that was done to him."

"My next move would be to talk to Fenris about it, but Fenris has disappeared. I'm not sure how much Fury would appreciate me bringing in some of the league's resources, but that might be where we need to go next. Bishop knows a guy who deals with this sort of thing. I'll put in a call," Steve says as he looks up towards her. "Maybe the gal from the Red team too. I heard she knows a lot about that sort of thing. I'd call Manning, but I'm not sure he'd answer my calls." Not to mention Sara.

"Fenris?" Peggy doesn't know the man, though strangely she may have known him in the past when he was going under a different alias.

As for the rest of the league's resources, she thinks this through and frowns. "It seems best to use what we can in order to figure out what is happening with Mr. Odame. If it is a thing that can happen to others, figuring out how to stop while we have the opportunity seems in our best interest." And calling others to speak with them about it seems the best way to do such. "Gal from the Red Team?" There's a lot of names she doesn't know. "

"If you'd like, I can speak with whoever you think may not speak with you. They don't have to know that I found them through you."

"I can't recall her name. Russian gal. Never met her." Steve looks to Peggy and grins, "Oh, you remember old Loupie from the war. He's still around. Old, like us. You guys met, didn't you? In France?"

His fingers run through his head, "Fair point. I'll go see about Constantine, you get Pezzini and Manning. They're SHIELD. Finding them won't be the hard part."

"Loupi?" That's certainly surprising. She only knew him as a French Agent. "Yes, I worked with him once or twice during the war." That will have be someone she looks up, it seems like, though she's imagining him as an old man and not being the same age as he was during the war.

"Pezzini?" Peggy looks to Steve and raises an eyebrow. "Ah. I see." Things suddenly became quite a bit clearer as to why Steve is hesitant to go talk with them. "I'm sure it won't be a problem." Either because she's sure of her own powers of persuasion or because she doesn't think they truly would refuse to help.

"He's a charmer; I'm sure you could never forget Loupi," Steve says with a grin. "Alright, sounds like we should get to work," Steve says as he begins to get to his feet. "Always a pleasure, Agent Carter," Steve says with a wink.

"Captain Rogers." Peggy nods her head just slightly as she moves toward the door. She glances over her shoulder, smirking just slightly as she adds, "Though current circumstances may make us too busy for dinner, perhaps we might think about lunch sometime soon." And then she's back into the hallway.

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