Intrusion: JLA

May 02, 2015:

Metropolis has been replaced by a dark version of itself. Members of the JL:A gather to

Metropolis - St Martins Island


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Fade In…

At 9:47 AM Metropolis just… vanished. Briefly. The skyline shimmered and a dome of couruscating energy appeared over at and the entire place just… vanished. And then it was back about ten seconds later, though something was off…

The obvious first, the dome of energy remained in place and something was drawing like hell from the Gotham and New York grids. Or at least it was until the Gotham operators shut their grid down. Which did, yes, take out power for the entire city, but also prevented the power grid from burning out. That'll cause problems to be sure…

At 10:02 AM something happened on the road between Metropolis and Gotham but by that point SHIELD was already responding to a the situation, even if it was most unclear what the situation was. Matters became a lot clearer when the Helicarrier Insight - freshly refitted after it's disastrous capture a couple months back - came under attack by flying creatures that could only be described as armored, bioengineered dragons… with missile racks. And riders in powered armor. The troublesome thing was the symbol painted on the armor, the same symbol that could be seen painted on buildings across the city. The Skull-and-Serpents of HYDRA. The city had been completely taken over. Somehow.

It's now nearing noon and SHIELD forces have engaged in pitched battles outside Metro Airspace but there seem to be a lot of HYDRA forces in the city. Something has to be done. And it may take heroes to do it. To that end, they've put out a call.

"This is Maria Hill onboard the insight, thank you for answering our call, JL:A. The skies in Metro are full of mechano-arcane HYDRA contraptions and they've got even more on the ground. The energy barrier is preventing us from entering in force, but we can create a rift large enough for your group to slip through with concentrated fire. Once in you'll be on your own. A team of mostly Titans is going in to disable the focus of the barrier but that won't mean much if the power for the existing one stays on. Both have to come down to disable it and let us take the fight to then. You'll have to cut your way through and take over the main power junction on St. Martins Island. Destroy it. Controll it. I don't care which. Just shut it down. Good luck in there. Hill out."


The wooden screen door slaps loudly on the frame as Pa Kent goes out to look over Clark's work. Whenever the boy was home from the big city he always took over the chores for dear old dad. That never stopped the old man from checking to make sure the work was up to snuff.

Clark is relaxing on his day off, JL:A communicator on the coffee table, as he watches a Royals baseball game. He's enjoying a beverage, enjoying first place, and enjoying spring. Despite everything that's happened to his friends, it was still a great time to be alive.

He's asleep in about 4 minutes.

There's a slight snore coming from the couch when the communicator goes off. Like a cat, he snaps to it, fitting it into his ear. "Hill, this is Superman. I'm on my way."

In a blur he whirs around the country home, coming to a stop in front of his mother.

"Ma! My suit?"

"Your suit is at the dry cleaners, honey," says Martha Kent.

"No, the /other/ suit."

"That's on the drying rack in the 3 seasons room because you never let me put it out on the li—" Clark is gone, heading east.

Kara had been at the Sanctuary of Solitude, trying to coax the Artificial Intelligence known as Sanctuary to help her search the globe for disturbances related to Hydra; as usual the AI had been rather cooperative in an uncooperative manner before it alerted her suddenly to what was going on in Metropolis.

There was no time wasted, Kara headed into the room of Sanctuary that held her different costumes and looked through them for a brief moment before settling upon a full body suit of blue, red and yellow armor.

"A good choice Kara, I believe you may need it. I'm detecting several disturb-" Sanctuary doesn't bother to finish explaining to Supergirl because she's already in costume and flying out of the structure to emerge out from a crashing wave as she soars into the air.

"This is Supergirl. I'm on my way." Kara spoke into her JL:A communicator before flying directly towards St. Martins Island.

Kate is looking a little bit intimidated. An entire city turned to Hydra, guarded by dragons. Awesome. But she's suited up, shades on, and quiver full as she stands outside the barrier and listens to the report. "We'll get right on that, Hill," replies the least reassuring person on the team when it comes to something of this magnitude. "Best of luck to the Titans."

"You guys coming in hot?" she asks as she hears the Kryptonian response team.

Ozymandias has arrived on the scene and gives a silent nod to Maria Hill. He spins his sickle sword around a few times in his hands before putting in back in its' sheath. Ozymandias speaks on his communications to the rest of the JL:A, "So are we able to be just a little messy in this task, or do you want us to keep it classy. There are innocent lives at risk."

Ozymandias turns his attention to Kate as he smirks behind his mask, "Hhmm, I am thinking that I might probably owe you a few more times after this one."

April 12, 2015, Secure undisclosed HYDRA location

"You see, Mister Reha, our fear is that the thing you're hosting will run amuck and destroy the power grid and unleash hellgates across the globe. And we're trying to bring peace and stability to the world. We're often confused for terrorists, but in this one particular case, we're with you on your fears about the ley lines. The Tri-Cities area needs a secure power arrangement, both mystic and conventional. We need to chain your partner to the network to secure it." Sigrid Mernanke, a blonde woman of modest appearance offered, though the zeal in her eyes was hard to ignore. A true follower of the HYDRA path through the occult, she's seen this path play out in glory for the Order and for the future…

Of course, she may be completely insane, too.

"If that's really the case, your implementation is all wrong. You're trying to go at minimum strength… you need the partner at the fullest potential it can be at. You need to feed it organic stock, and begin the following regimen to strengthen it for the trials ahead. It won't be easy, and it is going to be messy and expensive." The portly suit-clad employee of Stark Industries seemed rather nonchalant about the whole matter, though not resigned and… not seeming to have any sort of plot in play, either.

"You will also only have a limited window to operate within before it the threatened cascade runs beyond the tolerances it has and beyond your control. After that point, it will all be over. In a bad way."

"Oh, don't worry, Mister Reha, we're aware of that. Well aware of that."

The tone was scarily comforting, but the partner did agree from its bound state — Keeping the power junction stable is CRUCIAL to this operation.

A little planning ahead never hurt, though…

1005 hrs 02MAY2015

The avianoid entity stood within the control harness, nodding in approval. This was the time for Enlightenment. This was the moment that the entire world could stand at the precipice and see just what the TRUTH was… it only needed to keep this power core stable and protected.

Enlisted in the defense? Two HYDRA carriers, hundreds of strange flying drones, a division of cast-off HYDRA occultist rejects — those are always the best ones! — And last, but not least, all local communication bandwidth, commercial and private. It may not be able to stand toe - to -toe with the best the Tri - Cities has to offer, but it is surely going to do everything in its power to do so.

The people of this world are COUNTING on it. It MUST succeed. The price of failure is too unbearable to contemplate…

It has two trump cards, though… just in case.

As the JLA approaches from both above and below the Insight opens up with it's cannon. This is the kind of wepaon that could end a small war in a single engagement. Here? It's expending all that ordinance just to create a localized disruption in the field. It works though. There's a small window for the JLA to slip through as they approach and Hill prays that they manage it. Once they do? They're on their own, with HYDRA in the skies and on the ground and miles of hostile city - long since turned to the glory of the Serpent - between them and the power station.

The defenders in the air react instantly, swarming toward the Kryptonians. The ones on the ground… might need to locate Kate and Ozymandias first. But they have a fairly good idea where to look…

"MechoArcane means two pertinent things, ladies and gentlemen. First, these things are not alive; animated only through technology and magic," Superman says as he approaches the bubble surrounding Metropolis. "The other thing, especially pertinent for myself and my blonde cousin—we're not going to want to get hit by these things. At all."

"Hill, this is Superman. Would you be so kind as to open up that rift you were talking about? I'd like to show these guys that they're messing with the wrong town."

When the breach opens, Superman soars through it at dizzying speeds, unleashing terrible waves of heat towards the wings of these bioengineered dragons. He continues to move, however, knowing that a strike on his body could be his last.

"Supergirl, make sure we cover Kate and Ozymandias below. And for heaven sakes, move quickly. Don't get hit!"

Kara was well aware of how dangerous magical creatures could be in comparison to the mundane and at Superman's warning she starts flying far more evasively. She's not trying to take down anything in her path, she's just doing her best to avoid the hellish nightmare of weapons fire and attacks that the skies were filled with.

"Be safe Kal." It's a short response to her cousin as she accelerates towards the opening created by the Intrepid and bursts through the dome searching for her comrades.

When the true nature of what has happened here is seen firsthand she whispers, "Rao help us all." Into her communicator, not even realizing it was still on.

Kate kicks the start on her motorcycle, turning a rueful smile on Ozymandias. "Let's both be alive for the owing, yeah?" she suggests, revving the engine for when the Insight opens up a hole in Hydra's defenses. As soon as the dome opens, she hits the gas, zipping through the breach and starting to weave her way through the streets. "You guys focus on keeping yourselves in one piece up there," she adds over the comm. "We're gonna need you when it's time to take out the power junction."

It's time to stop thinking and start doing. She doesn't hesitate now, roaring down the streets toward the power junction for as long as she can until the Hydra troops see where she's coming from.

"Watches as Kate rolls down the street on her motorcycle, Ozymandias furrows his brow, "And I guess we are off." Ozymandias chases after Kate, keeping a close eye for anyone sneaking up from behind.

With a fraction of its processing power the ancient alien intelligence redirects the defense forces from their static posts to a more dynamic — and visually chaotic — display. It would appear that it has taken the bygone wisdom of a certain Chinese philosopher to heart. They follow no particularly recognizable attack pattern, though on the attack they are. Despite the seemingly unorganized nature of their assault… it is somehow coordinated with expert mechanical precision.

In hundreds of known languages the drones begin to 'speak', though the message is the same whether in Cantonese or in Southun Drawl…

"STAND DOWN! STAND DOWN! This nexus is at a crucial point. Damage to it will endanger the fabric of space-time. STAND DOWN!"

Wait, what?

The drones don't appear to be standing down, though, so the point is probably moot.

Perceptive sorts may notice, however, that they do 'check fire' at particular buildings throughout the city. It is not all buildings, as some already bear the scars of errant shots.

Meanwhile, down on the ground…

The 732nd Caster Brigade — The Devil's Rejects — has been working up various castings. A few of the magi have been eaten by things they've summoned by accident, a couple have created whirlwinds that have disrupted the formations around them, but overall the unit remains somewhat cohesive and the spells they DO get off properly are rather impressive, melting entire buildings and leaving huge craters in the ground.

Michael Bay, eat your heart out!

A whispered few words trickle into Kara's ear over her comm. "Your prayers have been heard, child. Accept Enlightenment and be shown the True Path."

Those drones in their randomness seem to start veering a little bit away from Kara now, for some reason…

There doesn't appear to be anyone directly noticing Kate and Ozy's approach… yet… from these defending forces…

Kal-El, the last son of Kyrpton (the last daughter is presently over there and we just won't talk about the clones) scythes a path through the air forces arrayed against them as Kara weaves in and out of their formations. Balefire and missles streak past him but nothing finds purchase. Not yet. As they two Kryptonians approach from the air they can see the rather powerful forces arrayed to protect this particular point. Yeah, if there were any doubt that this is their target, let it be dispelled now.

On the ground the situation is a little different. On their motorcycles and with tactical if not strategic surprise on their side Kate and Ozymandias encounter little organized resistance at first, but then road blocks and barriers begin appearing as if the streets themselves are outfitted to create checkpoints at a moments notice. Certainly not a feature of the Metro their familiar with.

Still, there's a few options. A canal that's presently dry provides a covered approach and really they've penetrated pretty far in. They too can see as the Caster Brigade opens up with concerted workings. One nearly melts the ground out in front of Kate but misses by a hair. Another takes out a building next ot Morien, causing it to crumble and collapse behind him - just behind him. Target ahead.

It seems to Superman that Kate is doing a pretty good job on her own. Is it time to risk it? Risk is such an odd word, especially given that the amount of risk is inversely related to the amount of information you have. With Superman's senses, he's willing to take a risk.

"Supergirl, I'm going to create a diversion. See if you can do a quick flyby and fly right through the power source. If we can get this over quickly, at least the initial mission, maybe the dragons will lose their will to fight."

Superman pulls into a tight barrel roll as he flies foward, sending out strategic heat blasts from his eyes, looking all the world like a fast spinning tornado-firework

Kara is momentarily distracted by the words that seem to trickle into her ear, but it creeps her out enough that she almost stops flying for a moment. Kal-El's voice snaps her out of it and with the realization the drones seem to be ignoring her, she replies, "I'm on it. I'll try to get their attention."

Of course, with the drones ignoring her, she wasn't sure what that would do.

The young Kryptonian speeds past the drones and directly towards the power source, focussing all of her efforts on speed so she can get there as quickly as possible. Under her breath she mutters, "I don't know who you are, but I'm not falling for it."

"Hey Ozzie," Kate calls across the comms as she looks over her options, skidding around the melted roadway and rattling up a line of stairs. "You ever see Star Wars?" That canal could be a death trap. Once she's in there, getting out is going to be hell, and it's going to make her a target to anything that goes there. On the other hand, it's an open approach, and one that looks to be pretty much unguarded so far.

"I'll be Luke, you be Han. Although my sister's married, so I'm not making any promises about her kissing you, 'kay?" And with that, she turns down a corner and takes a flying leap into the canal, her back wheel fishtailing on the landing. It's a tense moment where it looks like she might wipe out, but at a critical balance point, she pulls it back into line.

When the building falls behind, Ozymandias was trying to decide which of his explosives would best to return fire with, but the Kate comes on comms, "I am ancient, but I haven't been living underground. Well, not lately."

Ozymandias gets off his motorcycle and decides that his superspeed and enhance abilities will allow him more maneuverability. "I told you guys in the beginning that I got your back." Ozymandias runs down the canal behind her.

The senior Kryptonian's spinning whirl of blasting death does manage to catch quite a few drones — in numbers this huge 'a few' could be anywhere from three… to dozens. However, after a few seconds they start adapting, almost terrifyingly quickly to the predicted route and begin to lay in fire along the projected course of said atmospheric disturbance. To someone with Supersenses, the blasts are… scarily fast and mechanically precise. Still able to be dodged if there is deviation from the flight path, though.

That whispered voice again speaks to Kara. "It is understandable to be doubtful. Through doubt one builds one's own wisdom. From wisdom, comes Enlightenment."

The demarcation line for 'ignoring Supergirl' to 'making a wall in front of her' seems to be quite close, as a clump of fliers begin to slide into a formation in front of her to bar her progress.

Meanwhile, the Caster Brigade begins lobbing… stuff… at the canal… mostly indirect fire, it would seem. More to potentially throw off riders and runners and cause them mis-steps than to actually kill them, though a stray summoned demon flopping into existence is kind of problematic, even if it is half-formed and dying… Yuck.

Those who could perceive it, though, get a sense that there's another power junction nearby. Now the question is… is it a decoy, the real McCoy, or… something else?

The walls of the canal begin to crack and shake and melt as large magic bolts impact them. And then, Ozy can see as can Kate if she looks behind herself, a trio of black motorcycles in 'attack formation' crests the opposite edge behind Kate and fires nitrous boosts to catch up to her. They seem to have… some kind of energy weapon mounted on the front and as they close they open fire on the young archer.

Superman is, say whatever else you want about him, one HELL of a distraction. Right now he is THE OBVIOUS THREAT IN THE ROOM and almost everything that can try to get to him does which leaves Kara an opportunity. She's still being boxed in but there's a lot less support for that boxing now. If she makes a break for it, odds are good she'll make it. Kal, meanwhile, has to deal with all manner of magical bolts, mundane missiles and energy blasts coming his way. No, seriously, someone wants Superman gone. Now.

"Kara?" Superman says under his breath and not into the microphone. Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong. His cousin has gone and done the exact opposite thing he'd ask, putting those on the ground in more risk.

What he wouldn't do for some backup right about now.

"Guys, I think something's wrong with Supergirl. We're going to have to improvise here."

Like a bat out of hell, Superman screams around the sky, zigging and zagging like the aliens you hear about in the night sky, dipping low then soaring high. "Supergirl, you gotta snap out of it." Intermittently, he changes from heat to ice, looking to freeze some of these dragons out of the sky—he can get a bigger arc that way.

"Doubtful? If you're really Rao, then you should end this all right now. Make everything normal again." Kara demands of the disembodied voice who seems to be speaking to her even as the drones try to box her in.

As she attempts to break through and fly towards the power nexus as instructed she retorted back to her cousin, "Nothing is wrong with me." She pauses, "You guys are hearing who I'm talking to right??"

"Okay, gross," Kate exclaims as she weaves around half a flopping demon, not quite able to avoid a squirt of…something. SO GROSS. The bike skids again, barely caught from spinning out, and as soon as she has it under control, Kate reaches back into her quiver. Shooting a bow while driving a motorcycle at high speeds is never a good idea. That doesn't mean she hasn't practiced.

One putty arrow drawn, and she pulls her bow from her side. It's not much of a draw, but it's enough to fire the goop arrow into the canal behind herself and leave a swath of something those pursuers hopefully won't want to ride through.

"I'm not hearing anything, Kar-" Her answer to the other girl is interrupted by a sharp cry as one of those energy bolts sears across her side, burning through kevlar and leather to scorch her skin.

Within the endomed city, in a small area within a shaded alley, the air shimmers faintly. Booster Gold coalesces in this spot as if from nothingness, and crouches down to hide for a moment while he gets his bearings. It is a hostile area, after all. His sensors reconnect and scan the area, and very quietly he speaks over his JL:A communicator. "Hey. This is Booster."

Looking around as he rises to his feet, Booster continues, "So, yeah, this is kind of a thing. I could use a sitrep, I'm happy to help out with the more immediate issues at hand but there's kind of a much bigger one looming up, more along the lines of temporal issues."

"Hawk, Go Faster! Just keep heading to the target. I will handle these guys, and double back to see if I can do anything to help Superman. Ozymandias doesn't have any special arrows, just the ones that kill. Enhanced reflexes go into action as he pulls out his collapsible bow and fires arrow, after, arrow after arrow into at the motorcyclists behind Hawkeye. He is not a trick shot artist, but he has using a bow since the days of ancient Egypt.

Ozymandias calls on his coms to Kara, "No, we are not hearing the samething.

With all of that movement by the last Son of Krypton, a couple of things become glaringly obvious. One is that the drones don't have an unlimited flight ceiling, and they disengage if he goes too high, falling back to a defensive… glob, would be the best interpetation of it. No suckering the defenders too far away, it seems.

One of the HYDRA carriers — Oh, you'd thought we'd FORGOTTEN about those? — moves into a position over the newer of the two power sources, and begins to warm up weaponry as it takes up station. The other is moving to what appears to be a location equidistant between the buildings that the drones had 'checked fire' on earlier.

The whispering voice to Kara is calm, serene… "If everything is normal, then nothing is. It is a paradox. Can you solve it with your Wisdom?"

The Caster Brigade does slack off a little bit on the canal when the riders enter it, but when the cyclist launches counter - measures they start their barrage once more. Still, the impact isn't QUITE as bad as it was the first time… though whether that was because it was easier to adapt to or the occultists were just having bad die rolls is uncertain.

Booster gets a response in hundreds of different Terran languages along general transmission lines, since he DID mention the temporal issue looming. "STAND DOWN! STAND DOWN! This nexus is at a crucial point. Damage to it will endanger the fabric of space-time. STAND DOWN!"

The arrival of Booster, though, gives the overall controlling entity pause. Could this path be flawed? The presence of the Golden one presages difficulties. It was time to engage the fail-safe and withdraw to an alternate location. There was no preparation on its part for temporal actitivy on the part of the assaulting forces, a condition it hoped to remedy in future engagements. It can only hope that the attackers have some common sense. The endgame is approaching, even as it departs.

As the entity withdraws from tactical command the flyers become… very sloppy. Sort of like the difference between an Indy-car driver and a three year-old behind the wheel…

As the Fortune Cookie Bird begins to withdraw the defense becomes… much less prescient. The fire on Clark is still quite intense but there's gaps in it. As Kate slows down her persuers and Ozymandias eliminates them there does seem to be at long last a way open to the power junction station and it's last defenders. Those carriers might present a problem though.

Kara makes her break and the drones simply scatter. Well that's not true she has to go throug hone but really, it got in her way. Not a good idea. Like Clark, she has a clear shot. And like everyone, she can see that carrier warming up its weaponry. IT's not clear if their weapons are also mechano-arcane but… does anyone really want to chance being hit by them?

"JL:A, this is Hill. The Titans are nearly at their objective. Hurry! We're standing by to move in as soon as you both bring down the shield!"

"Booster, it's Superman. Listen to me. Make sure Kara and Kate get to the power source. Now. We need to bring down the shield. I'll cover you, now go!"

Flying high above their fly range, now that he's found it, Superman begins to take more strategic shots from a distance. The red lines of the heat vision shoot out in rapid fire in different directions as he mows these dragons down machinegun style, trying to give Booster, Kara, and Kate a crease.

Kara says, "A paradox? The only paradox is you and your stupid riddles. If you want me to solve this with my 'wisdom', then I'm telling you that this is all wrong. Whatever you're doing, this isn't how it is meant to be." Kara was clearly frustrated as she responded to the voice nobody else seemed to hear, now everyone would think she was crazy in addition to everything else probably; just what she needed.

Swatting the lone drone that gets in her way aside she uses her super vision to begin scanning the interior of the nexus; trying to come up with a plan quickly on her way in.

"Hawkeye, Booster. There's three people inside, mages I'm guessing from experience. You two take them down, I'm going to make sure that whatever that device is, they won't be using it again in this reality or any other." The magi were ignored as she raced inside and headed directly for the controls, starting to tear them apart. Of course, she was also possibly open to attack if the others didn't take care of the enemies at her back."

"Kara, grab the mages and get out," Kate calls as she brings the bike to a skidding stop. "There's too much between us and inside to get in. We can blow the place from out here, but we can't disable the mages, and we're going to need to know what they've been trying to do. We need you to pull them out. You're the only one fast enough." Wincing as her draw pulls on the seared skin at her side, she fires a pair of explosive arrows at the carriers coming between her and the goal.

"I copy, Superman," Booster says via his communicator, frowning a little at the surge of transmissions. "You guys should know — this isn't our Metropolis. This is a major timeline contamination, whoever's in charge ripped our city right out of our continuum. The sooner we can correct this anomaly the better." He is already flying as he gives this explanation, glowing with a tight golden aura as he flies towards the communication signatures that indicate Kate and Kara.

As Booster draws nearer, his fists are glowing with golden energy, trying to detect and target the mages Kara is speaking about. These particular glowing bolts he is firing tend to sting when they hit a living target, but mostly serve just to stun people into unconsciousness. He draws in by Kate, ready to cover her in case someone decides to blast her again.

After the cyclists are put down, Ozymandias double backs through the canal, collapsing his bow as he runs back to the entrance. His left arm goes for his Zulu style shield to cover him from any falling debris and damage that might be heading his way. Ozymandias lets out a war cry, when he emerges from the canal.

Ozymandias charges in a direction to flank the Caster Brigade as he reaches into his various pouches and begins to throw knock out gas and concussive bombs at them. He throws a bombs and then goes to take cover, before trying to throw some more.

Ozymandias talks in his coms, "I will keep trying to keep our tails covered until you guys are done.

The drones are falling into the 'easily mopped up' status, which is happening quite rapidly thanks to Kal-El's visionary destruction.

The Caster Brigade pauses, a mere fraction of their former… 'glory' and the intelligent ones make the determination that 'getting away' is the far better course of action. Of course, that leaves the die-hards that are still trying to touch magic in 'the bad place' and are alternatively paying the price for their perfidy. They'll probably mop *themselves* up, perhaps after leaving a few arcane surprises in their explosive wakes. A few balls of bouncing disgustingly green fire go bounding in towards the lone brave warrior confronting them… not kryptonite, but apparently some form of felfire-enhanced napalm?

With the field being vacated, the carriers start to regroup, though that probably makes them more of a target than anything else.

On each of the consoles there's a hastily taped note proclaiming

"Triple-Redundant Temporal Safeguard. PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY!

Of course, the avatar of destruction that Kara is being may have missed that on the first console…

Hey, it doesn't have any shiny red buttons on it, either! What a rip-off.

The other focal point of the room, though, in one corner is a strange cage, that has a bunch of computer screens arrayed around it, and it is clear that Something had stood in it at some point, but is now gone.

Alert observers of said cage will note a few feathers that appear to have fallen off in the cage…

Between Superman and Ozymandias the defense is now in utter disarray. Which gives Kate and Booster the opening they need. Bosters in and putting paid to one of the Magi Kara spoke about. As Kate points out that she's too far away… a golden Stepping Disk opens up in front of her, causing her to sail briefly through Limbo and wind up in rather impressive style inside the power junction. Where the mages are.

Someone seems to be watching out for them. How convenient.

All it'll take is one super-strength enhanced whirlwind of fists. That is, provided the magi who Kate just landed next to and the one a bit further out from Booster don't interrupt it first.

Up topside those weapons turn on Kal. Up topside the Carrier targets the station. If it's going down, then they'll take the heroes with them. Well, unless Kal and Ozy can do something about it…

Superman has grown frustrated about the slow way, so rather than continue to use his heat vision and freeze breath, he instead picks up the speed as he dives down low, out over the water. From there, he begins to fly directly through the dragons and the weaponry like some sort of superhero kabob, skewering through before looking for another piece.

Kara continued to destroy the controls, even as she saw the notes on them. She didn't know for certain, but she had to guess that was a trick or something that would benefit the enemy; her time in Primal Force had taught her that. This reeked of the arcane from every angle.

They had tried to replace Metropolis with another, it wouldn't happen again if Kara Zor-El had her way.

When she's done with the consoles and controls she tries to grab one of the discarded feathers, remaining rather silent after the entire ordeal. That voice. She wanted to know who or what it was.

Kate yelps in surprise when the stepping disk dumps her into the building, but she doesn't question it. Not right now, at least. Right now is for doing what needs to be done, which means a pair of taser arrows quickly dropped at the mages who are left. They are so coming in for some serious questioning about what's been going on here.

"Hawkeye!" Booster exclaims, as Kate vanishes. He picks up her signal much further along, however, so at least she has not been inadvertantly consumed. There is a minor sonic boom as he flies fast, a grumble of thunder amongst all the other noise raging around the city. He is trying not to think about what will happen if temporal pressure doesn't pop the cities back into their correct timelines; he might have to personally push this one, and it sounds like a lot of work. On his communicator, he asks, "Situation? Still dire or can we get to fixing the big issue?"

The green fire balls fly towards Ozymandias just as he launches his grappling hook in the direction of the carrier. The napalm lands on his shield, and his clothes, but Ozymandias uses napalm and his uniform is designed to compensate for the damage of that. His uniform doesn't compensate for magic and the blast burns through him. He lets out a warrior howl as he makes it to the carrier.

He lifts up his mask slightly to spit up some blood as his powers slowly tries to repair the mystical damage. Ozymandias pulls his shield and assegai and clangs against it several times. He speaks in ancient Kush, "One more battle!" He spits some more blood on the ground and lets out his familiar battle cry!

He uses his superspeed as he launches his attack blocking and stabbbing through the constructs to make sure the carrier doesn't take down the heroes.

The HYDRA Carrier lists heavily as its control just… disintegrates. With no crew, it's no longer a threat to the power station. Superman makes sure nothing else is. Emphatically. The Man of Steel rips through all opposition, literally. Let HYDRA know that they messed with the wrong city indeed.

Down below, saved from a rather unfortunate fate (HYDRA mind control is nasty) by Booster and Kate's work work, Kara does quick work of her own. The power station is left a wreck and with no power, and the Titans mission a success, the barrier around the city can't sustain tiself anymore.

As the barrier fades and flickers away a wave sweeps the city it converts back from HYDRA infested hellhole to the Metro we know and love.

Kind of. SHIELD moves in and it's a good thing too because switching the city back does not send back the warded HYDRA forces with it and Metro's citizens are forced to take cover as new battles errupt across the city. It takes a few hours but it will be solidly in US Hands once more at the end of the day.

Ominously, a huge rift remains over Hellsgate, and that part of the city remains shifted out of place, though pacified quickly by SHIELD.

"Good work people." Hill's voice comes over the comm. "Now regroup. We're gonna take the fight to them…"

The avianoid entity had doubts of its own. In fact, between the presence of Booster and the reaction of the heroes on-site, none of this seemed to fit what it had been told about the situation. If anything, it was the exact opposite of what it had been told. Still, it was a creature of the ages and it had been bound by these individuals to service in some way that it could not fathom nor understand despite the proprietary materiel that permeated its very construction.

Also of consideration was the expendable nature of the resources arrayed. There was dissonance here, and the more Enlightenment it attempted to garnish from the scenario, the more confused it was becoming. This is why it left the feathers behind. They're not from your average bird, after all. Perhaps a careful reconsideration of its options was in order?

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