Tea With Wanda

April 26, 2015:

M-Town - New York


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After shopping the other day, Zee left Wanda with Lunair to be shown the room and what not. Since then, Zee has closed a Hellgate, with the help of a lot of friends and been to Limbo to vent at Jericho. But she's back now and there's a few things she's been wanting to do.

One of those revolves around Wanda. Seeing how Wanda had responded to shopping and actually having an enjoyable time herself, Zee has decided to surpise the other woman with a few more things. Zee's left a message for Bobby that she'll be in M-Town, to see Wanda, and he's more than welcome to catch up with her, if he would like.

Locating the room that Lunair mentioned, Zee knocks on the door, a basket (yes a real live, Pepper Potts style wicker basket complete with checkered covering) over her arm.

The door opens and there is Wanda, inside the room, walking towards it. So how did it open if there is no one else in there? Does Zatanna really need to ask. "Zee!" grins the witch. "Have you come to see my room? You should probably rest though with all you have been through." A light tap of the side of her forehead. "I had dreams."

At least Wanda is babbling the way she always has because she looks very different. For a start she is clean. No dirt, or worse, smudges on her flesh. Her hair actually washed and shining healthily rather than because it was almost all oil. She even has on some of her new clothes. And judging by the pile of her recent acquisitions sitting on the couch, she has been trying on every combination of them all day. But at the moment she is in boots, black and latex pants that are more grappling her thin body than simply hugging it, a black corset and a scarlet red jacket. The jacket, unfortunately, is the same one she has been wearing for months. "Come in!" she says excitedly.

As the door opens and Wanda approaches it, Zee's eyebrows rise. "I have come to see your room, Wanda." Zee smiles "If you have somewhere I could sit and curl up, I'll not say no… it's been a busy day." She doesn't question how Wanda knows…

Looking the Witch over, Zee nods "They look great. How about this week, we see about a jacket? I think I know somewhere that has ones similar to that one you're wearing. A new jacket might suit the rest better." Holding out the wicker basket, the young magi enters the room and looks for a chair to sit on "I bought you a few things. I thought you might like them because I do."

"My jacket?" Wanda glances down at the slashed, worn and scuffed garment and frowns slightly. "I like my jacket" she adds weakly before remembering that Zatanna has had a horrible day. "Come and sit on my couch" she smiles, gesturing to it while closing the door behind her visitor. "It is not /my/ couch. It is Lunair's couch but I am allowed to sit on it while I stay here." Grabbing Zatanna's hand, Wanda leads her over to the couch and sits her down. "Comfortable? I have drinks…somewhere." Her eyes glance at the basket but she resists her desire to see what is in there…for a moment at least.

Zee smiles "If you like the jacket, then forget what I said." Letting Wanda lead her by the hand, Zee sets the basket on the couch between them and curls up as she sits. "Just some water or a cup of tea would be wonderful, Wanda."

Zee looks around the room and nods slowly "So… what do you think of the room" indicating the basket, her eyes crinkle "Go on, look. I want to know what you think."

Inside the basket, Wanda will find the same shampoo and conditioner that Zee uses, some organic soaps and some candles.

"The room is nice" Wanda nods, looking around at it herself. "But I am not sure it is me" she adds with a frown. "I know that Bobby tried to give me a room too but…I am not used to these things." She is a nomadic gypsy after all. Her smile is back with the allowance to look in the basket and she peels it back to look at the contents. "Oooh…thank you. I washed my hair…do you like it?" She takes the shampoo and opens it up to smell it. "This is like you" she notes before leaning over to sniff Zatanna's hair. "We will smell the same. Soap…Lunair wouldn't let me use her soap. Candles. Do you still wear that amulet?" Then she suddenly gets to her feet and heads for the kitchen area to make tea, her pants squeaking as she does so. "How is your boyfriend?"

The fact that Zee leans her head forward so Wanda can smell her must speak volumes for something… the young magi is not in the least perturbed by the practice (maybe it happens with great regularity?). "The room may not be you, Wanda, but it's somewhere, for now. Why not treat it as such?"

Looking at Wanda's hair, Zee smiles "I do like your hair, it's very pretty. Umm amulet, you mean my pendulum?" Zee shifts her hips to show the emerald pendulum attached to the left side "I do." she says and nods.

As Wanda heads to the kitchen, Zee smiles faintly at the squeaking sound, she'd had something similar with her leather trousers to start with. "Uhhh, Kane… was well when I saw him last. He took me and a friend to dinner."

"Have I met Kane?" Wanda calls out across the room, "I forget sometimes. Do you want milk and sugar in your tea? I like sugar." She takes a few moments to find some mugs. "You should not wear that pendulum, Zatanna. That is the one your 'friend' gave you? The loaded gun ready to kill you? I would not like you dead, Zatanna. It would make it hard to visit you."

Zee settles into the couch again and watches as Wanda prepares the tea "You've not met Kane with me." Zee shrugs, unless Wanda goes to Gotham she's really not likely to meet him. "You mean my collar? No, I've sorted that out but I'm glad you wouldn't want to see me dead."

Zee rolls her neck and sighs happily "No milk or sugar, Wanda. Just as it comes, thank you." the young magi calls back.

Wanda thinks for a moment before nodding. "The collar, da. That was not a nice thing and I am glad that it is gone." The kettle boils and she pours the water onto the teabags…hopefully Zee wasn't expecting anything flashier than that. Wanda may not have any milk but she has about six sugars. "Do my clothes look okay?" she asks as she returns with the mugs and hands one over to her friend. "Do…do you think Bobby would like them?"

"The tea will be wonderful, thank you. "I'm not sure I know Bobby all that well, Wanda." Zee considers the question "Why don't you ask him, when we see him?

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