Dealing With Mutants

May 02, 2015:

X-Men from multiple teams meet at X-Red HQ to discuss how they should tackle HYDRA's smooth network. Wanda's plight with the drug and Lunair's abduction (again) are also discussed.

Headquarters: X-Men Red Team - New York City

Accessible primarily by a dedicated express elevator, the two-floor
headquarters of the X-Men Red Team combines the amenities of an ultramodern
office with the homey, communal quality of a college dormitory. A small,
well-appointed waiting room gives way to a grand, two-story central hub.
There, the team can meet for briefings at a ring-shaped conference table
with built-in computer consoles and a central holographic display. There are
also smaller tables, couches, and armchairs scattered through the room, easy
to reposition for meals, close conversations, or movie nights. One entire
wall of the hub is lined with windows, offering a view toward Central Park.

The other walls of the hub are split into two levels, with the upper
accessible by a U-shaped walkway and two grand staircases. Above the waiting
room, one can find a bullpen with dedicated work stations, offering the
latest software for a whole host of productive tasks. A patio balcony off to
one side offers a taste of the outdoors, as well as a small landing pad for
fliers or one-person vehicles. Living quarters line both floors:
full-fledged apartments offering balcony views and a decent level of
privacy. The X-Men also have a private underground motor pool, kept separate
from the garage for the rest of the building's occupants.


NPCs: None.


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The call was out. Cyclops has summoned available and interested X-Men to meet at Red HQ in New York City. He has updates for the team regarding their plans to wipe out smooth from the city streets.

Of course, this is the X-Men: Red HQ we're talking about here. As a general purpose, Scott doesn't wear the X-Men uniform in this place. He's just another concerned citizen, after all. He waits for the others to arrive, sitting at a table with a tablet propped up on its case, a mug of tea resting with his hand curled around it for warmth.


Call goes out, Jean goes in. Normal wear, no fuss. Alright, the only fuss was the amount of cooking that was done that was carried in with insulated bags to keep the heat and chill. There was chilli, there were chicken wings, there was punch made out of the core of watermelon. There was salad, fruit salad, and a nice lasagna bake that was loaded with enough cheese to block someones colon just by looking at it.

When you can't sleep? Cook!

So, the food was laid out and wordlessly unpacked and spread along the table, bag full of utensils and paper plates left aside for those to prepare their own plates. And once it all was assembled, Jean snaps her fingers loudly.

"Dammit, forgot the other drinks." Too bad, she wasn't leaving again. With that said? She plops down and takes a seat. She was done for today. Out comes the phone.. two dots loaded.. game on.


Mike shows up wearing a chassis that looks a lot like a humanoid robotic version of the car Lunair was driving recently. In an X-Red uniform. Well, perhaps a bit more compact, because a full-sized car doesn't always fit well in a human-scaled room, even with the higher-than-normal ceilings that they have in this place.

"I haven't been in the loop on Smooth. I've been working on other stuff," the metal and glass man says. He notices that there aren't drinks, but that's OK. There's a robot construct that looks like R2D2 that he made months ago that will deliver whatever beverages people want, as long as they're soda, water, tea, coffee, or one of two kinds of wine or beer. (Anything else has to be requested.)


Being able to teleport means never having to tip the doorman. Cal's been to the RED HQ before and knows the best places to pop in. In this case, it's over the balcony and then floating down to it before walking inside. Brows rise as he sees the amount of food laid out. "Nice spread. Where's the beer?"


Brinley's staying in the X-Red headquarters for now. Maybe, in time, she'll get her own place, but for now… she's comfortable here.

Wandering into the common area, she joins the others, nodding to them in turn. She's only recently returned to New York after extended R&R after her last mission…. didn't go too well.


Nate comes flying with Rose, following telepathic directions. He has been curious about the Red Team's place for a while, so he is glad to have found an excuse to visit. Why here and not the underground complex, though? He will have to ask.

Rose and he had made plans with some younger teammates to investigate the smooth. But the plans fell apart and got postponed. They are not good with plans. That is Scott's job anyway. They land on the balcony, just after Cal. "Hey Cal, so who is going to be here?" Also, food. That distracts him.


Rose did not have a clue. She had heard about another team living outside of the grounds and for whatever reasons doing things differently but bearing the same name. Don't ask her. If she found her paralell/clone/otherself she'd kill the bitch. One and only. Basically she was of the mind, are they X-Men or not? By the looks of the building they looked corporate. Not?

Landing upon the balcony Nate releases her and she spends a moment straightening the hair from her face, that mask that crosses over her face angled across the bridge of her nose frames the single milky white eye, the other a deep azure that skims over the others. Half known, half unknown. She can cope with those odds.

The other hand is holding a case of 'Not Your Daddy's Root Beer.' Swinging it up to balance it in grip and upon her shoulder until she gets to the table and sets the large box down with a clatter of glass bottles. Rose doesn't have much to say, she just rips a panel off the top of the box and tugs out a 'beer' offering it out to the first taker. "Tastes like A & W but gets you drunk." It works, that's all ya need to know!


Looking up at Jean, Scott smirks at all of the food she's laying out. He collects the tablet and tea, moving away to give her some more room, while an eyebrow arches beneath his glasses. He doesn't remark… even though he's tempted? Why? Because beneath the smirk, he's marginally concerned for her.

Mike's arrival draws his attention away. "That's alright, Mike. I'm glad you're here. There's something specific I'd like to ask you, but, it can wait a moment."

For a few moments, Scott raps his fingers upon the back of his tablet while the others arrive. "Got word from Doug, he'll be by in a bit," Scott tells Nate. Regardless, he'll give the team a moment or two to meet and mingle and claim their food and beverage before he gets into the thick of it. Those chicken wings are smelling awfully tasty, after all.

Rose's A&W+ is considered. Scott walks over and reaches for one. "I'll have one." Just one. He's got to set an example, after all. He finally turns to address those gathered. "We're coming close to putting an end to this drug epidemic, but I want to update you all on where things stand. So, get some food, get some drinks, then let's get settled in. I promise, we won't be long."


People filtering in, some going for the food, it was a good thing. The Watermelon punch was a toss up, but that was just her attempting to be creative. Life Hack videos are .. really, really interesting. And it comes in handy! Jean left the beer in the car, but she wouldn't say that. R2 was about and other people showed up with tasty drinks within their hands.. so there was no need for her to lift a finger.

She does put her phone away though, leaning back within her chair with one leg crossed over the other, a slightly bright look upon her face as everyone begins to talk and mingle. "Last time you said it won't be long you made two students miss out on their afternoon classes." A little joke.. hey. It made her laugh. On the inside.. okay, she chuckled.


This … isn't a chassis equipped for food and eating. Mike considers switching to something more capable of enjoying the treats, but no. He'll do the penance — this chassis has enough of a tie to Lunair that if she shows up anywhere near his sensor web in New York or Metropolis or Gotham, he'll know she's reappeared. (Caution, transpositional spacetime rearrangements may cause this to fail. Tests were performed by a professional robot driver. Your mileage may vary. Sensor valid only in the tri-megalopolis area.)

"We have a good enough sample of the new stuff that I can make a search swarm for it?" Mike asks. Because he's got a stockpile of materials ready to send out the probably-illegal but very intrusive tiny bug swarm over all of New York City, not just Mutant Town.


"Your guess is as good as mine, Nate." Cal answers. He's just an invitee as well and wasn't in on the planning. Loading a plate with wings, he glances back at Rose at her explanation and a bottle floats up fromt he case over to him. "Thanks. Sounds interesting. Any word on Lunair?"


"Not yet. She's either very well shielded, or not within 40 miles of Metropolis, Gotham, or New York City," Mike says.


Brinley, in jeans and a T-Shirt, watches the newcomers as they filter in. Considering Rose's A&W, she takes one with a small nod and smile, before snagging a plate of food for herself and settling into a chair, on the edge of the group.

Big groups still tend to unnerve her.


Nate is snatches some snacks along the way to the chicken wings. "Well, I hoped to meet all the red team, but… hey Mike," he greets. "Seems I know everyone. No wait," he glances to Brinley, flashing a smile. "I am Nate. Codename Scion." Quick introduction, as he is mostly waiting for Scott to begin his report, or give instructions.


"You won't stop at just one." It took a lot of … stuff… to offer and share when she heard no one else brought anything but Jean. Yes, Rose would drink the whole case by her onsie. So the other 'stuff' got beat aside and she shared. Someone give the girl a cookie.

Though eyes do snap towards Cal when he /lifts/ a bottle from her case, her chin rising a bit indignantly while she watches the bottle float his way. "Got a name?" She asks Calvin. Take an offer, he got the thank you part down, just not the intro bit! A merc big on table manners. Yep. That eye even snaps to Brinley as she tries to mousily snare and run.

Tsk tsk!

*Crack* Her own bottle is opened and sipped from.


"For good reason," defends Scott, giving Jean a look before turning back to the others. He's yet to be briefed on anything that may have happened to Lunair, so Nate and Mike receive a particularly curious look while he cracks the cap off the 'root beer'.

"That may not be necessary, Mike," offers Scott. He approaches the center table and sets down his tablet, which is already interfaced with the sophisticated, holo-table technology Roberto had installed. A map of the United States springs to life, revealing a series of lines connecting various major cities. Boston. Chicago. Atlanta. Orlando. Albuquerque. Portland. Houston. The list goes on, though many of the lines converge upon Gotham and New York City in particular.

"A significant effort was made recently to hack HYDRA's networks. One of the things they got was this; a map of a distribution network for 'exgenta-diacetylmorphine'. The Smooth. Turns out HYDRA's behind this recent surge of the drug, and they've gone nationwide with it." He leaves the map up so that everyone can consider it, before continuing.

"Now, if we pool our resources, call in some help from other teams such as the Titans, JL:A, and other metas who have expressed an interest to help? We could tear the network apart in one, massive operation. But that would leave thousands, perhaps more, stranded without their fix. Since there's no known treatment for smooth withdrawal, this presents a bit of a problem for us. If we just wipe out the drug, we could make matters worse."

Indeed, everyone ought to have an understanding, even peripherally, of just how desperate an addict can be.

Scott looks to Mike. "Mike. We do have a sample of the drug, but… how difficult would it be to re-program your search swarm to monitor these distribution networks - quietly - and map or pattern any changes to them? HYDRA knows the information was stolen, and I imagine they'll be changing their distribution networks in short order."


"I build each search-swarm to order. If I concentrate on nothing else it takes about ten hours, if I let my forge build them it takes about thirty hours, but they're innately quiet. Identifying patterns and so on, I usually do myself, but I have a prototype program that would let one of the X-Red servers handle the majority of the work if I'm not available. It'd capture that information. Again, not as fast or responsive as doing it myself, but still pretty fast - you'd know about any changes they enact inside an hour or two once their distro is mapped, because they'll show up in the system as they happen."

Why yes, Mike is an enormous robot nerd, but he's on the good guy side, right?

"By the way, do we know whether they're distributing the stuff elsewhere in the world?"


"Hi Rose, I'm Cal." He, of course, has read her file and has seen her around as well. "Nice to meet you." He moves over to a seat and makes himself comfortable. "Here's an idea." he begins. "Though not one I necessarily endorse but we should consider it. When we take out Hydra, we also take the drug and, in controlled doses, give it to the addicts till we come up with a cure. Obviously, not /we/ specifically but whoever has the organization to do such a thing."


Brin smiles back to Nate and looks sheepishly at Rose. "Thank you. I'm Brinley Myers, codename Mana."

Looking at Scott, she chews her lip as she considers "I know someone who seems to be able to resist the effects of Smooth. Maybe that could be of use, as well… "


"The hell?" Nate receives the news Hydra is /also/ behind the smooth drug network with an eyeroll. "Terrorist should leave drug running operations to the mafias, seriously. Next I know Magneto will be robbing banks and Dr. Doom running Internet scams." He glances at the maps and shakes his head. "I don't get it, how are they furthering their political agenda running drugs? Just for the money are they going to aggravate every crime syndicate of America?"


"I think we can manage the extra twenty hours, Mike." Scott nods his head. "An operation this big doesn't roll overnight, so, I'm gonna make a tactical call and say we can risk it. As far as global ops? Nothing on that, which doesn't mean it isn't in the works. If Doug doesn't show - I'll have you talk with him about finding any way to make the servers work more efficiently."

Scott takes a drink from his A&W+, pausing to eyeball the bottle curiously. Yeah, stuff's got kick. He clears his throat and sets the bottle down, before looking over to Nate. "Sure. I agree. Only we're seeing a touch of racial motivation in all this. Human dealers, targeting mutant populations more specifically. Its HYDRA. There's a motive, and it probably has to do with - 'population control'." In other words, genocide.

To Calvin, he nods his head. "That's a workable idea. However, I've made contact with Harrison Wells of STAR Labs. He's open to getting his team to work on developing a treatment, which is something that will ultimately be needed. So, that sample we've got? It's got to go to STAR Labs. Thing is, he's eventually going to need a few willing volunteers to test the treatment, so, I'm gonna need members of Red Team to comb the community and find some willing volunteers."

Now, he finally turns to Brinley, body language suggesting a severe interest in what she has to say. "Explain?"


During the talks of Smooth and Hydra, Jean herself remained relatively quiet. It wasn't as if she didn't have input, but she enjoyed watching the other minds come together and speak without her digging or gleaming the surface thoughts or nudge. There was a moment where it looks as if she were about to speak, but she backs down, there were nothing but good ideas present, and there was no need for her to play devils advocate. The job was already being done through the actions of HYDRA and the Smooth dealers. What if was no longer, really.

"If and when the treatment is successful.." She finally pops up. "I'll handle shutting down operations in the Midwest. And distribution of the cure if necessary."


"You haven't been the lucky recipient of Latverian spam email yet?" Mike asks Nate, facetiously. Because the ones who do get that stuff? Their PC's explode. Doom is not a simple cyber-criminal after all.

"Scott, have you thought about checking with the Avenue C Clinic? I mean, I don't use them myself, for reasons that may be obvious, but they're good with mutants," the robot says. "A lot of my neighbors go there. They might be able to find you volunteers."

The robot starts assembling a small plate of food. Because even though he can't eat it right now? He's totally going to save it for later. Along with one of those rootbeers… Totally going to want to taste that when he has a body with taste sensors.


"The other questions is should we wait for a cure?" Cal asks between bites of wings. "Every day that goes by, more get addicted. More overdose. More crimes are committed to get money to pay for their fix. Some of those crimes turn deadly." He pauses to take a swig of faux root beer. "But if we take it off the street, even if we distribute it under controlled circumstances, some won't get it. Some will OD on other drugs, more crimes will be committed. The two options need to be weighed against each other and we need to hear from everyone who'll be involved when it's on this scale."


"Both smooth affects humans too," notes Nate. "Sure, mutants lose control of their powers after a dose. But really, only like five percent of mutants have real super-powers. And only a tiny number of those would become addict." He shakes his head. "Then again, I am trying to find logic in racism. I guess it doesn't matter they why. Just… what are we doing about it?"


Brinley sits forward and looks at Scott, blowing out a deep breath. "It's a long story, but the cliffs notes are, Wanda was given Smooth and fought off the effects." the brunette frowns a little, knowing how confused this story must sound

"I met her the other day, she'd been attacked. They'd tried to give it to her again… but… somehow she fought them off." Wanda had been a terrible mess, her clothes burnt and burns over her legs and torso. Grimacing a little, Brinley adds quickly "She had a syringe full of Smooth… I bought her to see Bobby, he was the only person she trusts. Bobby has that syringe now… we convinced her, that it was no good."


Scott shrugs toward Nate. "Look at what's happening in Congress. You get mutants to spite their human dealers, and make the dealers think less of the mutants. It's social manipulation. It's a Nazi strategy." He assumes they all know of HYDRA's origins, after all.

"Good thinking, Mike," Scott agrees. "There will be some legal hurdles to get through, but DCI's legal teams are already coming up with a game plan on that one." Jean's remark about handling the midwest - the entire midwest - is noted with a silent look. He's going to speak with her about that later.

When Brinley divulges the tale of Wanda, a look of understanding comes to Scott's face. One of his associates in Primal Force had told him a similar tale. "Has she told him how she was able to fight off its effects?" he asks, going for the gold and assuming that Wanda must be an x-gene carrier, given her siblinghood with Quicksilver. If she hasn't, well… then Scott will have a pretty important text message to send Bobby's way.

Finally, he turns to Calvin and gestures toward him indicatively. "We don't have to take the networks down, not immediately," he adds. "If Mike's drones are able to do their job, then we'll be able to move on them, no matter how they change their distribution networks. That's a very important question, Calvin. But, we must consider the risk of HYDRA taking the operation global. If we do wait for a treatment to be developed, we give them that window of opportunity. Plus?" He shakes his head. "I'm not a particular fan of trying to distribute smooth ourselves. There's already enough heat on the metahuman community, thanks to President Pershing's assassination." Then he frowns. "Problem is, once a treatment is developed, if it's going to be distributed through legitimate channels, it needs to pass through FDA approval. The amount of red tape there could be astonishing. By the time that happens, I've no doubt HYDRA will have taken the operation global. And remember, FDA only has jurisdiction within the States. The problem then becomes… Christ. Ten-fold, at best."


Jean frowns a little at Nate's words. That was something she didn't think about for the moment, the human population. There was a bit of guilt there as well. "How do we know that HYDRA hasn't already taken the operation global? There are scores of communities out there that do not touch the UN's radar at times, I think we should at least send someone out there to see. Just to be sure." Calvin could drop them in the middle of the villages in Zimbabwe just to be sure. It was just a thought.

She does catch the look.. no. She didn't see it, but it was felt, so she eases off on the talk of dismantling things for now. "Wouldn't a man like Harrison Wells have a little bit of pull when it comes to the FDA? Even the Professor?"


"Yeah, I think that something happened out-of-FDA-band with the Hydra death-virus we were dealing with last summer, because apparently it doesn't work any more. But that doesn't work so well with drugs," Mike says. He's not personally familiar with precisely how it happened, but the cure?

"If we have a small enough number of victims, we can teleport them somewhere that it's legal to do the cure if we have one, and let the FDA take their own time."


"Wanda?" Cal asks Brinley. "Maximoff? The Scarlet Witch?" That Wanda? Is she even going by that codename here? "I'd guess she used her powers in some ways. Maybe even instinctively if she's as young and untrained here as her brother is." After a moment, he says "Here's a possibility." and uses a leg bone to emphasize his points. "Once we have a cure, we could market our own drug. Call it a repalcement for smooth and the addicts will come flocking to our door to get some. Lace the cure with a placebo or some mild barbiturate or something so they feel an effect while it's working."


Nate is still skeptic. "It is not as if mutants advertise their presence either. Well, except in places like Mutant Town, which are pretty uncommon. No, they need a broad base of human users. And somehow make mutants think it is good for them. Which means maybe we should concentrate in warning mutant communities out there about the real effects of the drug in mutants." He just stares at the others when the begin talking about federal red tape. "How about we blow up to hell the labs where they make the drug first. No worries if they make it an international problem afterwards, since they will have no drugs to sell."


Brinley shakes her head to Scott. "No… she… " the young woman considers "is a little vague. She was pretty burned up though, her clothes were melded to her skin." Turning her attention to Cal, Brin nods "Um, I think so? She mentioned a brother that keeps forgetting her?"


"We don't know where they're making it," Scott answers Nate. "But, when we move on the networks, it will be a pretty big 'Secondary Goal' to find out." Still, blowing up the labs remains off the table until they have that information.

He looks between Calvin and the others, grimacing a bit at the thought of the X-Men creating their own derivative of a street drug. The additional information from Brinley strengthens the grimace.

"Probably, yes," he answers Jean, in regard to Wells and Xavier having pull with the government. "But, as a back up plan, Mike, that's one hell of an idea." Scott turns toward Metal with an approving nod of his head. Teleportation isn't illegal yet, and he'd never considered the possibility of simply… bypassing United States legal loopholes that way. It would take time, but it would work.

"So, here's where we stand," he says, reaching for the spiked A&W again. "Mike, you'll fashion the drones and put them on HYDRA's networks. Be sure to get Doug's help with the back end of things so we can maximize our data processing power. Beast and I will take the sample we've got to STAR Labs and get to work on a treatment method. Jean, I'd like you go be there as well, if you're comfortable with that kind of exposure. I need volunteers to look into finding some willing addicts from the Avenue-C clinic, and Calvin?" He nods toward Mimic. "Work up a potential scenario for distributing some kind of street cure ourselves, just in case. I will make contact with other metahuman teams and assure they are ready to move on a nation-wide operation at a moment's notice. Remember, this isn't strictly a mutant problem." He gestures toward Nate, bolstering what the man had said. "This affects everyone."

With that said, he reaches for another chicken wing, because damn, they're delicious.


Cal nods to Brinley, both in answer and her description of what happened to Wanda being a confirmation of her use of her powers. And an inexperienced one at that. "Remember how I said Pietro could be an asset to us?" he asks Scott. "Wanda is the more powerful of the two." « And potentially much more dangerous. » he sends to both him and Jean. "We might want to think about involving SHIELD." he suggests. "Hydra is a global problem even if smooth isn't. Yet. I'm sure they'd prefer it stay that way."


« But we could find out. » Her eyes cut towards Nate, the mental nudge gone to him but.. could Jean really be so intrusive? « If only you stop holding back. »

Jean winces a little towards the rest of them, her gaze falling upon Brinley now, purely curious. She'd have to meet this Wanda one day. But her mind wanders briefly, her eyes nearly glazing over, her thoughts gone off until Calvin interrupts her thoughts with his own.

"For the moment, I prefer to keep away from SHIELD. However, I will not stop anyone if they choose to interact with them for the time being." Now, she was focused on Scott for the moment. "I don't mind the exposure." « Why wouldn't I be comfortable with the exposure? If anything, we need to worry more about Hank. That guy has a real mean streak when it comes to scientific debates. »

Which, is true.


"I've worked with SHIELD. It's also Red Team's function to do that sort of thing, so you guys don't have to," Mike points out. And, it appears they have a plan and…"

The robot freezes in place for a moment, his head looking to where the sky would be.

"Lunair is no longer missing. I scan her aboard an alien craft, a friendly. She's alive, but I can't tell anything else at this distance."


Nate uhs and Mike. Lunair got rescued by aliens? That makes the X-Men look somewhat incompetent, to say the truth. Next time she gets kidnapped (happens an awful lot) he is going to push for dong an intense telepathic search, maybe with Cerebro.

"Personally I would advise to keep closer ties with SHIELD. We need to counter Stormwatch, or Cadmus, whatever was that who hit the school. They were government thugs."

As for the smooth. "Yeah, maybe take the addicted mutants to Muir Island? Are you friends with the lady doctor there?" She of the awful coffee. It was so awful even Nate noticed. "I still think about… just hit the source. We could find the labs. Unless they don't use humans to distribute the drugs, it would only take a few days of telepathic detective work to trace the shipments all the way to the source."


"I'll begin fabricating the new sensors once I get a sample of the new drug," Mike says. "Shutting down now, have to transfer to my home chassis."

He sits against one wall and apparently powers down, though the telepaths can feel him blend into the machinery and then disappear along some sort of conduit.


Looking to Calvin, Scott remains silent when the telepathic message is delivered, but he nods his head in confirmation to that and what was spoken aloud. "Sounds like I'll need to call Director Fury," he remarks, glancing toward Jean next. "We still need to be cautious with them, but, cat's out of the bag after all."

His ruby-lensed gaze remains upon her for a moment. «Because I went there as myself, not as Cyclops. Not as an X-Man. I'll talk with Hank about it, but I know he's as concerned about this drug as anyone.»

"Muir Island," Scott echoes of Nate. "Doctor MacTaggert is already treating three dozen addicts there. She and her staff are a bit overwhelmed, and she hasn't made any inroads on a treatment plan from what I'm told. But, I'll… I'll ask." Nate also provides another very good reason to maintain, and strengthen ties with SHIELD. For a moment, he works his lower lip in considering, before reaching over to shut down the holographic display and close his tablet. A soft sigh is given at word that Lunair has been rescued; at least she's in good hands.


There was a little bit of weirdness there on the surface, perhaps it was Mike's doing. That was possibly her first time witnessing and feeling that transition so much that it throws her off and nearly lets people 'in'. She shakes it off, looking uncomfortable, a shifting within her seat fixes that as she glances at the rest and then to Scott. She heard the message, but she doesn't say anything, only giving a nod of her head.. something to talk about later.

"I'll go with you. I haven't seen her in a while." Jean confesses. "If you don't mind, that is. I'm sure Ororo wouldn't mind visiting her as well." About SHIELD? Jean remains quiet on that subject. Her own little dealings with the two scientists left her wondering about the entire organization.


"The more good we do working with them, it can only pay off in the long run." Cal points out. "The same goes for actual US agencies, if we can find one we can work with and that preferably is in competition with Stormwatch. The majority of anti-mutant worlds I've run across started in the US so it's vital we have allies in this government too."


"Something needs to be done about a government agency with the stones to run a military style operation at a school," Scott angsts a bit in regard to CADMUS and Stormwatch. "I don't care what grounds you have, you don't fire a missile at a god damned educational institution."

That said, Scott knocks back the rest of that loaded A&W and shoots a look toward Jean. «I need to speak with you,» he thinks in her direction, before looking back to the others. His phone comes out and an SMS is sent to Bobby as well, before closing up shop. "We've got work to do, folks. Call me if you need me."


Missiles, of all things! Shooting missiles near a school!

Jean's rage was a quiet, temperamental beast, that usually came out when she lacked sle..

« Hm? Oh. Right. » It was almost amusing really, watching Scott drink and rage, her brows lifted as she draws in a breath to smack a hand against the table. "Well. Does anyone want to take the rest of the food with them? If not.. I'll pack it up and leave it here.." Which, she starts doing anyways. A busy Jean? Is a good Jean. Sort of. She was sticking behind either way.

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