The Butcher Of New York

March 31, 2015:

The Butcher hits New York and Partisan, May and some others take him out.

NY Harbour - New York


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It's a lovely evening in New York City, besides the storm clouds threatening rain just coming over the horizon that is. The streets are filled with folks going about their business, shopping and generally getting on with their lives. However something ill grows in the state of New York, nutjobs specifically. In the back of a ratty off white work van, a pair of fellows sit with evil on their minds. These fine fellows are, well nutjobs lets be honest. This then is their response to the invasion of reptilian aliens who're using the HAARP array to broadcast mind control waves to the American public, so as to control them. How else are you going to fight against that, but blog about it and then go shoot up a shopping district right?
May and Part are not your usual SHIELD duo, but today they're both in the right place at the right time by coincidence alone. Whilst these two assholes may have more than a few screws loose, they've blogged about some things they shouldn't along the way and that means they are indeed -actually- the target of a vast surveilence effort. Unfortunately for May and Part, this means well it's them and not the local SWAT pukes who have to go clean up the mess. Honestly though anyone doing some shopping, or who happens to read the blogs written by potentially violent nutcases may be in the line of fire here.
"May you wanna wait for them to climb out've the van before we hit'em, I mean we're supposed to snag these punks alive right?"Part's not exactly dressed for war, motorcycle gear and a tiger skull printed bandana pulled up over her face. Not that she doesnt have a 1911 untucked under that jacket, or a carbine in her hands of course. It's the Partisan, why on earth would she ever go anywhere without a longarm of some kind with her?

"No," May tells Partisan. "I don't want to give them time to arm themselves. Have anything that'll punch through that van, or maybe turn that bucket of bolts into a giant taser frame?" She can hope, right? Because that would make this whole fiasco SO much easier.

Spearhead walks into the area, looking a bit worn from a bit of what may be overtime as a vigilante… He is in the darker, less noticable parts of the area, and has thus far not noticed anything out of the ordinary….. Yet…

The Blue Envoy has been looking for Rowan or Aspen Matthews. Ulani wants to make sure that everything is in order for the meeting at the DMD research facility and has come to the harbour to the place where the "Dragon Suns Itself" but he's not there.

She's currently idling in the waters of the Harbour, pondering her options, dressed in the way of the Blue (a rather revealing bikini and not a lot else) with her coral pendant and coral slave bracelets on each wrist.

"I have two RKG tank grenades, my MDR-C, my 1911 and four mags for each May. I'm more than happy to knock knock, but the only thing I'll turn that van into with that is a coffin."Part offers a little shrug, before glancing back to May "Don't even give me that Look, I know it's coming and I'm gonna shut you down before you wind that thing up. How about we just let me plan this one out, and I promise I won't kill anyone."A beat, as she tightens the sling on that MDR and throws it over her shoulder to rest beside her backpack. "Well I'll -try- not to kill anyone alright?"Producing a pretty heavy duty looking pair of stainless steel brass knuckles from her jacket pocket. Not like she's ever had a problem laying guys out without the knucks, but well fuck fighting fair.

Melinda May actually refrains from giving Partisan that Look, and instead takes a moment to pull her own choice of weaponry for this occasion. They look like two telescoping batons like Mockingbird prefers, and like Morse's weapons of choice, they're tipped with active tasers. "All right, Partisan. You're taking point." She abruptly turns to look to one side, thinking she saw movement, but she doesn't pick Spearhead from his cover, whether intentional or not. And thus, she doesn't try to get his attention. Similarly, she's focused enough on the van with the nutjobs (Partisan's word, not hers) to not notice someone treading water out in the middle of the harbor.

Spearhead is walking to the docks in the harbor, he knows nothing about the van and those who are stalking it, he is mearly on his way at the moment. And the fact that he loves fishing, and, therefore, the boats that can take him to good fishing grounds, have taken him to this place as a rest stop on his way home. he peers itno the waters for fish, but jerks in surprize when he sees that someone is floating in the harbor. "Hey, Are you ok? Need help out? You could get hit by a boat there!" he calls to the figure in the water, finding it curious that someone would be in the water.

At the mans call to her, Ulani considers submerging and swimming away but there's an irresible urge to explore. She wasn't told not to. Swimming slightly closer to the edge, the Blue female looks up at the man, remaining silent. Obviously, she's ok, she's swimming.

Theres a rumble inside the van, well more of a mechanical cough. Then again, and again before it kicks to life. It's the clatter of a two stroke motor, followed by raised voices inside the van. The van rocks, before the street stops dead to the tune of a absolutely blood curdling scream and the roar of a chainsaw. The back of the van bursts open, a older guy struggles with the revolver in his waist band until he's joined by one far larger in a heavy olivine leather jacket and a gas mask. That fella in the leather jacket of questionable stylistic value, he's got this huge ratty as hell looking chainsaw and he puts it to use immediately. Bringing the bar down on the fellow before he can get that revolver out. Theres blood everywhere, people are screaming and this poor fuck is being cut in half by an enormous chainsaw wielding nutjob right there in the street.
Despite the madness, well you wouldn't really expect this mess to phase the Partisan but she slides to an abrupt halt as the chainsaw equipped freak exits the back of the van. "Fangs out May, fangs out!"She sweeps that MDR back around as she begins foreward again, soon enough the sound of automatic gunfire joins the scream of that chainsaw.
THe Butcher is what he's called, and no joke the big guy takes a magazine worth of automatic rifle fire right there. He slows to a stop for just a tick, before turning that head slowly around far further than any human neck is capable of. Rising to his blood soaked boots, and dragging that chainsaw up along side him."MuuuUuUuUrrrderrr.."

Melinda May is ready to charge the van when the chainsaw and screaming starts up. It takes a lot to surprise her, but this did it for sure. And then Partisan's saying 'Fangs out' and she curses quite harshly in Mandarin before tucking the batons away and pulling her custom-made 1911. Partisan might be laying into that guy with enough lead to sink a boat, but she takes her time to line up her shot, take careful aim, then fires a single round. She was aiming for an eyeball, let's see how well she did.

Spearhead looks at the swimming silent woman curiously for a moment… 'Well, this isn't a strange day at all…' he thinks to himself sarcasticly. Then, as if to tell him 'you havn't seen anything yet' theres a chainsaw and someone screaming bloddy murder….
as soon as he hears the scream, he pivots as he pulls a heavy Marksman rifle from his back and levels it in the direction of the chainsaw, he aims at the…… there are no other words other than 'Creep' and that being an understatement. He fires a few quickly well aimed shots into the creep, then aims a shot at the saw, hoping to hit some critical part, though something tells him that if this guy's anything like what else he has seen, a broken chainsaw is just a minor inconvenience for the maniac in his search for his murderous jollies….

Ulani's head rises at the screams but she remains in the water as she looks. The weaponry fire has her blinking, wincing even, at the noise. Stepping out of the water, not caring for her appearance, she points her right hand at the one with that rather noisy contrapation and shoots.

A beam of energy fires from the slave bracelet, aiming directly for the mans head. Will it have an effect out of water?

The Butcher staggers, he's all but torn apart. That brain case breaks, hell you can see the soft tissue damage here and he goes down. The chainsaw falls silent, and well it's over right? Then he begins to stir, vague whisps of shadow forming like smoke over his injuries. He rises with a waver, and begins pulling at that chainsaw's pullcord again to get it restarted. Theres no flesh forming under that smoke mind you, the dude is literally being shot to a ghost here.

Part goes so far as to sling her empty magazine after the Butcher, before she produces a trump card. Well two potential trump cards, actually. First though theres that 90 round surefire mag she'd kept hidden exclusively for panic last stands but well it goes into action here. She rolls foreward onto her toes, drops the bolt and gets cookin. That tiny little bullpup was never made for sustained heavy automatic gunfire. It absolutely wasn't made to run about a hundred twenty rounds through it at full cyclic, and well it's amazing the little thing does quite as well as it does. She pours the fire on, laying a constant stream of brass and lead down after the butcher as that MDR begins to cook. Steam turns to smoke, which turns to outright fucking fire but well she's got work to do still. Reaching for another 30 even as that carbine burns. In retrospect, she'd consider fighting with a subcarbine which is ON FIRE to be pretty metal."Seperate him from the chainsaw! They wont go down when they're together! May use the RKGs, blow his ass up!""
The Partisan's barrage has an effect, just…well not much of one honestly. He slows, then sinks down to his knees. Almost drunkenly fumbling for the choke on that chainsaw, but well at least he's not moving around much which would make pouring on the fire all the easier right?

Separate the chainsaw. "On it." She holsters the 1911 again, but instead of going for the RKG, she pulls the weights-on-a-rope meteor hammer that Partisan made for her some time ago. It's got a good bit of reach, so she doesn't have to get THAT close to that… THING before she launches the weighted rope in an attempt to snare the chainsaw and pull it away. Fingers crossed.

Spearhead looks as the Maniac Creature revives itself, and the, what he can only describe at this point as 'unholy', manner of its nature, his head twists around, looking into the boats. He finds in one of them what he is looking for. A Gas can filled with gas. He Jumps onto the unoccupied boat, and 'Borrows' the Object, full and sloshing with Gasoline, and now he jumps back to the dock and full out sprints to the scene of Chainsaw Maniac Creep Dude, He plans to burn this guy, one way or another, because from what he's seeing, this can only end with one hell of a fight, this 'being' is simply demonic….

Advancing on the strange man that just won't stay down, Ulani operates her pendant. Her body is covered in sleek, kevlar like, armour, protecting her from anything malicious. Aiming both hands at the chainsaw the man is carrying, the slave bracelets emit a sustained energy blast. She won't let up, till the man is down.

The chainsaw ticks to life, just as May's meteor hammer gets purchase around the handle. A stiff jerk, and she's able to jerk the thing from his hands and well. It's not just quick it's downright instant the moment the chainsaw gets more than six feet away. Theres a -FWOOMF- of black smoke, and The Butcher's shape just dissolves into whatever the hell is left of the poor fuck he'd taken over. The Chainsaw just sort've, tumbles apart into a collection of parts covered in a mixture of blood and rust. Just like that, over.

Partisan finally drops that MDR rather than reloading it, because it's -ON FIRE- and this is an appropriate response. She drops it like…well She drops it because it's hot. Still once the realization that the thing caught passes, Part glances towards the new arrivals. "His name is the Butcher, fought him before. The chainsaw is haunted, so don't touch the damned thing because theres no other way to seperate the two."Raising a fist towards May because, well. Right the fuck on "Bang on May."

Melinda May actually takes a moment to bump her fist against Partisan's before pulling what looks like a liquor flask from inside her jacket and starting to pour small amounts of its contents over the pieces of chainsaw. Let's see how this fugly likes holy water. The sounds of a man rushing at them with a can of gasoline gets her attention and she steps back into a defensive stance, pulling a knife worthy of Crocodile Dundee from behind her back with her free hand.

Once he sees that the whole thing is done, no thanks to him, he trots to a slow, stopping and letting his arms holding the gascan to loosen, dissapointedly, and the gascan drops to his side, bobbing there in a slightly limp arm…. But he wanted to /burn/ it! Or atleast /look/ like he did something, he shot at it, bt alot of good that did….
Spearhead looks cautiously at the chainsaw, "So……it's done?" He says circleing the thing, not seeming to be convinced that it is over that quickly and easily, such a monstrosity… No, the way things have gone for him the past while, he wasn't buying that this was all for the encounter. He looks at the gascan, then looks back up, "Well… I guess I don't need this anymore, guess I shoud put it back……" and after a few moments, he sets it down, with the intention of taking it back…. as soon as he can remember which boat he took it from……. He scans the boats around where he thinks he remembers taking it from…. he turns to the people around, though, not having any luck, and says, "I'm Spearhead, and what kind of monstrosity was that, other than a haunted chainsaw and…. whatever the hell that thing was….."

Ulani, looks around the group, making sure no one is hurt. "Ulani" she responds to Spearhead and starts backing away towards the water. Her job here is done and engaging surfacers? Her superiors are going to have a fit.

Spearhead looks to Ulani, "Nice to meet you." Then, he notices her Backing away, oddly to him, to the ocean… He can understand the appeals of the sea. But the way this woman was? Not really wht he expected…. Then he remembers the way things have been going lately, and dissmisses the odd behaviour, and opts for a polite, "Thanks for yor help." Friendly enough…. He figures that the woman can't be out of contact of the water for some reason or another, and doesn't pry… He has no energy to pry….

Partisan frowns as she watches her cute little carbine burn "It was a haunted chainsaw bro, and yes it's actually over. Sure it seems real simple now, I went at it forever with this fuck the first time before I figured it out."waving after the mess of parts which, well don't seem to be doing much with the holy water. She does glance between Ulani and Spearhead, but well both seem to be bailing. "May, can't you ever take me anywhere nice. It's always lets go assault this, or lets go attack that. Never 'Hey Part look at these cute boots I found' or 'Hey part lets go see a totally retarded movie'."She gives a sigh, before she finally picks up the partially melted MDR with a sigh. "You guys are gonna replace this for me, right?"

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