Downward Spyral

March 31, 2015:

Nightwing contacts Oracle and Arsenal about a new threat in Gotham



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For the most part, Nighwing has been doing his own thing. He's been following his own leads for the most part, but if something is put out there, he'll help, either in costume or in uniform.

It was actually during a drug bust that he first got wind of this organization — it involved some rather high-rolling mafia and local socialites, but there was enough to pique his interest. However, while his own research skills were formidible, they weren't quite up to task for something this elusive.

So, he decided to bring in help.

Rooftops are the most common meeting places for the Bats, but there are other places. Safehouses, 'abandoned' buildings, and a few other places. For this meet, Nightwing has chosen one of the more private, out of the way places and has contacted both Oracle and Arsenal to meet him there.

In the Clocktower, Oracle watches as Nightwings Avatar settles in the location he outlined. The security and CCTV feeds to the area are displayed in windows on her screens and her green eyes assess the outlying area. "Nightwing, Oracle. I'm here."

Settling back in her chair, a cup of tea held in two hands, Gothams Information Goddess waits patiently.

"Hey, hey, Wingster," Arsenal calls out, looming atop of a stack of large boxes. "Sorry I'm late, I wanted to try one of those ominous looming entrance. What do you think…?" he asks, as he crouches down, flashing a wide grin, holding his fingers up against his head in a fair imitation of Batman's ears. "I am the terror that flaps in the night… I am the back itch you can't scratch… I'm the copyrighted character you can't mention…"

Hopping down, Roy tilts his head, tapping his bluetooth. "Who's this person who's speaking now, anyway…? Oracle? How'd she get access to this frequency?"

"It's Oracle and do you really want to know the answer to that question?" Nightwing grins at his friend, seemingly unsurprised at the entrance. "The entrance isn't bad…but you need to find deeper shadows and let there be a long pause before you make your presence known…preferrably when other people in the area will jump out of their skin when you do." he also glances out, as if wanting to make sure with his own eyes that they're alone before he asks, "Oracle, you have company or is it just the three of us?"

Obviously this is something he doesn't want others to know about yet.

Arsenals entrance get's a raised eyebrow and small smile. "Greetings Arsenal. I'll let Batman know you're looking for tips on the entrance. I'm sure he'll be happy to oblige" No, he won't.

Taking a sip of her tea, the redhead shifts slightly and checks her screen making sure the other two are truly alone "You asked for the meeting to be private, it's just the three of us."

Wincing, Roy holds his index fingers up in an X gesture. "Bzzzzzzt. Nope nope nope! Do not want. The Bat can stay right where he is. Besides, if you're as good as your rep, Oracle, you probably have this already on some special Insta-Batgram to him."

Leaning back against the stack of boxes, Roy folds his arms across his chest. "So you've got us alone, what's happening? You made it sound like you wanted information on something and wanted it secure… how long did you spend checking this place out making sure it was bug-free?"

"It's going to be our Christmas Card already," Nightwing points out as Arsenal nixes Batman's advice. He then looks up at one of the security cameras and then back to Arsenal, "I've know this area pretty well, so didn't need to sweep it too long…" and with Oracle's involvement, they could find any bugs if any had been planted.

"I don't want this mentioned to Batman…or anyone else. Not right now. But I think there's someone new on the scene. Someones. Possibly harder to track down than HYDRA."

"Christmas Card proofs in your email to approve already, Nightwing." Oracle responds. She'll make no comment on how good she is versus her rep. Sometimes the legend is all you need.

The news of a new player in Gotham has Oracles eyebrows rising. "I keep my own counsel, Nightwing. But if this endangers the Bat Family or Gotham, I'll do what is necessary." Keeping secrets from Batman is never a good idea. "What are you seeing, that I'm not?"

"What happened, Wingster?" Roy asks, voice grown solemn. "So you're calling us to see what we know…? What did you find out…? Although I got to tell you, Hydra's pretty much easy to track down, for the most part. It's that they're -everywhere- that makes them a big pain in the butt."

Nightwing's lips press together at Oracle's answer, "This is something that those who are less-experienced shouldn't get involved with, Oracle." Let her interpret that as she will. Not that Batman has less experience, but…"Have either of you two heard of something called SPYRAL?" He'll spell it out. "I grant you HYDRA's expanse and visibility now, but this seems to be something else entirely. Something potentially smaller or at least more insidious."

Nightwings comments on who should be involved has Oracles eyes narrowing and she takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "SPYRAL. Only a little. But you know my manifest is to look after Gotham and whilst there's whispers in the community, nothing concrete and nothing visible enough here yet to warrant my attention."

"SPYRAL…?" Roy scratches the base of his neck. "Haven't come across an organization named anything like that, no. Why…? Did you unearth something…?" Pausing, Roy taps his earbud. "What've you heard, at least…? Maybe it's tied into some unexplained things, but no, I haven't heard of anything called SPYRAL."

"That's fine, Oracle. It's warranted -my- attention and if you know anything about it, no matter how quiet or insubstantial, I'd like to know." Nightwing glances at Arsenal again, "I unearthed something, but it's not enough. Gut feeling is that this is something to be watched carefully…we have all this with HYDRA blowing up right now, it's a perfect time for someone to slip in under the radar."

"Just whispers, Arsenal. Nothing concrete. It often happens that way." Oracle has already started a search through the databases she has access to, it will probably take time to find anything. "On top of HYDRA, Gothams a good place to try something because there is always something happening. If you want to keep a secret, make it look like it's related to the other guys." What might be interesting there is when the other groups decide they don't want the credit for the actions. "Explain please, Nightwing. What did you unearth?"

Shifting his posture so that he's not leaning back against the stack of boxes anymore, Arsenal shakes his head. "You mean, you've managed to separate out a copycat organization trying to hitch a ride on other movements…? That's not a bad way to stay hidden, but how -did- you manage to find out…? Someone slipped up somewhere…? Or did someone squeal and say it wasn't -them-?"

"Just whispers, Oracle, but I want to learn more. If it's coming into Gotham or if it's infiltrating other places as well, I'd like to know more about it. 'The more you know', right?" Nightwing glances at Arsenal as if asking for a little backup with this. "Someone slipped up on a high-profile drug bust. They were drunk or high or both and trying to use whatever they could not to be arrested. You know the type, name-dropping as if that could possibly mean something." To some it might, but it didn't work on him.

Observing the two men through her feeds, Oracle sips her tea and considers. "Information is currency, Nightwing. A currency I deal in." she knows the power of 'knowing'. Sipping her tea, she waits for the rest of the information to be delivered.

Leaning back against the box, Roy shakes his head. "I have no idea. There are some cases where we can't determine who's responsible, so maybe if we pull out those cases and compare, our questions might be your answers. So give us what you've got, and let's find out, eh? Maybe at least we can start figuring out what connections your information has to anything we have… although I'm guessing Oracle here has -some- notions."

"What more information do you want from me, Oracle?" Nightwing takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "I don't have any more than that. The drug bust is in the police records, but I'm asking for help." He looks to Arsenal as well, "From the both of you, if you're willing to help. If not, I understand. There's certainly enough going on to keep us all busy for three lifetimes, it seems. All I have is a mention of a name by some well-connected mafioso and threats that it could destroy Gotham and the tri-cities from within."

Oracle nods slowly "I'll do what I can, Nightwing. But I'll be utilising my resources as I need. Right now, all I've heard are rumours in the wider community and nothing connecting it to Gotham." she sighs "We'll start with the drug bust, see what we can shake down. But with the amount of crime in Gotham, hiding these things is fairly easy."

Leaning forward in her chair, the redhead starts to compile the 'rumours' she's seen. "Let me know the specific bust, it will things quicker on my end, and then I'll send you what I've seen so far and what else I can find." another pause "Right now, it's a needle in one of many haystacks. We don't even know which haystack to start searching. So anything either of you two see that seems off, will be worth digging into. If you want me to help there, I will."

"Right," Roy replies, as he considers. "Send me your information too, maybe if we overlap what we have, we'lll find some places to start looking. Got to be careful, though - a lot of these organizations are like spider webs. Pull at something at the wrong time without being prepared, and a spider's waiting for you."

Sighing, Roy runs a hand through his hair. "That's a -lot- of haystacks, though. You never make these things easy, Wingster. Just once, can't we have a secret society of jaywalkers?"

Nightwing runs a gloved hand through his hair, "I'll send what I have. It's not much. I can't officially send you the details of the bust, but the report was submitted this morning. I suggest you do a search with my name…" since that would be a violation of ethics, of course. He's trying to walk a very fine line here. "I'll send you the name of the mafioso as well so we can look deeper into his activity," but again, he can't give that out right here and now.

"Welcome to Gotham, Arsenal. It's a city of haystacks riddled with needles."

"Just the name of the Mafiosa, you've given me everything I need just there. I'm on it now." Oracles already distracted. "Welcome to my world, Arsenal. Haystacks and very few needles abound. If there's nothing else, Nightwing?"

"Right… like I have access to police records, but I'll just… uh, get Oracle's contact or something. Speaking of which… do I keep calling Oracle a him, a her, or an it?" Arsenal chimes in. "Because I mean, what I've heard, I'm pretty sure it's got it bad for Batman…"

"I appreciate your help, Oracle. I'll be in touch with that information." Nightwing offers that before he looks to Arsenal, "That's not a question for me to answer." But he is pretty curious about what Oracle -will- answer! "And while you don't have access to police records, I know you have access to other things. Any help is appreciated."

"You can call me, Oracle" the redhead in the Clocktower nearly laughs at the Batman statement "My pleasure Nightwing. Oracle out." She's already looking into the drug bust.

"Man," Roy grimaces, putting an elbow to Nightwing, as he taps his earbud, turning it off (or so he thinks). "Either it's got it -bad- for the Bat, or it's totally an AI with Batman's brain imprints, cuz that was totally -Bats-. Anyway I'll get in touch once we're done rooting through the files."

Nightwing chuckles at the comment, "Yeah, Oracle's got it down pretty well. Better than most of us, sometimes, I think." He lets out another breath, "Thanks. It would be nice to try and stop something before it got its claws into Gotham and becomes yet another major issue to deal with. Or at least, block it from coming here while it's explored."

When Arsenal next checks his phone, he'll find a new entry in his contacts. Calling that number will connect him, via several interconnects and encrypted systems to Oracle.

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