Re Recruited

March 26, 2015:

Deathstroke comes looking for Dinah and Oracle and May approach a group of women to work together.

Warehouse somewhere - New York


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After the discussion with May about "getting the woman together" and creating the basic list of who they might approach, Oracle has left locating a secure facility up to do the initial meeet and then sent out the invites.

The time has arrived and the redheaded Information Goddess of Gotham has ensured that she has video and audio feeds of the location. She's settled in her command chair in the Clocktower watching Agent May through those same feeds. "That's an excellent facility, May." Her voice will be heard on Mays communicator "I really appreciate you doing the leg work for me there." A slightly ironic grin crosses her face at those words.

Of course, when invited to a soiree, how can POWER GIRL disincline such an invitation?

So she was dressed ~fancy~, with her golden pauldrons bearing a little extra shine (along with her blue boots) - the woman arriving at the warehouse right outside. Of course, she suspected a trap. But Karen, being a badarse Kryptonian, also suspected she could rather handle traps.

So she lands from the flight she had used to get over her - rising from the crouch she began in to her full (impressive) height, folding her arms over her front. Of course, her power-senses would be watchful for any weirdness in the environment, her eyes narrowed.

May is standing in the center of the open warehouse floorplan, sunlight slanting in through windows from both sides of the building and illuminating all of the dust motes floating in the mostly still air. She's dressed in her SHIELD mission attire, though this time the shoulder of her dark long-sleeved shirt is lacking the identifiable eagle emblem. This time, she's moonlighting, er, middaying.

She watches Power Girl arrive without so much as blink and simply continues standing there.

For anyone in the habit of noticing such things (or with something cheaty like x-ray vision), May has no less than four different weapons concealed on her person.

Dinah Drake had gotten the invitation from Oracle and she had been in the middle of replying to the other woman that she would be there when the unfortunate incident of her phone dying happened.

She knew she shouldn't have used a cheap knockoff iPhone from China that she might have snagged while busting the counterfeiters and it was biting her in the butt. Seriously though, she couldn't afford $600 for a fancy phone.

Her motorcycle is parked a few blocks away from the warehouse and she proceeds on foot.

She's casing the warehouse when Power Girl arrives and she mutters under her breath, "I swear to god, this better not be like Batman's Bachelor party." It was her mother who wore fishnets, not her.

Batgirl doesn't make a flashy enterance. In fact, you'd have to look around to find her and she's already in the warehouse. The rafters, more specifically. She's perched up above in that head-to-toe black attire, still as the statutes that cling to the buildings high in the Gotham skies. Her cape drapes down, the edges of it fluttering just a bit as the only movement about her. Still. Silent. Patient. Traits that holdover from her childhood training as an assassin.

The HUD display zooms in on the warehouse and beneath the deathshead helm Slade Wilson's lips tighten into a thin line as he spots Canary. Disappointment races through him, and anger shortly after that. He hates watching good talent go soft. He'd prefer she'd died, at least then all that effort wouldn't have been so… wasted. Power Girl's arrival makes the corner of his lips twitch lightly, hrm. An interesting complication. One worthy of notice. «Peabody.» he subvocals into his gear, «Code Envy. Priority drop.» there's a pause before his coms tick once, «I uh… You sure boss?» Slade doesn't bother to answer and the coms tick twice in understanding. He continues his watch from his vantage point and waits for the show to begin. He's not going in until he knows all the players. Patience is an occupational nessecity after all.

Oracle of course knows that Batgirl has arrived. She'll let the little Bat announce herself but that doesn't stop the redhead keying her comms unit "At least let May know you're there, Batgirl" Short, sharp sentences, that's what works best for Batgirl.

"They're all here now, May" Oracle speaks through the comms unit still.

Opening the audio channels on the equipment she has installed, Oracles voice filters through "Welcome. Thank you for accepting our invite. Just in case you all haven't met, let me introduce you. Melinda May, Power Girl, Black Canary and…" With any luck, Batgirl will now be lurking at ground level "Batgirl." She pauses to let the group acquaint themselves briefly. "Now the introductions are done, May will explain why we've invited you."

Deathstrokes radio transmission shows up on Oracles systems amongst the hundreds if not thousands of signals in the city. It passes unnoticed for the time being.

Who could really afford a fancy phone?

Anyways, Peej - when Dinah drives up, at least, does give the woman a brilliant smile. "Let me guess. Weird email message?" she says, kinda pointing her finger at Dinah and giving a wink and a click of her tongue. Then, when Oracle introduces her? Karen kinda bows a bit, before straightening up again. "Black Canary? Nice codename," she says, turning her eyes towards the Batgirl, giving the young woman a nod then. "Nice to meet you all!"

Melinda, however, was given kinda a long look, her eyes shifting from her to Dinah, and then back again. Peej leans closer to Dinah. "Is uh… she okay?" A beat. "I mean, she's a person, not a robot," she says. No, she DID NOT CHEAT and USE X-RAY… … okay she did, cuz she was looking /right at/ one of those hidden weapons.

…of course, Peej does hear that whispered 'Code Envy, priority drop' - but since people started arriving, her focus was on them. And whatever part of her brain processed the hundred little sounds she heard with her POWER HEARING all the time… must've filtered it away as police radio chatter of some kind.

Melinda May looks at each woman for a moment in turn. "Oracle and I have discussed the feasibility of creating a specialized team with a … very focused skill set. This team will not be limited to any one municipality, and will not be under the purview of any one governmental organization. You're the first individuals we have approached about this, and you'll be setting the bar for anyone else who will potentially be joining this group. If you have a problem with any of this, leave now." No, she's not a robot. She's not a Vulcan, either. But damn could she play one on TV if asked.

Dinah really was a team player, but in this case she wasn't really buying the sell, "Interesting choice of phrasing." She pauses a moment to look around at the other women, "I'm not interested in being under the purview of any government organization, let alone more than one."

"I guess that means I'm out." She turns and begins to leave in the direction she came from.

When having to deal with just words, as she does when Oracle uses the comms, a lot of nuance gets dropped. All Batgirl really hears is 'let May know you're there.' So as the blondes walk in, Batgirl drops from above in a soft flutter of leatern wings as her cape trails behind her. She twists in the air to land feet-first, knees flexing to land in a crouch to take the impact just off to May's left.

Full face mask with smoked lenses, her face is featureless black. The only concession to color is the yellow outline of a bat across her chest and the utility belt around her waist. At least until she lets her arms drop to her side and the cape falls forward to drape her from neck to ankles like some dark ghost.

Deathstroke lets the laser rest on the window of the warehouse and listens into the conversation. He checks his prox and notes the incoming stealth drone with his required payload. Excellent. He continues to wait, though Dinah's sudden plan to leave has him perking up a bit. Unexpected. Hrm.

Oracle watches as Dinah leaves "May just said that it wouldn't be under Government Agency purview, Black Canary" She'll let May clarify the statement."Nice to meet you too, Powergirl."

Deathstroke listening in still goes undetected.

"Okay," says Power Girl. "I get called to this creepy warehouse in the middle of nowhere," she begins, kinda counting off on her fingers, looking between Melinda May and Batgirl. "Told that I can be part of a group - nothing is being told to me about the group, and if I have a problem with any of it, I should just leave?" she cants her head to the side.

The woman rolls her shoulders at this point, and kinda crosses her arms in front of herself.

"That might be good for government claptrap," says Karen, kinda nodding her head towards Black Canary, as if supporting her point. "But…"

Peej's eyes flicker towards Batgirl. Was she watching her? With that mask on, Peej couldn't tell. And that was kinda nervewracking. "…uh…" her eyes flick back towards Melinda May. Train of thought takes a moment, reboarding at the station. "…but I need a heck of a lot more info, alright?" There we go.

Melinda May clenches her jaw briefly then follows up on Oracle's words, calling after Black Canary. "My mistake. ZERO governmental influence." She nods to the silent little Bat once then focuses on Power Girl. "This new group is still in the planning stages, but that's why I'm here. To answer whatever questions possible."

When Team 7 had recruited Dinah, it had been with a purpose; one she considered just and noble at the time considering how her mother had died. She looked at May and raised her eyebrows, "Sorry, I guess I misheard you."

Another look is given between Batgirl and Power Girl as she wondered why any grown woman would have 'girl' as part of their codename. Shaking her head and focussing on the present Dinah smiles.

"What's the purpose of the team? Why does the team need to be formed? Are we supposed to be answering to anyone?" Dinah pauses, "Most importantly though, how do we know we can rely on each other when we don't know even know each other. I don't mean reputation either."

"Oracle called me Black Canary, it's a codename. If I'm going to work with any of you, you should know my name is Dinah Drake and I expect from all of you, including Oracle. I need to know your names to, not your codename." She put her hands on her hips, lips pursed as she stared at the others and the transmitter box Oracle was speaking from.

To be fair, Batgirl could really pass as a teenager, size-wize. She's pretty little. Especially when you can't see her face.

She lets the talking mostly roll over her, so much background noise. Except Oracle which, annoyingly, she needs to focus to follow. While the others have questions, the little bat doesn't. If Oracle asks, she does. Sometimes her world is just that simple.

The Canary's request of her name, however? That gets a slight cant of her head until she answers, in that flat manner of hers: "Batgirl." It's the first name she had. The other, that's because people seem to think she needs it.

Deathstroke holds out his hand just as a small package drops from the sky and his fingers curl around the clasped box. His eye narrows behind the mask and he considers his entrance again. He takes a moment to consider things a four thousandth and fifteenth time, trying to get his mind right. Frankly it's harder then it has been in years. Ever sin-well. That's why he's here now isn't it? His expression hardens a bit further and he glances down the length of his heavily armored arm to the gauntleted hand that's holding the small box and goes still.

Fuck it.

There's nothing in that building he fears, but most of them have a reason to fear his mask. He reaches up and disengages the seals and begins to undress. Ladies, prepare yourselves.

A scant couple of minutes later, time enough to dearmor and cover the ground from his far off overwatch to the warehouse, Slade's unarmored fist bangs against the sheet metal like a hammer. Boom. Boom. Boom. That's Deathstroke for 'knock knock'.

Any reply Oracle was about to make is cut short at the ''knocking'' on the door. Flicking her eyes to the CCTV feeds for the outside of the building, the redhead zooms into the figure at the door but her eyebrows are already rising. That at least explains how she didn't detect his approach.
"Deathstroke." Her voice feeds through the audio system "Well, you wanted to now if you could rely on each other, here's your chance to find out."

She's already scanning her systems and sending out requests to the Batfamily to get onsite 'now'. Somehow she suspects the request has gone out too late.

Melinda May resists the urge to roll her eyes at Dinah's demands and instead crosses her arms. "SH…" her words are cut off by the booming noises and by the time the third one echoes through the warehouse she's got a slightly odd-looking pistol in her hands aimed at where she thinks the origin of the noises is. Kind of difficult to tell with all of the echoes. "Oracle. Sitrep."

"It's not that I don't trust you - but I just met you. And my secret identity - it's pretty important, you know?" says Peej, giving Dinah a wink. Turning her eyes towards Melinda as the woman says what she does, Peej kinda gives her head a shake, when… well, she can SENSE the sarcasm in Danah's look. Or maybe she just kinda imagined it was there. But the questions she asked - kinda important.

Peej chews on the inside of her lip.

"Mostly what she said," says Karen, brushing her hand through her short hair.

Power Girl lifts her eyes up at the boom - boom - boom - the sound reverberating through the room. Deathstroke appears, and Oracle seems to have a problem with that. Peej had the confidence of someone who could deflect bullets with her biceps. "Hey - everyone be calm. Look - he's not even armed," she says, gesturing at him. "Maybe he wants to be a part of the team too?" says Peej, wryly.

"As funny as you may think that is Power Girl, that man is one of the greatest leaders you will ever meet." Dinah was not afraid to show her begrudging respect for the man, "He's also the most accomplished killer on the planet, so watch yourselves because I don't think he's pals with Oracle unless he's our guest of honor and we're about to become Deathstroke's Angels." She wouldn't use the man's real name, it might be lost on them, "If you saw him coming, he may not be here to fight. Don't provoke him."

Most accomplished killer on the planet? Batgirl's dad started using a codename? Peaked ears accent the cant of the little bat's head. She stays where she is though, because in her experience yeah. People don't tend to knock before they try to kill you.

Deathstroke puts his hand on the door and pushes after the knocking went unanswered, and the metal of it groans for a moment before the lock pops open with the sound of twisting aluminum. He steps into the warehouse proper and pauses the close the door behind him, letting it sort of clank to a rest against the bent frame. "Lieutenant." he says, staring at Dinah, "You have promises to keep." everyone else in the room is pointedly ignored.

He's an older man, the white hair and carefully trimmed goatee actually make him look older then his face actually appears. For all the age though, he's a /big/ man. Well over six feet tall, well over two hundred pounds, and to say he 'looms' when he stands still is somehow missing the point. He seems to fill up more space then he physically should be capable of. That 'it' factor that some people have, the thing that makes others look their way when they enter a room or listen when they bark a command, rolls off this guy like cologne. "You're coming with me."

Into Mays and Batgirls comms unit, Oracle speaks. Peej may be able to hear it, or maybe not. "That's Deathstroke. Anti Hero." That's the best description she can come up with. "Appears to be alone."

His addressing Dinah causes the redhead to pause before she speaks through the audio system in the room "Your call Black Canary, how do you want to play this?"

May's pistol does not waver in its aim at Deathstroke as he enters the warehouse and addresses Dinah directly. But, as he's basically ignoring her and Batgirl, she doesn't move and she doesn't initiate any hostility. Likely best to see how this plays out.

Peej thought Oracle's explanation of who Deathstroke was was very helpful.

But in the end, she didn't really know many of these people, her lips pursing as she watches the interplay between the man and Dinah proper, the woman keeping her arms folded in front of herself. He was dangerous, supposedly. So she was watching him. Like a hawk.

But… she didn't see any particular reason to /stop/ him yet.

There were some fights you could try and win, but there were others where you just had to give up and live to fight another day. This was one of those cases where you didn't fight and Dinah really didn't want to.

Dinah looked at the other women and considered the options before her, there were many but only one didn't result in half the room likely dead. Besides, Deathstroke was asking, sort of.

"I don't suppose I have much choice in the matter /Sir/."

Dinah turned and began to walk towards Deathstroke, telling the others, "Don't wait up for me." She had no clue what the man had in store but she hoped to soon find out.

Batgirl looks over at Power Girl, then looks over at May. Then she just turns to watch Black Canary leave. Not much of a fidgeter, this one.

Deathstroke's single eye flares slightly at Dinah's words and his lips peel back in a grin that's one half charming and the other half predatory. Of course she's going to come with him, that much wasn't in doubt. What condition she'd be in when she did however… well. Now no one has to get hurt. "No." he says flatly, "You don't." he steps to the side, letting her head out the door first and finally he takes the time to glance around the room, "As for you," the word seems to indicate the lot of them as a group and not any one individual, "I'll be in touch." he winks (or is it blinks when you only have one eye?) at Peej and turns to follow Dinah out of the warehouse.

Oracle sighs from her vantage in the Clocktower. She knows about Dinahs' background and worries for the woman. "We'll keep the porchlight on." Is all she says over the audio system. And watches, and waits, till Deathstroke leaves.

When she's sure the man has left, she addresses the group assembled "Thank you for holding. I take it Powergirl, you heard the information I fed to May and Batgirl?" Another pause "I will try to track her, keep an eye on her. She may need our assistance yet. This is what I, we, hope that our group can achieve. Look out for each other as much help those who need it."

Thinking about Batgirl, Oracle speaks directly to her comms "Any Questions?" She can multitask and answer Batgirl separately.

Melinda May doesn't lower the pistol until Oracle speaks, and then she does so with a huff. "That enough of an answer? You still wanting to walk?" Her questions are aimed at Power Girl, since the pint-sized Bat hasn't really revealed much at all.

Kinda pursing her lips on one side, Peej watches the goings on with a look of hesitation. Flickering her eyes towards… okay, not the vulcan, she turns her eyes down towards Batgirl's face, and… okay, that was probably worse than the vulcan. So she looks to… okay Dinah was leaving.

Shoulders slumping, Peej releases the world weariest of world-weary sighs, and pulls her hand through her hair. A little smirk touches her lips at Deathstroke's wink, and she shakes her head at the man, flattered in spite of herself. For the longest time, she just watches the pair leave.

So Peej turns towards the other two. "I know I'm kinda new here, but… what was /that/ all about?" she says, jerking her thumb towards the retreating pair. Peej looks to Melinda afterwards. "I'm happy to help keep an eye on her, but she did just… choose to go with him, you know. On her own volition."

Dinah was gone, out the door ahead of Deathstroke looking very much like a prisoner of war despite her 'willingness' to go with him. Unless Slade says something to her, she keeps entirely silent, a deep chill being sent down her spine when she looks over her shoulder at the man.

Batgirl isn't entirely sure what that was about either, but Oracle's here. And she trusts the older woman to let her know who to hit and who not to. Power Girl's question has the little bat looking over to May too.

Power Girls rather abrupt exit has Oracle blinking and shrugging. "Well that went well, May." sarcastically. Smiling sardonically to herself, she speaks directly to Batgirl "Be part of this. Help me, help us, help others." She'll happily tell the littlest Bat who to hit. In answer to the question Power girl posed, the redhead responds "She.. joined his team. She left without permission." Those sorts of things just aren't done "He caught up with her. She… made her decision." If she wanted to fight, then Oracle would have asked all present to do so. "May, I think we're done here?"

Melinda May returns her pistol to its concealed holster. "I agree. We're done here." She can't help but think this first meet and greet did NOT go well at all, but it's not like her to just voice that aloud. So she doesn't.

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