Joking Hydra

March 19, 2015:

Joker and Harley Quinn have a shoot out with HYDRA

Diamond District - Gotham


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It's easy to think, when dealing with large organizations like HYDRA that everything is unfolding for them in accordance with some grand master plan. A scheme to end all schemes. It's easy to think that they're six steps ahead of whomever's fighting them because that is often the case and because they have a way of making things seem like that's the case. The fact of the matter is, though, that on the ground things are usually just as chaotic for them as for everyone else.

Especially in Gotham.

Especially where the Joker is concerned.

The Jokers men have been on the move again, snapping up drug supplies left and right - mostly stealing them from the folks that already have them - and one of the suppliers they decided to 'help move his goods' happened to be having a meet with some very well connected, very well armed international terrorists.

Which is why now there's a small war raging in the Diamond District near the harbor. Laser pistols versus AK's and no regard for human life. The Joker is calmly reloading as he leans behind a pillar, watching as his gang members trade fire with some of HYDRA's finest and grinning manically all the while. Sometimes you don't need a hero to get a good dose of chaos.

Harley Quinn looks over to her Puddin, seeing how much he's enjoying himself in the chaos. It's so nice seeing the man you love doing something that makes them smile. She slides another rocket into the launcher in front of her before hoisting it onto her shoulder and spinning out from the pillar she was hiding behind. The rocket flies, making her small body rock with its momentum. She ducks back behind the pillar and grins like a college girl that just threw a glitter bomb at an enemy sorority.

In the Clocktower, Oracle is watching this unfold, and she's torn. HYDRA, The Joker and Harley Quinn… she should let them shoot it out and send her team in to pick off the winners. But there's innocent lives at stake.

Sending out an all channels broadcast via the OracleNet (Communicators and Text messages to phones for those who haven't yet got a comms device) "This is Oracle, we have a shootout in the Diamond District. The Joker and Harley Quinn versus HYDRA. We need to break this up before innocent lives are lost." Or more innocent lives are lost "All available teams are to proceed there, post haste. Please acknowledge with your eta."

The Black Canary had been near The Diamond District following a lead on a drug deal about to go down when all hell broke loose. Using a dumpster as leverage she jumped on to it before leaping again and doing a two-step against the side of a wall.

Spinning around in a circle her feet connected with the heads of two shooters knocking them sideways. A pair of confused thugs start to reload their guns before she ducks and rolls, punching one of them right in the crown jewels before tripping the other and knocking him unconscious with a quick jab to the throat.

Removing her phone from her pocket she read the message from Oracle before dialing the woman and putting a Bluetooth in her ear, "The Joker and his psychotic little pet? You've got to be kidding me Oracle."

She begins scrambling up a fire escape ladder until she reaches the roof of the building, looking around for two of Gotham's most infamous villains. The rocket launcher gives Harley away pretty quickly and she begins to move through cover using all of her training to avoid being spotted by the pair.

The Joker is much more focused on the firefight at the moment. Not like a commander, willing and directing his troops to win the battle. More like an amused spectator who happens to be participating. He steps out, heedless of fire and opens up with a pair of uzis. Whether it's luck or some measure of ability to shoot, a couple of the HYDRA enforcers go down and a couple Clownz use the opportunity to break cover and find a better position to spread mayhem. "Nice day for a bit of murder isn't it Harley dear?" The Joker calls back over the gunfire, not seeing the enforcer with the knife sneaking up in him.

"It sure is, Mistah Jay! The screamin', the explosions… it's like the day I was born and broke you at of Arkham." She sighs winsomely, closing her eyes for a moment. When she opens them, there is someone sneaking up on her man! With a knife! The clown girl, that was just moments ago a cheerful, bubbly thing, grows venomous. She drops the rocket launcher and starts to flip and bound in the direction of the enforcer. She lands on his shoulders, his head between her knees, and then twists as if she were in a video game. There is a crunch like tearing celery. "Bad! No cookie for you!"

"Hello Black Canary" Oracles voice is digitally disguised, no emotion filtering though. "I would never kid about that. And don't forget HYDRA, so watch out for yourself." Dinahs avatar moves across Oracles screens, the redhead tracking the blondes movements. Security feeds for the area where the battle is fought, bought to the fore.

The GCPD already, despatched, Oracle ensures further access to the area for the general public is blocked.

Black Canary continues to move through the rooftop area trying to get the jump on Harley Quinn and Joker, whispering to Oracle, "If you can use your hacker magic to kill the streetlights I'd be grateful."

She leaps between a pair of buildings and ducks behind an air ventilation unit, completely out of sight as she watches Joker and Harley having what seems to be the time of their lives.

Taking a deep breath, she hoped Oracle would come through because she was making sure these two went back to Arkham or die trying.

Hopefully it would not be the latter.

There is still a small, very destructive gang war going on. Energy fire eats into the masonry of the building Canary is on while the Joker pulls a knife to fend off several more approaching HYDRA agents. Unlike Harley he's not super strong, flexible, or durable. He is however, insane, unpredictable and quite vicious. As Harley ends the agent he has the knife wielding psycho bounces in among the groups, slashing and cackling like mad. Further up the street a machinegun (a real, belt fed machinegun) goes off, one of Joker's men.

Going over to her satchel of toys, Harley tosses out a rubber chicken, a whoopie cushion and a pack of black pepper gum. Finally, she finds a gun, a little heavy to be a snubnose though that is what it looks like. She starts to fire, flares of light now filling the area.

As Black Canary requests the lights be killed, Oracle smiles grimly and accesses the citys' management system. It takes a few minutes to pull up the relevant section. Tapping in a few commands, the streetlights all wink out. "As requested, Black Canary, lights out in your area."

A shard of masonry nearly hits Black Canary as she's perched in her little hiding spot, a quick jerking of her head to the side avoiding what may have been a fatal injury if the masonry had hit her.

When the lights are killed by Oracle, that was her cue to move.

Having planned her route out beforehand for maximum effectiveness she scrambles down the side of a fire escape before leaping over to a railing.

Pivoting on her heel she leaps off of the railing and descends towards Joker, Harley and the group they are fighting. Dinah had been trying to come up with a witty opening liner, but she quickly realized that would have ruined the surprise; besides sometimes a pitchy entrance was the best.


A sonic scream in a wide cone erupts forth from Dinah's lungs as she leaps towards the prolific villains and those fighting them.

The Joker winces. That hurts. Possibly enough to make his ears bleed. Yep. That's blood. He was, however, already moving for cover. Killing the lights is a classic Bat move. He doesn't even need to tell Harley. She's seen it often enough. Moments after the scream his back hits a wall and he shakes his head. "Well. Talk about your screaming Mimi's…"

Just after Harley shoots the flare, the lights go out. Well, that is the reverse of the way it's supposed to work, but that's all good. B-Man does love to announce his presence with a good batch of darkness. She's about to duck for cover when… Ow! Ow ow ow! It's like when Selina gets upset and rakes her claws over glass! She covers her ears, feeling the moisture of blood through her coxcomb hood. "Great! The Bat couldn't make it, so he sent a bird instead?"

Unlike Batman, Black Canary had to rely on her visual senses in the darkness; not high tech batcowls and other gizmos. Her targets also had a habit of being dressed in brightly colored clothing, the HYDRA soldiers however were a bit more of a pain to spot for her.

Gunfire whizzes by her as she rolls beneath the side of an abandoned car, the glass shattering as she continues in a run towards Harley Quinn.

Dinah feints left with a punch from her right arm towards Harley before aiming a surprise snap kick from her left leg towards the shorter woman's chin, "I'd be less worried about Batman and more worried about me."

The Joker seems to have vanished from the fight. The Jokerz are still present. They're still shooting at HYDRA and shooting at Dinah. HYDRA is also shooting at Dinah so, um, there's that. Harley seems to have the girl to herself. For now.

Just as Harley is making it up to her feet after the scream, she is punched and kicked by the woman in the fishnets. She staggers backwards and rubs at her jaw, looking up at the other woman. "You hit like a girl," she counters and then grabs the closest thing she can find to act as a maul, a chunk of rebar.

Black Canary seems to have found herself being shot at from all sides, but it was going to be very tough to hit her and not risk hitting Harley at the same time given their proximity so she used that to her advantage.

Dodging to the side as a hail of gunfire erupted her way, she landed in a crouch before shaking her head when Harley picked up the rebar. There was no time to for humor or comebacks.

"Oracle, any ETA on the GCPD? Joker disappeared for now." She muted her transmit button again.

Focussing her sonic scream she shrieked again as she leaped towards Harley Quinn, focussing her canary cry with enough force and intensity to shatter steel and bone.

In this case, hopefully the bones in Harley's hand and the metal in that rebar.

As Dinah shrieks a purple coated figure appears on the other side of the building. That is to say, behind her. And he's got a gun, that doesn't seem at all like a normal gun. It is in fact, a dart gun. And the darts are coated in Joker Venom. "Oh I do wish Barbara Gordon were here." He calls out. "She'd find this all rather… famillair."

He fires. A lot.

Just as Canary is leaping towards her, Harley is swinging at her like a baseball. Only she drops the bat with a cry of pain as her metacarpels shatter and the iron breaks into slivers that slice into her palm. Harley's hand is bloodied and when she sees her knight in purple pinstripe armor coming to shoot her enemy full of darts she smiles. With her good hand, she tries to grapple Black Canary, knowing that the Joker Venom won't hurt her. This little birdy is probably not so lucky though.

"Joker behind you, Black Canary. Get Down!" The redhead in the tower gives out the warning, hopefully not too late.

Checking the GCPD, Oracle shakes her head in frustration "The GCPD are still 7 to 10 minutes out. They're doing crowd control."

Whilst this has all been going on, Oracle has been scanning the comms frequencies and comparing this to her known data. "Let's see if this helps clear things down for you." Punching a comms frequency in, the wheelchair bound woman sends a high pitched signal to, what appears to be, the HYDRA enforcers comms units. Her own, if pitiful, version of the Canary Call.

The warning from Oracle comes just in time for Dinah who is contending with the very worthy adversary that is Harley Quinn.

Harley manages to grab Canary but she shakes her head at the other woman, attempting to latch onto her arm as well before she starts to scream loudly.

This time she's screaming at the ground and she's going airborne, it's not true flight but it's enough to get her out of harm's way for a moment. God she was going to need some lozenges later.

The Joker's fire tracks up, but misses. Nicely. He jerks his head for Harley to get out of the way. "Okay boys. Show's over!" He calls out. The Jokerz bug out. Harley should be on her way too. The Clown Prince himself. He's not moving just yet. "So I gotta wonder, lady… you ain't a bat, who killed the lights?"

Harley is stronger then she looks. A lot stronger. She pulls her hand free from Dinah as she pushes herself into the air, only getting a couple of darts into her as most go upwards. Pulling them out of her shoulder, Harley sticks her tongue out at the woman before she gathers her rocket launcher and satchel and makes a bee line to the closest manhole. Maybe Killer Croc will be willing to let her use his walkways if she tells him about the appetizing little morsel she met.

The downside of video security feeds, is that they don't have audio attached. Oracle sees the Joker stand and say something to Dinah, but can't hear what it is. If she had, she'd warn Black Canary to say nothing about Oracle. As it is…. She'll just have to wait… Black Canary has muted her phone.

Black Canary lands on the rooftop opposite Joker and glares at him, "I'm not here to make small talk psychopath." She was sure the most prolific villain in Gotham had an escape plan but it wasn't going to stop her from fighting him with everything she had.

A rapid flurry of punches and kicks is aimed in Joker's direction, attempting to wear him down with a variety of quick and weaker attacks.

The Joker's best asset in a close fight is the fact that he's unpredictable. Dinah can land hits. She's well trained. He blocks, really, more than his fair share. Somehow.

Well actually, his best asset is that he cheats. As the two fight the Joker pulls a grenade. Cylindrical. Smoke. Probably drugged knowing him. And he's holding onto it in one gloved hand. Cleaerly he dosn't mind.

"Get out of there, Black Canary" Oracle recognises The Jokers ploy. She's also seen the results of his 'smoke'… she'd had Robin in her sick bay from it. "The smoke is likely drugged."

Dinah glared at Joker as if she had laser beam eyes but she didn't and so there was nothing she could do. In her Team 7 days working with Slade Wilson someone like Joker would have been put down with a hail of bullets and it would have been over; this wasn't the old days though.

A glance is spared towards the grenade as if she might be able to do something, but she realizes the Joker will just set it off.

Listening to Oracle's advice, she replies, "Fine!"

She dives backwards over the side of the building, knowing full well that Joker would probably manage to make an escape. Dinah wouldn't be happy, but given the circumstances she was at least grateful for the warning.

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