A Dragon On Titan HQ

February 02, 2015:

Rowan perches on the Titans HQ building and has a conversation with Keith and Gar…. and Babs

Chronus Building - New York


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There is… a dragon… on top of the Titans office building. To be sure, the dragon isn't doing anything but sitting there, but there he is all the same, at night, sort of reclining on the roof, sort of blocking the aircon and looking out to sea with it's horned head resting on its front claws and all six of its wings folded tight against it's body.

Ordinarily Rowan has other things to do at night, or sleeps. He had been going to join Babs for a bit but she texted to say that she'd gotten busy and Rowan knows enough to know that busy means 'is doing things she can't tell him about.' Which he gets. So he'd flown around for a little bit and then stopped here to rest and admire the view. Because it is a nice view.


The Chronus Building has a number of different clients who require security, but they don't have gun turrets on the roof. They may note this oversight and correct it, once they realize there is a tendency to attract dragons. If anything is worse than pigeons, it's dragons.

"Voopal," Gar says as he leans into the room where the purple guy is hanging out, "there's a text from the office that they have dragon. On the roof. What does it mean, this dragon on the roof? Want to go check it out?"


The aforementioned purple guy looks up from the Articles of Incorporation copy he's been leafing through. He's making sure no typos passed through…

"A dragon? A dragon? And it's not you-" He closes the folder and stands up, heading over to Gar. "This… will prove to be interesting. Yeah, I'll go see what this is about. Wanna come with me, in case you need to rescue me?" the cat grins and heads for the elevator…


Rowan flits his wings briefly, just to stretch. Then he yawns. Which… displays a lot of very large razor sharp fangs. It's… impressive and sort of dangerous looking. Then he shifts onto his side. It's nice up here. Cool breeze. City lights. No one to bother him…


Gar is already in his costume. He follows Keith making impatient noises. "C'mon, White Rabbit time!"

Yes, he's terribly mature, or at least terribly impatient. After all, how often do you get to compare notes with a real dragon?


Elevator, shmellevator. At Gar's impatience, the Rabbit Hole is more than glad to carry the two up to the top. The cheshire is apprehensive at first, but upon sighting the dragon…

"He looks familiar, I daresay. Do you think he'll be expecting to join us for tea?" he quips to his green companion (green knight? Wait, no, that's another story.) He gives the dragon a look and waits for Gar's quip in 4…3..2…


Babs did get tied up. With Robin returning to active duty, the quick debrief turned into a longer discussion that she should have anticipated. She does feel a little guilty for putting Rowan off, even if it couldn't be helped. So she reaches out with a text message to start with.

//R, Sorry about that, meeting ran longer than expected. How's things? B //

Cute huh?


Rowan has, apparently, learned how to handle certain very delicate things as a dragon. He hasn't yet noticed Keith or Gar, partly because he's claw typing on a smartphone, texting… someone. Things are fine. In Staten Island admiring the view. Top of an office building. Everything okay over there?

Really. Dragons and android phones. How he manages to do that is unclear. It bespeaks a lot of practice for certain.


"I know about tea with the Black Dragon but I've never heard of tea with the Blue Dragon. Do you think he breathes lightning? The Monster Manual says they breathe lightning."

Yes, the dragon is RIGHT HERE. Gar's not completely out of his mind, though, he does recognize him from … well, there are sources. HeroWatch has an auxiliary, after all. MonsterWatch. Gar's been on the pages of that one once or thrice. This is almost certainly the Rowan. Almost certainly.

OK, the pictures are as bad as the ones of Bigfoot but still, it's on the web right?


"Now I have seen it all. A dragon, texting apparently." The cheshire walks over to Rowan and, in his good Projecting Voice, says, "Lo, there, scaly one. Have you come to pay a visit or did you decide that you needed to get rid of the farmer's tan? I'm afraid scales don' tan." He walks towards the dragon, doing the grinning cat thing.


Babs doesn't know Rowans in Dragon form, if she did she might well be very impressed with the texting skills and more concerned about the effect on the inhabitants of the building. Instead, she smiles at his response and watches her screens, supporting her teams on the ground. Once she's sure everything is in order there, she texts back.

//Send photo's of the view. We can enjoy it together in some way. Things are fine, missing you though. B //


I will. When I don't have claws anymore. Babs is well familiar with what his claws look like. Texting okay. Taking pictures, less okay. Rowan turns at the sound of Keith's voice. "Hello there… er… Cheeseburger right?" He can't remember Vorpal's name. Poor guy. Give him a break, he's only seen the cat twice that he's aware of. "Up here to enjoy the view too?" Gar gets a polite nod from the thirty foot six winged lizard.


Gar also has a smart phone, and he takes two pictures of the dragon: the first, a rather good picture, the second, blurry and incomprehensible. As Vorpal and the dragon are chatting, he uploads the blurry image to MonsterWatch with a location hacked to read somewhere several miles east. That is, over the water. And the building itself, similarly blurry, is also in the image, so it's going to be a merry chase should someone ever try to find the beast.

"Cheeseburger," Gar says, grinning. And says nothing else.


"It's Vorpal, fishticks." Vorpal smirks and thumbs over his shoulder, "And the green wonder over there is Beast Boy, my boyfriend." Because that Cheeseburger grin Gar has is going to be avenged. Oh yes, it will.

"I realize I'm a chaos node that attracts coincidences, but this is pretty coincidental even for me. Pete's Dragon, you're sunning you scales on top of the building that holds the Titans' public offices. The other office holders are a little unnerved at seeing Puff himself on top of their roof."


Gars posting to MonsterWatch pings on Oracles data feeds at the same time as Rowans message comes in. The blurry photo, with the hacked location, causes her to frown slightly but she knows that can't possibly be Rowan, he's in Staten Island, right?

R, are you in dragon form on top of the building? B

Actively searching for his location, she'll soon find that his phone and Vorpals OracleApp show up in the same vicinity, but that's going to take a few minutes more.


Rowan's phone pings and Vorpal and Gar get to watch him claw tap out the response. Yes. Flew up here. Was flying around a bit to keep myself busy. Nice day for it.

"Er… sorry. I didn't mean to scare people. I figured with so many heroes and champions running around no one would look twice at a big lizard. But then, surfacers are odd."


"On the other hand, this is one of the few buildings that wouldn't take structural damage from having you sit on top of it. Some of these buildings are flimsy," Gar says. He smiles without showing teeth at Vorpal calling him that Other Name. Boyfriend will work up a unique revenge for that transgression. Something special, with a little poison in it. Puppies. Puppies will make him weep.

"Yes, we tend to become excitable when things that are traditionally seen as terrible predators show up in public. You wouldn't believe how many complaint letters we got when I filled in for the dragon balloon one year at the Macy's Parade."


Vorpal grins at that. He knows he's in the doghouse… and gives Gar a certain look with a raised eyebrow. "If I recall, the papers had a field day with it, though nowhere near as bad as the bonobo incident…" the cheshire looks at Rowan.

"Dragons are still a touchy subject. Anything big that flies and could potentially incinerate is seen… with a little suspicion."


And there the results are. Vorpal and Rowan, in Dragon form, on top of a building in Staten Island. Oracle looks for Misfits Avatar and breathes a sigh of relief when that Avatar is a long, long way from that building.

//R, people tend to get a bit upset when a dragon lands on their buildings. Perhaps shifting to your human form would be better. You can still enjoy the sun. B //


The Bonobo incident… Gar almost flinches and mentally adds another puppy to the "bouquet" he's planning. He nods at the "incinerate" … "That's why I was wondering if you breathed lightning instead. Technically they can't call you a flying flamethrower menace that way."

J. Jonah Jameson actually called Gar that. But it was years ago. Hardly anyone remembers that.

"Hey. Do you know what's going on with Atlantis right now??" Green guy is master of subject-change-fu


"I know that Arthur is dead, or so they say, and I've been told to get out of the ocean." Rowan says rather flatly. His form shimmers and flakes away in white whispy smoke until a muddy haired young man is atop the building. One who bends down to pick up his phone, takes a picture of the view and sends it on. Two titans are here.

"I'm not sure beyond that. But I know my people have almost entirely left atlantis. Which worries me."


"Wait. Wait. Wait Hold the phone." The cheshire's expression is very different now. "Arthur is dead, get out of the ocean, what?"

"Rowan, go back a bit, what the heck happened? Arthur- that's… dead… are you sure?"

As if a dead sovereign is something that one can be casually mistaken about. "…"


The photo is received and Babs smiles. The mention of the Titans doesn't surprise her, but she's met Keith with Rowan before. If Babs knew what Rowan had just told Keith, she'd be very upset for the Blue Warrior.

//Sorry I can't be there to share that view with you, it's very pretty. Is it Keith? Tell him I say hi if he is. <3 B //


"Yeah… I was afraid of that when I heard the news. One of the Atlanteans was on an earlier team before we were organized as the Titans. He was a decent guy. But he said they treated him like shit for having violet-colored eyes. If they're that crazy, who knows what they're going to do. I don't think I'm going to like it much. I mean, there's a reason why the Gods sunk that place under the waves."

That's a pretty snarky thing to say, really. Probably considered blasphemy too, if you're one of those who takes the Atlantean religion seriously. Gar… does not. He's met 'gods' and wasn't impressed, really.


"Dead is what I hear anyway. I didn't see. They locked me in a cell before ejecting me in the Indian ocean." Clearly Rowan's opinion of atlanteans has gone waaaaaaaaaay down. "Anyway. Things are tense there and I'm not welcome. I'm trying to decide how much I care."

Is Keith a cheeseburger cat? Purple? Insouciant?


Vorpal frowns and rubs his forehead. Arthur Curry, murdered? What the heck was going on in Atlantis? Did that scumbag Namor have anything to do with this?

He's going to have to investigate, the Titans are going to have to investigate… because if something is going on in Atlantis, the surface world will eventually feel it, especiall if Namor is behind it.

But to the more immediate things right now: "Rowan… you're cast out. Have you anywhere to go? Because if you can't, the Titans do have a place you can use…" he looks at Gar.


Rowan will note a delay in Babs responses this time. That's because Oracle despatches GCPD to another crime scene that's been handled by her team and sends another two teams to other locations to render aid. Turning her attention back to Rowan and checks her messages and takes time to respond, asking the question she had been going to ask tonight unaware that Rowan was already discussing it with Keith.

//Yes, that's Keith. We met him in a coffee shop one day. He probably wasn't in cat form then. I was going to ask when I saw you tonight, what news from Atlantis? //


"Huh. I think… there's a really good chance that we're about to have a war. Yes, you're welcome to stay with us if you need a place," Gar says. He wonders what Vorpal is thinking — the cat's prone to speculation and it would be good to know, because between them they can probably do a better job of keeping speculation to a safe level of paranoia.

"I've got a bad feeling. I think it may be a good idea to evacuate the east coast."


"I live down by the bay… er, harbor." Rowan nods off in that direction. "Nice place. Large enough for me and guests. I'm wondering how long I'll stay though. I have… people here to protect."

"It may be war. It cannot be good. Nothing like this ever could be. And with my own people leaving, there may be more than one, depending on how things fall out."


5r "War? You've got bo be kidding me- what would…" Vorpal stops and gears work away in his brain. Right. There is no king on the throne.

On one hand, there is an open opportunity for kingship right there, and that might indicate a war of succession. HOWEVER-

"But what about Mera?" Because Vorpal finds it very hard to conceive Mera being out of the picture. "I thought you were on good terms with her, why would they throw you in a-"

Hmmm. "Let me guess… Mera isn't exactly in power right now?"

Rowan only mentioned Arthur being dead, so what happened to Mera? She seemed like a force of nature, someone you didn't want pissed off at you…


"Mera is the one who sent me to the surface. She wished for someone she can trust up here. It's the only reason I didn't let the guard know what I thought of their exile." Rowan sighs. "And the only reason I am currently respecting it. Er. Ish." He looks over to Vorpal and Gar.

"This is about to get very dangerous…"

All bad. Rowan texts back. King's dead. Mera exiled me to the surface. Sort of. Long story. Not sure who's in charge or what it's going to mean but my people are scared. Which is also bad.

"Er, no, Namor had nothing to do with it, that I know of."


"Yeah. We do need to evacuate the coasts," Gar says. "Aquaman was the one keeping the peace with the surface. He was the stabilizing factor. The rest of them … I think, they may act more like the way Namor did. Tempest … said they were really hostile. Some of them really warlike, most of them not so much."

He shrugs. His instincts are saying "too close to the water" right now.


Vorpal looks from Rowan to Gar and he clearly has the 'Danger Will Robinson' look going on.

"This is bad. We need to contact Superman… I don't know how to get to him, except maybe through Booster…"

And then his ears twitch. "But there is something we can do immediately- do you think…" oh god, "That the Themyscyran ambassador should hear of this right away? Perhaps maybe the three of us should set a time and ask for an appointment-"

Or, if he could get away with it, Rowan and Gar at the front, and he can just stay in the lobby of the embassy reading magazines.

What kind of magazines did Amazons read?


More assistance provided to the Gotham team, GCPD despatched again and a sprinkler systems activated in one area to quench a small office fire, Babs turns her attention to Rowan and the Titans.

// That is bad, very bad and I am sorry about the exile. What can I do to help? //

There's little Oracle can do here either, except keep her digital ears and eyes open.


"I'm pretty sure that they know already," Gar says. "Remember, they were teammates. They're probably well aware of the danger. I'm even pretty sure they've done something or other about it. Or, they're working on it."

He paces as he talks. "Rowan's information might be helpful to them, yes. Beyond that… we really don't know how much of the science and magic they used to have, still survives. Atlantis was one of the most ancient empires."

Gar stops pacing. "If it's needed … I … could go there. They can't tell me from any other fish without telepathy, and most of them don't have that power."


Rowan shakes his head. "Only if you wish to risk much, Beast Boy." He doesn't know Gar doesn't like the name. "The Atlantean's hate of the surface world is on full display. I fear it will push them into a war that will end up destroying them. I have seen too much of the surface world's power when pushed to believe that Atlantis can truly win such a war." He pauses and sighs. "On my world, they could not."

There's a pause and Rowan types on his phone. Be safe. Other than that I am not sure.


Vorpal frowns. "Right, you going down to Atlantis disguised as Flounder and hope Ariel takes a liking to you. No- not unless Zatanna can conjure up the Flying Dutchman as backup."

"Rowan, what can you tell me of the political factions in Atlantis? I realize you weren't there long… but if we could find out who stood to gain the most from taking Curry out of the way… then we can figure out who is pulling the strings. And then we can find a way to cut them. Heck, spying is not a bad idea, Gar, but we need to be better than just you going by yourself. I wonder…"

He stops pacing as well, and scratches his chin. "Can Zatanna… transform people? With her magic?"


If Oracle could hear Keiths deliberations, she might be very concerned. As it is she can't so she's in blissful ignorance as she directs one of her Gotham based teams to the next crime scene. Rowans message received, the redhead smiles faintly

// As safe as I can be. Are you still with the Titans? Must be getting dark up there. <3 B //


Gar reaches over and taps Vorpal on the back of the head a bit hard.

"If it is necessary I will go. You know its what we do," he says. "And they have magic, they'd know you were a spy."

He hugs the cat in apology, then looks to Rowan. "Tell Oracle we need to talk soon. At her convenience. She has contacts we need to connect with."


"Oracle? Oh, I could speak to her through the cellular phone but do you not also have other devices capable of reaching her? Generally she contacts me and not the other way around." Rowan shrugs. He doesn't know that Babs and Oracle are the same. It is getting dark. If you're done I might fly over? We could do tea.

The dragon looks over the sea. "If you wish to go down there I will not stop you. Only be careful. There is yet a chance that war can be averted, since it has not yet started.."


Vorpal hugs Gar back, and hrrrms. Clearly still thinking. "I wasn't going to ask her to do anything nasty just… threaten to turn them into surface-dwellers as a deterrent. 'Sall. I mean, you remember how much those nazi freaks freaked out when I made then believe they were no longer Hitler's wet dream anymore…" It might not exactly be the most humane way to treat someone, but as far as sheer psychological terror goes, being turned into what you most hate is often a great deterrent.


Oracle is still deliberating on what to do with the Atlantean crisis. Anyone with an Oracle App can connect to her and request assistance and she could push information out to her network. But pushing information out and involving too many… there's a danger there that she may tip the very, very delicate balance and not in their favour. She's nearly done for the evening, her teams are starting to wind down… for whatever reason Bad Guys (TM) don't like the sunlight hours quite as much. Babs receives Rowans text and smiles

// Nearly done here. Come over, we'll have tea and you can talk if you want to. Looking forward to seeing you. <3 B //


"Oh, I thought you were talking to Oracle," Gar says, "when I uploaded the bad picture of you to the MonsterWatch website, she pinged it, and my cookie tracker flagged it. My mistake. I don't have her phone contact. I figured it was like a StarkMail account, you don't get one without an invitation."


"Maybe Oracle doesn't trust you with the app?" Vorpal gives Gar his best cheshire grin, and then says "I'll get it on your phone. I promise I won't look at your search history on you browser. Cross my heart and hope to die."


Rowan shrugs. "No, just a friend of mine. Well, a friend of mine I'm dating." He texts back. On the way.

"Barbara. I think you've met her, Chee- er Vorpal." The dragon shrugs. "What's a browser? It's it a large spikey shelled fire breathing reptile?"


"Oh dear. What will I do if you see my search history?" Gar says far too innocently to Vorpal. Yes. The search history that will very shortly contain a massive collection of cute puppies. Cute puppies that will begin appearing in digital picture frames all over the castle, just for a moment, leaving no trace behind. Ohh yes, there will be a great dogging.

Gar shakes his head. "A browser is a tool for reading information from the data network," he tries to explain. "You're thinking of Bowser, from the Mario videogames."


"Wow… Rowan, you need to stay away from the internet for a while…" Vorpal muses. Cheeseburger, and now this? What was Earth doing to the Atlantean's mind. "And yes, I remember Babs, lovely gal, please say hi to her for me, yes? Tell her she is still the woman of my dreams," the cheshire quips. Barbara would understand what he meant by that.


The last of Oracles teams check in for the night, leaving the redhead to finish up herself. When Babs receives Rowans text, she heads to her private apartment in the Clocktower.

// Waters on, tea will be ready when you get here. See you soon. XD B //


Rowan smiles. "I should get going. And I'll say hi to her and… er… tell her that you dream of her." Turns of phrase still get by the Blue sometimes. "Ah, Bowser, right…" He shrugs. "Anyway, you two enjoy the evening."


"Bye, Dragon," Gar says. "Stay mythical, fight the good fight, fellow cryptid."

He looks at Vorpal. "Do you want to fly home instead of rabbiting? I wouldn't mind doing the dragon trick myself."

A dragon's perspective would help him with the sense of dread. Or at least make him feel more up to it.


The cheshire reaches for Gar's hand and gives it a firm squeeze. "Sure," he'd normally object, due to people panicking over dragons… but he was master of illusions. He could manage camouflaging him. "For as long as you need to." He felt the potential catastrophe looming on the horizon as well. This was not going to be good.

But they'd have to deal with it, one way or another. He gives the green man a quick hug and steps back, "Do your thing, Green bling. Rowan, let's stay in touch about this, okay?"

He looks at Gar. The sense of what was to come was almost overwhelming in its enormity. He'll have to make a point of providing extra comfort tonight. Maybe make that bisque he's been threatening to make for the past week or so.

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