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May 01, 2015:

Zee makes sure Agent May is up to date with the current situation around Fenris

Times Square - New York


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Fenris is missing… the Ley Pendulums are cracked. Zee sent out a request to the Pendulum Bearers to meet up. She's already caught up with some… but some of the bearers couldn't be there. Agent Melinda May was one and when Zee heard from her, she's arranged to meet in a coffee shop in Times Square.

The Mistress of Magic is at table, dressed in her, now, usual attire. She's drumming her fingers on the table and she's obviously waited to order till her guest can join her.

Melinda May arrives just about the time she said she would. She's leery of using the pendulum with a crack in the carnelian, so he had to travel by conventional means. Boo hoo. As soon as she's in the building, she nods hello to Zatanna and approaches her table. "I can probably guess why you want to talk."

"I'm sure you can, Agent May" Zee nods to a chair and then nods to a server to come over "Or at least part of it." As the server approaches, Zee smiles at them and orders a pot of tea and a light salad. "Please order something, Agent May. My treat, as a way to say thank you for your help and taking care of me, recently."

Melinda May knows better than to turn down that offer, even if it's completely unnecessary in her mind. She looks at the server and orders a salad as well, but a different tea from what Zatanna requested. Other than that, her only acknowledgement of the thank you is a simple nod. "So. I'm guessing you know what this means." She pulls her pendulum from a pocket, handling it carefully as the reddish carnelian has visible crack, and with the flake shape its structural integrity is likely more compromised than someone else's stone.

Zee holds up her Emerald Pendulum, the crack in its evident. "Well, Fenris is missing, as I'm sure you're aware. As to what the cracks mean, I don't really. But I have a theory." Taking a sip of water, Zee grimaces "Sara, Paul and I, spoke to Constantine earlier. Kara arrived a bit later."

Melinda May actually sits a bit straighter at that. "Missing. Since when?" But she doesn't press for an answer as Zee is clearly still relating what she knows. With that group of people, at least one of them had to have some kind of clue.

Zee blinks and sags a little. OK, she needs to cover the rest of Primal Force. "About the time our Pendulums cracked. I don't know if you felt it, but there was /something/ about the time they cracked. I think it was a drain on their power, like someone was tapping it, they drew so hard it cracked them."

She pauses for a moment "John isn't sure and he's gone to check out things." the young magi shrugs "Both Paul and I had visions of a cold, dark place, we think it's another dimension… and we think a necromancer called Master Darque is involved… I got that impression when I tried to scry for Fenris." There's more to add, that's obvious, but she's waiting to see if May has any questions.

Melinda May frowns in that not really frowning kind of way, her eyebrows drawing together. She remembers feeling a bit off earlier today, but she attributed it to sparring practice with some cadets that really needed to be put in their place. She nods at the information. "I'll take the name Master Darque to the SHIELD intel group, see if they've heard it before. Maybe that will give us a place to start." Because really, other than that, she's got very little she can bring to the table.

"That would be good, I'm considering calling Dad and asking him." Zee doesn't speak about her family much "I'm considering seeing what Fenris' last movements were. Go to his house and where he's been working see if I can recreate what he was doing, maybe it would give us some clues." The young woman shakes her head. "John is a good resource, Sara and Paul as well… I'm glad to have them by our side in this. But May…. with everything that's going on with the Leylines and the Power Stations, Fenris absence… it's concerning."

Melinda May nods. "You're right. It is. I'll look into some of my contacts to see who can help us fill in the gaps until Fenris is found." She's very sorely tempted to take a page from Norse mythology and try to get in touch with either Thor or Loki, even if doing so would royally annoy Fenris. Desperate times.

The server returns with the salads and the pots of tea the women have ordered. After placing the food and tea on the table, the server leaves.

Zee looks at May and nods. "I …. think that would be helpful. I will try to get a message to Illyana too, but she's always so busy." Worrying her bottom lip, the young spell caster continues "Kara mentioned that she stopped some Zombies in South America that had been created by Master Darque. May…. there are too many coincidences…. I think we all need to be on our guard or even more so than usual…. I can't help but think, things are going to get worse."

Oh. Illyana. That May can help with. "I might be able to reach Illyana." She pulls her phone and sends a text to Jericho, then puts her phone away again. "If Master Darque was working in South America, then it's very likely he's connected to HYDRA." That makes this an even bigger priority.

"I agree." Zee watches as May sends the text. She's not revealing the connection she has to the Queen of Limbo… "Agent May, I don't believe coincidences… " she sighs "I saw Fenris a day or so ago and one of the Leyline Nexus' was so full of power it was starting to crack. I put a bandaid fix on it, but we need to get to the bottom of the Leylines and power supplies. HYDRA, I think, have all the pieces in place… I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop."

Melinda May pulls her phone again to glance at a message that just arrived. "I agree. I've already informed Fury, and I suspect that we'll have additional SHIELD resources available until this is settled once and for all." She just hopes that it'll be enough.

Zee looks a little relieved "That's good to know, Agent May. If you need anything, anything at all, please don't hesitate to call." The brunette looks at her salad and takes a forkfull of food. "It's the least I can do after everything you've done for me."

Melinda May starts in on her salad as well. "We're not done yet." She's getting the feeling this is only the beginning.

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