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May 01, 2015:

Kate and Cap have a talk about regret and then Fenris

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Things were almost starting to quiet down. Down to the waiting to see what Congress comes back with. Until something happened that sent Kate into a tizzy. She finished training for the day, but before she could get cleaned up, she heard a howl in her head, and a sense of loss and darkness. Fenris. And she can't contact him.

So at the moment, she's taken over the office, sitting cross-legged in the large leather chair behind the desk as she tries to search for information. The TV plays at a low volume in the background, tuned to a news channel for any breaking updates.

"Hey, Kate," Steve says as he fumbles for the keys to his room which is located near the office. "How you been?" He hasn't talked to her since the last blow out; a moment when he was very much on edge. His hope is that things have simmered down a bit for both of them. Lord knows it hasn't simmered down out there, that's for sure.

Kate looks up from the computer, looking worried. "I was okay. And then…" She trails off, waving a hand at the computer and the TV. "Someone's got Fenris. Which is bad. Definitely bad. I mean. You don't take the sun-eater because you want to take him for walksies, you know? And he's not answering his phone. And I just promised him I wouldn't let anyone chain him up in the dark again."

She takes a deep breath, forcing it out slowly. "Look, about last week. I'm sorry. I really, really wasn't trying to take anyone down, or cut anyone out. I was looking for help to bring us together. I guess I just…did it the wrong way."

"Don't worry about it," Steve says absently as his bag hits the hardwood floor of the hallway and he walks in to take a look at Kate's work. "It didn't exactly go the way I'd planned it either. Let's just forget about it."

His blue eyes peer, "Who are we looking at? Any leads?"

"Master Darque is all I got out of it. It doesn't mean anything to Phobos, but he's ready to back us up when it's time to go after him," Kate starts. "I'm not finding much right now, but there's nothing hitting the news either, so at least he hasn't pushed him into crazy wolf territory yet. I texted John Constantine, and he said this Darque guy was nutters and probably didn't want him for anything good. I was going to try to reach Thor, but I haven't got him set up with a phone yet. And besides, if the Asgardians could find Fenris, I figure they would've done it a long time ago."

Steve sighs and nods. "Phobos is a former Titans guy if I'm not mistaken. Don't they have a couple sorcerers in their ranks? We may want to check with them and see if they have any insight."

Steve shakes his head, "Never heard of Darque. You probably checked, already, but maybe internet chat rooms and blogs. Maybe someone young with a loose tongue says something about Darque." This generation and all that.

"Vorpal does chaos magic, which isn't quite the same thing," Kate muses. "Though if this Darque guy's a traditional sorcerer, chaos magic might be able to find some loopholes in his defenses. Zee's got the traditional magic angle covered, though," she says, reaching for her phone again.

As she texts, she glances up from the phone, a faint smile tugging at one corner of her lips despite the gravity of the situation. "Steve, do you know how many chat rooms and blogs there are on the internet? Though Oracle or Cypher could probably find the ones we'd be looking for."

"Fair point," Steve says with a wince. "I'm not really sure how that whole internet thing works anyhow. I guess there's not just one webpage with every guy with a pointy mustache and villainous plot, is there?"

"All the same, maybe we should get Oracle on it. Do we know anyone else who might have any information?"

Steve eyes Kate, "That was sexist. Every guy with a pointy mustache and villainous plot, or every gal with dark eyeliner and a toxic vendetta."

"Constantine, Zee, and Vorpal are my go-to's for magic stuff," Kate says as she sends off the text and sets her phone aside. "If we could find Loki, he might be able to do something. Fenris is his son, and he's supposed to be majorly good at magic. But I don't have contact info for Loki." Apparently that's where the line is.

She spins the chair slowly from side to side, brows furrowing in concern. "Illyana, Alex mentioned her, too. She's Red Team. But hard to reach." At the mention of gals with dark eyeliner, her features darken further. "Bloody Mary's going to have to wait a minute. But she's on the list."

Steve runs a hand through his hair and sits back, trying to think. "I suppose we need to look under every single rock we can." He exhales, growing in frustration. "I don't know the first thing about this stuff. I suppose I could ask SHIELD. What can I do to help?"

"I don't know much about it, either," Kate grimaces sympathetically. "And I don't like it, but right now…We keep our ears to the ground, and we contact the people we can, and…When it's time, we go and we get him back." She takes another deep breath, forcing herself to let it out slowly as the text tone goes off on her phone. "Zee's looking into it with some other magic folks," she says when she reads it. "She'll keep us updated."

"I suppose that'll have to do for now. You'll let me know if you hear anything." When it rains, it pours, of course. Nothing like a congressional/presidential investigation in the midst of a supernatural kidnapping. Makes a guy scared to think about what comes next.

"Fen's a good guy. I've known him a long, long time. This one is pretty close."

"The minute I hear something," Kate promises with a nod, setting her chin on one hand and catching her lower lip between her teeth as she stares at the computer screen. "I can't…wrap my head around not being able to reach Fenris," she admits quietly. "I mean. Being able to reach Fenris is like…an ace in the hole. He always hears."

Steve nods, "That's the worst part about this; how we know that it's bad. I can put out an APB through the SRD, maybe catch something the old fashioned way."

Kate wrinkles her nose slightly. "I'm not sure how much I trust the SRD on this one," she admits. "I mean. Not that they're all bad or anything, just…Lately it seems like they're more here to go after people who aren't human normal than to protect them from the things that might be happening. I'm not sure they'll be able to tell the difference between Fenris and the bad guy. And the last thing we need is for Fenris to go wolf on some confused SRD right now."

Steve shrugs, "I don't think it'd be a problem. But if it found Fen, it could be worth it. If you don't want me to call on it, I won't. I just don't like the waiting. Not while my friend is out there."

"Me neither," Kate agrees. "But we don't have much to tell them yet, either. Let's see what the magic sorts pick up first. Give them a day or two to try to narrow things down, so we can actually give the SRD some direction," she suggests. "I'm not sure what we can tell them right now. I mean. Don't the police need to wait 48 hours before there can be any sort of missing person report?"

"Sure. But a phone call with some policemen in this country still means something if it comes from the JL:A," Steve says with a grimace. "Some policemen, anyways."

"Some policemen." Kate smiles faintly, though there's still a worried edge to it. "If you want to make a call, I won't stop you. I trust your judgment." There's a slight, sheepish look as she looks back to Steve. "We're a team, right?"

"We're the best team, kid," Steve says before turning to go to his room. "Beer in the fridge, right?"

"Probably," Kate calls after him. "Pretty sure Thor's not having any of it, and Clint's been on a mission."

"More for me, then. Night, Kate."

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