The Funeral

April 30, 2015:

The funeral procession for President Pershing.

National Mall

The mall between the US Capitol and the Washington Monument


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After laying in state for quite a few days, it has finally come time for President Pershing to go home to Missouri. The actual funeral will be a private affair, that much Mrs. Pershing has been granted after a process that added more misery to the despair.

The funeral procession route begins on the steps of the capitol then heads on the north end of the mall and finishes just out in front of the Washington Memorial.

The greens are stacked with people this warm spring day, all trying to either get a chance to say they were there or to pay their final respects to the man who had led the free world for almost 3 years.

Near the end of the route, outside of the American History museum, Steve Rogers is wearing a black trench jacket, white shirt, and a black tie along with a pair of aviator sunglasses. Hands deep in his pockets, wordless, as he looks back up towards the capitol waiting for the casket.

Wearing a sharp black suit that is similar to but not actually the same as the one he wore to his questioning before Congress, Michael Jon Carter is nearby. He has sunglasses on, although his are New Wayfarers, concealing some microcircuitry with a biometric interface. Somberly dressed as he is, he is here not only to pay his respects to the fallen President, but to help ensure there will be no further disruptions.

Peggy Carter stands next to Steve, her own hands in her pockets, though she remains close. Much like the sea of black and white and grey, she is wearing a dark black dress that falls below her thighs, making her red lipstick stand out all the more. Her face is solemn as she watches the procession.

Scott Summers is with Fenris and Supergirl. He's dressed in a charcoal grey suit, a blue tie to offset the deep red of his ruby quartz glasses. Everything about his attire is starched, pressed, properly ironed and polished, down to the fancy shoes upon his feet that were intentionally shined with a matte polish. An American Flag is pinned to his lapel, and his mouth is contorted into a concerned frown.

The group is near the end of the parade route, not entirely too far from Steve and Peggy, but… considering the mass of people gathered, he has not noticed either of them. Instead, he turns to look toward Kara, and reaches out to rest a comforting hand upon her shoulder for a moment.

"I always imagine these things ending in a funeral pyre." Fenris murmurs to his companions, one of which includes a wheelchair bound woman beside him. Not a member of Primal Force, no, but someone he's introduced as a friend.

The Old Wolf did not know President Pershing save by reputation but he had by all accounts been a decent man - especially as political figures go - and it seemed fitting to come and say goodbye after a fashion. He glances over toward Steve and Peggy. He's not approached them, but he's as much here to support his friends as bid the President farewell.

Kara is wearing a somber black dress and a jacket as she stands near Fenris and Scott Summers. She remains very quiet as she watches the funeral procession, reaching up to wipe tears from beneath her eyes as Fenris murmurs to the group. A faint whisper escapes her lips, "It's so sad.."

Babs, sitting in her chair, next to Fenris and with Scott and Kara, looks up at the God-Wolf and smiles very faintly. "I'm sure you do…" she murmurs back. Dressed in a long black dress, that covers her legs, the redhead sits quietly, her hands folded in her lap. Her tablet, for once, is secured in the compartment in the arm of her chair.

Touching the blondes arm, Babs reaches for a tissue that she's stored in the other compartment and hands it to her, without saying a word.

The signal that the procession is about to begin when Mrs. Pershing and their daughter, clad in black, being walking down the steps of the Capitol towards a group of marines wearing their formal dress. The group stands in formation.

Just a few moments later, the coffin arrives, adorned in the stars and stripes. It sits on an open wooden carriage and is pulled by a riderless, magnificent looking black horse. The procession, with the marines in the front, followed by Mrs. Pershing and her daughter, and then the President, move far more briskly than one might imagine. Almost as if the former first lady wants this to be over as quickly as possible.

As it moves along, a hush of silence falls over the crowd, except for a trio of birds who apparently didn't get the message. Their song stands out against the quiet and can be heard from some distance.

Nearly as soon as it begins, it's over. The procession passes, first by Peggy and Steve, then by Scott, Kara, Fenris, and Barbara.

As the mob begins to break up, a mother, holding her daughter's hand, turns just in front of Supergirl. Her eyes look shocked, but her surprise turns to anger. "You're Supergirl, aren't you?" she says, coldly. "Fuck you and all your hero friends. A lot of good you did."

"Hey! It's Superigrl!" yells someone as eventually the mob around that area starts to get a bit bigger and begins to encircle the heroes.

"Something's going on," Steve says to Peg. "We'd better go check it out."

Steve, presumably alongside Peggy, walks over to where the others are standing to see if he can help in some way.

Michael's head bows as the procession moves past, frowning faintly. The frown deepens as his tech-augmented hearing picks up the murmurs and words of unrest. Gritting his teeth, he forces himself to take in and exhale a deep breath, and then he flies up into the air, just high enough to skim over the crowd. "Excuse me," he says, loudly but firmly. "This is not the time or place, not the occassion to behave this way. Please show some decorum."

Peggy's own attention quickly snaps to the yelling and the mob starting to form. She's right next to Steve as they make their way toward the others. Eyes glancing upward at Booster's attempt to dispel the anger of the crowd before she attempts to gauge just how much danger they are in if this turns into a full scale riot.

The hand remains upon Kara's arm until Barbara reaches out for her, at which point Scott pulls his hand away and folds it with the other behind his back. He was never a military man, but his brother is, and given his countless hours drilling in the Danger Room, studying military strategy and history, and training his fellow X-Men… well, needless to say, there is a part of his soul that very well should have gone through boot camp and fought in the trenches in some ancient other world.

When the procession begins, Scott quietly gasps. The speed at which it moves strikes him as discordant with the mourning he feels, with the great respect he'd earned for President Pershing over the past three years. He not only mourns for the man and the leader, but he mourns for what this assassination has become; for what it means for the world and people of his kind.

Sadly, Scott never finds the time to form a tear. He turns to look as voices begin to shout in his direction - no, in Kara's direction - and after a momentary pause, a grimace forms upon his features. There is a part of him - the part that secretly hides from the world his stature as Leader of the X-Men - that considers it wise to turn and run away. But no. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. There is a time for all things, and this is the time to stand beside your friend. And so, he doesn't move an inch. He doesn't address the crowd, instead turning to observe Booster and his words, before leveling a plaintive look toward those nearest to him that are jeering at Kara.

Fenris pats Babs on the shoulder to thank her for being present. He doesn't turn to look at the person who shouted out. He just keeps looking straight ahead. "They're just angry Kara." He murmurs in a calming voice. "Don't give them anything."

There's a feeling that Peggy and Steve will be rather familair with, though multiplied many times over. Fenris just… stops trying to suppress the predator. This usually causes him problems, making people avoid him as their hindbrains scream to their conscious minds that there's a monster in their midst. But avoidance is what he's hoping for as he just stands there being inexplicably creepy and frightening.

If nothing else, maybe they'll lay off Kara and focus on him. Or perhaps Booster can talk some sense into them.

The wolf god glances sidelong to Scott. If nothing else, they can, indeed, make a quick exit. But he's hoping that won't be necessary.

Babs sits there, serenely, looking ahead,her hand still on the blondes shoulder. She's not comfortable, she never is in public, but she can at least handle herself. And… she's with the right group when it comes to it.

Kara should have guessed that despite not being in costume, just being in the presence of people who were known as heroes would attract attention for her. Seriously, she thought she looked just like any other blonde girl at the funeral procession.

Sighing she looked between Scott and Fenris, saying, "I should just go. I'm not even sure how they recognized me."

"Shut the hell up, pretty boy!" someone in the mob exclaims, when another adds in. "Give him five bucks and tell him to be on his way. That dude only cares about cash!"

Those immediately around Fenris all take a step back, giving him the space he hoped for, but the plan goes awry when a pair of children begin crying and screaming at Fenris' metamorphosis; in response people begin to start yelling, pushing and shoving.

It's just then that Steve and Peggy arrive at the group. Steve turns to face one of the people close to them and gets a large wad of spittle right over his face. Steve reaches up towards his glasses to take them off and is slugged right across the face!

The yelling and screaming is getting to fever pitch now as everyone is beginning to lose their minds. Taken by a sucker punch, Steve is down below a throng of people who all begin to reach for, punch at, or stomp on him.

When told to shut up, Michael frowns, and a follow-up comment about 'freedom of speech' in the USA dies on his lips as Steve is attacked. He is immediately diving down into the crowd, and even as his feet touch the ground, standing over the fallen Captain, his translucent golden forcefield is pushing outwards to gently but firmly push further would-be attackers away from him. With Peggy so close by, she ends up within the protective sphere as well. Michael exclaims, "Have you all gone mad? You're free to express your displeasure with us… you are NOT free to strike down your fellow citizens this way!"

There are ideals and then there is reality. There's freedom of speech and then there is anger that will be taken out on the nearest acceptable target. Peggy pushes right into the fray, tossing or pushing people out of the way in an attempt to get those who are attempting to hurt him away from Steve.

She almost attempts to toss Booster out of the way before she recognizes him. Startled, she blinks, "Mr. Carter." It's only a moment's pause, though and then she is reaching forward to offer a hand to Steve and help him to his feet.

At Fenris' transformation, Scott grimaces. He looks back toward the Wolf God, and he doesn't need to say a word, his face says it all. That, my dear friend, was a bad move. But… when all is said and done, has it really made anything any worse?

For a few moments, Scott Summers merely looks on as the mayhem erupts around Steve and Booster. Steve's arrival, his assault, has him gasping again. He's seen a glimpse of the future - one of many possible futures - and in a twisted way, what he sees in this moment is the visceral play-by-play of how his daughter's future may have come to pass. He tries very hard to keep his emotions at bay, but his hands end up curling into fists at his side.

It isn't until Peggy rushes in that Scott leaves Kara's side, trusting Fenris to keep her safe. "Booster -" he starts, then changes course when Peggy reaches for Steve. "Steve -" Unfortunately, for the moment, Scott is too gripped by fear of an unknown future to say or do anything else aside from each in, trying to offer Steve another hand to grab hold of.

The procession had been watched, and unable to get close to her friends and teammates she waited at the outskirts, her head lowering as the procession passed by. But what draws the head downed in resolute condolences and a form of honorific to rise is the sounds. Despite the distance between her and the group she sought she can hear every word to a whisper and the tensions rising rippled visibly through the bodies.

A hand on a shoulder as people starrt to press in to watch. "excuse me."

"Het broad, fuck you!" Only a double take back has the man whose shoulder she squeezed giving a double take. But too late, Wonder Woman took flight, racing over the heads of those gathered in the massive funerary rite in a manner that leaves hair rustling and a few ball caps to fall to the ground beneath feet pressing inward.

Where Michael lands over the downed Cap Wonder Woman lands opposing just before Fenris, Oracle, and Kara. There is no words quite yet, cerulean eyes sweep over the crowd, positioning herself squarely with black and silver booted feet planted while her shoulders square and back straightens. By no means is there a threat, but there is a silence and stoicism set in that defined jaw that dares people to try and 'move her.'

"How -dare- you all?" When Diana finally speaks her voice takes on that resonant tenor befitting a scorned warlord towards the crowd. "Sullying an honored rite of our fallen leader and his chosen soldiers with you misdirected hatred?" And althouggh anger has touched her words, there is hurt, it wavers in the corners of eyes that reflect back seething faces.

Wonder Woman "Hey broad*

At Karas words, Babs eyes flash "Do not leave young lady, stay here with me. You have done nothing wrong, they are just scared."

As the crowd surges on Steve, Babs looks up at Fenris and moves forward, towards Steve, Peggy and Booster, holding her head high

"What is going on here? That man has risked his life for us time and time again, and this is the thanks you deliver? You all, all of you, make me ashamed to call myself an American." It's unusual for Babs to loose her temper, or even get remotely angry, but those that know her will see the tremor that denotes the start of a temper.

Glancing to Wonder Woman, the redhead sets her jaw "My thoughts exactly."

A nervous nod was Kara's response to Barbara Gordon as the situation starts to get very out of hand. With one hand she grips the wheelchair of Barbara, perhaps all she can do to stop her from rushing in and trying to rescue Captain America. She knew if she rushed in, it would cause problems so she remains quiet and surprisingly timid in the face of the mob.

Fenris glances over to Scott with an apologetic shrug. Yes, perhaps not his finest moment. Still, in for a penny, in for a pound and that flash of a change that had set the children crying is reigned in just a bit. He still look… rather inhuman. But not 'WEREWOLF!' or 'CAR SIZED WOLF!' inhuman. Something in the cast of his face and, oh yes, the fangs.

"This isn't the place for this." He rumbles to the crowd, his voice too deep for the lungs it seems to come from. "I understand that you're angry, but do not sully our president's funeral like this. We will not have gone anywhere tomorrow. You can hate us then just as easily."

Booster's bubble is surrounded by angry people, overcome by their emotion and the frustration towards a world where not even superheroes can save the day every time. Outside the golden wall, hands smash angrily and the sound echoes within.

Finally, Steve is pulled up to his feet and reaches the back of his wrist to wipe away some of the blood on his mouth. "I'm not sure if we saw who that guy was, but we should get him to the nearest recruiting office. The military could use a guy with that good of a hook."

Steve looks over towards Fenris, "I think we'd better get the heck out of here, sooner than later."

From above, the mob gets more and more people. Police are on their way now too, attempting to pull people away. SWAT teams which were on standby are beginning to be called in.

Despite the strong words of Fenris, Wonder Woman, and Babs, this sort of feels like mob mentality to the max. The situation sits on the precipice and has a chance of getting very ugly.

"Agent Carter," Michael nods to the woman, his expression uncharacteristically grim. He is less tense now, however; the mob can get as angry as it likes, it will not get through the forcefield. Not unless one of them is the Hulk, anyway. "Captain, with your permission I'd like to extract you from this situation immediately." Lifting his sunglasses for a moment, he says, "They might start to calm down, then. I don't want to leave anyone else in danger, here, though… I'm not sure how many I could safely fly out of here at once…"

As she looks around, Peggy looks over to Michael and nods. "They were also yelling at Supergirl," she tells him as to who else may be in danger. She can take care of herself and is not a noticeable superhero of any sort. she does not mind being left behind at all.

With Steve now on his feet, Scott is growing quite worried that someone is going to knock his glasses off. He goes so far as to reach up, adjusting them a bit to make damned sure they are secure. Steve's recommendation has him darting his eyes to both Fenris and Kara. "Kara! Steve!" He calls out their names while looking toward Fenris and Kara suggestively, his hand reaching into his jacket pocket for something. However, when Booster offers to get Steve and Peggy out of dodge, he reaches out for Barbara's wheelchair before clenching his eyes beneath his glasses, hands grasping the Ley pendulum secreted away within his suit coat.

Scott's got the right idea. Fenris mentally tracks him for a moment and then gestures to Kara to help Booster, either flying or Teleporting. He'll get himself out once everyone else is clear and provide a portal if needed to… mmm… is that a restaurant Scott's at? He thinks so. Hope the bartender there isn't too startled.

He is, after all, not particularly worried about mob violence. They can hit him all they like.

The redhead who comes forward to openly aside with them has calm eyes falling upon her, but where there could be question there is none. Wonder Woman moves slowly towards Oracle and Kara, one hand resting on O's shoulder, the other upon Kara's. To Kara Diana leans in and speaks. "Get her and yourself to safety, please." A gentle squeeze of pressure upon O's shoulder comes before she releases them both. "Good to finally meet you." She states to Oracle, and although the smile is there at the corners of lips it is reflective of the grim circumstance around them. With the way things had been going this is of no /real/ surprise.

Turning towards Booster, Cap and Peggy, Wonder Woman gives them a slow nod, her chin dipping towards plexus as she speaks. "Take who you can. I will do the same. Our presence is only causing more issue. But at last we came and said our condolences."

Scott has not been one she has had experience with before, although he seems to know others here.. And then is gone. Fenris gets a worried look and then an extended hand with a flick of eyes towards the sky to offer flight with him to leave the uprising melee once the rest were gone and clear of this mess.

Kara acknowledges Wonder Woman with a salute of some kind and leans down to grab Oracle and her wheelchair while clutching her pendant, she looks to Fenris for a possible idea of where to go but not wanting to risk any trouble; she focuses on the pendant and says to Barbara, "Ready?. This will be a little flashier than flying with Rowan…" In a blink of light when Barbara has signalled her readiness, the pair dissapear.

Fenris takes that hand, ready to be gone and looking more human once again. Fortunately no one has actually started hitting him. He murmurs the location of the others, seemingly a restaurant atop the Washington Hotel. Or at least, there's where Kara and Scott seem to have gone.

Placing a hand over Wonder Womans, Babs nods up "Likewise" she murmurs and nods to Kara. "I'm not so sure about that… Rowan…." and then she's gone.

"Yup," says Steve Rogers towards Booster Gold with a shake of his head. "I think getting out of here is about the best thing we can do right now. Staying here any longer won't end up well for any of us."

Steve's hand reaches out to hold Peggy's as he stares into the faces of those who hate him. It's a jarring feeling—he's been picked on before. Beaten up. Mocked. But never hated.

Michael nods to Wonder Woman and puts his sunglasses back on. He rests a hand on Steve's shoulder, and another on Peggy's, a gentle grip. Despite this, when he starts to rise into the air, they rise as well, the antigravity generated by his ring flowing into them due to this physical contact. The forcefield sphere contracts around them as they rise out of the angry mob, and when they are overhead the bubble-shape collapses and just outlines the three figures in its golden glow. Then, Booster flies them up and away.

As Steve takes her hand, Peggy squeezes it just slightly. Her face is a rather imperceptible mask as she looks out at the crowd held only at bay my Booster's force field. While she was expecting grief and dismay, an all out physical attack was never even close to what she thought might happen. She glances over at Steve, trying to be comforting. "It's not you," she tells him.

Then, the gentle hand on her shoulder is acknowledged. As Michael pulls them up into the sky under his gravity ring, the hand tightens on Steve. This is less about comforting and more about the fact that they are all suddenly flying in the air. She's never done that before and it's a strange feeling.

Seeing all of the others blink in and out of existence has Wonder Woman rising a brow, the people pressing in to a claustrophobic level just before the SWAT converges and turns it into an uproarous rip tide. Like the rims of a mosh pit at a concert Wonder woman is run into and her hand is thrust into fenris'. Not due to the frce that moved her, but the desire to not stay.

Even Wonder Woman has her limits and knows the boundaries. These people are their own and mob mentality is not one of the intellects crammed into a space. This air is full of very tainted helium. Wonder Woman and Fenris rise upward slowly, a lingeringgaze below, one that shows disappointment for a moment and sorrow and then is blinked away by the stare ahead and thought.

"Is this the chrysalis stage, Lycaon? It sure feels close to breaking."

"It feels like it, doesn't it." Fenris murmurs. "I think there is still time to avert a disaster." The wolf looks up at the princess, face grim. "Or I hope there is."

Hope. Not a word Fenris is given to utter often. How bad must things be if the Apocalypse Given Flesh 'hopes' to avert yet worse things to come.

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