Let There Be Darkness: Beginning

March 07, 2015:

A small village in Russia becomes the testing grounds for something sinister. A few members of JL:A answer the call, with Green Lantern's and Fenris' assist.



NPCs: Parademons, Troops, The Crimson Dynamo, Villagers


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Fade In…

Most of the team had just descended into the tunnels. Like her friends city, Gotham, Diana knows that such things are an abundance here and what maps say may fall extremely short. This reason alone is why she remained above, that and her duty was the people, those hiding from so much as their own shadows. Also, a newly welcomed man named Fenris had joined them to nurse old wounds, but the delicacy of some things keeps secrets untold…

The mystery of what the maps could betray, why so easily given and the haunting knowledge of these ars fought and known by Captain America keeps her wary of it all as her silver gloved hand touches over the old folded paper upon the table in the bunker. Clad in the Red Son variation of attire she sought to not further make a show of her Ambassador base ties, and instead hope to sway that of the villagers with neutrality - as is her duty. Some of their suspicions shook loose, mainly from the mouths of adoring children and fearful elders. So tired.

That is when the sound comes. It is like a large drop of bass, a rattling and deep sound that not only shakes your eardrums, but tests them to a with holding depth, shakig the walls of the bunker and shattering a window, blowing it out to rain glass amongst the snow. Even the ground shook with this, the table moving a few feet aside and the tray pf food hanging half off, captured by that hand and suddenly left as she exits the bunker. The commotion surely enough to alert some of the others, if they could not hear it, they would /feel/ it below ground.

Outside it is quiet, the fog rolling in and sweeping across the village, but then another sound comes it is lower in bass, preceded by the grinding whire of gears and the mechanical sound of metal skating over metal in perfect tandem. Shock silences things, makes the calm before the storm, but the militia around the feet of the large Dynamo scatter and begin to pull people from their homes, rounding them into the center of the village as the large Crimson mech suit beind to arch light from one appendage, the sharp resonant noise telling of something charging….

There were times when jumping into the hole seemed a lot more better than eating a peach, yet this time, Shayera jumped right back out and saw fit to join her friend.

"Investigating is not my forte." She mutters quietly, her hands pressed to the table, wings arched high enough that the tip of feathers point towards the ceiling, almost menacingly. Outside looking in, it was as if Freyja had called to Shayera to bleat and berate Diana, but it was only nerves that agitated the woman as such. Nerves that had her wanting to rifle feathers of others and bring out her mace to beat her own personal troubles and worries black and blue to call it victory and justice.

But anyone with a brain knew, knew wholeheartedly that justice was vengence. Their names were just different.

However, whatever words that were called upon for Shayera to say, fell short. The loud boom that draws her chin to a snap upright, her eyes narrowing, back soon straightening as one hand falls to the side and the other smacks hard against the crest to quickly twist and turn. There was no looking for Shayera, no mingling with the crowded few, the sound of the boom meant that she was going to mess it up and ask questions later. Quick to do harm, slow to fact find.

Right about now? All she needed was bubblegum.

She follows Diana towards the entrance, her voice grating against the Nth.

"Wonder Woman. Please tell me that you keep Watermelon flavored Bubbleyum on your person. Sarina would be upset if I did not chew, pop and fizzle while taking honorifics.

Green Lantern had been in orbit, a slow rotation around the Earth to check the solar system's reaches, projecting his senses and power out to detect any incoming invasions or incursions - strange spaceships, warps, unusual energy signatures. For the moment, nothing foriegn or unusual, although there were still plenty of reoccuring signatures that he had yet to investigate. Titan, in particular, intrigued him, strange flares of power that bespoke powerful technology.

But, for now, he would stay content with the knowledge that the Thanagarians or the Kree or the Shi'ar or the Parademons of Apokolips weren't deciding to make an incursion today. He swings back into the atmosphere at a forty five degree angle, dipping low enough and finding himself on the far side of the world from his current home in Metropolis.

And then his ring picks up the energy reverbrations of something powerful happening below, that same rumbling bass and metallic whine intense enough to spike in the comparative quiet. Narrowing his eyes, Hal alters the energy sheathe around him to make himself invisible, flying downwards to see just what's going on…

Fenris has just emerged from the showers at the Bunker the group was staying at. Clean of elder slime and all the stink that accompanies it. He blinks as he senses something start to change and comes out to here Wonder Woman and Shayera are, long coat blowing in the slight breeze. "What is happening?" The old wolf asks quietly.

"You guys heard that, right?" Kate peeks her head out from another turn in the tunnel just after someone drops the bass on this thing, searching around herself. "I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it probably isn't actually good news. Although observation might be a nice change." Underground is not her preferred location. Trained by Clint, Kate likes the high places for figuring things out.

Kara was there with the others, not entirely sure what it was they were looking for. In fact, the whole Russia mission had been a blur to her, following behind Kate almost like a sidekick she replies, "Didn't hear a thing." She might have been kidding, "Seriously though, when is it good news?"

Wonder Woman is watching towards the village, and it is only a moment, a heartbeat and then a sharge so large it raises the tiny hairs on your body crackles through the air, smoke rising into the air with screams getting louder. Wonder Woman is already taking flight, the snow that was once at booted feet shooting outward in an upheaval. (Tossing the pack of Bubbleyum over her shoulder. Sarina had shoved it in her bag Diana thought as a gag… Apparently not). "We have to go!" There was no answer for the teammates that all emerged from the bunker, tunnels, or stood by the open door, it was getting obviously - worse.

Hal spoke too soon, aongst the tactically armored men were troopers a bit larger, typically they would be captians perhaps, leaders, but these handful were clad fully in green and yellow armor with jaws like razored metal shark teeth, sporting large rifles that did not have a technological reading of 'local'. Each one of them acattered to outer points, burning from the outside in, acting as herders with no order to round up the people or ensure there were none hiding. If they were, they were doing so well and every electrical charge that hit the air was one test… and another… Lighting the homes up and searing a charge throughout exceeding that of lightning. Homes were exploding into splinters bit by bit.

The other 'schock' troopers were firing from their pistols, energy in blasts burning holes into ice and snow and bringing hopeful escapees to screeching or screaming halts.

In the meantime that Dynamo takes slowing steps, bringing it to the outskirts where that energy charge omission heard can be seen, one large arm eminating a brightening blue glow.

Let the testing begin.

"You have the height and the voice." Shayera says to Fenris, as Wonder Woman kicks up snow. Her hand strikes out, snatching the pack of gun from the thin of the air, her stride stepping forward as her metal wings fan out, ringing into the air. Pack ripped. Wrapper tossed, bubble-yum popped. Mmh. "Lets see you put the magic to the test!"


The loud boom marks her departure from the area, not heading in Diana's direction, yet to the directions of the screaming few who's cries cease after a moment they have started. Her staff was soon drawn foward, piece by piece, slammed together with a lightening crack as the metal is soon coated by electricity.

And she makes quick work through the air, her wings soon fanning out to stop and drop hard into the ground, drawing the snow around her with a beat of wings to cover the escape of a group of children and mothers who cried for their husbands. The light of the electricity burned through the air as she draws herself to a full, jaw clenched and trenched as the shot from one trooper skins her exposed waste to draw blood without a flinch of it's victim.

There was a smile there, in the place of pain. Cause they were in Russia..

..and no one was going to hear them scream.

Hal Jordan detects the energy discharges before he reaches the place of actual battle, gliding in smoothly through the atmosphere, his will-powered flight seeming almost effortless and certainly a lot easier than his days behind the stick of a plane. He cruises by overhead once and spots a few familiar figures - Shayera chief among them, although Diana and Kara, too…and there's the old wolf again. Seems he didn't just haunt hospitals and cocktail parties.

Regardless, it let him know quickly enough who the bad guys and the good guys were, if the terrorist actions of the troops weren't making things abundangly clear. Hal drops his invisibility and, as usual, streaks right in without asking anybody's permission, energy-shielded hands covered with massive gauntlets as he slams into the first wave of armored troops, "Hope you folks don't mind a little back-up. I happened to be in the neighborhood. The vodka here can't be beat, but I'm beginning to think the ambiance isn't worth it!"

Fenris blinks as the scene of mystery changes to one of violence. Well. This is not going the way he'd expected. In a moment his rod is in one hand as his blade is in the other. Winds kick up as the rod twirls and spins, picking up bits of detritus, trash, branches, anything solid enough to deliver a solid beating. "Now I remember why I moved to America." He murmurs as he hurls hurricane force debris at one trooper and then lays into the next with his blade. "Does anyone know who these people are?" Beat. "And whether they might have other surprises?" Seriously. Di? Shay? Kara? Kate? The old wolf is holding back for now. If he doesn't… there won't be a town left. Which, if there's more than meets the eye going on here, might end up happening anyway.

"I don't even…" Kate hangs back a moment, getting a good view of everything exploding, the men in armor suits, the screaming villagers. "Seriously, it's like Detroit, only more organized, which is just…" But she can't fly, so forward momentum is going to have to come from her feet. As the others take off, she starts to run toward the trouble, sending up a spray of snow beneath her feet. She's not going to go all the way, though. Instead, she heads for the most stable high ground she can find.

"No idea who these guys area." Kara knows that Kate can handle herself but she still gives a little nod to her friend, "Keep safe, if you need any help I've got your back." She leaped into the air following behind Wonder Woman and the others.

Glowing red beams of energy, her evident favourite weapon shown forth from her eyes; the lasers cutting into the weapons of the soldiers, "Time to disarm you boys." Not the first time she dealt with armored men in Russia either.

She didn't know the Green Lantern would be here but she hoped to god they could become friends this time!

Wonder Woman pauses above, quick snaps of cerulean gaze to account for everyone, and then to look for a pattern, as a warrior and from above it is quick to see the mapping or pattern if any is to be had. If you have ever seen cattle ranchers bring in a spread out herd from a forested pasture, this is what it looks like, but there is little to no mercy or patience, people scatter through streets and fall, trampled by their own and plucked up by the men hovering swiftly above the ground on aero discs, throw into the middle, a little girl going for her stuffed toy stopping dead as a laser rifle turns it to black ash…

Wonder Woman descends, the man upon the aero discs driven into the brick stone roads with a fist, bouncing once to be couht in her grip and thrown skyward towards Shayera. Catch! The small child clings to Wonder woman's leg and buries her face away from the scene unfolding…

There is always room for help and Hal's assistance is into a group of shock troopers, some knocked back, others using the maneuverability ofthe aero discs to docge and close in as a parademon's weapon begins to arch and charge behind him, firing.

To Fenris, Diana has no response in passing him, having found the childs mother and is clearing a path to try and evacute them to a nearby bunker past Kate where her post forms as a vantage to keep persuiants hopefully from stopping the escapees as well as pick off those who think themselves 'stealthy'. "Whoever they are, whatever they are… It does not feel right to me. You?"

Kara's blasts directly penetrate through one of those parademon's suits, a few armored fingers falling with his weapon… The odd thing, unlike the troopers the paras do not scream, the one assaulted by Kara looks up towards the sky now and uses its other hand to retrieve its fallen weapon amongst fingers and take aim, firing upon her rapidly!

Disarmed, just like she likes them.

With a twirl of her staff Shayera mows through those who try to kill the innocents, women and children, saved by the way her staff twirls and wings shear out to cut and maim who try to pass. It was a glorious dance; though she wasn't built like a ballerina her wings form a perfect pirouette-like spin upon the tip of armored heel, dropping bodies like chickens to the slaughter.

Who cares if they're dead or not. Little Anastasia wouldn't!

The mechanics of her suit picks up a fast moving bogey, approaching her direction with a shriek and scream upon the chilled wind; and yet with a stop of her spinning the staff draws back in a swing that would make Babe Ruth whistle with pride.


Bones crunch and crack under the pressure as she Louisville slugged the man into kingdom come, she was all prepared to play ping-pong with a parademon or a trooper, she just needed someone to potato the sucker right back. But no time for fun.

"Green!" She hollars out, the body was flying in his direction.

Hal Jordan doesn't kill the way that Shayera does, but he's far from passive or gentle. He sheathes himself in green armor, raw energy wrapped tight around him as he unleashes attacks in every direction: boxing gloves, anvils, flying Bruce Lees throwing kicks, shambling ogres and bulls trampling the demons under their massive hooves. He does most of it without moving at all, hovering and floating in the midst, directing the symphony without using muscle. He'd had to learn that, his early instincts being to fight by hand - and he still did, often, but, in a mass of foes liket his, it was better for him to fight with his mind than his body.

To Shayera's call, he grins, "Hawk! Armored asswipe, corner pocket!" he says, a massive pool cue appearing in the air and thwapping into the parademon she threw at him.

Fenris narrows his eyes. Parademons. More tears in reality. He needs to get on reforming the conclave. For now though simply chopping through these things will do.

The Old Wolf moves like a warrior born, advancing in a whirlwind of moonsilver and actual wind. Those demons he cannot reach he either throws to his comrades with the rod or draws to himself to be dispatched. Nothing says 'you have made terrible life choices' like coming to grips with a blade wielding wolf-god. "The ones with the lasers are herding the people. Any who can fly or shoot may wish to deal with that. I can hold here." Alone if necessary. It does suddenly occur to him that everyone here can probably fly or shoot. Except him. Ah well. He does command the wind. Speaking of…

A large tree uproots itself in a powerful localized tornado and Fenris sends it sailing down one of the open boulevards to clear a path.

"Doesn't make any sense," Kate shakes her head to Diana, picking off a pair of shock troopers as they try to break off to catch the stragglers being herded her way. "If this is something that happens all the time, this should be like a fire drill. Clean, organized, without panic. If these guys in the suits-"

She pauses, firing off another arrow, this one firing a line between two buildings right at neck height for a whole crew of the bad guys. "If they're the bad guys, if they're using these people in this town for something, then they should be taking better care of them. Working together. If they don't care about the people, then why bother herding them where they are? Doesn't add up."

Kate isn't super anything. Not fast, or strong, or durable. Stubborn, maybe. Talented. But she does have a grasp on normal. "We're missing something."

Kara takes a hit from the Parademons not expecting them to be firing so soon, "What the heck are these guys!" She had never faced anything like it, but she hoped the others had. Then she sees Green Lantern join the battle, she was here with the JL:A, hopefully he would believe she was on his side now.

"Hey Green Lantern! Nice to see you." She smiles genuinely at the man racing in to intercept a Parademon who was coming up behind him and clobbering it soundly.

Diana stops, the snow falling now mixing with ash from the mass of burning buildings, black streaking across her cheek with the melt of snow, extracting people, those who shook loose of the herding pattern due to the interruptions of the team. When Hal seeks to corner pocket the man she launched earlier Diana rockets skyward before his flying body exits the perimiter. "Keep it contained!" She states as the limp form looks as if he is cartwheeling through the air towards the ground once again finally, though likely not to get back up…

Lowering only slightly as Kate speaks Diana nods, her eyes sweeping over the scenario… "You are right, but there is a method.."

From outward in, people starting to break through holes made when parademons fall and troopers take place, openly firing upon their plans intruders, Fenris coming under blast of troopers now as they stop trying to herd, only to be swept up and off by the lashing oof an uprooted tree…

Hal's attacks clearing paths, a small opening in the valley before it is sought to be plugged again, a parademon lifitng from the ground to throw its weight into him and drive an electrically charged emission into him up close and personal.

Kara though… The parademon felled by her lets out a transmission, a sound heard from the others that are falling as well now, deactivationg, a red blip counting down… The last one trying to take on Hal head on… That sound is one that will rattle eardrums, a warning before the Dynamo responds, the sound pressing out in a wave that stops Diana's conversation with Kate just after her eyes widened like sense was made of this. A sound that could bring blood to fall from the ears of those with enhanced senses (Kate will likely feel it but it will not be as bad since it wont be so sudden and sharp to her like those of us with constant enhanced.)… Followed by the parademons exploding, hit by missiles that fire from the Crimson Dynamo.

No rules. No proof. So survivors.

There was a chuck of a metal fist in the air, bringing down with an uprisen leg in victory. Hal's shot was true, and the parademon sailed with assistance by Diana, the little game was played. Well played, in fact that she misses a good swing of steel against her back that sends her sprawling forward, her wings arching out in anger as she turns to elicit hell and fury upon the troop.

Yet it was the ear piercing sound that grabbed her; her suits mechanics picked up the sound enough to transmit and nearly damage her ears, her hands lifting to grasp against her head as a rocket fire ceases all sound and turns everything /black/.

She flew like she was meant to, only wings didn't flap, her body sailing straight towards the ground with a bounce and roll. Her fingers dig into the ground to stop the movement, then pushes herself up with a stumble and stagger, immediately taking to the air with a hazard flight to survey the damage, her hand lifting to strike hard against her golden helmet.

"What tom-fuckery is this!"

Oh now she asks!

Fenris winces and stops in his tracks. The noise is ear splitting. It's like someone's driving an ice pick into his skull. Slowly there's a change in him, his blade and rod clatter to the ground as he drops to his knees and his wolf-form emerges.

His eyes glow, but not like they normally do. Normally they're like spent coals, glowing dim red. Now they blaze like the fire's of the worlds end. "WHAT. HAVE. YOU. DONE?!"

Fenris is struggling to contain the Destroyer Wolf. And is at the moment only barely succeeding…

The electricity and sonics alike stun Hal for a second, blowing him back and sending him skittering along the Earth in surprise. What he gets for playing fast and loose, toying with these things instead of putting them down. That cue shot -had- been pretty sweet, though, he couldn't deny that. There's a flash of green light as his shield redoubles, keying itself to absorb energy as well as force. He grins over at Kara as he rises back up to his feet, "Supergirl! Time to unleash some of that Kryptonian warrior!" he says.

The ring is pouring information into his head from the Encyclopedia Galactica, filling him in on parademons, but he's already focusing on the thing beyond them. "Uh oh, I think the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's comin' this way. Oh, well, I like a good campfire," he says, slamming his fists together and unleashing with a raw blast of pure photonic energy, intending to cut through any parademons on its way to the Dynamo beyond, homing in on the source of that sonic assault.

Oddly, one of the things Hawkeye's stressed to Kate is how not to end up as deaf as he is. So as soon as there's a hint of that sound coming, she opens her mouth and ducks her head. It's not enough to completely protect against the noise, but it's something, at least. And without enhanced senses, she's less susceptible to that form of attack.

Charging shock troopers, though? That could be a problem.

"Aw, crap." She cycles through arrows, picking out electrical disrupters - they'll stop a car, and they should probably get those power suits to need a hard reboot. "Need someone else to hold this spot, have to go shut down the sun-eater!" She fires another arrow, this one a smoke-bomb to cover the retreat of the townspeople, before firing off a line to swing down to the ground.

"Fenris! Fenris, it's Kate!" It's not exactly a fully-formed plan.

Kara is kicking Parademon butt, using a combination of strength, speed as well as laser eyes and breath to deal with as many as she can in a short period of time; unleashing that Kryptonian Warrior as Green Lantern had suggested. Even though it was the middle of a battle, she felt bad about their last encounter, punching a Parademon in his ugly mug she says, "Sorry about our last meeting! I was working through some stuff."

Whatever she had been working through then had been dealt with during her time with the JL:A; she had found a family and a home.

Her thoughts are interrupted by the sonic assault, the young woman screaming back loudly towards the source, "DON'T DO THAT!" A counter-assault of sonic energy rips forth from her lungs in a wave loud enough to make unprotected eardrums bleed.

Despite the pain she flies after the troopers going for Kate, warning the other woman, "I'm coming to help you. Look out they're coming right for you!"

Sometimes you see things unfolding in slow motion. It is this way.

The people that can escape the hold of the shock troopers are flooding past the post that Diana set for them to go underground into a bunker, Kate their cover and as troopers close in their bodies are impacted by arrows, falling to the ground as Kate gets looks of praise, "Spasibo" in pass.

The yell from Fenris manages to be heard as the ringing ends, Diana's fingertips coated in blood that fell from the auditory impact, but not hard enough to keep them down, and enraging the rest, spurring them into motion. Diana launching back into the air to head for the changing Fenris, looking from him to Shayera and Hal in the air between them all and the Crimson Dynamo, that star shaped opening at its chest now having gone from a low glow to a bright one, the hand crackling with energy like an unleashed storm, rising to blast at the exit where people are escaping to the bunker, blowing a crater into the snow covered earth and taking some of the villagers with it… Half a football field of devastation where Kate and Diana had just been. Kara's return attack making her another firing target for that blast…

Screams go to a shocked silence… Snow falling, ash and eath descending like an apocalyptic end of days…

The sharp sound of a charge now sounds like a sudden downwind and that bass shudders outward once again. what started it seeks to end it and the screams rip through the air again.

"No Kate! Let him go at it. That's what it was! It's herding them like cattle…" To the slaughter.

In saying that Diana takes to the air, towards the Crimson Dynamo that is about to make the villager's pooled in the center as well as the area ground zero, the remaining troops and a single armless parademon, also missing a foot hoists his gun on Kate.

With a vantage view like hers, Shayera sees what she needs to. Which was the parademon, aiming straight for Kate. This, and only this is the time where she abandons the Nth, the staff she holds drawn back and chucked like a spear of old right into the demons back. "Shit.."


The sound cracks loud into the air, reinforced by her planets technology, a golden streak flies so quick to intercept the blast that aims to take down the rest of the people and the bunker with it. Her hands smacking against her crest to draw the rest of her armor down to cover skin and flesh as she slams into the ground at the entrance, her arms stretched wide to catch the weight of the beam center mass.

And her body /folds/.

Wings curl forward, a natural reaction as her armor pits forward, burning steaming hot into her flesh as she flies backward against the entrance, narrowly missing the last survivor who enters into the bunker, destroying the entrance to safely trap those inside.

They'll be let free when it was all done.

But Shayera, she was down for the count, sliding from the stone masoned bunker and into the snow, smoke steaming from her armor which melts the snow beneath where she lays face down.

Fenris is on the verge of pulling back to more normal at Kate's call when the Fusion Cannon blasts Shayera out of the sky. The Destroyer's eyes narrow as it then turns for him. He growls, stalking forward while the weapon charges and then unleashes a blast of energy right for him.

A blast of energy… like a star…

Fenris, the Destroyer, the one fated to eat the sun, tilts his head and snatches the blast from the air.

And swallows it.

"Tasty. What else you got?" He snarls and snags the thing with his jaws, spinning it back toward Kate, Diana and Kara. If they don't finish it by the time he walks over there, he will.

Hal Jordan had been focusing on offense, but, as that onslaught rains down, seeing Shayera stricken down and the same fate heading for so many, the Green Lantern cries out, "NO!" he says, and it's not just a plea for mercy, a declaration of despair, a wail of fear. It is an order. It is a demand. It is a declaration. Hal Jordan brings his will to bear, the will that some have said is the most powerful in the universe and, in seconds, green energy overlays the field of battle, covering the innocent, cradling Shayera in a healing, blasting down to scatter the troopers around Kate as he rises up into the air. The energy he generates shields them from anything else as Fenris surges forward to feast.

And then troopers of their own appear, starship troopers made of green energy, each armed with some sort of energy cannon, something from a video game or from Hal's imagination, and they start to pop into existence, encircling the Dynamo. Five, ten, two dozen, fifty, a hundred and still growing as the Emerald Warrior directs his troops.

"Blow that motherfucker straight to hell!" he says and they all begin to fire, plasma cannons unleashing in a heavy rain of fiery destruction upon the Dynamo, Hal's shields protecting the rest from any blowback when the Dynamo blows its stack.

"We could always just hand them over to Stark's copyright lawyers," Kate suggests, firing another of those shock arrows at the creature Fenris tosses her way. It's a drop in the bucket under Hal's emerald onslaught, but it's hers. "I'm pretty sure those guys are way scarier than any villain I've ever faced."

Fenris is back on track, though, and before she can start toward Shayera to drag the other woman to cover, that's been provided as well. "That…is really cool."

Kara was about to join the others in a final engagement, flying circles around the troopers coming for Kate and encasing them in a block of ice where they wouldn't hurt anyone. Then she say Shayera go down; she didn't know the other woman well but the JL:A was family, thank god she wasn't a telepath to read her thoughts that first night in Russia!

Flying over to the downed Shayera, Kara leans over checking to make sure she is alive, declaring, "Don't worry, I'll protect you." Nothing would get near Shayera.

The Crimson Dynamo is a test, the whole thing was a test. Feelers for what it would take, how much… Unexpecting of the interferance of nearby super heroes. This was supposed to be a remote village in the middle of unmanned bunkers, abandoned from wars long past… Making it a war of the present.

One blast and Shayera is sent flying like a shooting star, in her own moments demise both protecting and shielding, barricading with her fallen form.

Fenris devours the next, and when the beastly god-being swings it around it seeks to bring up a large metal fist into his jaws, ceased by Wonder Woman, hands holding its charged appendage, taking that sudden surge of electricity with a firm set of her jaw as she rips the arm from its body with the giving groan of metal at the joints, the pop of compressions and further sparks of detaching limb in a twist of her body just before she flies for the ground in a final yank.

Landing in a crouch with the large metal limb in hand, cerulean eyes roll upward to watch the large Dynamo sink beneath the barrage of verdant fire provided by Green Lantern, not giving even then as it comes to its knees, sweeping final pulse out that is contained by a shield the Lantern also provided. A contained nuke in a globe on a mantle for Christmas, but the snow is on the outside as that Crimson beast detonates in a flash of bright light, its own final pulse a suicide bomb of intent, hollowing the ground beneath it to a deep crater, a mushrooming of smoke rising and filling the shield with contained sulfuric burnout.

A low hum can now be heard, not to deafen, but like on the Russian radios it seems static ridden, then morse, then like a heart monitor in a hospital, cycling through high tech languages, alien languages (if you can translate), and then to human languages. Finally ending with one delivery:

"You may live to witness my triumph. Live — to witness the darkness transcendant… and your ultimate, undying doom."

All around it, living or not, the troops, the parademons, self destruct. Playing for keeps.

There was nothing more for Shayera to do. She threw herself into the line of fire willingly, for these people on this Terra. It was her home now, time and time and again she'd risk her life for them, they were her only family left.

And Paco. The man could make a /mean/ burrito, and his taquitos were like crunchy rolls of sunshine..

The healing rays of the Green Lantern and the guarding from Kara would have been appreciated had she been awake, met with promises to do battle yet again side by side.

Hal Jordan slowly settles down to the Earth, his power trying to contain and filter out as much of the potentially harmful energy from the surrounding world, containing whatever he can in. His ring translates those languages, though, filling his mind with data and knowledge, with the understanding that these harbingers are the first feelers of something far worse and far more evil.

For now, though, Hal believes in taking a win when you can get it. The rest can be put off and figured out at a later date. For now, he flies over to Shayera and Kara, dropping down to see how the Hawkwoman is doing, trusting in Diana's leadership and battle savvy to make sure the job is truly finished.

As the threats vanish Fenris stands in the square, surrounded by the detritus of battle, patting, struggling to stuff back down the urge to KILL ALL THE PEOPLE. He does manage. Normally it takes more than that to bring it out of him but that noise…

He'll work on it. It's a few moments before he can finally return to human and approach the members of the League. "Thank you." He says to Diana. "For sparing me that hit." It would have hurt, and might have set him off worse. "And thank you Kate, for pulling me back."

He glances back. "I should head back now. But you know how to find me, any of you, if you need me again."

The Old Wolf tears a Way open, nods to the heroes, and steps through.

"Undying doom, huh?" Kate makes a face, slipping her bow back over her shoulder. "That might be creepier than the whole idea of dying doom when it comes down to it, actually." As Fenris comes over, the face softens to a wry smile. "Any time, old wolf," she says quietly. "Any time." Once he's gone, she looks back to the others, starting toward their downed comrade. "Is she gonna be okay?"

Kara keeps her vigil over Shayera, smiling at the Lantern, "Great work kicking butt. Glad you were here to give us all a hand." She points to Shayera, "Anything you can do for her? She's badly hurt.."

It wa sall gone. Piles of incineration, black scorch marks where parademons, troopers and that Dynamo was, though where the red hulking modification was ther eis a crater. There and where it had finally open fired.

Looking around the village looked like a post-apocalyptic camp, the remaining living watching them all in awe, though some were on their knee in mourning of loss. Be it of the little they had, or a loved one.

Diana nods to fenris, an acknowledging motion as he departs, now finally -looking- towards Shayera, slowly weaving through the crowd of villagers, her hands resting on hunched backs and shoulders in passing. Some eyes follow her while others on riveted on the group and the large concave of earth before the bunker where Shayera lies and other members of families lay in wait.

Now stepping up to the unconcious form Diana bends to pick her up, skimming gaze from Kate, to Kara, and then Hal. "I have to get her to the Watchtower, advanced medical help and start research on what this is… Could be.. " /Was promised to be./

"Each one of you is welcome there, come now or later. I will have you added to the databases for further clearance."

With that said Wonder Woman takes to the skies with Hawkgirl in her arms.

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