Chatty Times

April 28, 2015:

Some JLA members and a friend get together to hang out.


JLA Lakehouse


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Kara was presently sitting in the living room of the Lakehouse, watching television; nothing serious just the latest episode of Secret Hospital. Streaky was sitting on her lap, being nice for once and wasn't even trying to run but was instead purring as she fed him cat treats.

Booster is still yawning a bit when he walks down the stairs. He had a long sleep, catching up after being unable to get any rest in the days leading up to his hearing before the senate. Even though he has showered and put on civilized clothing, he is still groggy. Skeets is floating along just behind him like an amicable golden balloon. "Hey, Kara," he says, his tone quiet, friendly. He did a poor job of trying to make her feel better, the last time he saw her, so he is erring on the side of caution. That greeting is probably safe.

Quietly walking into the room, Ozymandias pauses on the other side of the couch to see what Kara is watching before he speaks with her. "So Kara, do you have a moment. I do not want disturb you from your time off. There are just some issues that I think we need to address."

Rain isn't used to visiting this sort of place. Not really. But she was invited along to come visit at some point. Her and Captain re out and about, so why not? The witch has a few things with her in a messenger bag. Likely some treats and a book. She'll knock or ring the doorbell. Never startle a house of super heroes.

Ozymandias hands her a book bag as a smirk appears behind his mask, "First, I left you instructions on the IPAD that is inside the bag. You can look at it latter, but memorize the instructions. The program deletes itself after 2 minutes of being opened. There other items in the book bag along with the IPAD itself, and the instructions to those items are on the IPAD too. I think that will prevent the situation that occurred at the Botanical Gardens from happening again.

"Hey Jon, Hey Ozy." Kara hits the pause button on the television and accepts the bag from Ozymandias with a raised eyebrow, "Oh, sorry about that! I'll take a look at it." She reaches into the bag and begins to read what the IPAD says!

Booster glances at the television screen as he passes, because he always likes to see himself. He looks a little disappointed when it is paused, but he has to answer the door anyway. He nods to Ozy in passing, saying, "Hey, dude." Opening the door, then, he says, "Hi there, Rain. Did you have any trouble finding the place? This is sort of our casual team home. Come in, please."

Rain is shy. She smiles as Booster opens the door. Headshake. "Finding things is one of my few strengths," She offers. That's ominous. Or, y'know, she's a witch. And divined her way over. "Thanks. We brought some things." Captain nods. "I helped." Talking cat he is indeed. The two will enter carefully, looking around. "Oh wow." They'll wave to anyone they spot.

Kara reads over things quietly on the Ipad offering a little wave to Rain before she lets the message destroy itself. She smiles at the man before asking, "Are you all set for your interview with the committee? Jon did pretty good."

"Hello again, Captain," Booster looks down, addressing the cat. "There's a dog that lives here but he's pretty relaxed, just so you know." After a moment of thought he adds, "He's the only dog I've met, actually." Looking over to Kara and Ozy, he sees they are discussing things and elects not to bother them just yet. He beckons to Rain and her cat companion, to head towards the kitchen.

Ozymandias speaks stoically , "My construction has helped and helps a lot of people, so I cannot afford it to have it knocked down any time soon." Ozymandias clasps his hands together as his voice lightens a bit, "Well, this has been on my bucket list, but I thought I would be able to pull it off without wearing a mask. I hope they don't push the identity issue, but besides that.." Ozymandias raises his arms in a shrug, "I was away from most of the action, so my testimony will probably not shine too much light or darken our actions either. Did you know the Carrier was going to explode?

Rain is talk at quite of the senate business. She follows Booster, as does Captain. "Ah, it's alright." Captain is wise enough to restrain himself in the presence of dog. He jogs along after them, though Rain does not intrude in on the conversation. "How are you? We brought you something." There's a Foods of the World book, and some donuts. It's Super Hero day and Krispy Kreme did a buy one dozen, get one dozen free. Yup, Rain is a witch on a budget. There's some lavender soda, and a few odd treats like rose candies. Because flower candies rule.

Kara shrugged her shoulders a little at Ozymandias, "I intended to destroy it, I've never really used my powers like that before so I wasn't sure what would happen. I just wanted it stopped so the city could be saved and nobody else would be hurt." She continues to pet Streaky and looks away a little.

Booster smiles a little at Kara's comment about how he did at the hearing, but his focus shifts when Rain shows the array of treats. He is, at first, a little confused, and then he laughs. "Oh… yeah, I guess you took notice when I commented about Earth food. Gosh." The initial amusement fades and he actually looks rather touched. "Thank you, Rain, thank you, Captain. That's very kind of you."

Rain beams up at him. She grins at his laugh. "Yeah, we did. You're welcome. Our Earth can be kind of a whacky place sometimes," She offers. Captain nods sagely. "No problem, man. You seem like a nice dude." The two seem to think so, anyway. "We thought you might like some donuts since they were doing them in honor of Super Hero day," She remarks. Besides, it's good manners for a guest to bring a gift, yes?

"You need more training and your own rules, Kara." Ozymandias clasps his hands together and says, "Rules that will prevent this from happening again. I have probably personally killed more people in this world than anyone alive. I have done things in time period were considered noble campagins, and thirty years latter were labeled atrocities that would darken the pages of history forever."

Ozymandis unclasps his hands and says, "I would have gone mad or something worse if it was not my rules that govern my behavior. You need to find yourself some rules to live by. Rules that allow you to live with your powers, and never doubt your actions are heroic.

Ozymandias winks behind his mask, "Next time, just superpower kick them in the nuts.

"Yeah, it's confusing sometimes, very 'alien' really," Booster agrees, picking up the gifted book to flip through it. "The process of creating food is very different in my era, there really aren't any animals around… well there are some but either they're synthesized or they're just not something you'd want to eat. And no farms, not the way they are in this era." He peers at the donuts. "I have sampled a donut before so that's something to look forward to. I probably won't get to eat all of those, Skeets is harsh about keeping my caloric intake in line."

The young Kryptonian nodded a little at Ozymandias, not quite sure how to reply to the man, "Yeah, next time I'll do my best to kick them all in the nuts, sure thing Ozy." Kara continued to pet Streaky looking rather sullen for the time being.

"I imagine," Rain murmurs. Earth is strange to its own denizens. Must be utterly baffling to the outsiders. Rain is sympathetic, at least. She nods. "I see. Well, I wouldn't suggest eating them all at once anyway. You might get sick," She smiles wryly. There's a bit of sympathy. "And to be fair, many of us don't necessarily know a lot about farms, either. That's why shows about how it's made and stuff are pretty popular," She shrugs. "Captain and I just wanted to say hi and see how you were holding up."

"Let me know if you ever want to train or something. Sometimes it is good to know what you can do without your powers." Ozymandias lets out a frustrated sigh, "I have to catch a flight to D.C., so I will have to be going." Ozymandias turns and speaks some ancient Egyptian to Captain before departing.

"Sounds good Ozy, sorry to be so distracted. Good luck at your committee hearing." Kara smiles and turns the TV back on, watching Secret Hospital with Streaky.

Quietly, Booster says to Rain and Captain, "Well, you know… generally, I'm sure. That they exist and are big open places with stuff growing in rows." This is everything he knows about farms in the 21st century. "Anyway, I'm doing fine. I've felt ah, fatigued I guess… just all of the tension released now that my questioning is over with. Like releasing a rubber band that's been under tension, you know?"

There's a faint gleam in Captain's eyes as he listens. A faint, wry smile. He bobs his head. He murmurs, "I would be honored. Have a good evening." His voice is soft, meant for Ozy. The witch waves to Ozy and looks to Booster. "Sometimes. Depends." She shrugs and smiles. "I'm glad to hear that. And yeah, I can understand it." They really grilled poor Booster. She looks thoughtful a moment.

"I wasn't… worried about what they'd do or say to me," Booster admits, setting the book down on the table. "My worry is what they'll do with my answers. Going into it I knew they wouldn't have much to attack me for, I…" He looks vaguely sheepish as he admits this to the witch and the cat, "I wanted to make sure I made a good impression… not so much for them but for the public. I want to make sure the public remembers we're here for them, and so they won't get swayed when politicians or journalists try to warp events against us."

Rain nods. Booster's a nice guy, far as she's concerned. "That's always the rub," She offers. She smiles at him. "I understand that. While I'm a quiet, secretive sort - I think people enjoy having a kind face and a shining hero," She remarks. Rain is genuinely sympathetic. She just keeps quiet about what she is and does. "I can't imagine someone being genuinely of the opinion you're a bad person." He's not really DONE anything bad. "But public figures do have it rough." She pauses. "Um." He's so FAMOUS!

"Yeah. Although," Booster tips his head to one side as he acknowledges, "There are people who think I'm a big fraud and will just call this another attention grab. As if I arranged to be questioned in this." He shrugs as he says, "I don't know that they think I'm bad, they just don't think I'm genuine. Nothing I can do about that though." He grins a little. "I can give you guys a tour around, if you want. The lake is worth seeing too, while you're here."

Rain tilts her head. She frowns faintly. Aw. "That's a bummer. And sure, that would be awesome." Captain nods. The two are sympathetic, and will tag along for a brief tour and hanging out with Booster.

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