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April 18, 2015:

Jericho takes Lunair to visit Partisan …. to cheer her up!

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Jericho knows that Lunair's been down. About her situation. About herself. About a lot of things. And he knows (oddly, don't ask him how) that there are few things better for feeling down than a Partisan. Now, Partisan is not the smother you in reassurance and pep talks type. Any pep talk given by her is likely to include the phrase 'grow some fucking balls' but she's one of the better people for understanding how much life can suck and what to do about it. So! It shouldn't be too much of a surprise when Jeri catches Lunair by the arm aboard the Starfire, escorts her to the teleporter without a word and sends them both down to Hangar 19.

What is it that the Partisan does when she's alone, well she does super important shit obviously. Like right now, she's munching oreos and watching adventure time. It's super serious business, you can tell because of the way she's dressed obviously. Little adorable penguin pajama pants and a worn out "Hoppes" T-shirt. So yes, even the Partisan has days off it seems. She's got a joint lit, and a CZ-75 stripped apart on the table but no. No she isn't actually up to doing anything serious right now it seems. "The fuck?"she offers quietly, before peering over her shoulder with a blink. "Hey…"BUSTED!

Lunair has been under the weather. HYDRA, poor performance reviews, being put under scrutiny where she was left alone before. But Partisan is totally radical and a friend (at least LUNAIR thinks so). Lunair is caught by the arm, and blinks. "I was gonna ask you to apologize to Miss Zee and Je-" Teleported!

Lunair blinks. Oh my god. Partisan is ADORABLE. Her brain bluescreens at the image before her.

Jericho quirks an eyebrow. It's a most Spockian expression but he doesn't let it get any further than that. In fact one might think he saw her like this all the time (he doesn't) the way he plays it off. "Hey Part. Hope you don't mind the company. Lunair's been feeling a bit down lately and I thought moping in her room might not be exactly the best thing for her."

Partisan cocks her head after the pair, before the gears start turning and she hits pause. "Oh, oh hey Looney toons."Rising to, ok yeah she isn't entirely civilian theres a handgun in the small of her back. "Whats got you down Honey?"Motioning Lunair in for a potential hug if she fancies one. "Well no, Jerry is right. Moping about is no good, solves nothing. So c'mere and give me a hug, and tell me whats got you all down alright?"

Lunair blinks owlishly. "Hi Miss Partisan!" She smiles. "Now I feel bad I didn't bring cake or tea or something," Lunair considers. She is a pretty good guest most of the time. "How are you?" She asks. And then she will accept a hug. She will totally take a PartiHug(TM). Lunair pauses. "The HYDRA stuff, my kidnapping, my brain thing, being treated like I'm stupid, probably being bad at being a mutant and also I'm worried about people." Yup. That's about it. Never let it be said Lunair was one to overwhelm with detail.

Jericho's heard some of this, so while Partisan is activating were-mom mode, the hacker's going to put a kettle on for some tea. "Anything to drink you two?" Raika for Part, maybe. He doubts Lunair should have any though.

Partisan snugs and, it's not a military issue hug. No its warm and lasts a good bit with a solid 10/10 for warmth, no expenses spared here. "Looney, girl. First off, my name isn't Miss Part. It's Bisera Hoxha, though I'd ask that you keep that to yourself. Secondly, Hydra are a bunch of tryhard chucklefucks and they're not worth getting worried over. Kidnapping isnt fun no, but its over and you werent returned in ziplock baggies so count that one as a win. You're not 'bad at being a mutant' either, nor can you be. Well ok those Xavier assholes were really terrible, but you're totally not and my say counts for a hell of a lot more."She snags Lunair's hand, deposits a stack of double stuff oreos in it and smiles. "Now have a seat, drink some tea. Eat some Oreos, because this is our day off."

There's some clattering over toward the kitchen area. Jericho's looking over Partisan's selection of teas. As expected, she's got the good stuff. Rolled leave. Real fragrant. "Some of those Xavier assholes were bad at being people, let alone mutants." Others they've worked with. Red is a good bunch of people. Part's seen them before. And there's one or two at the school that came around. But yeah, that particular incident was Bad all the way around.

"Tea'll be up in a moment."

"And my surname is German which makes this whole creepy Nazi thing DOUBLE AWKWARD." Lunair frowns. Though, at least her first name is Dutch? Aw. Lunair is surprised, but blinks and siles at the snug. D'aw! She is touched and returns it as best as she can. It's a novel thing for her in a way. "Bisera. And I'll keep it to myself," Nod. Lunair promises. She smiles a little. "I appreciate it. That's very kind of you to say."

It's tough for Lunair's face to match what she's feelings, but she does seem genuinely touched and appreciative. "Yeah, I am glad I am back okay." She really is lucky to have good friends and she knows it. At the mention of Xavier's, her face just sort of twists. She's not sure what to think of it. "Aww. Thanks! I owe you one. This is awesome." Beam. Lunair nods. "Let me know if you'd like something in." She really is glad. "And thanks. Tea is fine," She murmurs. Tea is awesome also.

Partisan just smiles softly, clearing some things from the couch. Well not the pot, she's still smoking that thankyou. "They aren't Nazis, actually if you want to get particular about it. Most of these sort of rule the world types want power, well Hydra is an organization based on fear. They're afraid of anyone and anything which they can't immediately control, because they don't think we know how to rule ourselves. So really they're more a philosophy than an actual political movement, its why they're both fanatical but not really able to adapt or project much real sustained power."Part's being, well. Part it seems. "I'm a hipster terrorist, I was doing it before that shit was cool. Their tricks, yeah I invented all that shit. Their tactics, are really half ass copies of shit I used to do back in the day. Looney hun, you realize how many of those fucks I've killed just in the last six months? Well over a thousand, and I've hardly been playing hardball. Now had I known you'd been grabbed, I'd have gone oldskool on everyone involved and showed them how the professionals do it. So don't fret over those guys, they're cheap copies and you're pals with the real deal."

Jericho cants his head slightly. It's the first time that he's heard her declare her name to be Bisera. He'd known her for months before she told him that. Mostly she just said that she didn't have a name. That she gave it up to become the Partisan. He wonders if that deal ended when the wolf did. The hacker walks over to put a couple steaming mugs of tea in front of the two women. "She really is."

Lunair is quiet, smiling back. She does manage some emotion. "One of them sounded like it," She admits. "And I see." She's learning, perhaps. About one angle, and a bit about Partisan, too. It is apparent nothing will leave Lunair, short of some high grade interrogations. Although, really, Lunair is a champion at moping. Teenagers. Gotta love 'em. Nevertheless, the clouds are Parting and even a snail comes out sometimes.

She smiles faintly. Hipster terrorist, huh? "Really? Wow." That's a lot. Parti is busy! "It's okay, I was only gone overnight. Or something. I'm not sure. It's all really foggy," She closes one eye and rubs the side of her head. "I just have been dealing with it a good amount of time, so-" A shrug. She nods at Partisan then smiles at Jeri. "Thanks. And cool." That is nifty. She falls quiet a moment. She is grateful. "Well. That sounds really intense."

Partisan smiles softly, setting her tea aside and puffing at her pot. "Its not okay, Looney. Its not ok that they did that to you, and you shouldn't feel ok about it. It's ok to feel fucked up, thats normal. People kidnap people, to fuck them up. You are supposed to be all wound up, and no words to explain how or what you feel."Pausing to puff after her joint again, before offering one to Jerry if he fancies a spliff. "Nothing you're feeling is anything to be ashamed of, or sad about. This is normal, and I -promise- you it'll fade alright?"Leaning in to give Lunair a bump of the shoulder. "Listen to Jerry, even he says I'm the mother fucking OG up in this bitch. If it makes you feel any better, I'm gonna avenge you."

Jericho chuckles and finds himself a seat to sip his own mug of tea and see what Part was watching. Cue the internet. It's a good thing no one can hear his internal sound. 'ADVENTURE TIME!'. Wow. Really Part?

"She hates HYDRA just about as much as I do. We just deal with them in different ways. Often while working together." They'd started months back. It's proven quite an effective partnership.

Lunair listens a bit more. She smiles back, sipping her tea. She doesn't seem to think Parti having a joint is odd in the slightest. Plenty of folks do and find it relaxing. Though, she finds relaxation and sedation though that means kind of unnerving. "I see." She nods. That makes sense. "Thanks." A smile at the shoulder bump. "I believe you. And it does." Lots of dead HYDRA, right?

Lunair huhs softly at Jeri. She also doesn't think Adventure Time! odd in the slightest. "That makes sense, too," She smiles wryly. "Considering I met you when I rail gunned a bunch of them…"

Partisan just knows, ok? She just fucking knows and gives Jerry a look "Don't you even fucking start with me, it's popular and thus legitimate research material. Also, it's radical. I'm a hundred and twenty years old, I can watch cartoons whenever I want to young man."And well, she puts that to rest before finally getting a sip of her tea. " Looney, you're a good kid. Plenty worth fretting over, Hydra ain't it. Now, how about I teach you how to get out of those kinds of situations?"

Jericho gives her a 'I didn't say anything' grin and takes another sip of his tea. Also snags an oreo because oreos are great. "Part you remember that resarch lab we took down…" Before she had to get a tiger stitched into her. "They were working on something big. I might need again soon." Lunair's seen some of it at work. Bad business all the way around. "Lunair you were telling me something yesterday about feeling dumb. Why is that? Cause, you're not, you know."

The two make her keep smiling. Then an owlish blink. Lunair looks puzzled. 120! Well, best not to ask a lady about her age. "It looks like a fun show," Peer. Someone lives under a rock. "Thank you. And um, sure. That would be great," Nod. "And just the whole-" Pause. She can't really just tell him she hangs out around the X-men. "I guess I seem stupid or inept sometimes because I try to let others shine in combat and during situations. I don't know." Or she's just not clicking, maybe? "But I try not to ham out since I know lots of friends use swords and stuff." Pout. "Is it because I am bad at talking?"

Well. There is that. And the whole incredibly sheltered thing. "Oh well. Thank you." Smile. She believes Jericho. "And yeah… whatever it is, it's ugly work. I hope they aren't still trying to play super soldiers demon edition." Sigh.

Partisan rises to fetch her backpack and starts going through it. "Which research lab, like there have been nine or ten of them I think?"Out comes, well a bunch of random shit. Theres a grenade, and another grenade. A SiG MPX-K, a bundle of magazines, gas mask, a few knives, a rather impressive amount of snacks, six packs of smokes and…aha. Out comes the Duct tape, the handcuffs and the zipties, which she sets on the table with a grin. "Your not stupid Looney, you're a little spacy sure but if I thought you were stupid I'd have no time for you. I cant abide an idiot. What you are, is a mixture of untrained and lacking in proper prey drive."Part gets a fresh joint lit up, before producing those handcuffs and snapping them over her wrists. Part rolls her wrists too and fro for a moment, before she's satisfied. "Every wrist binding, is an excellent improvised weapon and can be escaped at will with the proper training."

"And a bit experimented upon. Don't forget that." Jeri knows more about Lunair's upbringing than he suspects she'd be comfortable with many other people knowing. A lot more. "Let 'em try that game." Super Soldiers demon edition. "I play it better." And he's been doing it longer at this point.

Is that like Doom but with more glowing wolfguys? Lunair winces, and nods. A bit experimented on. Just a bit. A pinch. She watches Partisan, peering. Wow. She watches the unpacking. "Well. Now I know to bring a nice box of snacks in the future," A wry smile. "And I appreciate that. Thank you." She blinks and watches intently.

A nod. Okay, this is educational. "I believe you," She remarks to Jeri. "But you're too nice to really be super demony. Or I don't know much about demons." Maybe there really are nice demons around? Memories of being lectured by a gorilla after shooting him with a banana gun… well, she did have that lecture on stereotypes coming, really. Still, she's watching Parti.

Partisan motions for Jerry to stand, before she does herself. "Don't always be in a huge hurry to get out've handcuffs, metal cuffs are actually fairly effective weapons and you cant be disarmed. The trick isn't in picking them, which is beyond easy. The trick is making the most of every situation, and utilizing the unexpected."She's gentle atleast, but well yeah she makes Jerry play demo partner. Slipping her arms over his head and pulling back until they gently tough his throat. "From here, his only escape route is to roll foreward. This also has a whole list of counter moves you have from here, but it only takes six pounds of force to choke somone. You can crush a larynx from here with about fifty pounds of force and a stiff jerk, you can also use the traction to snap a neck or simply control them."removing her arms from Jerry with a grin. "Direct strikes to the head, are almost as effective but you can club a guy to death pretty well."and then ever so casually, she produces a hairpin and the cuffs drop free in maybe two seconds. "Escape and evasion is something of a specialty of mine."

Jericho knows Partisan well enough to know that she won't get herself (or him) hurt doing this. So when Part has the 'cuffs' off his neck he motions to make sure Lunair is watching. "And it doesn't really inhibit your fighting either." He turns and launches a roundhouse kick at Part, sidesteps and follows up with an Axe kick. Lunair may have never seen, since he doesn't often fight without guns and his gunblade, but Jericho is a perfectly capable hand to hand combatant. Better, really, than most people you're ever likely to meet. Not, perhaps, the equal of some heroes who make it their 'thing' but htose people are outliers to begin with.

Lunair IS spacey, but she's also super intelligent and one decent learner. She seems more alert and focused when paying attention. She watches the two, nodding now and then. "Got it… I see… okay," Crush the larynx easily enough… Then a faint smile. "I believe that. That was really good." And her eyes widen at Jeri's roundhouse kick and an axe kick. Her melee skills are somewhere between Nelson laugh and oh no. Still, she can appreciate ability and her eyes are a bit wide. She believes in Jeri's talent!

Almost everybody in here was kung fu fighting. At some point. But probably not Lunair because it would just be kind of sad to watch. She sips her tea.

Partisan is just, well smooth. Theres no rush to her actions, no hurry. She looks like she's moving at half speed as a result, Jerry's seen it before but it's deceptive. "Flexcuffs, and duct tape are even easier to get out've. You can actually get through either with a strand of hair if you're patient, or you dont have time you can get inventive. Flexcuffs though, are what most folks use these days."offering a standard heavy duty pair over to Lunair. "Just look at the mechanism itself for a moment, see tha little spur inside there? You can shim that with anything from a toothpick or a pin, to a knife tip. You can cut through them with a strand of hair, or you can just break them open and you don't need to be super to pull that off."

Jericho stops after Part defeats his first couple of attacks. Lesson demonstrated, this isn't a sparring match. Someone may have to teach Lunair how to throw a punch at some point though. Or at least, summon a knife worth fighting with. Though she seems to do pretty well. Part's combat 101 is pretty comprehensive.

Lunair watches, head tilting a bit. She really should work on combat that doesn't involve guns or explosives at some point, perhaps. Is throwing dynamite a form of martial arts…? Whatever works, right? She looks at the flexicuffs. "I see. Cool." That will be handy to know. She doesn't elaborate too much on how she got grabbed (freakin' giant robodogs…).

Nevertheless, Lunair is happy to spend a day with Parti and/or Jericho. It's pretty awesome.

Partisan is, well shockingly chill when not in the middle of fucking shit up. The lesson is relatively easy to remember, but feature packed never the less. Important points are repeated and demonstrated several times to ensure Lunair fully understands, but it's clear she's been doing this for a long time. Both teaching, and actually doing this sort've shit. Then again she did train a few folks around town, even if none of them actually stayed on for advanced studies. Not everyone is a kaibil, or a proper Partisan afterall.

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