Raving Misfit

April 05, 2015:

Fenris and Charlie meet up after a Rave…

New York


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Fenris is out for the night. He does that sometimes, goes and walks, enjoys a dinner or coffee or… whatever it is God-Wolves do. He has a lot of interests when there's time to indulge them. And today he is, people watching at a small coffee house next to a larger… venue would a be a good word. Empty office building woudl be better but it's been borrowed for a concert or rave or whatever it is that they call it these days. He can hear the bass thumping.

There is a teleporting, silent, after the Titans all bail from the rave. They had backstage passes for the DJ and everything thanks to Supergirl. Woot. Still she wasn't expecting to end up near a coffee shop. Usually when she bounces in on Fenris he is all like at his forge or in the neverwhere or something. Still well so what if people give her a funny look, she is in a damn glowing spirit wolf hoodie and has raver gear on. Also quite the top. She totally could pass for college age, which well she is, even if she usually doesn't act her age.

Anyhow she pounces in and wraps her arms around him from behind. "Watching out for me or something?" Misfit asks.

Fenris looks up as he's hugged from behind and glances back with a smile. "Perhaps a bit." He rumbles and gestures to a (hot) latte and a pastry. "Hungry at all?" Do modern 'fetes' have food? He's not sure. He does know there's a great deal of dancing involved. "My, you've got quite the look going there."

Charlie laughs "Starving….. they had a lot of booze.. which Vorpal would not let me have any.. and some X which well is exciting but expensive… and no food." she dances back letting go of you and strikes a pose "Like it…?" she slowly turns around giving you a much better look now. "It definitely drew a lot of compliments."

"It's well made and you wear it quite well." Which is an old fashioned way of saying 'it looks good on you'. Fenris smiles and gestures to the seat. "So how was it?" The notions of controlled substances don't phase him like they might another. For years they were simply implements for spirit journeys and the like.

Charlie pounces back in for another hug and then laughs "I wear it quite well?" okay yeah she is totally teasing you and then she plops down in a chair right by you and leans in against you. "It was pretty exciting and fun to go dancing with the gang… we should go dancing sometime… though I imagine you do some sort of primal wolf dance?"

"I've learned a lot of dances. For a lot of reasons." Fenris chukles. "Uusually as a human though. Dancing wolves are only for circuses. Or old movies." Yes, he went there. The God-Wolf returns the hugs and then sips his coffee as Charlie sits down. "With the other titans then. You've not mentioned much of them."

She considers that "Well I dunno you know some of them of course." she smiles "Zee is all magicky and a Titan…. I mean I'm sure you've met Robin… and I know you have met Vorpal and Gar…" she grins up to you "Not sure about Bunker though… you totally made Supergirl a magic cop though… she is a Titan… so yeah….ooooh you made May a magic cop?"

"And the Witchblade and a couple others, yes." Fenris smiles. "May is… learning quite quickly." He suspected she would. Fenris didn't always make the 'obvious' choice but there were reasons behind them all. And he did not offer Misfit the position lightly either. He does firmyl believe that she has the potential to be great or terrible. Or both.

Charlie leans past you and then snags your pastry there and shifts around putting her back to your side so she can lean in against you while she nibbles on it. "I think Agent May probably does everything well and with precision.. that lady is muy scary."

"I'm counting on it." Whether the precision or the scary isn't clear. Possibly both. Fenris grins and lets Misfit settle in as makes her comfortable. "She's the kind of woman though, who will go through hell to get her people back." Which is another reason he asked her on the team. Someone willing to do that and experienced enough to know what it means may be needed. "But then, I asked everyone for specific reasons. You especially."

Charlie nibbles the pastry away and then starts to lick her fingers clean, giving you a look. "Why did you pick me specifically.. or I mean especially Fenris. Not that I dont like spending even more time with you…. I really like that part but seriously?"

"Well the fact that you have very strong magic helps, of course." Fenris grins. "And it will give you a key edge when dealing with some of the things I've no doubt you will have to deal with. But the reason for picking you…" He taps Charlie's forehead with a smile. "Was right here. Not everyone could wrap their minds around the idea that they were responsible for a world of magic, nor would everyone be able to withstand the sight of some of the things you'll have to see. There's a toughness to you that I've seen hints of. You can thrive doing this. I don't believe it'll break you. And I can't say that for everyone. Or even most people."

The young woman blinks and gets cross eyed for just a moment then blinks again. "Well okay.. I suppose I can see that… I mean nothing really slows me down much…" she sighs "Well right… I need to just fix things and drive forward through it. I mean sure.. things be really dark sometimes… but … we can't stop fighting right?" she reaches up to tap you on the forehead.

"No." Fenris grins, watching that finger. "We can't. Or at least I can't. But I'm immortal and most of my allies less so. Standing eternally vigilant wears one down. I never blame people when they want out. One has to be able to live life at some point, yes?"

Charlie taps down and then taps the godwolf on the nose there watching him from beneath her glowy wolf hood. "Well.. I suppose so. I'm not retiring though. They will have to make me stop fighting evil." chaosmuppet be driven yo. "What would I do… retire… play shuffleboard… god I don't even know how to play shuffleboard"

"Travel the world?" Fenris jokes knowing that she could do that now. Heck for all he knows, she has done that now. When Madrid is just a thought away, it'd be easy to fulfil ambitions like that. Pop over to the beaches of Hawaii for an afternoon. Go shopping in Tokyo. Of course, languages, but still. "I'd hope you'd not be thinking of retirement already, at any rate."

Charlie has been thinking about that "Yeah but traveling the world alone is pretty boring… I mean sure I can bounce between the tri-cities no problem.. but it is always to see someone. I need someone to show me things and have fun Fenris." she pauses "Which means we should probably explore the mystic sites of the world as part of my instruction.. and to have fun… you are allowed to have fun right?"

"Last time I checked." Fenris laughs. "Travel the world and examine mystic sites mmm?" There are an awful lot of them out there, some located near places people live, others far from. Still, that kind of thing is far from incompatible with the objective of 'having fun'. "Though are you sure you want to do that kind of thing with such an old geezer?" He winks, teasing. Though he is a couple thousand years older than she.

Charlie eyerolls, just a touch "You do know I've been hitting on you for weeks right.. I mean I know advanced woofy age and all that.. probably hard on the eyesight and maybe hearing.. but I am positive we can work on magic to compensate for all that Fenris." she adopts an innocent not just teasing you a moment ago look. "Perhaps a magic walking cane?" breaking the innocence. The brat.

"Mmmmm. Maybe you can enchant one for me." Fenris is not above teasing right back. "If you're of a mind to go discover a few places, and have some fun, I think there's some magic sites you really ought to see." He pauses and grins a bit wider. "And then a few more, magic and mundane that you'd really like seeing."

Charlie taps you right on the lips at that suggestion. "I think I can manage a magic walking stick.. I mean it might be chuck full of chaos magic.. but I seem to be pretty good at it…" she twists around to look you in the eye. "Also I think you showing me all these places and a good time, sounds excellent to me."

The Old Wolf glances down as Charlie twists to look up at him. "Then we shall do that." Charlie might be in for an interesting set of experiences, given that Fenris has had two thousand years to get to know 'the good places' both magically and non-magically speaking. Fortunately, when travelling with him there is also the advantage of having someone who always speaks the local language.

Charlie considers and then reaches out like a snake to steal your latte. "Well first spell to learn is like.. universal translater.. or maybe enchant one. Still I imagine you can be my guide and translator in the meantime right." she grins "So what place do you want to show me first?" a head tilt, which tilts the glowing wolf ears.

"I can be, yes, and I can teach you…" Fenris chuckles as Charlie swipes the latte. "I can teach you how to apply a limited form of All Tongue. With some practice." It's… strange. A spell that reads thought and intent and translates it into words. Since everyone has to think about what they say, it works quite well. Though it's off somewhat middling complexity. "Well, for starters, I think, Ireland." Lots of magic there. And it's a nice country. Also, less on the 'needing translations'.

Charlie sips her new latte, right like she needs more caffiene at this hour. "That sounds like a very interesting spell.. All Tongues. Does it let you all read too.. or just speaking and hearing languages?" thoughtful then she perks "Can we do tourist stuff too… like see awesome old castles…… or is that Scotland..?"

"Lots of castles all over that area. And yes, of course. It'd be quite a shame to go there and focus just on the magic." Really, Fenris is definitely about teaching her that, but life is a lot more than studying the arcane. He figured that one out a long time ago. "All Tongue is… a thing that Asgardians do naturally. Though I do actually speak quite a few languages. But I can teach you a spell to understand words being spoken. It doesn't work on written words though. That takes a bit more doing."

Charlie tilts her head and nods lightly. "Good I really don't want to travel the world with you and only study magic. I'm not sure about you in a kilt…" she looks thoughtful "Okay I thought about it… I definitely want you in a kilt sometime… ..which yes I know.. Scottish." she grins "I want to learn all the things but verbal first sure."

"Magic 'learning' is useful, but it has it's limits." Fenris notes. "Which is why I took the time to actually learn the languages." Though he is very old, so he had lots of time in which to do that. "As for kilts… I've worn stranger things. Though not that in particular."

Charlie considers "Well okay then…. we will remedy that when we get from Ireland to Scotland." she smiles "We get one of those maps and mark off places after we visit it…." she sets down the empty latte and then tilts her head "Ok I'm glad your teasing back and not flipping out nad warning me off Woofgod."

"Why would I?" Fenris laughs. "You know what it is I am, and it's not like I'm some barely contained monstrosity that might transform and devour you at any moment." If that were to happen there'd be plenty of warning. "I am a monster, just not that kind."

Charlie remarks candidly there "Well there are definitely a lot of people in my life who don't think I make great choices or are mature enough for things. I'm pretty sure most of them would be all bent out of shape about me flirting with a wolfgod and planning to travel the world and have fun with him.. in between saving it and all.. and I just wanted you to know I appreciate the way your taking to this instead."

"Maturity comes with time. No one starts out with it and honestly, doing what you're doing you'll find I think it's snuck up on you without you even realizing it." Fenris has a rather unique perspective on the things time brings. "In fact you're already a lot different from the Charlie I first met. But you're welcome." He does try to treat mortals as he'd like. And no one likes being treated as a child.

Charlie considers that for a long moment "Well I appreciate it Fenris." she seems quite serious then she blinks and cocks her glowy wolf eared head to the other side "Wait… I've changed a lot since you first met me?"

"Sure, think back on it. Remember our first meeting. You weren't sure I should be in Gotham." Fenris remembers. He'd said something unkind about Batman and she'd gasped as if the sky might fall in on him. "You were alone then, or largely so. Now you have friends, you're used to working in a team, you're studying magic… I could go on but you get the idea."

Charlie considers that now then she nods "Okay point made. I mean it doesn't feel like that much but… you are right. It is totally different.. I'm on like a few teams fighting crime don't forget.. world saving business.. like my heroes." she grins showing a bit of tooth "Right."

"Just like your heroes." She has become one of the people she aspired to be. Not that Fenris had any doubts on the matter. "And now here you are. Well, here we are, I should say. It does tend to sneak up on you. Most people only notice it looking back." Like she just did.

Charlie laughs "Right…. dang…" she shakes her head and slinks up and then leans to give you a solid hug pressing herself in against you despite your sitting. "Okay I should probably go get rest.. I don't have actual unlimited energy…. I just fake it really well."

"You do that." Fenris rumbles. "You know how to find me." Indeed, the Chaos Muppet never seems to have any trouble doing so. "Sleep well and I'll see you soon." Perhaps in Ireland. It's not like she'll need plane tickets to get there.

Charlie pulls away and smiles a crooked impish sort of smile "Deal." she looks around at the random patrons who are still giving her the eye what with her rave party gear. She rolls her eyes and then bounces out >pinkurple> gone.. and leaving them really staring at Fenris.

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