Cahir Castle

April 04, 2015:

Fenris shows Misfit around Cahir Castle



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Cahir Castle is a bit out of the way and one of the castles in Ireland that hasn't really been restored. It's very pretty in the day though. Most of the country is. There are guided tours but none are scheduled for today. That's alright though since Fenris is intimiately familiar with the history of the place. He opens a way right onto the curtain wall and holds it open long enough for someone to follow. He could have asked Misfit to take them there but sometimes it's easier just to step right to the place.

Charlie waves at you to close the way and bounces >pinkurple> appearing right by you. She doesn't really use the leyline travel or ways if she can bounce there. Her own teleporting just feels more natural to her, which isn't surprising since it is so reflexive and innate to her. She pauses now and looks around "Oh wow a real castle.." she seems to mean it, no sarcasm.

"A very real one." Fenris murmurs. "Built near five hundred years ago and fought over many times. Like many in Europe it was built on the confluence of a pair of strong ley lines. Men do not often realize that they do this, but they seem naturally drawn to places of power." Indeed the ones that remain unspoilt are the very remote ones. "Also, it's quite a sight. Shall we have a look around?"

Charlie smiles up to you and then slinks her arm up through yours tightening her hold. "I think I can feel the two lines without even tapping the pendulum, which is really awesome right?" she grins and looks around "Good to go, show me a good time." she winks.

Fenris laughs. "Come on." The battlements are a bit tumbled but there's still clear paths across the grounds. Once they're down in the courtyard the full extent of the works are evident. Castles are never as large as they seem in movies. The ones built in times of war are fortresses and small fortresses are easier to defend. Still, it's fairly impressive. And Fenris can make it more so. With a wave of his hand a minor illusion causes the place to appear as he remembers it, complete with ghostly people going about their business.

Charlie is looking around slowly once in the courtyard, taking it all in there. "Huh.. I really thought that these things were bigger.. I mean… I know that our base goes down for so many levels because the upstairs isn't too huge…..oooh" she gets a little speechless when the illusion hits and she looks at it all repaired and people. She reaches out and pokes through an illusionary ghost there "Wow… this is really amazing Fenris."

"I was here back then…" Fenris muses as he watches, grinning. "This was a fairly average day as I recall. They were working on the northern wall." He gestures to where workmen are hauling ghostly stone blocks into place. "And preparing for a feast that night. We should be able to see the Lord and Lady if we head inside."

Misfit grins and bumps herself into your side. "Okay.. that is really cool…" she looks around at the ghostly workers and nods "Yeah I really want to know how else hollywood has not prepared me for real royalty and the dark ages… was this the dark ages?"

"Fifteen Fifty." Fenris replied. "So after what people call the Renaissance. Still a fairly dark time by modern standards. Full of war and disease and a number of other unsavory things. They tend to get a bit romanticized." The old wolf passes through the main door into the hall and the 'ghosts' there are preparing a table while cooks roast whole pigs over open fires. Upstairs a pair of finely dressed ladies watch. This being Fenris memory it's clear that people tended to… not be in the best of health by modern standards. Still, there's a charm to it."

Charlie leans to half hug you, aw. Then she pulls away and walks over to check out the cooks and the roast pig. She circles the fire and the working servents watching them very closely. Then she looks to the upstairs and bounces up. She checks out the ladies watching the cooking. "Well the dresses aren't too far off but… wow."

"There's been a lot of research into that kind of thing." Fenris says, returning the hug and then leaning in a doorway to watch as illusions pass through him. "But some things people just don't want to show in movies, you know? People don't want to see the ugly. Sort of a good rule of thumb in life really."

Charlie leans to look down to you now. "True. Though some of the news seems to delight to show the bad.. shock value for like ratings I bet… but yeah movies don't show the badness. Just those charity commercials.. which I wonder if they overplay the bad to try to get people in the cause… we should probably visit some bad places too."

The girl bounces >pinkurple> down to your side once more. "I want to really understand the good and the bad… not just see awesome or romantic places with you. Deal?"

Fenris chuckles. "Deal. If you really want to see the good things around the world you have to take the good with the bad anyway. Otherwise you end up with some…" He trails off, thinking of a way to put it. "… some odd notions about how things really work in the world."

Charlie nods "I imagine that is why the ultra rich are so out of stupid touch with the world." she sighs "I mean hell.. I've already experienced being homeless and losing my family senselessly… I imagine while it may be rarer in the states it is really common in those countries you just see headlines about war…." she looks at the illusions "I don't think we could ever stop people from being assholes to each other either… so I guess you just need to try to make it as much better as you can and protect from the real monsters and threats…."

"That's about right, Misfit. Human nature makes people be ugly to one another… and you can't change it. But you wouldn't ever want to because human nature makes people be kind to one another as well. It's what we have laws for…" Fenris shrugs. "But even those get perverted sometimes. But I think it's interesting to note that the very first laws on your world began like this: 'To establish the rule of justice in the land, that the strong might not oppress the weak.'"

Charlie makes a thoughtful noise "I get that. The lord protector bringing order and providing protection in return for his or her subjects fealty. The lord is the land, without the lord and the order.. the strength and protection.. nothing prevents raiders and monsters…. but the lord can't rule with the people in open rebellion forever." she sighs lightly. I mean sure there were of course some very bad rulers… despots and tyrants.. and supported by bad people or those whose price was met… it wasn't enlightened like the fantasy books either.. good and bad rulers. It did end up with more laws and freedoms though eventually…."

"Any system of laws can be corrupted, so long as they're made by people. It was to temper the ability of a single man to upend everything that you got the kinds of governments you have today." Fenris smiles. Charlie is quite clever when she's interested and when she wants to be. "In some ways, every law made is a removal of freedom, but not every freedom is worth having. Certainly, leaving people 'free' to murder isn't a good idea. In the end, your people do the best they can. And sometimes it's enough. And sometimes it isn't."

It isn't really Charlie being entirely clever, the royalty and the lord being the land was drilled into her since birth in a childhood she doesn't remember. Sure Fenris has a clue what might be going on. He went into her mind and she went into his. She saw him for what he was. They got derailed from going into what he saw. Charlie hasn't brought it back up due to the pathological drive to not expose herself woven into the workings. Speaking of headaches, all of this talk about royalty and such is starting to cause that tension in her back. Fenris can feel it as she leans in against him. "Let's go show me a king huh?" she grins "I mean other than the fine king of wolves in front of me." flirting.

Fenris gestures up toward the top of the tower with a grin. "He'll be up there. And… I'm not quite a king." A deity yes. The Alpha of Alphas. Well, something like a king he supposes. Up the stairs and away in the high room is the Lord. He's not a man of leisure. His armor is on a stand next to the door and he's going over a rather tedious looking set of documents detailing some project or another.

Charlie leaves you once more after entering the room and checks the armor out closely. Then she moves over to check out the king now. She leans to look over the documents then study the line of his face. She gets a closely guarded look. "So what was he worried about… and where were you in all this?"

"If I remember correctly, he was concerned about the harvest projections. Food for the winter is a very real concern when the only thing you have to feed you is what you can grow in the fields within a few days ride." Fenris walks to the window and peers about. "There." On the wall, looking out is a tall lean figure away from the rest. They seem to avoid him. He has a blade but no lordly or knightly clothing, an oddity in these times. "I always kept to the edges. All knew better than to challenge me for the little corners I called my own."

Charlie reaches out while your at the window and tries to touch the king's face and then winces and joins you at the window with a bounce >pinkurple> she hugs you from behind and peers around you out said window. "And there you are… why were you down here and what were you doing… I mean your not a guard or knight or whatever those other guys are…"

"Only a few knights here. Most of the rest would have been what they call 'Sergeants'. Professional, non noble fighters." Fenris murmurs glancing over his shoulder with a smile. "And I was… watching. The wars of of men were not the only the ones that troubled this land. The weights of the emerald isle were dangerous and I cannot abide badly behaved monsters. Especially ones that are supposed to be dead."

Charlie considers that and then nods "I would imagine having seen what I've already seen.. that there are a myriad of threats especially back in these past ages where men had even less weaponry to maybe defend themselves… numbers and technology have to bend things. I mean most of the supernatural threats seem to really be in hiding these days… still preying but not so brazenly as legends. Like faeries… never see em but I know from you they are out there." she grins though she doesn't release you yet. This is helping the headache tension.

"They are. And, if I can find one of them who is more reasonable than most, we will go meet a few while we're travelling the world." Fenris chuckles. "They like this island. I can understand why but they do get a bit obsessive about it."

Charlie grins "Cool… faeries not wights right?" she lets go and steps away once more. "Okay then.. what is the next stop. Romantic walk along a lake haunted by kelpies who drown lonely menfolk…?"

"How did you know?" Fenris chuckles drily. "I thought, actually, we'd take a little jaunt out of our way and see stonehenge. It's something everyone should see at least once. Also, lots of magic. And I may meet someone there who's a good person to know in this part of the world." He cants his head and grins. "Ever heard of Robin Goodfellow?"

She grins a bit crooked "The faerie from the play… wasn't he a…" she pauses "Wasn't he like a satyr.. man everytime I think satyr though I think the disney Hercules movie…. I should probably not bring that up if we meet him… is he actually a satyr or is he another faerie.. puck right?" okay you have set her off on this course and she laces her hand in yours and tugs "Come on… magic time." much energy, so enthused, wow.

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