Gotta Catch'em All

April 27, 2015:

A strange battle occurs in New York City in an abandoned park using something called Pokeheroes… dun dun dun

New York

Run-Down Old Park


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New York City

It was a bright and sunny afternoon in New York City, the birds were chirping as the sun shone down from the skies and not a cloud was in sight. Kids were just getting out of school for the day and the streets were crowded as always; typical for New York.

What was not typical was the no-holds barred battle that was taking place in an overgrown old park in a rough neighbourhood. Sergeant Joe West had already been in the area investigating reports of a smooth junkie going crazy in the streets when he heard what sounded like an explosion.

In the center of the park, two men dressed in futuristic looking suits like the kind used for motion capture were standing at opposite ends of a small clearing, laughing.

"Oh Man Robby, that was so cool. One point for me, I guess the Mermaid Man was no match for the power of Midnight Bomber!" Called out one man to the other, he was known as Jimmy.

Robby rolled his eyes and called back, "Biatch, ima pawn your ass and show you what leet skills is all about. Let's do this!" He reached towards his belt and pulled out a ball that looked suspiciously like a Pokeball and got ready to throw it, yelling "CYBORG! I choose you!"

Jimmy pulled out his own Pokeball and tossed it, crying out, "Cyborg? THAT'S NO FAIR! Allie the Teenage Witch, I choose you!"

The Pokeball that Jimmy had thrown opened up and from the miniaturized compartment, a young witch named Allie that Constantine and Rain knew visualized dressed in a typical black witch outfit complete with Hat.

Opposite her was Cyborg, appearing from the other pokeball.


Rain has had a weird week so far. She does have mundane chores to do, though, so she and Captain are picking up stuff. "And get the expensive kibble this time. That last brand was just /awful/," The orange tabby comments. His tail flicks, mostly staying in a ? shape was he walks. Rain moves to load her cargo into her motorcycle, and pauses. Dudes in motion capture suits? What in the world is going on? But then, things get all Pokemon.

Rain wanders over. "Wha? Are you guys filiming something?"

After calling it in, Joe approaches the park with a curious expression. Yeah, he certainly heard an explosion, it should only be a matter of minutes before the first responders show up, and a bomb squad ought to be not far along behind. But really, who are first responders? Those men in uniform?

No, Detective Joe West is the real first responder.

Peeking his head into the area, he looks on with a perplexed frown.

When Cyborg pops out of the pokeball all of the bright reds and blues of his suit have gone grey, faded as if something were wrong. Despite the motion capture suit his expression looks almost hallow, as if he weren't fully there. The moment he's sent out his arm folds out fingers vanishing to form his somewhat iconic cannon. A loud buzzing hum filling the air as it charges.

Warren comes into FRP Room #2 from FRP Ready Room.

+MEET: Phobos has arrived via +meet.

GAME: Kara has set the pose order to Kara - Rain ^^ - JOE WEST - Cyborg ^.^

When one takes down a Hydra base with the aid of unwitting assistance there's a sort of karmic debt owed. After all, when Alexander Aaron was stomping around on leylines seeking to gain the terrorist organisation's attention, he didn't expect to draw in an innocent bystander. So the young deity had trailed her a bit after matters had resolved, making sure others weren't setting up a reprisal.
From his place on a park bench, with the clever disguise of a pair of sunglasses, Alexander leans forward as the hubbub bubs.

Constantine returns to OOC Land.

The fight in the park catches Warren attention while he was taking the equivalent for him to a walk to relax. Because a morning full of business meetings are too much even for a mutant superhero. As usual, there is this impression of utter waste of time and zero progress.

His sharp eyes have detected something far more interesting, so he dives down to see what is going on. Instead of a superhero costume, he is wearing a white shirt (with holes at the back) and tan business trousers, with matching shoes. Not the best outfit to get into a battle. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

Robbie and Jimmy both looked over at Rain and then at each other.

The two men nodded to each other and smiled reassuringly in Rain's direction, "Oh yeah! We're just filming a school project. You are totally welcome to sit by and watch. Nothing to worry about."

They had no idea she was magical and they had missed the cat talking, fortunately for the pair and for the flying Warren who goes unnoticed by them because an Angel would be a mighty impressive addition to their herodexes.

Robbie and Jimmy both dropped into fighting stances, but neither man was fighting personally, they seemed really into it.

"Cyborg! Energy cannon attack now! Take that bimbo out!" Robby yelled with gusto, giving a premature victory fist pump; likely not the only premature thing in his life. Cyborg could feel the impulses on the wristband they had placed on him compelling him. Allie seemed to have a similar wristband.

Jimmy called out, "Allie! Make an energy field quick!"

GAME: Kara has set the pose order to Kara - Rain ^^ - JOE WEST - Cyborg ^.^ - Warren

Waitaminute. Cyborg? "Cyborg?" Rain asks. That does look like her friend. Rain looks worried. Rain seems a bit skeptical. And she's unaware of the cleverly disguised Phobos nearby. Rain was glad to help Alex, and would probably look after him in turn. Captain watches, his tail flicking. Wait, Angie? Huh. This seems off. But attacking two guys with minions by herself? Bad idea. So she's going to look for others to see if she's got back up in being skeptical.

"What the…" Joe shakes his head and comes out of his hiding place, opening his blazer to reveal the NYPD badge attached to his shoulder holster. "Hey, you guys! NYPD! You're gonna need to cut that out, this is public space!"

Cyborgs facial expression is flat, almost uninterested really as that massively loud piercing shriek of high pitched squealing rings out when his arm cannon fires off with enough force to destroy a two foot thick concrete wall from the other end of a football field. He's off in his own little world not taking stock of anything around him something almost lifeless about how he moves. It's loud it's proud and it shatters the windows on all the nearby cars.

This is New York, you see crazier things on the subway. Alexander, for the moment, seems content to keep his place and keep an eye on the goings on. But then that cannon fires and it at least registers with him enough that his eyebrows shoot up with a measure of incredulity.
Slooowly he drags himself to his feet as if he were so put upon. Probably figuring that _of course_ Rain would get involved in this.

GAME: Kara has set the pose order to Kara - Rain ^^ - JOE WEST - Cyborg ^.^ - Phobos oops - Warren

If Warren was unsure something wrong was going on, Cyborg's sonic blast dispels all doubts. "What is going on, officer?" He asks, landing close to the police officer. "Wait, isn't Cyborg a hero?" Which means the woman must be the problem. Rain and his friends get a glance. They shouldn't be watching this so calmly, so he moves to see what they are up to.

Allie the Teenage Witch tries her best to make an energy shield to stop the cannon blast but it goes straight through and sends her flying into a tree. The young woman is knocked unconscious and she slumps downwards just as Joe is calling out NYPD.

Jimmy looked worried but all Robbie could do was holler in victory, "OWNED! Take that man. That's 2 for 2, I win."

Jimmy was reaching for his belt of pokeballs picking up just the right one before nodding to Robbie, "We should get going man. I think it's time for Team RJ to be blasting off again, what do you think?"

Robbie rolled his eyes and grabbed a quartet of balls from his belt before tossing them all towards Joe, "Here, have my rejects. These guys don't even have perfect I-Vs."

Emerging from the pokeballs thrown by Robbie were a trio of Bikers all looking very tough and a big bearded man with an axe, "Cleaver! Take care of them." He started to head towards Jimmy who was tossing a pokeball towards the ground.

Cleaver didn't look pleased, a lifeless expression on his face. Joe might have recognized the man as a wanted killer, a Russian mafia hit man; the three bikers were all on most wanted lists to.

Chains were being swung by two of the bikers at Warren while another had a machete in his hand and was going for Rain and Cleaver was charging Joe with a massive axe raised overhead.

"Cyborg!" Rain calls again. That's not like her friend. "Free pizza!?" Maybe that'll get him to pay attention? And yes, Rain is definitely getting involved now. "It

"Cyborg!" Rain calls again. That's not like her friend. "Free pizza!?" Maybe that'll get him to pay attention? And yes, Rain is definitely getting involved now. "It's like that game you have," Captain comments. "Poking men? I forget." The cat can't read, okay? Rain turns red. "Pokemon. Oh geez." The witch has to do something. She's got to scoot. Captain bolts for a tree and the witch is moving in the direction of AWAY from the machete. Gotta. Cast. NEWT SPELL.

It's at that moment that Alexander's voice lifts and it's tinged with some gruffness as he tells Rain levelly, "If I help you with this, you will owe me. Do you accept this?" He steps forward to stand a bit to the side and behind Rain even as she darts away and rounds to cast her spells. Phobos folds his arms over his chest and grimaces, "This is way above and beyond a bunch of hydra guys."

Truth is, Joe West doesn't know a damned thing about Pokemon. What he does know is an aggressive motion. "Whoa!" He whips out the standard issue sidearm from his shoulder holster and braces himself, leveling it at Cleaver. "Freeze, or I will -"

Too late. The guy's getting too close.

Two shots ring out through the park, as Detective Joe West fires a pair of bullets into the man's chest. "Everyone get down!!"

There's a small dull spark of lights from the surface of Cyborgs exposed chromed skin. Rather suddenly without warning Cyborg fires another shot from that arm cannon of his… right at Robbie of all people. That loud blast ringing out once again. He can't fully control himself but he does hold enough self control to shift the shot he was going to fire at his friend to hit right for one of the men with the controls.

Warren sees Allie go down hard and winces. That was maybe excessive force, but he just got here and shouldn't judge too hastily, right. Then Jimmy and Robbie reveal their intentions and the situation becomes somewhat dangerous. Besides confusing.

Two thugs are generally little problem for Warren, but he is going to assume some kind of mind-control since he doesn't have the most wanted list at hand. He dodges one of the chains and lets the other wrap around an arm, pulling from it with surprising strength and extending a wing to trip the biker.

The man with the machete is promptly turned into a newt by Rain, the machete clattering to the ground uselessly as the poor killer became a little helpless newt. Bullets sunk into Cleavers chest, pushing him back a little but it was clear he had some kind of body armor on, as Phobos was demanding a boon in return he swung down on Joe with extreme force.

Jimmy's pokeball hits the ground and a woman emerges from it, he grabs Robby and yells, "Teleport us now!" A flash of light envelopes the two men just as Cyborg's cannon blast is about to hit, the blast itself disappearing in the flash of light along with Robby, Jimmy and their teleporter lady. Whether the shot hit and what it did, was unknown.

Cyborg immediately felt the impulse control fade as did the thugs who were fighting.

The two men with chains are dispatched by Angel easily without doing them undo harm and Cleaver growls, "I'll kill you all!" His axe still swinging down on Joe!

Pause. Well, Rain kind of blinks at Alex. "Really? You have a ranking system? I don't know if I should be impressed or concerned. Yeah, sure. Knock yourself out." After all, if she DIES, he won't get his favor back! Captain looks down from a tree. Neeeewt. He's going to hop down and bat at the newt. "Easy, Captain. He'll get better." Rain pauses. They need to help. Well, Rain is going to corral that newt.

With a grimace, Joe drops to his knees. The gun is brought up and leveled squarely between Cleaver's eyes. The trigger is squeezed, and the moment he feels the gun recoil, he rolls to the side away from where Cleaver's axe is falling. He doesn't have the benefit of superhuman abilities or anything… what he has is police training and the law to back him. This just went from 'put him down' to 'kill shot'.

After firing off that last shot Cyborg falls completely flat over face first into the dirt with a massively loud thud. More like dropping a fifteen ton weight onto the ground then a person really as the tiny dust-cloud can attest. All of his lights go out completely and his eye closes, as he falls right into the path of that bullet slamming into his chassis.

Still standing near Rain, Alexander frowns a bit as she sets herself to the task of corralling that newt. He follows along after, sparing an eye for the rest of the ruckus just in case anyone should come up behind her with ill intent. He glances back and cocks a curious eyebrow. "Which are the guys you're rooting for?"

Warren reaches to grab the handle of Cleaver's axe, hopefully before it hits Joe. He tries to push the man away, too. "Snap out of it," he yells, assuming now some kind of mind-control thing going on. Teleporters? Well, sure. He got here halfway something that was pretty interesting, he is sure. "Cyborg?" He sighs as the big man falls down.

Cleaver had long snapped out of it, he was just a psychopath that had been saved from death by Cyborg. His life had flashed before his eyes when that bullet was going to hit him and when the big guy had saved him, he dropped to his knees, "Praise Jesus!"

Cleaver looked at Joe, wide-eyed in fear for such a terrifying man, his axe falling to the ground, "I give up. I'll tell you whatever you want." Had he really found God that quickly?

Sirens can be heard in the distance as emergency units and SRD teams called in by Joe begin to move in to the area to clean up the mess.

Rain watches the action before her a moment, trying to scoop up the newt. Captain bats the newt into submission. Never send a witch to do a cat's job! "The guys who aren't wielding melee weapons. It looks like Cyborg fell." She is worried about Victor, now.

Detective West climbs to his feet, training the gun on Cleaver again. "Stay down! Hands behind your head!" When it appears that the fellow is done being violent, he lets out a sigh and finally looks toward those gathered around. "Thanks for your help, folks. Authorities are on the way, if you'll stick around to answer questions I will guarantee that none of you will be treated poorly."

With his hands on his hips, Alexander surveys the situation while standing beside Rain. He glances aside and asks her, "He's the one in the armor face down in the dirt quietly suffocating from the harsh pressure of his own weight and the inevitability of Fate?" At some sign of the affirmative from her he gives a short precise nod and then starts to step forward.
If he's unimpeded as he wanders forward he'll try and turn Cyborg up and onto his side like a true bro would do. He'll linger long enough to make sure the fellow seems to be fairly stable and if so he'll give Rain the high sign.

Warren moves to help Cyborg stand up. Or try to, the man is heavy, but at least he helps Alex to turn him over. "I can't stand for long, officer," he says to Joe, "but I'll give you my card and I could give you my statement later?" Pause, "although I still don't know what has happened, to say the truth." Like, "what's wrong with Cyborg?"

At the edge of the park, the SRD teams arrive, followed by normal police officers and emergency services who will no doubt help take the bad guys into custody. Joe was probably lucky to be saved a lot of paperwork thanks to Cyborg, but there was no doubt, he was still in for a headache explaining this at the precinct!

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