Robin Goodfellow

April 13, 2015:

Fenris takes Misfit to meet Robin Goodfellow



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Robin Goodfellow goes by many names. Indeed there are some cosmologists that theorize that he is simply a manifestation of a universal archetype: The trickster. Robin himself denies this, but then, a trickster would. Fenris at least seems fairly sure that he is an individual being. An old, potent but rather impish Sidhe with a penchant for messing with mortals for fun. Usually not anything lethal… and usually not anything permanent either, though things do happen. In any case the fae, looking as an older, fit but balding English gentleman is examining the stones at Stonehenge with a scholars interest.

Fenris tears open a way and steps through as if it were no big deal. Which it isnt. To him. The God-Wolf nods to Robin, feeling the thrum of ancient power focused by this site.

And again Charlie transports herself to you after you step through the way >pinkurple> appearing a step behind you and then pausing to look around very slowly. "Woah… okay this is… yeah… woah is the right word for this place…"

"Stonehenge is one of the oldest, and best built, ley line focuses ever. And it's had a long time to gather power. Even in ruins it's still quite potent. Hello Robin." Fenris smiles to Charlie and then waves to the 'old man'. Said old man waves back and ambles over toward the pair.

"Hello Jeremiah. And hello to you Charlie."

Charlie crouches down and peers at the ground, then straightens back up to look over to the old man and then up to Jeremiah. Then back to Robin there. "Uh.. hello. So…. how did you know my name… what kind of trick is that?" she is curious really.

"Oh my dear, I know all who come into these isles. I knew the Old Wolf the same way when we first met." The fae grins, putting his hands in his pockets. "So you are the little chaos muppet that all the winds have been whispering of. Fascinating."

"Be polite." Fenris chuckles."

"Unfailingly." Robin assures him with perhaps dubious success.

Charlie adopts a skeptical look there "I am totes not sure what I think about winds whispering about me…. or the fact they picked that nickname others gave me for their whispering…" she looks him over. "So you don't look like the play portrays you…"

Robin grins and in an instant… he looks - and sounds - exactly like Charlie. "Why, I look like whatever I wish when the mood takes me!" Then in a puff of pink and purple smoke, he looks like Fenris. "Though, it's sometimes wise not to imitate those who might object." And then back to his prior guise. "Even if it is fun."

Fenris just shakes his head and smiles indulgently at the antics.

Charlie watches that now and then grins, okay she isn't pissed about it she loves it. "Okay that is really cool. I want to learn illusions that good eventually… did you do the smoke like that to mimic me….?" the smoke was very close to hers. Not quite but close.

"Naturally." Robin chuckles. He'd consider other pranks, but the Old Wolf is here and this is introductions, not a random meeting in the forest. "You do have a certain something about you I must say." He muses, looking over to Fenris.

"She has quite a bit of magic. We can try illusions for you at some point if you'd like, Charlie."

Charlie nods to the old wolf. "Oh of course I do. I want to learn all the magicks." yes all of the magicks. All of them. She looks now to Robin and cocks her head. "What your sensing is that I am a badass." it is said with pure humor though.

"All of them will take quite some time." Fenris laughs. In fact if Charlie has a mortal lifespan she'll still be learning the basics by the time she dies of old age. This is why mortal mages pick one area of study and stick with it.

"No… Bad Asses usually look like this." There's a shift and he looks like a particularly mischievous donkey.

Lucky for Misfit she is a homi-magi chaos mage descended from likely Lords of Chaos. It drips more than usual amount of time to learn this. Also she has the extra edge of already having learned a good deal she just doesn't remember any of it. At the shapeshift though Charlie cracks up "Right…. okay…. have you seen Shrek… because whole other dimension of funny here."

Robin changes back in an instant, his voice changing to match Eddie's. "'Course I have, woman!" And then he winks and his voice goes back to normal. "Mortals are so entertaining."

Fenris walks up next to Charlie. "Robin's been watching men for… mmm…nearly as long as I've been around."

Charlie nods to Robin "People are pretty cool. Also entertaining." she looks to Fenris and then back. "It is very nice to meet you though. I don't see why people are so worried about meeting faeries."

"Robin is being nice." Fenris observes dryly. Mostly because he's there. "Faries are impish at the best of times and can be fairly maleveolant when angered."

Robin spreads his hand over his heart. "You wound me old wolf. Malevolant? I'd have thought: awe inspiring in a horrifying kind of way."

"That too."

Charlie smiles brightly "Awesome, as in inspiring of Awe… reverence.. fear.. admiration…" she then adds impishly "Or Terrific.. inspirying terror .. awe… sublime.. stirring…?"

Robin snaps. "Just so. I like her Fenris. You should keep her. Or I can." He grins. "Can I?" Whether he's joking or not is unclear. That smile on his face is just a little too sharp.

"No." Fenris says with good natured finality. "As much for your sake as for hers. She might break you."

Charlie sticks her tongue out at Robin and then bounces >pinkurple> appearing by Fenris and wrapping an arm around him as she looks to Robin. "I'm attached to the old wolf. Anyhow I am told I am a lot to handle…. but still it has been very nice meeting you Robin Goodfellow."

"And you as well bonnie lass." The accent changes again and Robin bows, now appearing as a young man with a trilby. "And I need to be off. There's mortals to be watched." With a wave and a wink he vanishes.

"Well, life's never dull when he's around." Fenris murmurs. "Still, you handled that well."

Charlie looks up to you and grins "He is exciting, but while I am able to teleport in and out of faerie… I don't want to be kidnapped and lose like seven years in a night or something crazy right." she reaches up to grab you by the collar and drag you down so she can kiss the tip of your nose. "Thank you for bringing me to see Stonehenge."

Fenris blinks at that and chuckles with a small smile. "You are welcome, Charlie, though I did not do anything you could not have done." Beat. "Still, these things are sometimes better done with company, yes?" He's not been out here in a while either and probably wouldn't have come if not taking Charlie to see them.

Charlie surveys the scene and then nods. "We should spend the rest of the day being a bit of an utter tourist.. I want to see the palace and tower of london… and a candy store. I'm told the food here is meh but the candy is amazing."

"Food here is meh… unless you know where to get it. Fortunately, the British are learning how to cook." Fenris grins. "Took them a while, but I know a few good spots if you like Curry. Shall we then?" He opens a way. Next stop, London.

Charlie braces herself and links her arm with you this time to step through the way along with you "And a candy store.. because I swear the net says they make up for bad cooking with the sweets"

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