In the name of Science

April 27, 2015:

Gwen Stacy and Harrison Wells talk about clones and smooth…

New York City

S.T.A.R. Labs


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Gwen had been busy with finals and other school stuff the past little while, making her actual work appearances at STAR Labs a little light the past week or so. Having managed to find a little bit of time, she was in despite her day off knocking on the glass doors to Doctor Wells' office, "Doctor Wells, do you have a moment?" Something was definitely troubling her.

Eyebrows drawing together behind his thin-framed glasses, Harrison Wells sits, unsurprisingly, behind his desk while focused on the computer screen. Somewhat irritably, his fingers flick on the screen as if trying to eject some unknown force or entity, which is probably why it takes him a moment to register the knock on the door.

He lifts a single hand (the one not toying on his screen), and makes a small waving motion — a universal signal to come in. "Hello Gwen," he greets to the screen rather than his employee. "Just," he lifts a single finger in the air, a silent ask for another moment. Ironically it remains there, despite the fact that two hands may make the work itself easier, but it's only once he's finished running his model, does he lower it and allow his eyes to flit towards the blonde.

His lips curve upwards slightly, and his eyebrows lift, conveying a modicum of unspoken concern as he offers, "Please, have a seat."

The young woman enter the office slowly at the waving motion, the heels of her boots click-clacking on the ground as she stepped into the office. Her eyebrows lifted skyward and her blue eyes widened a little when she realized she had interrupts, but of course she had; Doctor Wells never seemed to stop working.

Taking a seat in front of the desk as quietly as she could not to disturb the Doctor further, Gwen crossed one leg over the other before smiling faintly as she watched him work.

"Sorry to interrupt Doctor. If it's not a good time I can come back?" Curiosity gets the better of her and she tries to take a peek at what was being worked on.

The screen, while not entirely visible, even with neck craning thanks to its angle, but what can be seen is in a series of line graphs — most curvilinear to represent some type of structure. Wells lifts a single hand dismissively before shaking his head, "Not at all. It's not an unwelcome interruption. Numbers eventually start to look much the same." He wets his lips and shakes his head, "I'm going over Caitlin's analysis of smooth and its potential effects on metahumans, mutants, and humans. Based on cellular analysis," he actually turns the screen now, "we can see the way it influences each in turn." He clucks his tongue, "We need further work though." He rubs his chin as he shifts the screen back in his direction. "Ideally," he cringes, "we would find a live subject actively using the narcotic, but asking someone to try something that addictive for science is unethical, and finding someone already drugged is, well, ill-advised."

His lips press together a moment, pondering any other ways to achieve what they want to know about the drug, but eventually just shrugs his shoulders; they probably don't exist. It's only then that he steps out of his more scientific-evidence role and into that of caring mentor/boss: "And what brings you here, Miss Stacy."

Gwen listens with raised eyebrows to the Smooth talk and replies with a noticeable shiver, "I've had some experience firsthand with it. Spider-Man and I have dealt with junkies before or addicts whatever you want to call them along with the scariest metahuman I've ever seen, called Shift." She shivers again, it had really scarred her, "If it will help with a cure, I might be able to see about getting us an addict" Her own problems forgotten for the time being.

"It might," Wells replies with another arch of his eyebrows. His finger steeple contemplatively in front of him, "There's only so much we can glean without a drugged subject. Again, ethics — " he shakes his head. "It's possible we might be able to find an antidote to bring people down quicker. I'm not sure it's possible to combat the high at all, but — " he clucks his tongue.

Gwen was a scientist to and she understood that in order to progress, they would need a test subject, "Let me see what I can do Doctor Wells, at the very least we can help the person and cure them instead of them being locked up and possibly dying from withdrawals." She shrugged her shoulders and asked, "What do you know about cloning humans? Is it possible?"

Wells leans back in the chair at the question. His chin lifts and his eyes turn upwards in silent consideration. "Well first off," he begins, "it's definitely theoretically possible. When we talk about cloning we talk about processes that we can replicate. Genetically modified plants and livestock are evidence that there's a lot that can be done in genetics." He rubs his chin as his eyes level on Gwen, "But cloning a person would be a much more complicated process. Regardless, it's definitely possible, but would require some painstaking work." Pause. "Why do you ask?" His eyes squint, "We aren't accidentally dabbling in cloning…" another pause "…are we?"

Gwen shook her head and pulled out her phone pulling up side by side photos of Peter Parker and a man she had encountered a few weeks before, " No, nothing that bad…" She smirked a little, "It's going to sound crazy but I think these are the same person. One of them has a different hair color but everything about them is the same, I would know. Of course, I haven't been able to track down the doppleganger again but it's been really bugging me." She adds, "It was more suspicious because he was trying to hide his face from me, he didn't want me to see him. I might have thought they were identical twins or something, but it was just too surreal, too weird. What do you think?"

Wells cocks his head to the side when his blue eyes hone in on the photo. With a vague frown his gaze flits back to Gwen, "Did you tell the other fellow? If one didn't want you seeing his face, it seems plausible he had something to hide." Pause. "Assuming he knew you knew the other fellow." His head straightens and he shakes it once, "My gosh this could get confusing." His throat clears, "Regardless, it is theoretically possible…"

"That's the weird thing. I got the distinct feeling he knew me. He seemed, sad? It's confusing and hard to explain but it wasn't normal. He was Peter, just not Peter." Gwen sighed, getting a headache just thinking about it.

Wells squints, "I assume Peter is the other fellow then? The one that wasn't hiding his face?" With a small sigh his head shakes, "Did Peter(?) know anything about him? You know, it's complicated, but I have heard of transdimensionality. It could be that he's not a clone, but another version of your friend. Again, much like cloning it's theoretically possible, but to my knowledge not proven or disproven."

Gwen's head was spinning; alternate realities and other stuff like that was a little above her knowledge and experience, "I haven't spoken to Peter yet, but I plan to. I don't want to freak him out or anything though and maybe I was just overreacting." She sighed a little and put the phone away, "It's silly, sorry to bother you with this."

"It's not silly and it's not a bother," Wells waves his hand again. "We're scientists, Miss Stacy. Understanding the world is our wheelhouse. We want to understand why things are the way they are, how they came to be that way, and what kinds of phenomena it takes to happen." His smile turns toothy as his hands drop back to the keyboard, "I hope I always have an insatiable curiosity to be able to sit back and speculate about such things."

Gwen's smile brightened in response to Doctor Wells' own and she brushed some hair away from her face, "I have no doubt you will Doctor and hopefully if there is more to this, we can figure it out together." She starts to get up from the chair, "I'll let you get back to work, if you need me to work on anything special, let me know." Other than trying to get a smooth addict of course. She knew just the place.

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