Breaking Dishes

April 26, 2015:

Shayera and Kara meet up. Naked Thor arrived. Not Naked Kate arrives. Whackiness ensues.


JLA Lakehouse


NPCs: Thor's Hammer


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'I am the terror that flaps in the night..'
'Or was it quacks..'
'No, it had to be flaps.'
'Doth thy wings not flap so?'

Whatever! Shayera lands upon the rooftop of the JL:A Lakehouse, never having set foot upon the property nor not really needing to until today. It was a strange thing; how heroes such as them would need four walls to keep them contained in the hours that they need rest or recouperation. What is wrong with the skies? The fresh and sometimes not-so fresh air? Do they not breathe?

Of course they do. Just like any other, they breathe, live, love, laugh and sing..

And more importantly, they're angry. The contention is something that Shayera had attempted to stay far away from; but it breached the very doorstep (read: mind) and something needed to be done (read: smashed). So with a leap off of the edge and to the front of what these people would call the Lakehouse, a solid and sound knock is issued, and then a hands-upon hip stance is taken. Fold your wings back, Shayera. You need to fit inside of this one instead of breaking it all down..

Kara had been the only one at the Lakehouse this afternoon, everyone else was apparently off doing their own things whether official or personal and so she was very much enjoying the place to herself.

When the door knocked she had been playing with Streaky and Hawkpuppy in the living room, looking at the pair of animals she raised her eyebrows and said, "You two don't have too much fun without me!"

Brushing her golden blonde hair out of her face she walked to the door and opened it up, looking quite surprised to see Shayera here, "Oh Hi Hawkgirl! You don't need to knock, you can come here anytime you like. Can I get you something to drink or eat?"

It's always a wonder to see everyone so happy and chipper. Happy to see her? Well, that bores another problem. It was just awkward, she was so used to being met with contention that the bright and surprised look from Shayera gets a jerk back of her head. She even lifts her hand to swipe at an invisible fly that seemingly hovered around her. "I don't like small spaces."

The Hall of Justice was large enough for her to not feel claustrophobic. "But the roof top is to die for."

"And yes." Shayera moves past Kara if she could, her eyes alight upon the animals there in the midst of play, then gazes around the room, a low whisper drawn out as she gives a slight nod to the state of the house. "Where is this kitchen? I wish to serve myself."

Kara lead the way to the kitchen for Shayera, "Right this way, we've got pretty much anything you could want plus there's leftover pizza and chinese, Kate orders out a lot because I don't think she knows how to cook."

Leaning against the counter, she observed the other woman for a few moments before smiling a little, "If you like, we can go out to the rooftop after if you like. What brings you by today? Also you can call me Kara if you like." She didn't recall ever having an actual chance to formally meet the other girl outside of heated situations until today.

Hook. Line. Sinker.

Shayera follows Kara into the kitchen, breaking apart from the path to inspect the cabinents where the dishes are kept. There was a slight twist of her lips as she reaches into her pocket to retrieve what looks to be a large wad of bills. "Not hungry." The bills were tossed upon the counter top, as she opens up the cabinents to retrieve glass plates, stacking them up high enough upon the counter so that the process is continually repeated. Bowls.. glasses.. small saucers.. tea-cups. You name it. It was set aside.

"You brought me by today. And I think that we're in the proper place to have this discussion." There was really no smile, her hand lifting to wave off the introductions. "Shayera. But. Here. Catch." She picks up a plate, then willy-nilly tosses it towards Kara. She was damned sure the woman was fast enough to catch it, but.. well. She was hoping she'd break it too.

Kara was looking oddly at the other woman as she set money down and then began to stack up the dishware on the counters, she thought it was better not to ask, "I did?" She asks confused as the plate flies towards her.

Likely to disappoint Shayera when she catches the plate without breaking it, she holds it for a moment before setting it down beside her.

"Steve has baseballs in the shed if you wanted to play catch?" Yep she was utterly confused.

Damn! Shayera snaps her fingers in disappointment, then takes another plate from the top of the stack. "Don't want to play catch. Don't want to do anything other than to break dishes. You want to know why?" The dish was dropped to the ground and shatters, breaking into a million pieces upon the floor. "I'm angry. I'm always angry. And sometimes I just need to break stuff." Another plate was taken, and this time? Dropped to the floor with a bit of an unf, the pieces flying across the floor with silent thanks that they both were wearing shoes. Or we're they?

"You made a decision, a /terrible/ decision. You have taken lives in the act of war. People are coming down upon you, turning their noses up towards you, people are fighting /because/ of you." She takes a plate, but she doesn't throw it, she just slides it across the counter top, not too far so that it'll fall off, but far enough.

"Break the plate. Let that anger out. Cry, if you need to. But take back your inner resolve if you have lost it."

Thor arrives from OOC Land.

Kara gave Shayera very serious look, considering the other woman's words very carefully, "You're right. I'm angry to." She picks up the plate and eyes it for a moment, as if she shouldn't smash it, still considering, "I'm angry that I lost my entire homeworld and everyone I know and love. I'm angry that I came to this planet, made it my NEW home and I'm being treated like garbage by the leaders."

She tosses the plate to the ground smashing it.

"I may not always do the best but I'm /trying/. Don't people get that? They don't though because they never went from being ordinary to losing everyone and having all this power at their fingertips. They just don't understand."

Kara picks up a whole stack of plates and smashes them on the ground, "Every single day, people like you and I are risking our lives for the sake of others and we don't expect thanks. We don't even want it. Seriously though, they're making us out to be villains because we tried our best and failed to save the President."

She sweeps an entire line of dishes off the counter, hearing them smash, "Hydra are monsters and yes I made a mistake by doing what I did that day but in my heart, it felt like the best thing to do. I thought it would make a difference and you know what? It has. Those jerks aren't out there, using that Superweapon to terrorize others. It's gone and I'll live with the consequences of my actions but DAMNIT these idiot politicians need to leave us alone."

The young woman took a deep breath and smiled at Shayera, "Well, that felt good to get out."

Shayera takes a step back, not out of fear from the young woman, but giving her the space that she needs to, so that things could be done. There was no jumping or cowering as plates were tossed to the ground, there was no her partaking in the joy of breaking stuff, no rant leaves her lips nor a smile. She was just watching, studying her. Letting her get it all out. However..

..the sweep of the entire counter top surprised her, and that /did/ make her jump, she thought she had more, she didn't expect it to go all out in one fell swoop. NOW is when she grins. "If no one has said it before. Welcome home. Warrior." Shayera bows her head briefly, then turns with the swiftness to reach the corner of the kitchen, drawing out a set of brooms and dustpans. Everything that was done here today was metaphorical, in fact, dishes needed to be broken, swears needed to be said, emotions needed to rise in order to..

" we pick this shit up." And there you have it. Picking up the pieces one stroke of the arm at a time, discarding them. For they were broken and something new would take it's place. Something sturdier, perhaps. Or maybe, just maybe Kate would take the money and buy styrafoam. Who knows? A broom was tossed toward Kara to catch, dust pans dropped upon the floor, and soon, Shayera was wordlessly sweeping up piles upon piles of glass, even crunching upon a bit underneath her boot.

As he walks down the stairs, Thor was in the shower. The noise does in fact cause him to run down the stairs soaking wet and naked as the day he was born. Thor leaps into the kitchen with Mjolnir in hand, "HAVE AT THEE…" Thor stops in mid sentence as he looks around with a bit of confusion on his face. He lowers his hammer looking over at Kara with a raised eyebrow before looking over at Shayera. He is clearly taken back at the woman's appearance.

"Thank you. I'm glad you came by Shayera." Kara will even give the other woman a hug if she allows her before using she starts cleaning up normally, like Shayera is rather than using her superspeed even if she was super-tempted.

The sudden arrival of Thor with his hammer in hand and birthday suit worn have Kara staring for a moment and blushing furiously before she covers her eyes, screaming, "PUT IT AWAY!!!"

Who knows what she was referring to…

+MEET: Kate Bishop has arrived via +meet.

Shayera was content and happy to sweep. Until she was hugged. That rocked her nerves more than anything. Affection. But it was just the little things she had to deal with on the team. People saying 'good job', 'nice work', put'er there pal, and.. 'awesome!' So, it was taken, shoulders pressed to ear, and quickly released once the warcry was unleashed.

A .. MANLY.. warcry.

This causes Shayera to snap into that certain headspace most get when intruded upon, her body shifting to stand in front of Shayera, no indication of Kara's cry nor Thor's that they knew each other. Which, in hindsight, is a bad move.

While Shayera may kiss an occasional baby and swaddle their butts while their mothers are off buying them a nice little sugar-pop to stick into their little meatslug holes; Shayera was essentially, not a nice nor meet and greet person. She punches people for fun.

And fun was soon about to be had.

"INNNNTRUUUUDDEERRR!" She hisses out, broom brought aloft and held with both hands, snapped in half as her wings spread out to hide Kara from sight. Sorta. Her feet plant hard to the floor, sturdy, a little crouch and a twist of the hips given, and a push forward with the strength of many men (not really, just a short Shayera) to lung and attempt to beat on the (currently unknown) Mighty Thor for messing and intruding on their womanly rituals.

While naked.

Shayera ain't afraid of no dangily bits.

Kate left the house last night and hasn't actually been back. There was another chat with Wonder Woman, then breakfast and sparring with Phobos, before she's finally coming back home in compression capris and a tank top, her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

She was going to try to slip upstairs for a shower before dealing with anyone in the house. But that plan…was not to be. "Whoa, hey, was not expecting that view," she says as she steps into the kitchen to a view of Thor's backside. There might be a double-take. "I mean. It's not bad, but I wasn't expecting it. It's okay," she tries to call around him toward Shayera. "He's, uh. With us." Which is when she sees the wreckage around the kitchen, brows furrowing. "Did I miss an earthquake or something?"

With Kara's cry, Thor seems unphased by it because as a warrior he knows a warrior in an instant. As Shayera advances, Thor begins to drop down into a counter balanced move dropping his hammer in front of him to bloock the attack. An almost child like grin on his face as he begins to advance on Shayera until Kate interrupts him. He stops short of attacking the winged woman and stands back to his full height. The Asgardian God does not cover up but swings his hammer over his shoulder and extends a hand out to Shayera, "I am Thor. The Thunder. The Protector of Midgard and Prince of Asgard. You have a warrior's air about thee Valkyrie. I am honored to meet you."

Kara had disappeared out of the kitchen with superspeed she had not used before to clean up, zipping upstairs to the towel rack and doing a quick ring around Thor's waist with the towel, all while keeping her eyes mostly covered.

Taking a step back she smiles at Kate, still blushing and looks between Shayera and Thor, "Yeah, Thor is a friend Shayera. He's joining the JLA with us and staying here."

She quietly slinks off to the kitchen to resume cleaning up.

Kate was probably Thor's saving grace. And Kara. The woman moved quick enough to make it seem as if both of their actions were done in slow motion. For those two sticks were lifted, ready to maim Thor.. and she was certain too, that with such an opening a serious blow would be delivered.

So. What.

You don't 'have at thee' to women who just had a moment! You don't dangle-wangle in front of them after said moment! It's in the rule-books kids! A tale as old as time!

Shayera stops short, planting both sticks upright into the counter top with a hearty shove, breaking the surface and cracking sides of the wood she just let loose, her hand.. drawn up as soon as he offered, fingers clasped at his forearm as she looks up towards the Asguardian with respect until…

…he called her a Valkyrie.

And really, her apprehension with that word was not his fault. It was actually Diana's and introducing her to the Amazonian women who were complete bitches to her when she first arrived. Valkyrie slut. Valkyrie dog. Valkyrie whore..

Yeah.. you get it.

With that out there in the open, the clasp she held upon his hand is tight, her wings unfurling to knock over cutlery and whatever else was in the way so that she could lift herself to his full height, anchored by his arm. Then, and only then, she'd attempt to pull him into a nice headbutt.. right upon the bridge of his nose.

"Call me a Valkyrie once more I will shuck tooth from disgusting maw and shove them into the orifices of the beasts of your world!"

Meaning, she'd knock his teeth out, collect said teeth of said prince, and find an animal to kick it up their keesters.


Kate watches Thor. Watches Shayera. And apparently that's the line of battles not worth fighting today. She takes a deep breath, sighs, and walks around the pair toward the fridge.

"Thor, Shayera. Shayera, Thor. Valkyries are actually complimentary where he's from," she says, as though there isn't a brawl in progress. "There was a very nice one at the shelter for a little bit." She pulls out a brick of pre-made cookie dough, tossing it on the counter and stepping around the pieces of dishes to find a cookie tray.

As the woman head butts Thor, he is unmoved looking down at her. He looks down at his wet dripping body with the towel around his waist. He looks back at Shayera and grins a bit more as he says, "It is an honor to be known as a Valkyrie where I am from. Excuse my ignorance. I assumed you were one with your most beautiful wings."

Thor turns to walk over to the fridge with Kate and reaches in behind her to grab an apple. The very still semi-naked Thor moves to sit on the stool and begins to crunch on it. "I meant no offense Lady Shayera." He gives his head a good shake in an attempt to dry out his long locks.

Kara is still blushing when she looks up at Thor who is so casually eating an apple after all of that. When she finishes her cleanup she says to Shayera, "Thanks again for coming by, I really needed that." Opening the fridge to pull out some stuff to make actual food for Thor, she asks Kate, "How was your night out? I kept texting you and you never replied, I was worried!" She rushes over and gives her a hug and continues to try and pretend Thor didn't exist for the moment!

Ow.. owowowowowow.. it hurt, but Shayera tried not to show it. She only lands hard upon her feet to keep that glare until everyone turns away, which drew her hand upright to rub at the slightly reddish spot right where the hit had landed. The guy was made of bricks.

"Pardon.. my ignorance as well then." She states finally, drawing her chin up, keeping that stiff uppa' lip as she takes the sticks from the counter, looking all around for something to clean and.. finding.. nothing.

And he was still.. being polite. That -boggled- her. It boggled her so much that she was set to blushing but even /that/ concept made it all the more confusing.

"Oh shut up, Naked Prince." She turns now, wings whipping a healthy gust of air as she uses this time of distraction to explore the Lakehouse. First night in? Dishes get broken, Princes are heatbutted and folks are half-naked; not to mention, there will be cookies. A thumb up is given towards Kara from Shay, who soon disappears from the kitchen proper, set to wander. At least for now!

Kate quirks a brow over her shoulder when Thor leans in, but she keeps any further commentary to herself, instead leaning into Kara's hug. "Sorry. It was fine. I called my therapist, we talked some things out. Helped me put a finger on some of what was bothering me. Ran into Diana, cleared things up. Went hunting. Had some late dinner with Cam, slept over in Bed-Stuy, met Phobos for some breakfast, had a good, solid sparring session. Just need to try to talk to Steve again." The fact that she fit sleeping in there without bending time is impressive. As she leans back, she peers after Shayera for a moment. "Nice to see Shayera stopping by. Did you give her the tour yet?"

Thor finishes his apple, and says, "We leave for Asgard in an hour." He hops off the stool and looks over at those other present, "You all are welcome to join us. We are hunting Boar for the feast." As Thor walks away his towel falls off and he does not pick it up. He walks up the stairs as if he was never wearing the towel before. As he disappears into the depths of the house once again.

And from the distance.. a shout could be heard.. "YOU NAKED SONVUABITCH!" And glass. There was lots of glass shattered.

Kara looked up towards Shayera and Thor undoubtedly were and covered her face with her palms, "I'm glad you're ok Kate. I'm going to go figure out to wear when we go to Asgard, bet you I find what I'm wearing first!" She was off with superspeed, whipping past the naked Thor into her room.

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