The Many Lies of Loki

April 24, 2015:

Thor and Supergirl head over to see Rain and try to find Loki!


Rain's Mansion


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It had not been too long since the arrival of Thor, the Asgardian God himself in New York City and Kara had luckily been there to greet him along with Fenris if only briefly. After the departure of Fenris, the pair had went for pizza at a place that served ale for Thor's sake.

When they had finished she took to the sky, leading the way to Gotham City and Rain's Mansion, where she hoped she could help Thor find answers.

As she was flying, Kara continued telling Thor one of her own tales, "…it was a gigantic undead alligator. The size of a dragon." She extends her hands outwards to show, "I tried to punch it in the face and then it swallowed me whole. I managed to fight my way out from the inside while rescuing a rather annoying fellow named Deadpool at the same time.."

"Oh! Here we are!" Kara sets down in front of Rain's house and begins to knock on the door.

As he flies through the air, Thor has changed into his Asgardian armor. His red cape billowing behind him, "I would be honored to fight by your side, Lady Kara. However, I still can not agree with what you call ale. That was like drinking Troll piss. It was horrible." As he lands besides the girl, lowering his hammer to his side letting out a gut rumbling burp. "However, the pizza was quite good." The man having eaten an entire large meat lovers pizza by himself. He looks around over the city before turning his blue eyes on the door that Kara has knocked on.

Loki is Rain's Asgardian roommate. And teacher. And technically Master because lolapprentice (can has knowledge). Rain is indeed home, for now. She's actually working at a table in the living room, perhaps tinkering with her magic sensing GPS. And why a GPS? Because using a map on a flying broomstick sucks, that is why. Captain is curled up on the windowsill, and stirs, hearing the knock. He blinks a little, yawning as cats are wont to do when they wake up. She hums softly, though she stops at the knocking.

"Well, at least it's not the basement this time," The witch considers. She hops out of her chair and goes to open the door. The violet eyed witch blinks owlishly. "Hi!" Is that Kara? And a Thor? Headtilt. "What's up? Please, come in. May we get you anything to eat or drink?"

Kara nodded her head politely, "I look forward to fighting by your side some-day soon then Lord Thor or should I call you Prince Thor?" When Rain answers the door she smiles at the young woman and walks in, "I'm fine for now, we were actually hoping you could help us find Loki///."

As the man bends his head down to step through the door, he booms, "Where is my brother?" He looks around looking down at Rain. He cocks his head to the side looking her up and down. "Thor is fine, Lady Kara." He extends his large hand towards Rain, "I am Thor. The Thunder. The Protector of Midgard. I am honored to meet my brother's apprentice." He looks around curiously, "You should be honored mortal. My brother rarely takes an apprenctice. The last I knew he was teaching Amora." He presses his lips into a fine line, "She was a disappointment."

The thing about Rain is… she's sort of a coward. The violet eyed Midgardian smiles politely. She bows neatly. "I'm - not sure, actually. I don't enter the Loki Zone." That's the term for the part of the manor slash wing of the manor that Loki calls his own. She seems pretty shy, too. "I think he's been out," Rain taps her chin with a finger. Then she smiles politely to Rain. Hesitantly, she takes the hand. This dude could squish her if he belched too hard. It's a little boggling to think about.

Such is the lot of a mortal. "It's a pleasure to meet you. And I am honored." And terrified. But that's a story for another day. "I go by Rain. We're honored to have you here. May I fetch you anything? And er. That's a shame." Rain looks uncertain. "I'm sorry to hear that.

Kara had to admit, she really did like the real Thor, he was so polite and charming. She found herself blushing just a little for no reason. Catching herself she smiled again and asked, "Rain, do you have any way of trying to reach him or summon him? It's urgent that we do, I thought you would be the best person to help.."

The Asgardian's hands are rough and a bit callosed from fighting. However, he seems to have a great deal of control of his strength and simply shakes her hand and releases it. "I do not hide from my brother. Point me in the direction of his wing. I will have words with him…" Thor runs a hand through his long locks and asks, "Or can you use your magic? There is someone walking Midgard who is pretending to be me. I want to see if Loki knows anything about it this." He hooks Mjolinir on his belt crossing his arms over his broad chest.

Rain, on the other hand, is shy enough that she has the Dire Introvert Level 20 template. Her eyes are wide as dinner plates. "He does have a phone," She offers. "I try not to bother him too much." There's definitely a cringey part of her personality. Rain smiles to Thor. Though, she looks thoughtful. "Let me try his phone. We don't want to set off any magic traps if has them on the doors," Rain notes.

"And someone was pretending to be you?" Rain looks confused. The woman looks owlish a moment. Captain hops from the windowsill, his tail in a ? shape. "Hey… Wow." The cat speaks and blinks. His voice is a rich baritone. "Well, his wing is the east wing of the house, but let's try his phone. he might just be playing Angry Birds or something." Smile. Rain moves to get her soda. "Did you want a drink while we ring him? And yeah, I can use magic if the phone doesn't work. I'm just leery of slinging a spell at your brother for obvious reasons."

As he looks down at the cat, Thor does not seem phased in the slighest. "Direct me to my brother's doors." He unhooks his hammer, "No magic will uphold the power of Mjolnir." He begins to walk towards the cat extending his large forearm for the beast to leap up on him if he chooses.

Kara gives Rain an apologetic look and says 'Sorry' silently before following after Thor, "Rain, please try to get a hold of Loki." She keeps close to Thor and hopes that there will not be any damage, smiling up at the big guy, "Please no hammer times if we find Loki.."

Rain blinks a bit. She smiles. Captain hops onto the offered arm. "Thanks," The cat speaks. "That's Captain, my familiar," Rain explains. "Or are you the familiar?" Captain asks, for you see, Rain is a person to a cat. The ownership clause gets a bit nebulous when it comes to felines. Rain smiles weakly as Thor unhooks his hammer and heads towards the doors.

"Okay, just - please be careful. I really have no idea what he does or has. I try to respect the privacy of those who live here, especially-" Well, her boss. "If he's not here, I will definitely, definitely tell him when I see him," The witch nods and follows. Rain is calling Thor's brother with his phone, and sets it to speaker. The ringing is audible, but no one seems to pick up.

When they enter, things seem shimmery and odd. On one hand, Rain knows Loki lives there. On the other, there's a weird feeling, as if one might enter the door and turn back around, only to find nothing there. It's a confusing ward. Not a trace of Loki. The room looks quite empty, too.

"I would never harm this mortals palace." Thor almost looks offended. He moves to stand by the door holding up Mjolnir, "I can nullify most magics." He frowns slightly, "Yet my brother is a master magician. There have been a few times that…" He snorts in annoyance, as the girl steps up to the door and dissolves the ward. His eyes narrow as he watches and hmmms. "Are you sure my brother is staying here?"

Kara looks emberassed and apologizes to Thor with a sheepish smile, "Sorry Thor, I didn't mean to assume anything. I just saw the hammer out and usually that means someone is preparing for a fight. Sorry again.." She looks over at Rain and then around the area, "He has to turn up some time, it's possible he's just hiding because he knows you're back on Earth. He /was/ trying to join the Justice League Avengers or at least the fake Thor was, if that is Loki. If you like, we can go and meet another member of the JLA who knew him and she might be able to help. Rain, you'll let us know the moment you hear from Loki, right?"

"… yes? I'm his apprentice, and this is where he stays on Midgard," Rain tilts her head and peeks in. "I'd honestly be shocked if he only had ONE ward or security spell, if you ask me," Rain remarks. As the phone stops ringing, Loki's voicemail is rattling off. "Hi! This is Rain. Would you please call me when you can, Master? Your brother is here and he's concerned about some things. Please come by soon. Bye!" The witch is polite, if nothing else.

Rain looks to the two. "I believe he wouldn't hurt the manor unless he had good cause," Rain offers. "It's also not that easy to destroy." Witches gonna witch. She listens, though, violet eyes wide. And confused. "Wait, what? How odd. And yeah, I have your number, I think. Or I can try magic but I'm a bit loathe to do that because it's kind of invasive, you know?" She asks.

Thor nods slowly, "I will meet this person you speak of Lady Kara. I have questions for her on this Thor." Thor turns to look at Rain and bows slightly at the waist, "Anything you can do to find my brother. I would be greatful young Rain. Tell him this message, "Find me brother as soon as possible. We have much to discuss." He moves to pet the cat before he gently puts it down on the ground and begins to walk towards the exit.

Kara gives Rain a hug if she will let her and asks her how Spearhead has been doing (poor Spearhead) before she says, "We should probably be off to Metropolis then, Hawkeye will want to meet the /real/ Thor and maybe we can help get him settled in until we track down Loki. Thanks for all your help Rain! You're the coolest witch I've ever met!" Only witch she's ever met.

Rain nods and bows back. "I will do my best," She promises. "I understand." Captain gracefully steps as Thor sets him down. That was cool! Rain and her cat are definitely in awe of Thor and Kara. Rain returns the hug carefully. Spearhead is doin' spearhead stuff as he is wont to do. "That sounds good. I'm sorry I couldn't help more. I hope you have fun in Metropolis," A polite smile. Then her eyes widen and she goes red. "U-um. Thanks. That's really nice of you to say. I appreciate it. Be well." Waveweave.

Thor looks back at Rain and bows his head in respect to her. He unhooks his hammer and with a flick of his wrist it becomes a huge blur of colors. "Until next we meet young Rain." The Thunder God throws the hammer towards the sky and begins to fly into the air towards Metropolis. He begins to bend the winds to his will as he floats high above the manor waiting for Supergirl.

Kara waves to Captain and Rain, "Take care you two, maybe one day you can come visit Sanctuary. I haven't been able to get Streaky there." Noticing Thor is already up, up and away she shoots off into the sky to join him and lead the way to Metropolis!

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