JL:A - United We Stand

April 26, 2015:

The JL:A boosts morale on Themysciran soil.

//Themysciran Embassy //

The Themyscrian Embassy is the home of the
Amazonian Delegation to the world. It is their castle, their fortress, their
refuge from the Patriarchs world and the place where they gather friends and
allies, on occasion. The Embassy grounds are, as all embassies are, the
sovereign territory of Themyscria and anything done there falls under
Themyscrian law.


NPCs: Amazons


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The Themyscira House is the Ambassadorial residence for the Amazons. Where they research implement and deal in the laws and customs of Patriarch's World. Rarely is this a place where doors are held open for outsiders of the customs of Themyscira - especially men. But things are changing at home and in shockwaves due to Diana and the House is also feeling its effects. Being here is like being on the island itself and it shows when those large cast iron gates swing open. The flora is not of this land, already flourishing despite the varying weather, grounddskeepers specifically charged with ensuring the seedlings are carefully nurtured and brought to fruition. This is also inside in the indoor green room and garden that centralizes the large Grecian Style manse.

The front doors are also open, held open by what seems to be the armor clad Amazons, standing sentinel and placid in facade to watch as guests arrive. This is a big deal, and some may not like it but they do as their 'Queen' asks and desires. No harm has come due to it so far except broken custom that has reigned for hundreds of years…

Inside a desk normally manned by Sirena is empty, the computer upon it shut down and the Afrikkan woman standing beside it, those inside and not on 'duty' are in new age and yet ancient Grecian attire. Some more flaunted then others, their colors bearing their station within the houses established ranking of warriors and caste. Some tradition even Diana will not do away with unless the discomfort is brought to her attention.

The floors are marble, the pillars that hold the arched ceilings a white bleached stone, sheer draperies hanging from it, leading the way to the very open common space. Low platformed seats around a fountain with flora and fauna of small colorful birds flying freely in the vast open space. Abruptly centered two leveled and flat pillars to hold the table that will be brought out when the food is done being prepared behind walls in the kitchen, the variety of smells evident.

Until then platters of figs, dates wrapped in grape leaves, cheeses, breads, small spitted seasoned meats as well as an array of fruit is lain in its stead for orderves all central to the low cushioned seating surrounded by an open spanse of floor.

Superman lands softly outside the Embassy and he gives a nod toward the women holding the door open. "Thanks," he says with a smile and a nod as he enters the building. His long red cape, worn over the shoulders bobs and sways as he strides. With every step his blue eyes are looking over all of the marvelous things.

Finally, he arrives at the party room and he looks around. Oh darn it. Is he first? He hates being first. He really wishes he had a costume with pockets, so instead just sort of holds his hands awkwardly.

Shayera was already there, practically living at the house since the time of her mini invasion, whispers and talk of her subsided somewhat which was shared in a common comradery. In which she stands with Sirena, the cellular device that was given to her with specifications from Oracle and Diana, which was soon discarded to the dark woman to follow the flight of the man in red and blue.

A hand lifts.. and strikes!

Right upon the shoulder of the man of steel. "Early." And.. that's all she really says to the man, for she's already hitting the plate where the meats were arranged.

Kate ended up with a grecian-style dress, paired with a comfortable pair of sandals, after last night's hunting expedition. It's a little unusual, but…Well. High fashion being what it is in the monied set, it's not the strangest thing she's ever worn. She's been going non-stop for the last week or so, one way or another, but this? Well. Not only is the embassy something she's wanted to see for a while, but the gathering of the league is even more important.

"Wow," she says as she steps into the main area. "Really cool." Finding Shayera and Superman present, she smiles swiftly. "Hey. Long time no see, Big Blue. Shayera," with a more cautious nod. Because she hasn't quite put a finger on Shayera's triggers yet.

Ambassadorial guards can be twitchy so Mimic ported into Metropolis about fifty feet up and then flew down to the courtyard so as to give them sufficient warning of his arrival. He gives the door gaurds a smile as he passes inside, pausing to look around and admire the place before continuing on to where the people are gathered. "Evening."

Superman smiles as Shayera slams her hand down upon her shoulder. "Am I early? I always try to be right on time." It's then that Kate Bishop enters through the doors and he looks back at her. "Hello, Hawkeye. It's good to see you again. How have you been?"

Calvin gets a smile and a nod as well from Superman.

Diana comes from the kitchen, Xanthippe and Thrasso at her back, the two women dressed akin to their matron. A fashion of the Greek but the warrior in them evident and not cast aside. Where Diana wears white they wear black in the gauzy sateen fabric, gold in place of silver.

The white fabric almost waves around the Amazon's legs, high slits bearing the glimpses of flesh beneath there the silver colored metal plated sandals ride upwad to just below the knees, a gauntlet covering just over the knee in the trademarked spire her boots normally attain. Silver belting criss crosses to hold the single strip of platinum fabric wound intricately around her form, leaving the spanse of her back bare and to billow down along her arms, silver braces holding the billowing strips in place upon her biceps. The vambraces are omnipresent as well as the diadem of her stature and culture upon her brow, her hair held in a neat chignon atop her head but piled of ebony curls fall along the curve of her neck and bare shoulders.

Xanthippe and Thrasso flank outward to meat with Shayera at the table where 'sisterly' blows are exchange and meat is wrested from platters as well. They have become accustomed to the change in ways after hiccups here and there, though speculative glances are still there beneath the surface towards Superman and Calvin. Men.

To which Diana passes the distance between them and greets Superman with the familiar clasp of hands and a kiss to his cheek. "Always a pleasure my dearest friend."

Kate gets a smile as well her hand extended to clasp at the wrists. A warrioress' exchange and acknowledgment while cerulean gaze travels to Calvin.

"Welcome. So good to finally get to meet you."

And to all… "Welcome to my home."

"You're right on time." As Calvin entered.. she remembered seeing him briefly back in Russia. And then there was Kate, a nod given and a slight smile as she was joined by the meats with Xanthippe and Thrasso, the three of them briefly exchanging words that were not meant for kind ears including a large, belt of laughter from the girls. There was no need for Shayera to be greeted by the woman, not once you're already there.

Rest, relaxation, those wings uncurl and bat against Xanthippe much to her irritation, a slight smile drawn as she approaches Kate after the greeting was had. "Meat." She says to the woman, using her harsh gaze to force Kate to snack on a piece of bacon. If it'll work. "And I hope you received the monetary goods I've left behind to pay for your .. tupperware." And counter top. "But it was necessary."

Shayera Hol did that one.

"Oh, you know. Trouble," Kate answers Superman with a rueful smile. "But we're working on it." As Diana comes out, she meets the other woman's grip with one of her own, nodding politely. "The embassy is beautiful," she says, taking a look around. "Thank you for having us here." She's not about to turn down bacon, taking the piece from Shayera and quirking a brow at what comes next.

"Is that what happened? Before I replace them, was it something particularly offensive about those dishes, or just a dish-based feud in general?" she asks, a flicker of a smile hinting at humor in the questions.

"I'd expect nothing less," Superman gives Kate a bit of a wink. His smile continues on as he's greeted by Diana. "Hello," he says to her. "Thank you for inviting all of us here.

Superman begins to peruse the food, setting some upon his plate. It's a far cry from the run of the mill midwestern food he usually has both at home and, well, at home, but he's looking forward to seeing what it tastes like.

The clouds over the Themyscrian Embassy begin to swirl and darken when there is a loud crack of thunder, and an explosion of light! As a beam of liquid light flies from the sky it slams down in front of the beautiful home of the Amazons. As the light melts into the ground, it reveals a large imposing man and a teenage girl wearing that world famous "S" on her chest. Behind the pair sits an plehora of things, but the largest are two car sized kegs and a large animal the size of a truck laying dead on a spiket.

Thor looks up at the sky and places a hand on his heart, "Thank you Heimdall." He looks over at Kara and asks, "Are we in the right place Lady Kara?"

"Pleased to meet you, Princess." Mimic says to Diana. "Thank you for the invitation. Your house is beautiful." He takes stock of who else has arrived and nods a greeting to each.

Shayera returned the greeting from Calvin with her own nod; her gaze falling back upon Kate, trying her best to not crack under the impression of the question. And then she loses it, a hearty laugh and a curl of her wing around Kate, not to say.. 'Hush' but, 'that was really flipping funny'. "It was a .. how do your people say it?" She thinks.. and thinks hard. "A real coming to senses moment." She uncurls her wing from Kate's shoulder, stepping aside to give birth to personal boundaries, her eyes flitting towards the crack of thunder with a hint of annoyance. "Asshole.." She mutters beneath her breath, stalking away from Kate to re-join Xanthippe and Thrasso.. possibly to gossip, and grab more meat.

Kara took a moment to catch her breath after the unique trip from Asgard back to Earth, staring around in a little bit of wonder; teleportation was not new to her but in such a flashy manner she felt it hard to deny it was impressive.

"This is definitely the place." Even if Kara had never been here, the appearance of the embassy coupled with the sounds of her friends and teammates within assured her.

Lifting up the boar and some other stuff the group had gathered for the feast earlier she smiles at Thor, "Now you can meet everyone, with less awkwardness than earlier I hope." At least Thor was dressed this time.

"Well, our home." Diana changes her words then, Shayera's presence not one ever passed over, but it is still new despite the time passed to welcome others into the fold as such and have them beholden as sisters - even newer is that of brothers, but there is not one without the other.

Though habits are hard to break and when a man comes from the birth of lightning in a storm the armored Amazons at the door are already moving, spearrs loaded, the roof eave showing the archers standing with sanfalled feet propped upon the edge and arrows drawn with hawk-like gazes upon the man and girl in his clutches. A quick miliraeistic response of security, but before words can spill from lips the eyes recognize the man and woman as invited.

Beside Shayera Thrasso and Xan both have swords halfway unsheathed, but just as quickly clicking back into their holsters to go to the front on a call into the comms system. "He comes bearing more, we need hands."

Diana is listening, intent to hear the discussion of the days events she had missed but then pauses at Thors entry, her head dropping to lower and a sigh exhaled. "Penelope, grant me the patience…" Not just for Thor but for the tensions. At least she has faith!

The two women that greet Thor and Kara ae evidently Nordic in decent of Amazon lineage, offering aid in carrying the things to the kitchen for preparation, brandishing more welcoming smiles then the warriors.

Wonder Woman militaristic response* Sorry lappy keyboard has me fluent in typonese.

Kate's smile quirks, though Shayera's wing gets a bemused look. That's definitely a new one. She even reaches out to give it an awkward sort of pat, though more out of respect for the other woman's personal space than any discomfort on her part. "It's cool. To be fair, I mostly eat out of the take out containers anyhow." Kara's more or less right. Kate doesn't exactly know how to cook.

She looks up at the crack of thunder, grin spreading. "That'll be Thor and Kara with the…I'm going to call it a boar, though I'm not sure they're related." Diana's prayer for patience gets a deeper grin. "You should've seen him at the house earlier."

As he nods curtly, "Ahhh. The masks are from our artists." He moves to place a wrapped gift and tosses it up onto of one of the Kegs. He bends down and grabs one of the kegs with one arm. He lifts it like it was made of air, yet filled with nearly 1000 gallons of Asgardian ale. Thor moves to pick up the other. He tosses it high into the and grabs it with his free hand. The keg swishing loudly in the metal container. "No offense Warriors. The Ale comes with me." He grins broadly as he begins to walk towards the entrance. He pauses when there are faces he does not know, and bellows, "Greetings Mortals!"

Superman smiles as he turns to look at Thor and his arrival. "Is this the guy I've been hearing about?" he asks the ladies. He gives the blonde man a nod and strides towards him after putting down his plate. He reaches out a hand in welcoming. "Hello," he says.

When it comes to the Amazons, the bellow from Thor creates a wave of silence, all eyes on him and you could hear a bit of metal grind upon metal and the groan of leather…


"I dare to test that phrase in the arena!" One Amazon yells, the others curling hands to fists and thumping them upon their chests.

"Later!" Diana's voice rings out across the open space her hands extended and risen with that drapery of alabaster fabric falling from clutched place upon upper arms, the gauntlet covered shoulder not hindered in movement. "But do bring forth the drink of the Amazons to set beside his gifts from Asgard." And the women are moving, a bit more joy to their steps in the words of spars to come later. A party indeed!

Clark gets a glance from Diana, her head tilting slightly. "If walls fall tonight, I pray you will help me repair them." This time meaning the real ones, not those of the morale.

Kate now gets a perked brow and a curious look as she looks from her to Thor and Karra and back. "Something tells me I will not be surprised, and yet… I should have been there."

Calvin is gestured outward and towards the tables. "find yourself at home, it is good to finally get to meet those I have not had the pleasure of battling beside."

Warning: The Amazonian alcohol is much like a wine, but potent enough to innebriate an Amazon, aka high metabolism etc. Basically the wine to Thor's ale. For those that would find this too much there are bottled wines in ice buckets near the platters.

"Still your blades, sisters." It.. took a lot for Shayera to actually use those words when it came to Xanthippe and Thrasso; being that they were the first of their kind to greet her with spears and swords with the means to draw honest blood. Her voice grows increasingly louder as she takes up the goblet of wine, one that seemed almost too large to fit her small hands. "Tis the NAKED PRINCE I told you about upon my return home." No shame, Shayera, no shame.

"Hail, Thor! Prince of Princes, Lord of Skin, the man with the backside to end all backsides.." Poor Xanthippe and Thrasso.. this is what they had to deal with. And Shayera wasn't even drunk yet.

"Let the man carry his yak piss. Who knows what else swam in those ruined stores!" Shayera takes a hearty drink, gulping the Amazonian wine down with a lift of their glass their after. "To yak piss!"

Kate unsuccessfully tries to snort back a laugh when Shayera calls back to Thor. "He, uh. There was a lot of noise in the kitchen, and he evidently felt it could be an emergency sufficient to warrant immediate response, with no time for getting dressed," she summarizes as neutrally as she can. The grin doesn't help, though. There's a pause, and then. "Man's got nothing to be ashamed about."

At which she finally actually eats the bacon, then steps aside to get a look at the casks of mead. "Fenris has said this stuff is supposed to be really, really good."

As he sets down the oversized Kegs, Thor turns to face Superman. He extends his hand to clasp Superman's arm in a firm grip. "I am honored to me the mentor of Lady Kara." He looks over at the girl and beams, "She is a worthy warrior." He looks back at Superman, "She does your family name great honor." He releases the man's hand. "She has done nothing but impressed me since my arrival on Midgard." He looks up at the top of the keg and leaps up in a single motion and grabs the large rod like package that is currently wrapped.

"Princess." He holds the package up, "A gift for the hostess from Frigga herself." He tosses the package to the Amazon Princess over everyone's head with unnatural accuracy. He grins looking back at Clark, "I took them with me on the great hunt for Asgardian Boar. You have not lived until you have had Asgard Boar with Ale."

However, when Shayera's insult hits his ears. The man growls at the insult and he turns to look at her. "Do not have shame mortal Air Rider that your frail body can not handle the strength of Asgardian Ale." He moves to get the tap, and with a single thud the stabs it into the thick metal. The keg creaks under the pressure. Thor picks up a large goblet and begins to pour himself his first pint.

"Too new friends. Too new allies. Too new families. To the Justice League: Avengers!" Thor lifts his glass up before he throws it back and drinks it down. He slams his fist against his chest and lets out a gutter shattering burp!

Kara managed to get the boar in place while Thor was handling the ale, her cheeks turning a faint pink as Thor sings her praise to Superman. She smiles a little at her cousin, wanting to give him a hug but a little scared after his prior dissapointment, "Hi Kal. Nice party isn't it?" Her foot shifted around a little nervously as she spoke.

When Thor gives his toast she raises a glass as well, taking a tiny sip after.

Mimic nods to Diana and moves over to where the food and drink are to look over the selection. Though the Asgardian boar and ale sounds like it shouldn't be missed. He'll start with a glass of wine and some finger type foods however. At Thor's toast, he lifts his glass in response and takes a drink. "Got pics?" he murmurs to Kate.

Superman smiles as he shakes Thor's hand. But when the man from Asgard mentions Kara being a great warrior and the way she brings honor to his family's name, it gives the Kryptonian pause. He's about to say something, then stops, then just finally nods.

"It's really nice to meet you, Thor."

He munches on his food as Thor moves out around the room and then begins to look for the wine.

"Phone was in my gym bag," Kate sighs to Mimic, taking a sip of the ale and pausing to call a response to the toast. "Here, here!" She takes a sip, then pauses, brows rising. "Okay, that is good. You should get some." At Thor's praise of Kara, though, there's a warmer smile. There's something good to hear.

Shayera allows a little bit more wine to be poured into her cup; just in time for the insult to be raised as well as the hail. Her cup wasn't lifted, only an eye drawn aloft as she takes the slow stalking steps forward to approach Kara and Thor.. -after- respects, greetings, and everything else was paid. The wine? Heavy as it may be was drank as if it were water (it really wasn't), the cup held out towards Thor with a light of determination that crosses harsh features. "POUR."

It was the equivalent of 'Beer Me!' but in Shayera speak. Any more in regards to what her frail body could handle would be suspect. But Shayera was about to get Asguardian/Amazonian wasted.. woo!

The sailing of the gift is watched, those oceanic eyes rising as it coasts above the heads of those gathered and then Diana's hand lifts to capture it and lower the long and thin gift before her, pausing before unwrapping it with fingertips playing over the cover it wore.

"You did not see the city in Themyscira." Pause, her eyes sliding sidelong to Kate. "Nudity is not something… Rare in cultures that still embrace the olde." A wink to the other woman. Perhaps nt the /right/ way to say it is normal for her and would have been taken with calm, but how it all came about pieces together, a low laugh coming from Diana as the visual unfolds. "It is a way to stop a fight in its tracks, for sure."

Ynwrapping the gift the protrusion of the spearhead garners a slow inhale through lightly parted lips, slowly and carfully pulling it free to reveal the golden spear. Not unknowing of the lore of the Norse with the mention of his mother she knows what this spear replicates and exemplifies. That of Gna, gifted to Frigg in unyeilding loyalty and oath. A strong and sturdy weapon and one she adores to yield. "Thank you Odinson! I shall test this in my arena tonight and you can tell your mother of the glory it brings." Again another cheer from the Amazons as well with his toast, Diana giving a smile to Thor to affirm it.

With the toast Diana moves to the casks of Amazon wine and pours glasses, handing them to those who wanted. "Tred carefully this night." She states though it is not forboding, only light hearted as she follows suit, draining her glass and refilling.

Torces come to light from their places braced upon the pillars, a spark unlit by hand and all its own as the sun sets and the large slab of marble is carried out by an Amazon on each corner, the entrees moved to make room as well as the boar lifted to find its place amongst the rather -large- fowl prepared and flanks of Themysciran wild cattle of Helios. Hunted by Kate, Shayera and Diana the night prior.

All surrounded in green an vegetation.

Shame. "Wine's good too." Mimic tells Kate and takes another sip. "Want to swap tastes? I'm pretty sure there's not a germ in existence that could live in this stuff." Finally, something that can get him buzzed. Might even work on Logan. "So how're things at Justice central? Any fallout from the McCarthyesque panel yet?"

When Superman ignores her, Kara sighs a little and slinks off towards a back corner of the building where nobody will see her. She quietly sips on the ale she was drinking, not sure if she likes the taste.

"Hey," Superman says, walking over towards Kara a bit later. Raising an eyebrow slightly at the ale in her hand, but not mentioning it. "You alright?" he asks, not having meant to ignore her, but totally having done so.

"Only mine," Kate replies to Mimic, offering over her own glass to make a trade and try the Amazonian wine. "I tried to talk to Steve, we had a little bit of a misunderstanding. I need to try to make things up later." She takes a sip, then whistles low. "These guys do not fool around in the alcohol department," she murmurs as she offers the glass back.

"We're all pretty sure they're going to try to do something, but we also know we were in the right. So. Right now all we can do is shore up and keep going for the court of public opinion. The joys of the representative system. They've still got to keep their constituents happy."

She's keeping an eye on Shayera and Thor, though she doesn't seem to be actively worried. More…ready to get out of the way in case one or the other goes flying. She's sort of the squishiest person in the room.

As he looks over at Diana, "I would be honored to spar with you and gain first hand the glory you will bring. We will drink and I will tell you the tales of the Maidens who have earned the right to carry those spear. They are called "Maidens of the Spear"." He raises his empty cup to her before he looks over at Clark, "A pleasure to meet you as well. Kal-El or do you wish me to call you Superman?" Thor blinks when Shayera comes over to him to get her ale. He looks down at her and hmmms, "I am not sure you can handle it. Your delicate stomach. It is ok. Your stomach may be better suited with wine. But if you insist." Thor turns his back to the winged woman to get her a pint, a smirk on his face before he turns to fill his and her glasses. He extends her glass, "I will understand if you can not handle it, Lady Shayera. It is the ale of the Gods after all."

Kara looks up at Superman, holding the mug of ale between both hands, "Yeah, just been a very hard few weeks. I'm sorry again, for letting you down." She looked up at the bigger man a little wide-eyed before asking, "Are you ok? I've been worried about you. I've never really seen you like that."

"Do not mock me, God of Thunder." Surely, their jesting was all in that, jest. For it seems.. from what Shayera could feel, their jesting would continue in the arena and out for more drink, and back in. Though, she probably can attest to the first one passing out. She is only mortal, after all. All in all, this was friendly for her. Something she could get behind.

There was a slight look upon her face as his back was turned, her hand raising up in a fist in a threatening manner, making motions of her beating his head in which stop abruptly as he turns.

The goblet taken from his grasp, she lifts it in thanks. "Continue spewing, dear friend.. and I shall show you that your second thought is not strong as the first." She lifts her free hand then, to knock at the side of her head.

Superman looks up towards Thor, smiles, and shakes his head. "Either is fine, really." Then back to Kara, "Me? I'll be fine. I'm really more worried about you. We'll talk when we get some time." He tries to give her a reassuring smile; how reassuring it is is totally in the eye of the beholder.

Once he's got the ale, Mimic takes a testing sip and then almost instantly a larger one before he holds it out and looks at it appreciatively. "Wow, super ale. I know what I'll be drinking the rest of the night." Once he has his wine back, he nods at what Kate says. "They do but you can be sure they're going to spin it exactly the way they want to. I just wish I knew what exactly their agenda was."

Kara nodded at Superman and sipped at the ale a little again, "Sure, this probably isn't the best time to chat seriously anyways.." The smile does a little to reassure her at the moment, handing the mug towards Clark she asked, "Have you tried the Asgardian ale yet? It's kinda strong, plus it's a party and you're supposed to have a drink. So here!"

Diana is staring at the feast and then the drink, though when Kate and Cal begin speaking of the strains that have made evident impact upon things with the team, her upper lip drawing back slightly to aid in the tongue tsking/clicking sound to hopefully hint to them. Not tonight.

Thor's words bring a broad smile to her lips, those teeth used for a light 'chide' now flashing in earnest determination as she gestures to the food and then grips a leg of one of the fowl, ripping it from the spiced and roasted fowl to toss it to thor much like he had the spear. "Warriors are more amicable on full stomachs of fine food, drink, and revelry!" Bare handed and rather archaic in the way she handled the fod, but tonight was not a night to hold back. If they were to be a team, a functioning family, they all had to see, had to know…

Lowly now and more to herself.. "Now is it liquor before beer or beer before liquor… I do not know these terms well enough…" A small shrug and she is partaking of ale. Mix it up, you win or lose, right?

Though once she had a piece of the boar sliced free she moves towards Kara and Kal, glancing between them. "Tonight is the night to just be. Kara, I do hope you know, no matter what moves have to be made…" Now she loos deadpan at the girl, tears a piece of the boar off and offers it to her. "We are family, like you said. Now," Looking to Kal. "No time for the past. Only now."

"Oh, I've got a feeling there are a few agendas at work here," Kate wrinkles her nose to Mimic. "I think the who's on what may be the trickier question. But." She takes another sip of the ale, a small smile curving as the alcohol works its way through her system. Not only is she a normal human, she's not a very big normal human. It's not going to take all that much. "It's party time," she reaches out to clap a hand to Mimic's shoulder at Diana's chiding. "And I should eat, because at some point, there is almost definitely going to be a shooting contest, and I'm not losing because I can't see straight."

Superman takes the ale and garners a bit of a sip. "You do realize you're underage to be drinking ale. Especially this kind." He takes another sip. "Which is very good." He's unsure if there's a drinking age on Asgard. But he is sure he likes this ale a lot. So he drinks more of it. And it is gone.

Back to Diana, he gives a solemn if sad nod.

Kara shrugged a little at Clark, "I was just trying it." She then accepted the piece of sliced boar, wondering exactly what Diana before replying, "Thanks.." After eating the slice of boar she couldn't help but wonder what Diana meant before heading outside and away from the party.

As he grins looking down at Shayera. Thor fills his glass a third time, and reaches out to clasp her shoulder. "I do not mock Wind Rider. We will see. I am on my third." He lets out a burp, "You have some catching up to do. But now I have some people I need to greet. So far. I am winning." His blue eyes fall on Mimic and he begins to make his way towards him. He walks up to Kate and asks, "Who is your friend Archer?" Thor looks down at him and extends his hand to the man.

wondering exactly what Diana meant*

Kara shrugged a little at Clark, "I was just trying it." She then accepted the piece of sliced boar from Diana before replying, "Thanks.." After eating the slice of boar she couldn't help but wonder what Diana meant before heading outside and away from the party. (Ignore Kara's last)

Mimic glances over at the sound Diana makes and nods his understanding. Another time. "Supposedly, the boar is to die for." He cuts off a rare slice and slaps it between some fresh bread to soak up all the juices. Downing the remainder of the wine, he swaps it out for some ale then turns to see Thor standing there. Setting down his glass, he clasps the offered hand. "Call me Mimic. A pleasure to meet you here, Thor."

Kate pauses with a mouthful of boar, swallowing before she steps back to make introductions. "Mimic, this is Thor, Prince of Asgard. Thor, this is Mimic. He's not always with us because he's sometimes with the X-Men, but he's really good. We're happy to have him when we can get him." Though that last bit might be as much for Mimic as it is for Thor. Catching sight of Kara on her way out, she frowns slightly. "Be right back," she smiles politely to the boys before going to jog after her friend. "Kara," she calls after her.

"In Themyscira as soon as a girl is considered a warrior she can join them for drink…" Watching Kara wander off the smile slightly faded, lids lowering to a near close. "..and she is definitely of age on these grounds." That was not the point of this gathering.

"Kal." No words were needed, he should know what is unsaid between them. Though at that as well she rests a hand on his forearm and heads after Kara, coming to walk along Kate's side.

"Hah. I had two cups of wine. AND this." It was on. Shayera though? Was already swaying from the hand that landed upon her shoulder, her eyes fluttering in a half roll as Thor makes off to do his rounds. She downs the cup within her hand, her other reaching up to stifle a burp, bending towards the spigot to pour herself another lump-full. "I'll show you.. mutherfucker.."

Ayep. T'was over for Shayera.. but not for Kara, no. Shayera was staggering towards the young Kryptonian, drink already taken, glass half gone as she tries to reach out to lay an arm around the young woman's shoulder.

"Karas." She states.. drawing her goblet-hand upright, slowly swaying as her wings twitch almost erratically.. "Karas. Karas. C'mon. You gotta cheer up. Don't listen to .. " *BURP* "..that goody two shoes dude.." She had to take a moment to drink. "..like.. this one time we were on a bridge right? Did..didja know I had to kiss that asshole?" She starts to laugh now, bending at the waist to slap at her knee.

"Some little zzerk re-cuded it.." *HIC!* "..bet.. bet he.. HO-HAHA.. sold it as.. E'HEHEHE!"

And it all goes downhill, cause the cup was drained and.. a wild Kate appeared! Or was she there?

"Sing with me laddies!

"I dreamed a dreaaam.. the other niiightt..
Looooowlands.. lowlands away me Joooohhnnn…"

And.. was that Diana too?

"Diannaazzzz.." Pew-Pew!

The young Kryptonian woman turned and stopped as she was heading outside at the calling of Kate and the very drunken words of Shayera, she couldn't help but laugh a little; Hawkgirl was definitely friendlier drunk.

Turning to look at Diana, Kate and Shayera she said softly, "It's a really nice party." She didn't know what else to say to them.

Superman goes wide eyed as Shayera gets on a roll, but is honestly a little hurt when she mocks having had to kiss him. He decides on more ale. And to let Kara go, not wanting to make it any worse.

Mimic glances over at the sound Diana makes and nods his understanding. Another time. "Supposedly, the boar is to die for." He cuts off a rare slice and slaps it between some fresh bread to soak up all the juices. Downing the remainder of the wine, he swaps it out for some ale then turns to see Thor standing there. Setting down his glass, he clasps the offered hand. "Call me Mimic. A pleasure to meet you here, Thor."

Wonder Woman repose for Thor

Kate eyes Shayera for a long moment, lips twitching against a grin. "That…is a lot of…wow," she chuckles, then simply settles for leaning forward to catch Kara in a tight hug. "Kara, no matter what happens, no matter what you do, you will always be our friend, and we will always love you, okay? Always and forever. No matter what. We will be here for you when you need us." Her words don't even sound slurred. Then again, she's had about three sips of super-alcohol.

"This party is.. aweeeeeeeeeesoooommmmeee…" Since no one joined in Shayera's sea shanty.. she wanders off for blue and redder pastures, right towards the sulking Clarks. Yes, there was about four of them, so it takes her a moment to actually figure out which one was which, but first? MORE ALE!

Spigot cranked, glass full, all systems -GO!-

"Kaaaallllll…" Shayera sing-songs as she staggers towards him, drinking the ale down halfway, the cup drawn from her lips as she blinks hard, not once.. but twice to focus. "My Kryptozeeians. Hoomme-diggery sliizerinooss.." She tries to.. at least wrap an arm around his waist for a hug.

"I hopz me tellin' yo cuzzin that I kizz yo' ain't harpens on you and.." She smacks her lips, waving her hand around. "Whaatever! Right?! Am I right?" *HIC!*

"We wuzzzz undre preshure.. we wanna go for anoth'un? Huh? Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?" She even makes kissy noises! Groce, Shay! Groooosss!

Diana stands with the spear placed neatly at her side in one hand, the handle of it barely grazing the ground, her other hand still holding the mug of Asgardian Ale she had yet to taste though in seeing Shayera she has second thoughts. Looking from it to her and then giving a small shrug before following up with a taste. Letting her finish her almost pirate-born song and Kate the similar words Diana had offered.

"On these grounds you are of acknowledged age to drink and partake, as any warrior would because that is who and what you are, as well as family. This was to let what happened lay and move forward as such. So let's not pull away from the good to sink into the bad or you're letting all of them win."

Diana extends a hand to Kara then, not having to look back to see to /know/ what is going on.


Superman's blue eyes go wide as Shayera wraps an arm around him. He can't figure out a god damn word of what she's saying, all he knows is this is going to be very difficult to tell his girlfriend. "Well," he reddens a bit. "I mean, Hawkgirl, you're real nice and all, but I do have a girlfriend already and I think she'd be really sad to …" His voice trails as he looks to Diana for help.

As he reaches out to clasp Calvin's hand. He gives it a firm shake, "An honor to meet you Mimic. Any friend of the Archer is a friend of mine." Thor accidently drops his mug, and turns his back to Calvin and bends down to pick it up. He grabs it and stands up, "It's time for a refill. Enjoy Mister Mimic." As he passes Shayera, Thor grins looking down as he passes her, "It's time for my 4th one." Thor seems to be barely affected as he fills his glass again. He looks moves to rib off a hand full of meat. He walks to stand next to Diana looking over at her.

"Thank you for allowing me to join your team. You bring me much honor doing this feast." Thor looks over as Kara leaves before he crosses his arms over his chest. He watches from afar adding, "She is a warrior. However, I can tell she values Kal-el option. She wants to make him proud of her. I can see that in the short time we have talk. However when you fight with someone you learn a great deal. She has a good heart. Inexperienced but a good heart."

Shayera looks shocked! Shocked I tell you! "You.. you finnzzaley saiys it! You's… YAAAAY!" Hawkgirl shrieks out, dropping her goblet which shatters into a million pieces upon the floor. But that doesn't matter, she's clapping furiously. Surely, she's out of her rightful mind, but.. holy crap! Kal has a girlfriend..

"Weez shull celebate! GIMME A.."

As Thor passes, Shayera whips around, nearly smacking Clark with her wing. "HEY FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! BRING ME A DRINK!"

Then it was back to torturing Clark. "Zhoos like.. I herd this rommor from.. Xanth.. Xan.. y'know.. HER.." She points at Xanthippe. "Whaa.. sties in the Themy..Thema.. skur.. stays..?" She looked confused. "Kals. Kals. You are sooooooooz adorabs.."

Kara returned the hug from Kate, grasping the other girl tightly in her arms; almost crushing her for a moment before she looked away and wiped underneath her eye, "Thank you Kate, that means a lot to me."

The revealation of Shayera and Kal kissing before has Kara a bit shocked but she doesn't show it, she just smiled a little at the commotion and then to Diana's words, "I'm sorry for casting a shadow over things Diana. It wasn't my intention." She takes the offered hand from the woman and clasps it, "Thank you."

To Thor she blushes a little and could only wonder how this man was so wise. Then again, people on this planet did worship him as a God, "Welcome to the team again Thor, you fit in perfectly."

Mimic looks over every time someone says 'Kal'. That's going to get confusing if he does join. "I certainly will." he responds as he watches Thor walk away. Gotta be two of Asgard's finest. « You did nothing to be ashamed of. » he sends to Kara, shifting his gaze over to her. It's not the night for it, as Diana pointed out, but she obviously needs to hear it though no one else does.

Kate grunts softly when the hug gets tight, laughing. "Easy. Breakable human," she teases gently, giving Kara's shoulder a reassuring squeeze when she moves back. Which is when she sees Shayera and Clark again, holding back laughter. "Okay. I am getting a flask of this stuff to hold in reserve until the next time it looks like she's going to break something. I haven't seen someone relax that fast since the last time my sister got her xanax refilled."

"What you know as Midgard, I know as Patriarch's world. This ultimately is only a title, it is a place deserving of our love and aid, as are its people. None are beneath our notice. In ways we all share that view and what better a reason to celebrate then the expanding of our team, as well as our own unity, no matter the trials we have faced or will face. We will grow together." Diana states to Thor with a smile.

Kara's return clasp of hand is not released, the mug of Asgardian ale lifted to her lips and drained, the hand now getting tugged to drag Kara back within the throes. This though, gets her catching the look from Kal and when Kara is released that mug is set aside and the spear is spun in her hand. "How many of these do I hold, Valkyrie!?! If you guess wrong I get that many blows upon you before you can reciprocate!" As Diana speaks and baits Shay away from poor Kal she is heading for that vast open floor, the spear slowly making spins from one hand to the next.

Perhaps there is a reason part of her gown bore armor? Yes she intended for /all/ fun to be had and even this returns a smile to Diana's face that lightens any shadows once present.

As Diana saves him, Superman's communicator-turned cellular phone begins to peep by the grace of God. Lois…it says on the message. "Guys, I have to run. Diana, thank you for the wonderful party. It was great seeing all of you. Supergirl, we'll catch up."

And just like that, he's gone.

As he grins, Thor moves to get Shayera another mug of ale and moves to hand it too her. He looks over at Diana, "May I explore your palace, Princess? I think I would enjoy watching your warriors sparring."

Kara allows herself to be lead back inside by Diana and then moves to get herself a mug of ale, looking at Superman as he departs. Sipping the ale again she grabbed another mug and smiled over in Calvin's direction after the mental message before moving to join him, "Hey Mimic. Having fun?" She set the second mug of ale down in front of Mimic.

Kal, was pretty much forgotten. She turns to stalk towards Diana, for if she had sleeves, she'd be rolling them up as we speak. "Four.." She guesses haphazardly, her own hand drawing out, her skin momentarily a shift in the light as a gold vambrace with razor like hooks appears upon the surface of her skin. An extension of this was a spear, the liquid Nth sliding from her arm near the wrist to from part..


The mug was grasped, lifted in thanks to her new friend, and she carried on to lay the smack down on the one too many Diana's in the arena..

Fun might be too strong a word. "The food's good, the company's good, the drink's very good." Mimic answers after a moment. The elephant in the room that no one is talking about, not so good. And there's no karaoke, Hawkgirl's brief excursion into song notwithstanding. "I'm glad to meet some of the members I hadn't up to now. I didn't know Thor had joined."

"He's new," Kate chimes in as she joins Kara and Mimic with a plate of food in hand, smiling comfortably at the camaraderie, even if it comes from drink. "Although we thought we'd talked to him earlier, and apparently it wasn't him. Which I still should probably talk to Fenris about." She pauses, frowning slightly. "I hope this doesn't chase Fenris off. He's always been sort of cagey about his family."

That is more like it. Kara andKate's return, the mingling, the release of tension.

Diana's pace ripples that sateen and gauzy fabric around her legs, purposeful strides that move with a predatorial purpose. A pose not often taken on the field, but it is rare Diana has had to come to hand to hand blows with a foe, further pressing needed otherwise. The faint glow of the lasso can only been seen beneath the fall of the strips of the grecian dress, still in place against thigh and hidden for the night.

The single spear spins once more and her single word barks forth. "Wrong!"

hawkgirl is mid-draw of finishing her other cup of ale when Diana moves in a quick race towards Shayera, leaping into the air with that spear drawn back and swining in an arching blow to land the first upon her and…


Shayera releases her complimets in a loud bellow and Nth weighed by Thanagarian figure slump to the floor leaving Diaana to whiff and stand over the passed out form of her friend.

Xanthippe and Thrasso come over to immediately pick her up and gently cary her to one of the couches.

Thor's inquiry draws diana's gaze up and to the man, approaching him slowly and ensuring Shay is placed safely away so when she wakes she does not take out the food of people. "You may roam the Embassy, but I do think an escort is necessary until my sisters know your presence. Let me first show you our arena." A tilt of her head in gesture to have him join her while she speaks to the other gathered.

"If you wish to join us follow either the sounds of battle or one of the sisters will bring you to our location."

As he nods curtly, Thor unhooks his hammer an holds it above his head. The skies outside darken as flashes of lightning explode all around the city. A grin on Thor's face looking at Wonder Woman, "Let us spar Princess. We will put those skills to the test and see if you are worthy of my mother's favor." Thor turns and begins to walk towards the sounds of the arena.

Kara shook her head at Kate, "The two of them have reached an understanding of sorts, I'm sure they will be able to work together." She wouldn't repeat the threats that had went on both ways between the Asgardians, Fenris' in particular had chilled her to the bone.

"He'll be an asset to the team." Mimic tells them. At least, he will be if he's anything like the one in Cal's home reality. Though why is this one blonde? The multiiverse is strange. "Fenris? Any relation to the Norse wolf Fenrir?"

"That would be the one," Kate nods to Mimic. "Though he doesn't usually wolf out around here. Or. Well. Sometimes he wolfs out, but he doesn't destroyer wolf out, which is okay. He got close in Russia the one time, though," she adds with a look to Kara. "He's a very good friend. It would've been hard if having Thor around meant I didn't get to see him as much. Glad they were able to work things out," she adds with a small smile for Kara. A grin flashes as she looks after the others who head for the arena, shaking her head.

Kara grows rather silent as she sips on her ale allowing Kate and Calvin to converse. Despite the tensions that had been eased it was clear she still had some stuff on her mind; the proverbial elephant in the room, "This is good ale, did you try it Kate?"

Mimic has his mug of ale and a boar sandwich, both of which are well on the way to being gone. "No, the ale is fantastic. Wine's pretty damn good too. I haven't been able to get well and truly trashed in years but I bet either of those would do it. "

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