Post A Log

Step 1!
Go here:
That's the easy part.

Step 2!
In the upper right will be a tiny box with a 'Create log' button. Enter the title you want to display for the log (this can be edited later if you change your mind).

Step 3!
Fill out the form. We've tried to put instructions into the form, but the important things to remember are:

  • The numeric date is required to sort the logs
  • The character, event and plot tags are text only
  • The video link must be the Youtube SHARE link, not the direct link id If you don't want to include a video, remove \ in front of the #, but leave the # in place.
  • The log box uses wiki formatting. Some use links Headings, Typography, Images

Save the log.

Step 4!
Once the log is saved, copy the tags (in yellow), scroll to the button of the page, click 'tags', paste and the click save tags.

That should be it! Now go forth, minions, and populate our great Wiki with more RP logs!

~Please be tasteful with your logs. This means nothing overtly sexual, no excessive language or inappropriate in theme or detail that could offend, upset, harm or otherwise impact anyone else in a negative manner. Respect the rules and keep in mind that this is a social forum even if we are age 18+ required. If something can be considered even remotely over the top please put a disclaimer in your log header and use such things as NSFW, R-rated, PG-13, etc.
Staff can and will remove anything we consider inappropriate.

Logger Object

In order to make logging easier on our MUSH we have a logger object. It will record a scene and allow you to copy/paste it into the wiki.

For more information, see +help +log on the game.

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