Call of the Wolf

datemm: '11'
datedd: '16'
dateyy: '1'
numericdate: '20151116'
summary: 'Hrimhari and Rahne Sinclair retreat to a small park in New York to become better acquainted after Hrimhari''s first arrival in the Tri-City area.'
chars: 'wolfsbane prince_of_wolves'
npc: None.
locname: 'Small Park - Lower Manhattan'
loc: " The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and \n City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east, \n and the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied \n neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street. From the \n arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich Village, SoHo, \n and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled, working class \n districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan is \n one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything can be found\n here, and often is."
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log: "The way to the park only covers about half a dozen blocks. It's a small one, not even a city block in size, but it doesn't have to be Central Park to qualify. There are trees, a few benches, some shrubbery, and at least a little privacy. Mindful of possible eyes on them, Wolfsbane's path to a small bastion of greenery involves cutting through a couple alleys - \"Hold yuir breath..I think someone didna use th' toilet\" - but upon arriving they found the place deserted. \"I'm sure this is nothing like home for ye, but it's verra different from muh own home as well. So, ahh..\" She must have so many questions.\n\n—\n\nHrimhari stands at his full height - all 5'6\" of it - and turns his head about, his ears swivelling back and forth to take in his surroundings. He is careful when it comes to sniffing the air, however, and eventually turns his golden gaze back upon his new friend.\n\n\"No two worlds are exactly alike,\" he tells Rahne, padding across the grass lightly. He stops to look at the city, putting his back to Rahne for the moment. \"But Gaea speaks through the trees all the same.\"\n\nHe takes a breath.\n\nSnorts.\n\nAnd shakes his head.\n\nGlancing back over his shoulder again, he admits: \"Some things, methinks, shall take getting used to. Come, Rahne Wolfsbane. There are questions in thine eyes and upon thy lips. Ask and be therewith unburdened.\"\n\n\n\nTo be sure, Wolfsbane is still studying the silver-furred wolfman. Curious as she seems to be, she's trying to keep it from showing too much. \"I've met people from other worlds before, but ye're different,\" she explains, moving to have a seat on one of the benches close to a tree.\" When he snorts, she sniffs the air around them. Smells of the city still linger, but they're not quite as bad right here.\n\n\"Actually, muh full name is Rahne Sinclair, but th' name I usually go by when I'm oot like this is Wolfsbane. Ye could use tha' or Rahne when we're no' around others,\" the Scotswolf tells him with a small smile. \"An' how did ye end up here? Was it because o' those..things back there?\"\n\n\n\nThe wolf-prince turns about and regards the Scotswolf with kindly eyes. Those eye glance sideways at pedestrians walking past the park, but far enough away that they do not notice the two wolfen figures standing 'neath a tree.\n\n\"The Nine Realms are connected in more ways than one - like paths in a forest leading to different knolls, or dens.\" He walks back toward the curious female and stops a few feet away. \"One may as well follow the river as follow the road, sometimes - that is how I came to be here.\"\n\nHe may be cryptic, but the monarch seems content to leave his answer at that, for the time being. \"As for those 'things', O' valiant Wolfsbane - they are called Draugr, the Restless Dead. An ambitious - traitorous - Seidr awoke them and corrupted the forests.\"\n\nHrimhari's upper lip curls, showing fangs.\n\n\"My forests.\" He looks Rahne in the eyes. \"And then tried to come here to Midgard. I… prevented him. 'Twas my duty.\"\n\n\n\nWolfsbane is still studying him, no doubt trying to 'read' him and figure him out a bit more without being too obvious about it and simply asking all the questions right away. It's also a good way for her to put her instincts to the test. \"I..admit I dinna know much about these Nine Realms ye speak o'. Maybe ye can tell me a bit more about them? Is it all parts o' Asgard?\"\n\nHaving seated herself, she looks a bit further up toward him before for the time being, then her expression sours somewhat at the description of the draugr. \"What's a Seidr, then?\" As his face shows his distaste of what he describes, she finds herself looking unblinkingly into his eyes as they meet. \"Yuir duty..o' course. Ye must like yuir woods.\"\n\n\n\n\"The woods are my kingdom,\" Hrimhari replies simply, looking straight at Rahne. \"Their inhabitants, my subjects - the wolves. What man or beast wotshisname would do less?\"\n\nThe wolfen male looks past Rahne again to view the city and lets out a breath. \"Seidr are… What would you call them? Sorcerers? Wizards? Magi…\" He frowns and his ears turn to face his friend. \"You have such things here, do you not? Those who commune with forces beyond ken?\" The wolf-prince closes his eyes and gestures toward the ground at Rahne's feet. Motioning curiously with his clawed-fingers, he beckons the earth, and…\n\nA small bed of flowers rise up between the blades of grass around his friend.\n\nHe smiles.\n\n\n\n\"Ye have a whole pack o' wolves ye protect?\" Rahne questions. \"Fenris..I met him once, some months back, an' he told me I should find a pack. I think he just meant people I could trust, but..\" The words trail off as she considers the example given. \"Och, magic. Sorcerers an' all tha'. Aye..they exist here,\" she tells him, though it's with a somewhat bothered look on her face.\n\nRegardless, the distraction that follows when she peers in the direction of his gesturing results in her leaning closer to sniff at the flowers. \"Amazing..\" she murmurs, hands against her knees.\n\n\n\n\"Fenris…\" the wolfen monarch murmurs.\n\nHis eyes close, and remain closed for a few seconds as he concentrates on his breaths, and the scent of the new blossoms blanketing a small area of the grass beneath their feet. When he opens them, his expression is… regretful.\n\n\"The Old Wolf is right, after a fashion,\" he tells Rahne with some reluctance, then his mood begins to ease. \"To run with a pack is to run 'as one' but being many. 'Tis a family; that which affects one, affects the whole. No wolf is safer nor stronger than when running with others.\"\n\nHe pauses.\n\n\"There are many packs, Wolfsbane of Scotland, and I am their Prince. Does this… answer your question?\"\n\n\n\nWolfsbane likely doesn't need wolfen senses to tell there's strife between Hrimhari and Fenris. She says carefully, \"I know who he is, an' all tha' means. I've no' sought him oot since tha' one time. I dinna think I'd want tae be closely associated with him because o'..all tha'.\" Still, there's a caution about her just this moment.\n\nShe tells him, \"Th' last year or so, things have got better for me, but for a while before tha' I was afraid o' what I became, afraid tha' because there was a part o' me tha' liked this, tha' I'd become a sinner an' I'd forget muh humanity. Since then I've tried hard tae balance it, but I'm no' afraid o' what I am any more. I've never really spent much time around actual wolves, though.\" She lets this sink in, along with what he says of being a prince of wolves, and it leads to her rubbing the back of her neck slowly. \"I answers some questions.\"\n\n\n\nA frown of curiosity creases Hrimhari's silver brow and he tucks in his chin a little while considering his friend's words. He holds the expression for about six seconds until finally his lips spread in a toothy smile, and his golden eyes sparkle with muted mirth.\n\n\"I can smell the worry in thee, fair Wolfsbane,\" he tells her with a tilt of his head to the side. The wolf-prince's tail uncurls itself and sweeps through the air past his legs, picking up leaves and blades of grass in a small gust of wind.\n\n\"You found balance between your two natures… without the aid of a pack. I am… truly impressed.\" He frowns again, this time effecting a speculative look. \"You were not born a wolf, this I know, and you still found peace… Who helped thee, if not others like thee? I should… like to meet them, these thy friends.\"\n\n\n\n\"I mean..\" Rahne begins, hands shifting to meet together in her lap. \"I'm no' sure how tae explain it. Sometimes I feel certain things I think are instincts, but I'm no' saying I know what it's like tae actually be a wolf. Once in a while there are urges I have tae figure oot.\" What she's getting at is there's still a definite struggle, though it seems to be one she's managed so far.\n\nThe wolfwoman adds, \"I did go tae a school for people with special…abilities…an' I learned how tae control what I can do there, but a lot o' it I still had tae figure oot on muh own later. Some o' th' people I had as classmates are still around, o' course.\" She's back to studying him again, watching to see what he makes of this information, peering at his tail, not to mention the rest of him.\n\n\n\nHrimhari takes a breath, long and deep, and releases it slowly through his nostrils. The wolfen prince lifts his head as though listening to… everything, his eyes closed briefly, and places his hands together - fingertips touching - at his abdomen.\n\n\"My path lies upon Midgard for the time being,\" he tells Rahne as he opens his eyes once more. \"I know not how long I shall remain, 'twill be long enough to require… a den. I am unfamiliar with this City and its customs - is there a place I may stay that will not draw too much unwanted attention? Methinks a wolfman in the streets of New York might… well. What of this school, perhaps?\"\n\n\n\n\"I'd no' recommend it,\" Wolfsbane blurts without a second thought.\n\nThe words are just sitting there for a few seconds as she seems to think about why she said it and said it the way she did, then she murmurs, \"I mean, no' tha' there's anything wrong with it,'s a bit far away an' I dinna go there any more except when there's a reason for it.\" She clears her throat, rubbing quickly at one of her cheeks as she peers at something other than him, even looking shy about it.\n\n\n\nThe wolf-prince snorts, confused.\n\n\"Very well,\" he remarks with an upward tilt of his chin. Another sniff of the air and leans forward a fraction to peer at his friend. \"What troubles thee, Wolfsbane? Thou hast no cause for worry on my account. Speak without fear or shame.\"\n\n\n\nWolfsbane tries to wave it off quickly, claiming, \"Oh, 'tis nothing, really,\" but that appears to be a lie. She isn't very good at lying, for that matter. \"I just think..I could help ye find a place tae stay in th' city for th' time being, is all.\" But is she worried? Depending on how good he is at reading others, she comes off as conflicted, more than a little confused, especially when she looks his way. \"Tell me o' yuir forests?\" she asks, out of the blue.\n\n\n\nAfter a moment's consideration, the Prince of Wolves sits down upon the grass, curling his tail around his side, and leans back on one hand. \"My forests…\" he repeats with an air wonder. \"'Tis the same spirit, garbed in a different mantle in each of the Nine Realms.\" The wolfman smiles, turning his golden gaze upon Rahne, studying her calmly.\n\n\"In Asgard, they are green - green as any emerald - a bed of flow'r and branch 'neath a canopy of sapphire. But they are perilous, as they are in any Realm - even here, I would imagine.\" He pauses and tilts his head to the side. \"The wolves serve Asgard as protectors and scouts - we are the eyes and ears of those who serve the Light - perilous, we are to those of the Dark.\"\n\nA slow smile creeps across the Wolf-Prince's silver face.\n\n\"Why? Would you like to see them, Wolfsbane of Scotland?\"\n\n\n\nWolfsbane remains seated on the bench, though she returns to eyeing the way he sits, how he relaxes, how he just takes in what's around him. \"It sounds like a nice forest. I canna remember th' last time I actually went for a run in one. I think..probably a few weeks, a' least.\" It keeps her talking, to envision another world's trees and what else there may be to see.\n\n\"I just feel a bit odd, yet curious all th' same. I'm having some strange feelings, some I like, others I'm no' sure I understand.\" In spite of her initial reservations, she's finding herself explaining some of them. \"But..I think I would like tae see yuir forests.\"\n\n—\n\nHrimhari lifts his chin high, peering regally down his nose at his new friend - the soft-spoken yet fierce-spirited she-wolf of Scotland - and another slow, benign smile returns to his lips. The wolfman's tail twitches in his lap, and he sits up to place his hands on his knees.\n\n\"'Tis only natural, that which you feel,\" he remarks in kindly words. \"More than the mere thrill of the hunt - for that lies in your blood also, no matter how you were born, wolf or woman.\" Hrimhari gestures with one outstretched hand toward Rahne, not quite touching her arm - but not far from it either.\n\n\"The emerald wood, the sapphire sky, the silver stone… in your mind I see the… highlands? Rugged and majestic at the same time. 'Tis not unlike my own world - and it all calls to thee, Wolfsbane.\"\n\nHe stops speaking, and the next words he says resonate from his mind, across the bond between wolves.\n\n\"'Tis the call of the wolf in thee. You have but to answer.\""

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