codename: Eventide
fullname: 'Veronica Ruth "Ronnie" Hautzig'
actor: 'Olivia Thirlby'
age: '27'
height: '5''9"'
eyes: Brown
hair: 'Dyed Blonde'
skin: Caucasian
orgs: 'SHIELD, Flash Family'
fame: 'Eventide is a vigilante operating mostly in Manhattan, who is noted in the local press for the brutal beatings she delivers to criminals. Ronnie Hautzig is studying for her PhD in Cinema Studies at ESU, and otherwise is of little note, clearly.'
rep: 'Eventide has a reputation for being violent and quick to anger. Ronnie Hautzig is seen as an adequate, if mysterious grad student and teacher in the Cinema Studies department of ESU.'
bio: "Ronnie Hautzig was a chubby Jewish girl growing up in California. Her great-grandfather was liberated from a Nazi concentration camp by Captain America and Bucky, and as a kid she took in all the books, movies, TV specials, Nova episodes, etc. on Cap. Her hero-worship on Captain America led her to get in shape and to excel in school.\n\nHautzig's physical fitness and intellect led SHIELD to recruit her out of college. Wanting a chance to fight for freedom like Captain America once did, she eagerly joined up. She graduated to the role of full Field Agent, and before long her zeal for her work made her a prime candidate for the Eventide Project.\n\nThe Eventide Project is so classified that most of SHIELD doesn't even know it exists. Ronnie was chosen as the ideal candidate, to infiltrate the New York City street vigilante community (and also test out the viability of the Aleph Zero Formula, a Nazi-designed knockoff of Captain America's Super Soldier Serum). Hautzig threw herself into this assignment, stepping into a new life as a grad student at Empire State University in Manhattan. She then became the vigilante Eventide, patrolling Manhattan by night and delivering righteous beatings to crooks, all the while secretly gathering intel for SHIELD."
personality: "Ronnie Hautzig is mostly a good, decent human being. She believes that she's acting in the best interests of mankind by working as a SHIELD Agent, and has a genuine desire to protect the world from terror and evil. She's more pragmatic than idealistic, and recognizes that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good, such as sacrificing her life as a field agent for the Eventide mission. She can be cranky and irritable, side effects of the Aleph Zero Formula, and while this can make her a pain in the ass to deal with, her heart is always in the right place.\n\nAs Eventide, Ronnie is a wiseass brawler, unafraid of diving into the thick of even the hairiest situation, fists flying. She's never afraid, and she will attack any setback until she dominates it. Sometimes she can be single-minded about doing so, or let herself fly off the handle with rage, but usually her sheer stick-to-it-iveness carries her through all but the most dire scenarios."
abilities: "||~ Aleph Zero Formula ||\n|| The Aleph Zero Formula is a chemical similar to Captain America's Super Soldier Serum. Unlike the Super Soldier Serum, its effects wear off roughly 24 hours from intake. At normal dosage it provides the following benefits: _\n _\n- Enhanced Strength: Eventide can bench press 1,000 lbs. under optimal conditions. Assuming that she's not injured or incapacitated, she can maintain this level of strength without fatigue until the Aleph Zero Formula begins to leave her system. _\n _\n- Enhanced Durability and Endurance: Eventide can maintain peak exertion for hours on end. Physical activity rarely tires her unless it's strenuous even by her superhuman standards. Her skin and muscles are durable enough to resist most conventional small arms fire, and can resist environmental conditions to the point that she can comfortably run around New York City in the winter wearing a spandex onesie. _\n _\n- Enhanced Reflexes: The Aleph Zero boosts Eventide's reflexes to the point that she can catch bullets fired at her from out of the air. ||\n||~ Cinema Studies ||\n|| Ronnie Hautzig is a graduate student at Empire State University in the field of TV & Cinema Studies, focusing her doctoral dissertation on the process of film canon formation and the role of curatorship in the establishment of same. She has seen a lot of movies. _\n _\nHer favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick and Paul Thomas Anderson, and her favorite films are \"There Will Be Blood,\" \"Apocalypse Now,\" and \"The Shining.\" ||\n||~ Agent Training ||\n|| Ronnie Hautzig is a trained, qualified, and licensed SHIELD field agent, although this role is currently classified as part of her deep-cover assignment. She has completed all necessary training in close-quarters combat, ranged combat, investigation, disguise, and so on. Anything a SHIELD Agent can reasonably be assumed to be able to perform, she is able to perform. ||"
adv: "||~ Cover Identity ||\n|| As part of her deep-cover assignment, SHIELD Agent Ronnie Hautzig has been set up with a life in New York City. She lives in a walk-up apartment in Greenwich Village financed by her student loans, which are in turn financed by SHIELD. She has a whole life that checks out as completely legit to all but the most absurdly detailed scrutiny. Because of the nature of her assignment, she can rarely if ever requisition additional funds, and so her personal income comes solely from her job as a student teacher at ESU. ||\n||~ Clearances ||\n|| SHIELD Agent Ronnie Hautzig is a full field agent, with all security clearances and privileges that this entails. She is currently on a deep cover assignment, and so often is forced to go without SHIELD resources, regardless of her ability to access them. ||\n||~ Equipment ||\n|| Eventide carries a few pieces of equipment that help her in her crimefighting. Foremost are her billy clubs, which are good for hitting, and also have concealed grapple-lines. She also wears a utility belt containing things like lockpicking tools, GPS trackers, a flashlight, a glass-cutter, painkillers in case of injury, and other bits and bobs. As a last possible resort her belt also has a \"Saturday night special\" pistol hidden at the small of her back. ||\n||~ Aleph Zero Formula ||\n|| Agent Ronnie Hautzig, AKA Eventide, is supplied with regular batches of the Aleph Zero Formula by SHIELD. The Aleph Zero Formula must be injected every 24 hours, so she is given several weeks' worth of Formula at a time, disguised as various shipments to her apartment in Greenwich Village. The packages are generally nondescript enough to escape close scrutiny, and SHIELD has measures in place to deter investigations into them. ||"
flaws: "||~ Secret Identity ||\n|| Eventide has two secret identities: _\n _\n- Eventide is secretly Ronnie Hautzig, grad student at ESU. Obviously, she wants to keep her vigilante life separate from her civilian life, to protect both those around her and her own ability to work unencumbered. Her activities as Eventide often interfere with her civilian ID, such as being late for her teaching job due to a super-fight the night previous, or showing up with blatant injuries, or both. _\n _\n- Ronnie Hautzig, grad student at ESU, is secretly a SHIELD agent who's been tasked with a deep-cover assignment, infiltrating and gathering intel on the NYC street vigilante community. Obviously, she wants to keep her SHIELD life separate from her civilian life and her vigilante life, to the point where other SHIELD agents are not aware of her assignment. ||\n||~ Aleph Zero Formula ||\n|| There are two aspects to Agent Ronnie Hautzig's deep cover assignment as Eventide. _\n _\n- The part she knows, which is that she's supposed to infiltrate the NYC street vigilante community, using the Aleph Zero Formula to give herself a superhuman boost. _\n _\n- The part she doesn't know, which is that the REAL purpose of her assignment — and the reason it's so deeply classified — is to use her as a human test subject for the Aleph Zero Formula. _\n _\nThe Formula was a Nazi attempt to mimick the Super Soldier Serum that never made it to the clinical trials stage, and which a certain section of SHIELD wants to test as a means of enhancing their agents and soldiers. Due to the compartmentalized nature of SHIELD's black ops, very few people are aware this grossly unethical project even exists, and it's kept secret even from people at the top of the organization for obvious reasons. _\n _\nEventide has not been warned of the Formula's very real side effects, which include addiction, emotional instability, and if she was to so much as double her normal dosage, cardiac arrest and probable death. _\n _\nPer the above, Ronnie is already unknowingly addicted to the Aleph Zero Formula, and profound withdrawal would set in if she was to skip a daily injection, or be late in doing so. Extended usage might also cause her to build a tolerance, requiring the use of higher and increasingly dangerous doses. ||\n||~ Rage ||\n|| One of the side effects of Eventide's use of the Aleph Zero Formula is — not to put too fine a term on it — roid rage. She's prone to mood swings and irritability, and as the 24-hour cycle of usage wears on, these symptoms deepen. While out as Eventide, she can have significant trouble controlling her temper, to the point of brutalizing criminals. ||\n||~ Reputation ||\n|| Eventide's angry, violent approach to crimefighting has left her with a poor reputation. Local media considers her an example of the \"worst\" that super-vigilantism has to offer. Other heroes might be aware of her reputation and keep her at arm's lengths. Criminals who have heard of her might fear her, or might also be able to manipulate her rage to further their own means. ||"
rel: "||~ Image ||~ Name ||~ Relation ||~ Information ||\n|| flash.jpg || The Flash || My boo || OR IS HE? ||\n|| LadyHawkeye01.jpg || Hawkeye II || Acquaintance || Paths have crossed a few times. ||\n|| cm-shield.jpg || Maria Hill || Boss || SHIELD grand poobah who's taken an interest in the Eventide Project. ||"
notes: ''
gender: '2'
image: 'characterimg:eventide/eventide.jpg'
chartag: eventide
initag: '4'
chartype: '0'
status: '0'
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