Zatanna Zatara
Portrayed by ???
Full Name Zatanna Zatara
Age 20
Height 5'7"
Build Slender
Eyes Ice Blue
Hair Black
Skin Pale
Factions Titans


The only daughter of legendary illusionist and war hero, Giovanni "John" Zatara.


At present, she is an up-and-coming stage talent, clearly following in her father's footsteps and determined to move out of his shadow. Those more involved in the mystical secrets of the world, however, would know a much different side of her.


It wasn't easy being the daughter of a famous celebrity and hero growing up.

Zatanna's childhood was marked by mystery and constant travel - she never knew her Homo Magi mother, and her father moved around too much for her to experience the kind of normal childhood stability could bring. As a result, her father was all she had: She learned his arts, assisted him in his travels, and was often a target for his enemies. One such incident resulted in her crippling fear of puppets, when one of his collaborators, Oscar Hampel, a puppeteer, kidnapped her and the ensuing altercation between Oscar and her father resulted in Giovanni transforming Zatanna into a puppet to save her from harm. Needless to say, the resulting transformation traumatized the young girl to such a degree that her father was later forced to lock those memories away with a spell.

Such incidents propelled Giovanni to convince Zatanna to take martial arts lessons in the event that her magic couldn't aid her in getting out of a scrape, though that too couldn't help but get her in trouble when she attempted to neutralize a robber who tried to hold up a convenience store on her way home from those lessons. His precocious daughter's antics and his burgeoning alcoholism finally convinced Giovanni to return home to Shadowcrest for a while, which had a semi-permanent location just outside of Gotham City. It was during this brief visit home that an unexpected visitor arrived - the young Bruce Wayne, only son of Giovanni's old friend, Thomas Wayne, who was seeking his tutelage in escape artistry. A few details of the story between the two men tumbled out as she eavesdropped on the meeting, namely that after the Waynes' murders, Giovanni was so riddled with guilt for not being able to prevent it that he left Gotham with Zatanna. Bruce's visit prompted Giovanni to set aside the bottle, and as a result, her relationship with her father improved and the two became even closer.

Which made his subsequent disappearance all the more devastating. Shortly after Zatanna's eighteenth birthday, Giovanni's aid was requested in dealing with an evil, extra-dimensional entity that suddenly appeared on earth. Bidding goodbye to his daughter, he set out to address the threat…and never returned.

It prompted Zatanna to travel once more in search of him, the trail leading her back to Shadowcrest and Gotham.

Character Details

"Hey, pay attention to me. I'm fascinating."

As an up-and-coming celebrity, Zatanna demonstrates all the signs of a classic extrovert. She is gregarious, flirty, friendly and approachable, always the sort to fall into a situation with a smile and a healthy sense of mischief. As the daughter of a master illusionist, however, it probably isn't all that surprising that her more outgoing nature is a mask she places above the scars inflicted upon her by a lonely childhood fraught with peril and an unforgiving dependence on her father's presence.

She also has a soft spot for children, particularly the lonely but talented ones, seeing more of herself in them than she would admit to anyone, and has her own sense of style. Still a teenager after all, she prefers to dress in the 'goth' side of the fashion spectrum.


Image Name Relation Information
MY1jyd8.jpg Alfred Pennyworth Family Friend Still spry and mischievous despite his age, Alfred and Zatanna hit an easy rapport after Zatanna got reacquainted with Bruce Wayne, an old family friend. Much like his relationship with Thomas and Martha Wayne, Giovanni and Alfred were also very good friends in their youth. Alfred was responsible for informing Zatanna about Jason Todd's death and how it affected Bruce, and out of gratitude and anticipation of her missing father's wishes, Zatanna promised him that she would look after Bruce, just like Giovanni had done years ago.
b0ngyAZ.jpg Azalea Kingston Friend Ever since the discovery of the murdered Aztec god living in Azalea's body, Zatanna has made it her personal responsibility to assist Az in keeping Xiuhnel of the Sky in check, though that isn't without its own complications - after rejecting Azalea's romantic overtures, she recently discovered that she has been using iDoL to engage in sadomasochistic sexual relations with girls who look like her, and she finds it disconcerting.
S4cKFU3.jpg Bruce Wayne (The Batman) Take 2 His betrayal hurt her deeply, but after Zatanna's situation with Bucky Barnes, she can't do any less for Bruce than she did for him. She has resolved to try and forgive him also, though whether they can manage to mend their shattered friendship remains to be seen.
Dg8DTJR.jpg Caitlin Fairchild Friend One of Zatanna's only female friends, they met in New York City when Caitlin had been stuck wandering around without a shirt. In spite being based in Metropolis, working for Reed Richards among other things, both girls struck a quick and easy friendship.
xnMInVm.jpg Giovanni "John" Zatara Father Zatanna's whole world; accustomed to a life of constant travel and adventure, the lack of stability in her home life also ensured that she grew up to be emotionally dependent on her father's presence. Recent, tumultuous events in Gotham City revealed that Giovanni has been cursed by an ancient evil that prevents him from occupying the same space as his daughter, and that he has been attempting to fix his condition, and end said evil entity, ever since. Zatanna has also recently discovered that he was singlehandedly responsible for the destruction of her relationship with John Constantine, and has yet to fully process his betrayal.
n5FG1mp.jpg Groot House Guest What is applicable to Peter Quill and Rocket Raccoon also applies to Groot, with the added benefit that Zatanna is perpetually fascinated by him (her? it?).
EPv8fRG.jpg Dr. Jane Foster Bucky's Girl Fate has deemed it fit to intertwine Zatanna's path with Dr. Jane Foster's well before they even met, well before the former opened an "Einstein-Rosen Bridge" to save the latter's life. Their combined efforts in reaching out to the Winter Soldier and the fiesty physicist's choice to aid and learn from John Constantine are bound to cause some large ripple effects as magic and science inevitably collide once the two of them start working together.
KH7XnDk.jpg Jessica Jones Boo Things have changed drastically from the moment Zatanna walked into her office to ask her for her help in finding her father to now, where they have gone and continue to go through Hell - whole worlds in between - and back together. For all of her instability, Jessica Jones is her anchor, her rock, someone who will hurdle over her own emotional hang-ups to tell Zatanna the things she needs to realize about herself. That is rare and, for a young woman who perennially acts before she thinks, absolutely necessary.
iRgAJOL.jpg John Constantine First and Always The external forces that have tried to pull them apart over and over again from the last year are just getting started, and their continued sufferings have literally brought them to Hell, and despite all their mistakes, ill-advised separations and ridiculous gambits, they've managed to come out of it more determined than ever to hold onto whatever it is they have. She has given him a piece of her soul, now stitched into his own, and the birth of their astral link has only forced her to discover the confusing, shattered fragments of John's dark history. While shaken by her accidental discoveries, it has done nothing but intensify what she already feels towards a man utterly brutalized by his torments, yet persisting and prevailing in spite of them, and remains helplessly drawn to the intensity of him and how he feels for her, and how willing he is to put almost everything on the line to protect whatever this is. God help anyone or anything that interferes.
D4jDXP6.jpg Peter Parker (Spider-Man) Kindred Spirit In the middle of a circle largely comprised of those who have absolutely no idea how to deal with or express their emotions, Peter Parker is a breath of fresh air. He and Zatanna are frighteningly, terrifyingly alike - in ways they know, and ways they have yet to discover about one another. There are secrets here, secrets that may make or break the friendship they have, but just as he promised that she is stuck with him, the sentiment is mutual and double-fold. He'll never be rid of her, now.
9rAhvll.jpg Peter Quill House Guest This inveterate rake broke into her house to "rescue" Rocket…and then never left. Zatanna has put a curse on him that will turn him into a snail if he tries to steal anything from Shadowcrest manor.
I5XJbuw.jpg Rocket Raccoon House Guest Brought home by Zatanna under the mistaken belief that he was a magical creature that could talk, and later discovers that he suffers from a major case of kleptomania. Like Peter, she has put a curse on him that will turn him into a snail if he tries to steal anything from Shadowcrest manor. He also has a crush on his young host, which she remains oblivious about.
h0sh3xk.jpg Tim Drake (Red Robin) Best Friend Recent events have driven Zatanna to discover who and what Tim Drake really is: Noble, selfless, brilliant, who has decided to actively pursue an altruistic purpose after his own tragedies, who has done nothing but look out for her since the very first moment she barged into his life, cementing the fact that the two of them are more alike than meets the eye. As Tim Drake, he injects some much needed normalcy in her life, as Red Robin, he helps her fight the dark and would do almost anything to keep her safe. He is her best, most devoted friend and for him, she will move Heaven and Hell.
cd4HoCD.jpg The Winter Soldier Forgiven He betrayed her and orchestrated events to snatch her soul, but now that some of the shattered pieces of his own have been returned, Zatanna has resolved to try her best to move past the images that still haunt her mind regarding him and gave back his World War II ID bracelet as a symbol of this decision, to remind him of what he has lost and what he can still reclaim.


Zatanna has been rebooted from her earlier iterations, hence the separate wiki page. This has been in effect since 11/19/2016.


  • She's a student in Gotham University, double-majoring in Theater and Languages (Ancient and Modern)
  • She's a fan of gothic fashion, as an homage to her new aesthetic leanings in Justice League Dark
  • She's a vegetarian, not a vegan
  • Her story picks up much like in her original debut in the DC Universe - namely, her father has disappeared, and she is looking for him
  • Given the changes to her age, this iteration of Zatanna is not a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, but she does know him as the son of her father's old friend, Thomas Wayne, and knows that Bruce studied under her dad in escape artistry

Current Mood





Raven hair and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her finger tips
Echoed voices in the night
She's a restless spirit on an endless flight
Wooo hooo witchy woman, see how
High she flies

Can I hush my conscience around you
If I could take it all back
Will I lie and suffocate my impulses
I'll never leave them behind
Will I
But I never really was the purest one
Though I try to cleanse my soul with every sun
And I just get deeper in the same shit doesn't everyone
Close my eyes and play along
Will I fly closer to heaven
If I don't get what I want
Will you ever see the innocence you knew in me
I'll never be her again

Young blood, stand and deliver
No need for a queen affair
Young blood, gotta pull the trigger
When the whole world running scared
Raise hell
Baby drop them bones
Baby sell that soul
Heaven fare thee well
Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell
(Oh my my, oh hell yeah)
Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell
(Oh my my, oh hell yeah)
Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell


Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
They don't tell the truth uh
Smiling faces, smiling faces
Tell lies and I got proof
The truth is in the eyes
Cause the eyes don't lie, amen
Remember a smile is just
A frown turned upside down
My friend let me tell you
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
They don't tell the truth, uh
Smiling faces, smiling faces
Tell lies and I got proof

When everything is wrong, I'll come talk to you
You make things alright when I'm feeling blue
You are such a blessing and I won't be messing
With the one thing that brings light to all of my darkness

Here's to us, here's to love
All the times that we fucked up
Here's to you, fill the glass
'Cause the last few days have kicked my ass
So lets give 'em hell
Wish everybody well, here's to us, here's to us

Take a breath
I pull myself together
Just another step till I reach the door
You'll never know the way it tears me up inside to see you
I wish that I could tell you something
To take it all away
Sometimes I wish I could save you
And there're so many things that I want you to know
I won't give up till it's over
If it takes you forever I want you to know

My boy builds coffins he makes them all day
But it's not just for work and it isn't for play
He's made one for himself
One for me too
One of these days he'll make one for you
For you
For you
For you

(Weird science)
Magic and technology
Voodoo dolls and chants
We're makin'
(Weird science)
Fantasy and microchips
Shooting from the hip
Something different
We're makin'
(Weird science)


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