Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl
Portrayed by Sara Shepard
Full Name Cassandra 'Cassie' Sandsmark
Age 18
Height 5' 3"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Casucasian
Factions Titans


A bright-eyed college-bound demigoddess that uses her powers to protect and help others. Aspires to become Wonder Woman's sidekick.


One of many that had their heart won by the presence and deeds of Wonder Woman, Cassandra Sandsmark is inspired to do good wherever she can, first through use of enchanted artifacts, then with powers granted by Zeus. While her heart is in the right place, her untrained style, mediocre motivational speeches and clumsy victories awarded her the nickname 'Blunder Girl' from others.


Cassie grew up with a single mother Helena, an archaeologist. Due to her profession, Cassie ended up traveling around the world rather often and switched to various schools which opened her eyes to multiple cultures and lifestyles, but also had difficulty forming long-lasting friendships. Still, she aspired to become an archaeologist like her mother, and considered becoming a professor to spread the knowledge obtained through her findings and open others' minds toward differing cultures.

She learned of Wonder Woman during her final years of high school and was so fascinated by her that she inspired to start a fanclub. Wondy's presence and also eventually led to her 'borrowing' artifacts from a (then) recent dig that granted her flight and some degree superhuman strength and donned a makeshift costume to protect her mother and her associates identities from a bounty hunter attack.

She continued to use them after returning to America but after getting injured her mother took them away and forbade any further 'wreckless hijinx'. Cassie was later granted an opportunity to speak with Zeus, who granted her metapowers. Through another blunder Helena eventually discovered Cassie's new powers and it was through her heated argument with Zeus that she discovered the god was her father and also had a caveat added to her powers.

Eventually Cassie and Helena were able to come to the agreement that she could continue to do her superheroing so long as she is able to simultaneously keep up her studies.

Character Details

Anyone can look at Cassie or Wonder Girl's actions and describe her as a 'nerd' for the former and 'plucky' for the latter, and both would be correct. Cassie inherited her mother's devotion toward archeology and derives entertainment from the geekier side of the internet, which often placed her in the company of fellow nerds. While she grew up with a desire to do good through unearthing and sharing history, it wasn't until the existance of Wonder Woman that she gained the courage to do so through more dynamic means.


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