Portrayed by Hugh Jackman
Full Name James "Logan" Howlett
Age 130 (48)
Height 5'10"
Build Stocky
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men



The man known as Logan/Patch/Lucky Jim/James Howlett, or someone matching Logan's description has a reputation in intelligence circles as a roving transitory asset that can at times be utilized for operations so long as they fit certain criteria. He is known to be extremely dangerous and has warnings out in over forty agencies. For those who know of the X-Men he is known simply as Wolverine.


In the late 1800s, James Howlett was born illegitimately to a high society couple in Alberta, Canada. He was a sickly child, who barely knew his parents and was primarily tended to by his caretaker, Rose. Things were stable if not loving during the time he grew up until the truth of his illegitimacy came to the fore in the person of Thomas Logan, the groundskeeper who was James' biological father. In a violent domestic dispute, both of James' adopted father was killed by his biological father triggering the first manifestation in James' mutant abilities. He attacked and killed Thomas Logan. The loss of her lover caused James' mother to kill herself, which led to James and Rose fleeing from their sad home.

Tragedy would then ever follow James, who took the name Logan from that point onward. He would lose Rose and much of his connections to humanity for a time, living in the wilderness like an animal. Eventually, however, he returned to civilization. Time enough then to take up arms as a soldier for the first time in the Great War. It was from that point onwards that Logan would live life as a warrior.

For many years he fought in battle, travelling from one conflict to the other, seeking what peace he could at times but having it snatched from him time and time again. He met many people over the years, made many friends and enemies… some of which are still with him now. This was his life, until eventually his perniciousness and durability was noted and he was brought in on more specialized tasks.

It was at this point that Logan was taken into spywork, tradecraft, starting his career in the more subtle side of conflict. He participated in the cold war, travelling throughout the world and working as an intelligence operative. But it wasn't until his mutant nature was discovered that he was put forth into special projects groups such as Weapon X.

Put together with other super powered individuals, Logan participated in missions across the world. In his down time he was examined by scientists and experimented on as they tried to discern the different facets of power that made each of their super operatives unique. It was only when they decided to inject molten adamantium into his bones that he broke away from this time of his life. The mayhem of his berserker rage from the agony of the experiment drove him to kill all of those involved and flee off into the wilds of Canada, once again returning to his 'roots'.

He was discovered then by two campers who helped him recover and then gave him a way to help people instead of hurt them. He was given a role in the Canadian super group Alpha Flight, and did his best to not disappoint the people who helped him in his time of need. Yet it was during this time that Charles Xavier sensed Logan as a mutant and gave him a path forward. A path to recover himself and his identity, and a path to help people like himself. Logan accepted and became an X-Man.

It was from this time on that he slowly started to accept himself and his place with the X-men. He found out who he was, made friends and a family of the people around him, and continued to try and do what he could for the world while he also attempted to escape the past that followed. He went on many adventures during this time and became somewhat known in the Superhuman community.

Character Details

Logan is a perfect example of a closed off individual who has narrowed himself down to a severe and grim person due to having gone through a lot of pain over his time. He is gruff and abrupt, rarely extending of himself too easily, and is wary of new-comers. He does not trust easily, though when someone meets his expectations and earn his trust then it's a difficult thing to shake. He is a deeply spiritual and honorable man that holds to his word though he grants his word rarely. Beneath it all he is a person of great emotion that he feels it is important to hold in check to protect those near him. It is a difficult thing to get to the person beneath the facade, but at times some small hints of that deeper self can be seen in the man and in his actions.

He does not shy away from trouble. He actively seeks it out. When he's in the mood for a card game, he usually starts by looking for the worst people he can find. He has no problem socialising with lowlifes because they're the most fun. There's no point in doing it if there isn't a chance to get hurt.

There is a wild and savage animal lurking just beneath the surface. When he gives in to that animal, he is capable of terrible things. But over time, he has recognised this part of him, and made efforts to subdue it. He has buried it in meditation and the adoption of Bushido. He lives by the warrior's code.

He is an honourable man. He has a sense of justice. It has become as much a part of him as the adamantium that coats his very bones. It is his fondest wish that he could become a samurai. But that will never be. He is too rash, too impatient, too angry. He is a failed samurai, a ronin, destined to roam.

He must travel the world in search of a purpose. Occasionally, he will find one, and he will know happiness for a time. But such things are fleeting. They never last. Eventually, all things must wither and die, but he remains.

He is a rock, unflinching, unchanging. The world may remake itself around him, but he will always be the rock. He will always be alone. And yet, in spite of himself, the rough exterior he presents, he has the soul of a poet.

He may be a loner, destined to walk the Earth forever, or until his regenerative healing factor wears out, but he has left his mark in this world. He has taken in students, imparting his knowledge and wisdom. He cares about people. He may not be able to move the river, but he can pick out some things that drift along the water, helping them to right their course.


RP Logs & Journals

April 17, 2019: Trying Normal

Logan and Selina meet up for a date. Selina gets a new bike.

(permalink: log:8446 | tags: catwoman wolverine | posted: 16 Apr 2019 23:55)

April 10, 2019: Look who is back

Kurt and Nate find Logan lurking at Harry's. Kurt brings him up to date on current troubles.

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January 21, 2019: Goodbye and Good Luck

Logan and Ne meet with Selina in Gotham to bring a new Mutant back to Westchester.

(permalink: log:8362 | tags: catwoman gotham neon wolverine | posted: 21 Jan 2019 04:39)

January 17, 2019: Rifts in Reality: Professor X

The X-Men try to revive Professor X, and find many open portals… and more mystery.

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January 14, 2019: Breakfast Confessional

A brunch at Xavier's Mansion allows Logan and Selina to have a heart-to-heart.

(permalink: log:8342 | tags: catwoman wolverine | posted: 14 Jan 2019 22:33)

January 13, 2019: Curiosity Killed The...Well, You Know

The 'new leaf' isn't working - Selina finds a companion in the Wolverine.

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January 11, 2019: Standing Guard

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January 09, 2019: Booze and Pool

Logan and Natasha run into each other at Harry's bar near the Xavier School.

(permalink: log:8350 | tags: black_widow wolverine | posted: 16 Jan 2019 21:31)

January 08, 2019: Bird Boy

After her icing deal in Mutant Town, Lena runs into Logan, who's dealing with business of his own.

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January 07, 2019: The Demon Comes

Cassandra Hack has tracked down some rumors about a person who heals and fights like a Slasher, and she plans a pre-emptive strike. Tracking him down to a particular Russian bar, she sets her trap, like she always does.

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January 06, 2019: Rifts in Reality: Further Between

X-men gather to search the Between.

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