Portrayed by N/A
Full Name Alyse Walker
Age 24 (34)
Height 5'7
Build Slim
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions Justice League of America, Occult


While in her own world Witchdoctor's name commanded respect for less than legal deeds, here? She is known to some for her role in battling Apocalypse alongside the Avengers, containing and eventually reversing the Terrigen mist released that would have killed billions while the others were able to defeat the mutant himself. The effort very nearly destroyed the Witchdoctor, but she eventually recovered and returned.

Recently she has been invited to join the ranks of the Justice League.


Within the magical community and indeed some of the heroes who have encountered her might point to her impressive power and magical knowledge. However Alyse isn't largely known in the wider setting to the public, although her recent appointment to the League may work to change that..


Alyse has come from a world vastly different from this one. A world where the catastrophic end of the 'Age of heroes' and the emergence of human augmentation dramatically changed the course of history. Where costumed heroes and villians faded to nothing but legends or fantasy for the 'holo-vids' and the Mega-Corporations had long taken the governments and controlled almost every aspect of people's lives.

It was into this world that Alyse was born, exhibiting magical abilities at an early age she'd been given a scholarship for her entire education. From grade school to her university degree in medicine, her every need had been paid for…but it had only cost her future. From the moment her mother had signed her up to the scholarship? She was corporate property. Magic was a rare and powerful force, one that many Mega-corps would spare no expense to control.

Normal education had been interspaced with magical instruction from hardened "Corp Mages". Once she was over fifteen? Then the magic had extended to more dangerous territory. Spells to heal and to help were inverted, instruction on how to rend or control the elements for the sake of combat were drilled into her along with the other members of the unit to be. When she graduated medical school? It wasn't to a hospital that she was sent. Alyse was attached as a medical officer to the secret Corporate Magical Security Unit 13.

Serving with the unit for five years, Alyse's life took a sharp turn when she received orders from higher up. The security team had come back from their assignment heavily wounded but alive, transferred into her care. She was to ensure they 'died of their wounds'. Horrified at the callous betrayal of the ultra-loyal team and outright fearful of what it meant for her own fate Alyse faked the deaths of the rest of the unit along with herself in an explosion and went rogue, eventually finding her way into a career with a 'criminal' underworld of mercenaries that worked in the shadows of the Mega-corporations rebelling against their tyranny. Thrust into the world, she put her skills to use tending the wounds and maintaining the cybernetic enhancements of the other mercs or removing corporate control implants while continuing her magical studies. There was much that the corp had taught her about her powers, but there was even more that they'd held back from her. Expanding her power to more dangerous territory she finally entered the mercenary life using her powers for combat and support in the field.

For four years she worked as a mercenary, taking jobs with a crew and hiding from the Mega-Corp they had fled. She could not however, hide forever.

In the midst of the violent attack on the team's hideout Alyse desperately reached out and invoked an unknown spirit she'd never encountered before, pleading for safety. The world seemed to shatter and she lapsed into unconsciousness, only to awaken in this strange new world.

Character Details

Alyse is by nature a nurturing and kind-hearted being, but a life on the run, taking mercenary jobs and having been born to the darker world in general has left her somewhat at odds with some of the more 'hopeful' aspects of the world.


Faces Names Words Musics
Ozymandias A man of mystery and history who traveled time like I from another direction. A fan of culture, and Pancakes. —-
Doctor Strange A fellow doctor, a surgeon no less and Magician of such caliber? While our power comes from a different places it seems that no world is without a Sorcerer or Sorceress of such talent. —-
Wonder Woman A welcoming to the League from a warrior princess? Certainly Diana is as interesting as she is beautiful, but there's a literal magic to her that extends beyond that shining rope. —-
Green Lantern My sponsor into the league and favourite 'tour guide'. A good friend. Did once dump beer on me, no I haven't forgotten. —-
Batman A man who takes his job quite seriously. That wouldn't be so much of a flaw if he played better with others, but a thrown metal bat at a stranger makes for a poor greeting! —-
Starfire Perhaps it's natural for me to feel a small degree of 'kindred spirit' with another outsider to this world as I'm certainly just as alien as she, but a friendly soul and a fierce warrior make for quite the combination. —-
Superman One of the strangest being I have encountered in ways that have nothing to do with his impressive powers. Where I came from, no one is without some chink in their armor. This may not be the same world of betrayal and ruthlessness, but I still wonder what it could be that might fracture the man of steel. Perhaps it's better we never know? —-
Astrea Another time traveller, but a huntress of a different past. Curious and perhaps a little bit unstable, but an ally when needed. —-
Alchemist A friend and quite the curious chemistry whiz. Also the one who stepped up to treat some of the worst injuries I've had in a while. Someone has to be the Doctor for the Doctor, no?


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