Portrayed by Bianca Kmiec
Full Name Sara Pezzini
Age 25
Height 5'9
Build Athletic, Ample
Eyes Amber
Hair Dark Auburn
Skin Tanned

Claim to Fame


Sara Pezzini is a hotshot young detective with an unathrodox approach but a sterling record for cases closed. Her coworkers either love her or hate her and she could care less.%R%RThe Witchblade is a mysterious ancient supernatural legacy that attracts otherworldly enemies like bees to sweet, sweet honey. Bad turns to worse around the Witchblade and worse turns straight to hell but she is fast becoming a recognized threat to the creatures that go Bump in the Night.


* November 18th, 1990 Sara 'Magdalena' Pezzini is born.

* The one thing that is hard to understand, is the Darkness, the bright Light, and the Rebirth

* No mother is named, but Sara is raised by Vincent 'Frank' Pezzini, a police officer for NYPD.

* Even though the childhood years are Dark to Sara, her inspiration, trust, and future was what made Sara (Half) who she becomes.

* School, the Academy, Street Beat, and then Detective, Sara is fast in her rise to the homicide division, and even more hardened with the killing of her father while he was on duty.

* Partnered with Yee, the fast track forward and her determination does not yield, even as she meets her first step towards a darkness in the Rialto Theatre and Kenneth Irons.

* An attempt to save Yee leaves Sara dying from the gunshot wounds, and that is when the darkness of Death came for her, the light of Angels offered her escort -

* - … and the Witchblade left Kenneth for it's chosen host. Sara's rebirth letting her walk oiut alive. But not her partner.

* Time might have healed some wounds, but not enough to keep Sara tugging her NYPD coat sleeve over an Artifact that she seeks more answers about, while answers to so much more are slowly revealed and split Sara between Homicide Division and the budding arrival of the Supernatural Division after the Terrigenisis and yet another Gotham Phenomena.

* What can she say? It seems the Unbelievable, believe in Sara and her new symbiotic relationship has taken away anything "normal" in her life.

Character Details

Sara is confident, brazen, impulsive, hotheaded, short tempered, stubborn, independent, sarcastic, often viciously blunt and hosts a black and white view of the world that is strongly etched in stone.

There is very little wiggle room in between the lines when it comes to Sara Pezzini. You are a decent person or you're shit. Friend or nobody. Trustworthy or a liar. This viewpoint is a sticking point for Sara and at times can become a setback she finds external and internal conflict with. A lot of this isdue in part to upbringing and motivations the rest past experience. She has always wanted to be a police officer, not just one that gets by at the job but a great one, one of the best of the best, an example for others.

Underneath the rough edges and Sara Pezzini has a pure and sensual side that craves some liberation and even normalcy. A desire exists in there to escape it all and live without the responsibilities of protecting others or being the Bearer of the Witchblade. The pragmatic and visionary side of her knows better though, such dreams are simply that, illusory and temporary. Sara is a fortress and rarely lets anyone in and for good reason.


Image Name Relation Information
d568b0858b7fa9602e2aa472d8ebd06d.jpg Jackie Danger & Darkness There's two sides to me any more and it seems as if it is the same for him, and yet, not. My gut says to stay far the hell away until I can arrest him for his Family Ties and be done. But /something/ else is getting in the way.
e170ec54f5a9a9fb73ad0f1f3bc89071.jpg Ripclaw Mystery Every time we meet it seems to be before, during, or after something supernaturally fucked up happens. For once *I* am along for a ride, until I can at least get my hands on the wheel.
aa4b8bfb78c60b7edc584e468bc27cba.jpg Tomb Raider Sensible One kind of like me, as 'normal' as you get in a world surrounded by things most people think only exists in movies. I know, I know, but I am going to keep thinking that 'normal' is a thing, real, and obtainable while you're known as the Tomb Raider..

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