Portrayed by
Full Name William "Billy" Kaplan
Age 18
Height 5'8"
Build Lithe
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions None


"I get anxiety. I don't think I'm good enough. I don't like myself, even though I know — rationally, I know — …doesn't matter. I have bad days. Bad thoughts. And sometimes… sometimes, yeah. They're hard to fight. But I don't let them win every day. And I'm damn sure not going to let you win today."


New to the superhero scene, Billy Kaplan enjoyed a brief reputation as the Asgardian, one of a slew of kid superheroes who claimed to wield the power of electricity to great effect. More recently, Billy's made a comeback as the Wondrous Wiccan (note: 'wondrous' is not part of his superhero name), eager to prove himself as a superhero — but with strange and unanswered questions revolving around the nature and origin of his powers.

As Billy, he's mainly known as a tremendous nerd. Of all sorts of varieties. But especially the superhero kind. He's written so much friendfiction. So. Much.


Billy Kaplan WAS born as a normal kid. Eldest son of Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan, Billy was one of three sons raised under the roof of a Reform Judaism household. Normal life. Normal family. Bullied for being gay, bullied for being 'different,' but otherwise normal. One minor snag:

The Scarlet Witch.

In another world, another life, another time, Wanda Maximoff had twins through the use of her immense power. Circumstances robbed her of these children, and when she discovered this, the fractious grief of a woman who molded reality like putty backfired and reverborated across universal boundaries. Reality was rewritten, the history of things changed for all Billy Kaplans across space and time. Billy Kaplan was no longer the normal child of a Jewish household. Now, he was the retroreincarnated son of the Scarlet Witch herself, bestowed with the same, dangerous gift to make his whim reality as his spiritual mother. And nothing would be the same.

For the most part, things continued as normal. Billy developed a perfectly healthy obsession with superheroes and superhero culture, became a true nerd's nerd — and found himself belittled and harassed because of his sexual orientation, just as before. Bullied for the way he was. Billy found inspiration in his heroes, however, and a chance meeting with one in the flesh would eventually inspire in him the courage to stand up to his tormentors.

And when the sudden and unexpected activation of his powers nearly killed his bully, John Kesler, that was when everything changed.

With the discovery of his powers, Billy began to practice their use extensively. It was like a dream come true for the young man; finally, his chance to become a superhero, like all his idols. He trained and trained and one day, through a series of strange events, became part of a short-lived team of younger superheroes. It was through this he was (re)united with his (spiritually retroreincarnated) twin brother, Tommy Shepherd, though he has yet to learn the strange truth behind their connection. After a short stint as the would-be hero known as the Asgardian, though, Billy decided to rebrand himself as Wiccan — and begin his life as a superhero in earnest.

Avengers, here we come!!!

Character Details

Billy Kaplan is a good kid. Sweet, sensitive, truly kind and caring. Events in his life has lended him towards a bit of a cynical, perhaps realistic outlook — has caused him to second guess many things, including (especially) himself — and has imbued him with a wellspring of teenaged sarcasm, but he is passionate and earnest and, sometimes to his misfortune, wears his heart on his sleeve. Despite being fairly level-headed and rational most of the time, Billy is truly passionate, and this fact can lead him to being a bit tempestuous, especially when it comes to the people he cares about — just like his mother before him. His self-reflection can also sometimes cause him to overlook the feelings of others, however unintentionally, his existential worries grow increasingly by the day, and he has a tendency to over-idealize his heroes who have meant so much to him and grow despondant when they turn out to not live up to his impossible standards, but Billy truly does mean well. He just has a few problems.



Image Name Summary Information
nMIKnox.png?1 Tommy Shepherd Teammate A little hotheaded, but he means well. I think. There's something strange about him I can't really put my finger on, though…
iichGd8.jpg?1 Kate Bishop Teammate I know you're just doing your job… but I don't want anyone feeling like they need to hold my hand.
cd4HoCD.jpg Bucky Barnes MAGIC MAN giphy.gif
… … … … … um. I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
ivYldtK.png Tony Stark Boss It's so weird, meeting one of your heroes in the flesh. … I just hope I can measure up.


Image Name Summary Information
yH4o9dv.jpg Pietro Maximoff ??? Why are you…
tDQA0vy.png?1 Wanda Maximoff ??? … so familiar?

A New Wish

This is a new Wiccan as of 2/25/2018!


RP Logs & Journals

October 12, 2018: Revenging New York

When a pair of demons figure out they can make blood magic potions out of enhanced humans, a demon army immediately swarms through Hell's Kitchen towards Mutant Town. GMed by Tony Stark.

(permalink: log:8116 | tags: amaterasu boomerang bruiser dr._jane_foster hawkeye_ii inferno iron_man punisher speed the_winter_soldier thor wiccan | posted: 13 Oct 2018 15:50)

September 18, 2018: The Beginning - Inferno

The Herald of the Elder Gods' Arrive in Limbo. MUCH THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS SCENE GREAT. Special NPC Guest emitted by Pietro.

(permalink: log:7985 | tags: bishop colossus inferno magik marvel_girl quicksilver shadowcat wiccan x-man | posted: 18 Sep 2018 04:21)

August 30, 2018: T.N.T.

The Avengers +1 go to a visit to the Alps to a lovely ski resort! And blow it up.

(permalink: log:7884 | tags: avengers caitlin_fairchild dr._jane_foster iron_guard iron_man kang kate_bishop marvel_girl pthe speed the_winter_soldier t.n.t. wiccan | posted: 31 Aug 2018 06:18)

August 24, 2018: Helpful Advice

A creature from another world finds its way to Earth. Billy Kaplan is there to SAVE THE DAY. Illyana offers helpful advice along the way.

(permalink: log:7851 | tags: inferno magik wiccan | posted: 24 Aug 2018 13:32)

August 07, 2018: Thunderstruck

Tony Stark, with a few Avengers in tow, drops by the Xavier Institute a second time, tempting fate and the patience of his hosts to discuss a collaboration with the X-Men and pass out some information.

(permalink: log:7781 | tags: bruiser cable captain_america cyclops dr._jane_foster elf iron_man meggan pthe shadowcat speed the_winter_soldier wiccan | posted: 07 Aug 2018 04:36)

July 21, 2018: Keeping Up With the Maximoffs

Billy Kaplan, Tommy Shepherd and Kate Bishop touch base over their recent encounter with the Maximoffs, and discuss a few additional items regarding the anti-mutant agenda going around.

(permalink: log:7708 | tags: hawkeye_ii know_my_name pthe speed wiccan | posted: 22 Jul 2018 02:32)

June 30, 2018: Cutscene: A Wish is Just a Dream

Billy Kaplan has a very difficult time letting things lie.

(permalink: log:7648 | tags: wiccan | posted: 10 Jul 2018 02:15)

June 21, 2018: Reflections pt.2

The continuation of Reflections pt.1. In which Wanda freaks out and Billy ruins everything, Pietro and Tommy still don't like each other, and Kate isn't paid enough for this.

(permalink: log:7555 | tags: hawkeye_ii quicksilver scarlet_witch speed wiccan | posted: 21 Jun 2018 04:55)

June 14, 2018: Consulting Stark

Kitty and Piotr come to Stark towers to talk collars with Tony. They also meet Billy who Lockheed expertly trolls.

(permalink: log:7530 | tags: colossus iron_man shadowcat tnp wiccan | posted: 14 Jun 2018 18:56)

June 11, 2018: Reflections pt 1

The young Avengers Kate Bishop, Tommy Shepherd and Billy Kaplan investigate rumors of Brotherhood activity in Hell's Kitchen… and find much more than they bargained for.

(permalink: log:7523 | tags: hawkeye_ii quicksilver scarlet_witch speed wiccan | posted: 12 Jun 2018 07:03)

May 11, 2018: Suits and Sneakers

Kate puts Billy and Tommy through 'combat training' in the bowels of Stark Tower.

(permalink: log:7387 | tags: hawkeye_ii kate_bishop speed wiccan | posted: 11 May 2018 04:40)

April 05, 2018: It Was Supposed To Be Simple

A routine checkup of a lab that has suddenly gone dark by some of the newest Avengers turns dangerous and violent as an old enemy rears its head once again. After all, cut off one head, and two more shall take its place. GMed by Tony Stark.

(permalink: log:7216 | tags: arachne avengers captain_america dr._jane_foster falcon hawkeye_ii iron_man mockingbird pthe speed the_winter_soldier wiccan | posted: 06 Apr 2018 05:48)

March 14, 2018: The Babysitters Club

In an effort to shore up some weak spots in the Avengers' roster, Tony Stark recruits some teenagers with attitude. Shockingly, he is sober. Well, sober-ish.

(permalink: log:7099 | tags: hawkeye_ii iron_man speed wiccan | posted: 15 Mar 2018 06:41)

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